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best android games for kids

Best Android Games For Kids

Children are always looking to explore new things. But unfortunately, they often try to do things that can seriously harm them. As a parent of toddlers and preschoolers, you may find it challenging to keep an eye on them every time and prevent them from playing mischief here and there. You may think of using toys and other types of games to keep them engaged, but modern-day children are more interested in watching videos or playing games on smartphones and tablets. 

One advantage of smart devices is their ability to keep your children engaged. However, this approach can lead to negative outcomes if you don’t monitor your children’s activity. Hence, you must think of a few games to help your children learn new things and keep them engaged. Such games will help your children learn some real-life takeaways. They will also learn concepts that will help them perform better in school.

We have compiled a list of such games and discussed their impact on your children. 

Read on to learn more about these productive games. Further details are given below:

1. Crossy Road

You would want your children to learn useful real-life practices that would ensure their well-being through life. A few games can also help you make it possible. One such game is Crossy Road, which is available for smart devices running on Android OS. As the name suggests, this game revolves around the concept of crossing roads. 

It is an arcade game suitable for children aged 3 years or older. The game is about helping animated characters like dinosaurs, Dracula, and ducks safely cross the road. It is easy to play as you just have to tap on the screen to move the characters. In addition to crossing roads, this game also includes crossing railway lines and rivers. Simply put, it is an interesting game that will make your children love it.

2. Pixel Art Maker: Coloring Game

Best Android Games to Engage Your Children
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As a parent, you would want your preschoolers to learn the necessary things before getting admitted to a school. For example, many children often find it challenging to identify colors and draw items on paper, which makes it difficult for them to perform better in school. However, an Android game can help them learn the names of various colors and urge them to use their creativity and color objects.

Pixel Art Maker is a game that can help children learn greatly about colors and paint-by-number practices. Art games in this game will increase the attention span of your children and improve their hand-eye coordination greatly. Additionally, the coloring games included in this highly interesting pixel art maker will keep them engaged. This game will benefit your children in multiple ways.

3. Dr. Driving

Just like Crossy Road, this game has the potential to help your children learn real-life matters. Dr. Driving is a simulation game that can help them learn the basics of driving. Your children will be able to learn the role of the accelerator and brake in driving. Additionally, they will understand the steering working to change the vehicle’s direction.

This family game can interest people of all ages, including children. You can also modify the driving configuration of vehicles in the game according to the standard driving side used in your country. This game will help your children learn much about driving without interacting with an actual vehicle.

4. ABC Kids

If you want your children to learn English Alphabet before they go to school, this game could be a perfect fit for you. This game includes multiple fun activities to help children learn the difference between upper and lower case letters. Your children will love this game, and you will watch them enjoy playing it. 

This game will also help your children learn how to write multiple upper and lower case letters through instructions and coloring activities given in the game. It is also a great way to help your children learn several basic English words used in everyday life. The ABC Kids game can be easily downloaded on smartphones and tablets. 

This game boasts more than 50 million downloads already.

5. Pet Bingo

You would definitely want your children to learn some basic mathematics before going to school, and one of the best games that could help you make it possible is Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose. It is a complete package of education and enjoyment. Children aged 4 to 8 years would love this game and use their minds to solve mathematical problems in a fun way. 

This game is a perfect way to keep preschoolers engaged and learn the basics of mathematics. Many parents already know that and have downloaded this game on their Android devices. It will help your children learn and visually practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication with the help of interesting characters.