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albion mobile

Albion Online Review: Open world MMORPG on Mobile

Hello there, another new MMORPG is released on the Google Play Store called “Albion” for those who doesn’t know what this game is let’s get a few introductions about this game.

What is Albion?

DeveloperSandbox Interactive GmbH 
Age Rating12
GenresMMORPG, Sandbox
Released Date June 9, 2021 ( Android mobile)

System Requirement For Android Device

  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • 64-bit ARM processor
  • Snapdragon 660, 820, or higher recommended
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 support or higher
  • 3 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Do not install on an SD card. If possible, unmount the card when installing.

Albion is a sandbox MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy world. Originally released on PC in 2017, Albion, like some other PC games mentioned earlier, underwent a rework to make it accessible on mobile devices.

The mobile version of Albion was officially released on June 9, 2021, for Android.


albion graphics

Let’s start with the graphics. Honestly, I lean more towards games with outstanding graphics, those that offer realistic visuals. Albion’s graphics, in my opinion, are somewhat lacking, as I generally prefer games with better visual details.

However, it’s essential to note that Albion’s graphics are acceptable. Games with more intricate details and realistic visuals tend to be more resource-intensive. For mobile users, opting for simpler graphics can help minimize lags and enhance the overall gaming experience, especially in an online game like Albion.

Game Play

Gameplay is where this game shines a mix of a survival game and an MMORPG game.

Sandbox MMORPG

albion gameplay

Albion is a sandbox game where players have the freedom to pursue various activities. From crafting gears to surviving, you can shape your own destiny.

In the tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of crafting essential gear, such as a pickaxe for gathering ores. These ores can then be refined into finished products like bronze bars, which become vital materials for creating weapons and armor.

Crafting basic tools like an Axe is necessary for cutting down trees. The wood gathered can be refined into materials like planks and logs, crucial for crafting weapons and gears.

Another essential tool is the sickle, used to gather cotton and extract hide or leather from wild mobs. The gathered resources can be refined into finished products like cloths, which are then used to craft various armor.

In Albion, nearly everything can be crafted by players, from basic tools to intricate armor and weapons. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can buy these items from the market using gold or silver, the in-game currency.

You are what you wear

gears and weapons in albion online

One of the standout features of Albion is the flexibility it offers in changing your abilities. Effortlessly transitioning from a warrior to a mage or a mage to an archer, is as simple as swapping some of your owned gears, armor, and weapons.

This adaptability allows you to alter your combat class according to the specific demands of a situation.”

All it takes to switch your class is to craft or acquire mage-specific armor, weapons, and gear, equip them, and voila! You transform into a mage. Similarly, crafting or obtaining archer gears and weapons, once equipped, turns you into an archer. Changing your class becomes a breeze by simply swapping gears and weapons.

An Open-world MMORPG

I am fascinated by the vast global maps of Albion; I haven’t explored all the locations in this magical world, but I plan to do so soon. Each location in this enchanting world offers unique resources that you can gather to craft various gears and weapons. One aspect I particularly enjoy in this open-world game is the unrestricted travel across Albion’s vast landscape. You can ride a donkey, horse, or ox as your transportation, and during your travels, you might stumble upon hidden dungeons where you can engage in battles with various mobs. Albion is genuinely an exhilarating and expansive MMORPG.


The controls in Albion are well-designed, offering flexibility to players. You can opt for virtual controls, using a joystick for movement, or choose tap controls, where tapping the screen directs your character.

Should I recommend this game to anyone?

definitely yes, and this game has a lot of potential, there are some bugs of course but it is acceptable since this game is just new on mobile and developers are finding some way to fully optimize this game on a mobile device.

albion mobile
Albion Online Review: Open world MMORPG on Mobile
My gaming experience in Albion has a mix of thoughts, the graphics are acceptable but I wish it was much more realistic like some of the RPG games in 2020-2021, but I also understand that decent graphics can help the performance of this game especially on Android.One thing that I notice is that the game is a little bit laggy when there are a lot of people in one place I try to a used different device but still, it is not as smooth as I expected, but I also notice how the developer keep on updating and performing some server maintenance seems that they are very serious for optimizing this game and give us smoother game experience.The game-play is fantastic, the mix of survival in an MMORPG was great, gathering resources, making your tools, craft your weapons, armor, etc, traveling through the vast and open world, explore some hidden dungeons, play with your teams, involve in a PVP fight, you can do almost everything you want on this game.
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Engaging Gameplay
Free To Play
Decent Graphics

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