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Free to play NFT games for Android

Top 10 Free To Play NFT Games For Android No Investments 2024

Free NFT Games Android Summary

If you’re in a hurry, I write down below the summary of this article.

Play-to-earn NFT games might be the future of gaming since it allow players to enjoy the game and at the same time an earning opportunity.

The NFT craze brings a lot of gaming developers into a race to create their own crypto games or NFT games, but a lot of these NFT games are pay-to-play where gamers need to invest money to play the games, some of these games are successful and many are not.

There are even some people who complain that they are being scammed in NFT games, they invest in a game and earn nothing since the gaming developer suddenly vanishes and has their rug pulled in the player’s investments.

These actions are alarming since NFT games might be the future of gaming but these scammers are ruining the play gaming industry, so to make sure that you can avoid being a scam in the game, I’ll give you the list of the best free-to-play NFT games for android that you can play even without investment.

The NFT games that I’ll be featuring in this list are all NFT games that you can play on your Android device so you to always monitor the game even if you are away from your PC, Without further ado, let’s proceed with our list.

1. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni no kuni cross worlds, android games

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a free-to-play NFT RPG game that you can play on an Android device, it has beautiful but cartoonish graphics that are quite similar to Genshin Impact.

There are five characters in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds that you can choose from, the Rogue, Destroyer, Witch, Engineer, and Swordsman.

The gameplay of this game is superb, You will surely love its story base main quest if you are a gamer that loves PvE, and If you want some PvP action you can have some 4 vs 4 matches or Join a Kingdoms to participate in Kingdom invasion to fight other Kingdoms on your server.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds also has a Pokemon-style battle where you can use some of your pets called Familiars to duel with other familiars in an Arena.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds can be played on multiple platforms like PC, IOS, and Android, with its beautiful graphics, and rich gameplay it is one of the best free-to-play NFT games on Android in 2024.

Game Trailer

2. Every Farm

Every farm free to play nft games android

Tired of the combat games and want to take a break to relax? You can try these new free-to-play NFT games on Android called “Every Farm”, Playing this NFT game brings back my memories during College when I played the game Farmville, one of the earliest games on Facebook at that time.

Every Farm is a free-to-play NFT game that resembles Farmville, where players can have their virtual farm in the game, the only difference is that Every  Farm is a play-to-earn NFT game that gives players an earning opportunity.

To earn in this game, players need to reach at least level 35 to start their restaurant and cook some dishes to earn hearts, These hearts are the only items that can be smelt into FLERO, the official blockchain-based token of Every Farm.

Flero like other blockchain-based tokens can be exchanged into other cryptocurrencies or exchanged into cash.

Every Farm is one of the unique free-to-play NFT games that you can play on Android, For now, this game doesn’t have a PC version yet, but if you also want to play this game on PC, you can try to play it using an Emulator.

Game Trailer

3. Mir4 

mir4 screen shot, best nft game

Next is an NFT MMORPG game made by Korean gaming company Wemade, this game is phenomenal and a huge breakthrough in NFT gaming since the gameplay and graphics of the NFT game before were a bit mediocre but Mir4 stuns its players with realistic and gorgeous graphics and very nice gameplay.

This game has good character customization too, where a player can customize their own character appearance based on their preference, and what is even more surprising is that this NFT game is completely free to play, you don’t need to play even a single cent, it is like the traditional MMORPG games like the Black desert that you can play for free.

Mir4 is probably the number 1 play to earn MMORPG games, For now, there are no NFT MMORPG games that can compete in Mir4 in terms of graphics and gameplay, there are a lot more to come, and let’s see if they can outthrone Mir4 for the best and number 1 MMORPG blockchain game.

This game Mir4 is a free-to-play NFT game that you can play on Android, but you need to use a good Android phone with good specs this game to handle the high graphics of this play-to-earn game.


4. Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict

Gunship battle NFT game

Next on our list is a war strategy game called “Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict”, This game is a free-to-play MMO strategy game, with a concept of modern war, where players can build and use in a battle some modern war machines like building and organize their carrier strike group.

The strike group is composed of AFV-like tanks, IFV, and artillery as a ground unit, It is also accompanied by Submarines, Frigates, and destroyers, together with fighter jets.

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict is the best MMO strategy game that I have ever played on an Android device, The graphics are pretty good, and the gameplay.

To earn you need to reach at least level 18 to unlock it play to earn features mine some titanium in the game and convert it to their official token called  “Milico” which can be converted into cash.

Game Trailer

5. Dark Eden

Dark eden play to earn games, free to play NFT games

If you love PVP you will like this free-to-play NFT game on Android called “Dark Eden”, This NFT game for Android is about a battle between vampires and vampire slayers, At the start of the game you can choose which race you prefer between the two and proceed to your faction for some objects in the game.

This game is also a play-to-earn MMORPG game, but lighter compared to Mir4, The graphics of this game is 2D instead of 3D, if you are aware of the older game Diablo Immortal, their graphic is almost similar.

This android NFT game is lighter means players can enjoy the game even on a lower-end device, since the lighter the graphics, the smoother the game is. 

To earn you must fight and defeat as many players as you can, but you can only attack those that are of the opposite race, the more you kill, the more medal you can obtain, and those medals can be converted into DEBCO, and official blockchain-based token of dark Eden, like Milico you can exchange the DEBCO into WEMIX blockchain token, and sell for cash.

Dark Eden like some of the NFT games on this list is free to play and you can play with or without investment, but if you want your character to get stronger in a short time, you can buy some enhancements to improve its stats just like in some traditional MMORPG games on android.

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6. Yulgang Mobile

yulgang mobile gameplay, free to play NFT games

Next on our list is a game based on Korean comics, These play-to-earn NFT games are playable on Android, and no PC version yet, Yulgang mobile is an MMORPG game that is also under the WEMIX network.

The game is unique in an NFT game in which a player can choose their couple in the games, play the games together, complete every mission, fight some powerful boss together, and host a wedding in the game.

The graphics of this game are okay, It is also a 3D MMORPG NFT game but it is nowhere near in Mir4, but the gameplay of this game is really good.

To earn you must reach at least level 40 in this game and finish the required quest to unlock its play-to-earn functionality, this free to play NFT game is also in the WEMIX network, just like the others, it also has an official blockchain-based token called TIG, this TIG is the same as some other blockchain token in some games in WEMIX, but different in value that is based on the fluctuation in the assets inside the game.

To smelt TIG in this game you need a sufficient amount of crystal, The crystal can be obtained through mining, there is a certain part of the maps where you can mine crystals, Mining is the only way to get crystals in this game, but games may change and developers might add some ways to get crystals in this free to play NFT game.

7. Thetan Arena

Game play in thetan arena

Another free-to-play NFT game that you can play on Android is the MOBA game called “Thetan Arena” This game was one of the most awaited NFT games to be released and reach a million pre-registered users worldwide.

This game is a free-to-play NFT game, however, there are certain caveats in this game as free to play since at first, it is almost impossible to earn as a free play in this game since to earn you need to have a gTHC hero, those are NFT heroes that can give you rewards every time you win, which is impossible to get if you are free to play.

But everything has changed, The update in this NFT game enables players to rent NFT heroes to get more rewards, and renting gTHC using coins that can earn winning in a battle in the game makes it more possible to earn money in this game as free to play.

8. League of kingdoms

free to play nft game, league of kingdom

Next on our list is another MMO strategy play-to-earn game that you can play on Android, but this one has a medieval theme on which you can build and defend your castle from potential invaders, you can train three kinds of troops in this game the infantry, archer, and chivalry to defend your castle against other players.

To earn you must have a Metamask wallet When you do not have one don’t worry this tutorial will help you create your first Metamask wallet, Check this article for more info “Ultimate Guide for Beginners in League of Kingdoms”.

After you create and connect your Metamask wallet in-game, you can now start the play to earn features of this crypto game.

You can earn in League of the Kingdom by gathering resources and minting them to NFT, You can mint resources in this game only if you successfully connect your Metamask wallet in this game, unfortunately, you can connect Metamask wallet when you play on mobile, Try to play the game first on PC to connect the wallet and switch later to android, you might try other crypto wallets that are supported in League of kingdoms.

After minting the resources you can sell them to Opensea as an NFT item for profit, this free-to-play can be played on Android, or PC as a browser game, or use an emulator to play the game if you also want to try this game on PC.

Game Trailer

9. Crypto Ball Z

new play to earn game, crypto ball z screen shots

If an idle game is your choice, there is a new idle NFT game on Android that you can play today called Crypto Ball Z, This game is one of the newest crypto games in 2022 that you can play completely free.

Crypto Ball Z is an idle RPG game means players have limited interaction in the game, All you have to do is upgrade your heroes to make them stronger and survive every battle that they face.

To earn in this free-to-play NFT game, you need to get a lot of Herostone, These can be used to upgrade your hero, but if you dont want to use it as an upgrade, you can convert this Herostone to the official blockchain-based token of this game called HERO, and convert it to real cash to earn money.

Game Trailer

10. Ragnarok Labyringht NFT

ragnarok labyrinth NFT, play to earn crypto

Even one of the most iconic MMORPG games of all time joins the play to earn the metaverse. Gravity a company that was behind the creation of Ragnarok online released their crypto game version of Ragnarok.

This game shares the same fun as the old Ragnarok but adds some earning opportunities to the game, to earn in this game players should earn some ONBUFF points that can be smelt into ONBUFF or what is commonly known as the ONIT token, this token is also backed by blockchain that can be exchanged into cash.

Game Trailer

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Bottom Line

All the games on this list are free-to-play NFT games that you can play on Android, There is no cost to play this game or no need to invest to play the game, but all the in-game items can be bought using real money if you want to make your character stronger, but if you don’t you can play for free as long as you want, like some of the traditional game.

I would also like to thank you for reaching this very last part of this article, If you enjoy this content and want to support the website you can consider buying me some drinks.

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FAQ For Free To Play NFT Games For Android

Can I play NFT games on Android?

Yes of course, but all NFT games are playable on Android or mobile, There are just certain NFT games that have an Android version, but almost all NFT games aim to release their Android version as soon as possible.

Are NFT games profitable?

There are some NFT games that are profitable but not every NFT games are profitable so make sure to always do some research before stepping into NFT gaming.

Is there a free NFT game?

Yes, there is, and did you know that some free NFT games are more profitable than paid ones? One great example is Mir4 Global, where a lot of players are earning without even spending