12 Best Games for android in 2020

I know you are searching for the best games for android your lucky we will give you the list of the best games for android that you should try.

Gaming is a part of our culture, we love to play games to entertain our selves, to interact with friends and other people around us.

Gaming is a stress reliever, a pastime when you are bored or when you are alone, it is great for a break in your stress full works and to escape the reality for a while and try to entertain your selves through games.

Welcome to the world of gaming and we will give you the best games on android to try on.

Best games on the android list


BEst free android games

Mobile Legends Bang Bang  (The Best MOBA games for android)

Mobile Legends are free to play MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena), 5v5 online games in which each team will fight with 5 members and choose a role like a tank, fighter, mage, marksman, and assassin. The gameplay of Mobile Legends is much more like Dota, players can build items, tower pushing, jungling and create strategy to win the game with their teammates, and the map is like Dota too, so in other words, if you want to play Dota like game in android, Mobile Legends is the best choice for you. In addition, you can also buy skins, emblems, and heroes using real money.

The popularity and excellent gameplay of Mobile Legend Bang Bang is truly one of the best games for android.

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best android games free

PUBG Mobile (The Best Android version of PC games)

Players, Unknown battleground or PUBG is a popular battle royal on PC and one of the best games for android, wherein you can fight other players in a deathmatch, at first all of the players including you, of course, will be a drop by a plain and use parachute to land to specific location you want to land.

Upon landing, players must search for pieces of equipment such as weapons, gears, armor, and even vehicle to increase their rate of survival. During battle, you can use the buildings, trees to prevent being hit by an enemy and try killing all opponents as many as possible, but be aware that in every few minutes the playable area starts to shrink down on a random location, all players outside the safe zone will be taking damage and when the player will not enter the safe zone in time it will be eliminated from the game.

How to determine the safe zone in PUBG? Well pretty simple there is a shining blue wall like an electromagnetic shield in some movies, players must not fight outside the boundaries in order not to be eliminated in the game.

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role-palying games best android games

Rules of Survival mobile (The Best Battle-Royal shooting games)

Rules of survival are another free to play battle royal shooting games available for android like PUBG rules of survival is no doubt as one of the best games for android, wherein the players will fight in a battleground and try to survive and kill the enemy as much as they can.

ROS is much more like PUBG in terms of game-play, the game started dropping off the plane and parachuting to the desired location of the maps, where players start to get some equipment’s, firearms, armor, and vehicle to survive, besides, you can also use buildings, trees, and vehicles to hide from enemy bullets.

Once you kill an enemy you can also loot their equipment and gears to add it into your equipment and used it to increased your survival. Rules of survival have a game mode called diamond mode and gold mode in which players can earn gold or diamond, in playing battle royal just remember to try to survive as long as possible kill enemy as many as possible.

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Ragnarok Eternal Love( The Best MMORPG games of all time)

If you are a fan of Ragnarok, a very popular game that released in the year 2002 on PC? well, this game might be good a good choice for you, Ragnarok is now available in android. Ragnarok Eternal Love is a mobile version of Ragnarok in PC, wherein the gameplay is much more of the PC version you can do some quest, fight other players in PVP, Guild vs Guild and other battle modes that you can play in PC are now in android and easily one of the best games for android.

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Darkness rises

When it comes to mobile RPG with a great storyline, gameplay, and graphics,? Darkness Rises is a good choice for you. The Forces of Evil is destroying all of its paths, an army of Orcs are attacking the kingdom and you as chosen champion are destined to destroy the force of evil, you can choose from a different set of characters like warrior, wizard, assassin or berserker The Darkness Rises has pretty good graphics which is more realistic, you can also customize your character depends on your styles. Aside from adventure, you can also take down epic bosses, dungeon raids, and fight other players in the PVP arena.

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Best Racing Games For Android

If racing games are your preference, here is the list of the best racing games on android to try.



Asphalt 9: Legends (The Best Racing Games by Gameloft )

Want to drive a hyper-cars? Asphalt 9 is the easiest way to do that, Asphalt 9 by Gameloft has one of the most realistic in terms of graphics. You can choose from different cars and have a chance to use different kinds of hypercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc. One of the coolest this is that you can customized your car colors depends on your preference.

While playing, the special effects and graphics can turn your game like the one you’ve seen from a racing movie scene Asphalt 9 is one of the best games for android in terms of racing.

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Beach Buggy (Best Cart Racing games)

Want to try some unrealistic racing game but fun to play? beach buggy is right for you, the whole game is pretty fun, although the cars are not like the one you can see from Asphalt, the car in this game are fictional but who cares, it is still enjoyable to play. Where you can find a racing game that you can fire up a missile to your opponent and gain some power up to make your opponent vehicle out of control. Some cars in this game are faster so try to collect some faster cars with some unique capabilities. One of the coolest things is that every race track has some hidden shortcuts and some surprises that bring some thrill into the game.

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Need for Speed No Limits (Best underground racing games )

The best badass underground racing game in the android period ! this game is pretty superb in gameplay, all of the scenes are realistic and true to life. In terms of graphics Need for Speed no limits nails it, you can also customize your car from body kits, paints, wraps, wheels and upgrade for more performance. The gameplay is to race with other underground racing drivers and avoid the police. Try to escape from the police is fun but not in real life, of course, try to drive as fast as you can and drive like a boss to escape the police cars and choppers that chasing you. Try to collect some coolest cars from the best manufacturer like Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani, Ferrari and more, there is also 2.5 million custom combos to choose from.

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Real Racing 3 (Best Circuit racing games)

From underground race now we have a circuit race, be a professional race car driver with Real racing 3 that features some of the most iconic cars from the best car manufacturer like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ford, Mercedes Benz. The graphics and details of this game are superb, Real Racing 3 offers you a life-like racing experienced in the race track. Real Racing 3 offers you 17 real race track like Hockenheimring, Dubai Autodrome, Le Mans, Silverstone and more. Besides, all the cars are customizable from paints, vinyl, rims and upgrade your car performance, With its graphics, detail, and gameplay I can simply say that Real Racing 3 is one of the best games for android.

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Asphalt Xtreme (Best off-road Racing games for android)

Doesn’t like the underground or circuit race? maybe you love off-road or Rally racing? well, Asphalt Xtreme is the best choice for you. Asphalt Xtreme is also developed by Gameloft and maybe you are aware of how good Gameloft from creating a racing game? and this one is no exception.

In terms of Gameplay, it is more like other Asphalt games except which this game is off-road not like we ‘ve seen from other Asphalt games. Go Extreme with the best off-roader vehicle like Predator, Mercedes Benz, Jeep, Ford and many more.

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MotoGP Racing (Best superbike racing games for android)

From car racing now to Motorcycle racing, do you love MotoGP? want to be the next Marc Marquez or to be a Valentino Rossi? Well, you can be the next MotoGP champion and have a MotoGP experienced right into your Palm with this android game.

This game is pretty good in terms of game-play, all of the scenes are like your in a real MotoGP race, thanks to the details and graphics of this game to bring you such immersive gaming experienced. Besides, you can also race as your favorite Rider in this game, MotoGP Racing is truly one of the best games for android.

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Traffic Rider (Best traffic escape racing games)

Want to be a badass in the street? conquering traffics and has a breathtaking overtake? Traffic rider is a good game that will give you a burst of adrenaline rush like the one you get from driving fast in the traffic. At first, you will be driving a lower displacement motorbike, as you earn money in the game you can buy a much faster bike and able to unlock super-bike like the Kawasaki H2R.

Besides earning cash and score it is recommended to drive in the opposite direction in two-way and the faster you drive, the closer you overtake the more score you get in this game.

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Best Shooting Games For android

Want to try the best shooting games for android aside from PUBG or ROS mobile? don’t worry we will you some best shooting games to try on.



Special Forces Group 2

You may be familiar with the game Counter-Strike on PC, a team fight between terrorist vs counter-terrorist, that preventing the terrorist to explode the bomb in the bomb site. This game is like a mobile version of the game Counter-Strike, you can choose from two opposing force, the terrorist and the counter-terrorist. The terrorist can plant the bomb and explode and while the counter-terrorist will try to defused and prevent the bomb to explode, but you can also kill all the enemies to win. Besides, there are 9 game modes such as Classic, Capture the Flag, Zombie Mode, Bomb Mode, Knives, Resurrection,  Deathmatch, Sniper and Arms Race.

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Life After (Best new Zombie shooting games)

If you want a zombie shooting game, well this one is worth a try. The Zombie Apocalypse is here and all you can do is to survive as long as you can, scavage essential materials and used it to survive, learn how to hunt for food, and treat your wounds, arms your self with weapons and kill zombies as many as you can. In addition to its gameplay, you can encounter other survivors, but some of them will attack you for loots so be careful, so find friendly survivors to join you on your journey, Life after is one of the best games for android in terms of zombie shooting so gather your friends and survive a zombie apocalypse.

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Cyber Hunter (Best futuristic battle royal shooting game)

From the makers of ROS comes a new battle royal shooting game called Cyber hunter, this game is probably one of the best games for android. Cyber Hunter offers futuristic vehicles and weapons, from the start you and other players will be dropped by a jet and instead of balloon or parachute that used by another battle royal, Cyber Hunter used their futuristic style of hover-board. Besides, this game offers Parkour experience, players can climb up any vertical surface such as building, Post, towers and even trees and use it to hide and ambush other players, you can also use Parkour to dodge an enemy bullet. Cyber Hunter has a lot of punch not only from graphics but also their gameplay.

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Best Puzzle Games

Doesn’t like games like battle games or other online games? Or maybe you just want some games that can train your brains or challenge yourself on how smart you are in solving puzzles or some physics-based games?

Don’t worries we will back you up, we will give you some of the best puzzle and physics games that can challenge your brain to its capacity on solving.



Can You Escape The 100 Rooms XI (Best escape room)

Escape room games are now popular around the world where the player may find clues and on how to open the door and get out of the rooms one by one.

All of the escape rooms around the globe were inspired by the games escape the room on mobile, and the popularity of escape rooms games lead to a movie that released in 2019, and now you can experience the thrill of solving puzzles right into your palm and can you escape the 100 rooms is undoubtedly one of the best games for android in terms of puzzle-solving.

Note that these games require a lot of patients and solving skills in finding some clues, and to put together the piece of the puzzle to escape the rooms one by another, and don’t be worried there are 100 rooms in total that waiting to be discovered and unlocked by yours.


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Hello Cats

Next in our list is a story of a cat whos like to get into trouble and you as an owner are responsible for rescuing and protect your pet. This game is physics-based and often requires a good amount of specs of your phone, and what I mean by that is that you do not require a flagship phone, just a kind of decent specs will be good.

The gameplay of Hello Cats is pretty simple you can draw well-planed shapes that can help your cat to protect with, the fun part of this game is this one is an open style puzzle and try to make your own solution and, there is no restriction about your drawing shapes as long as it might help on solving the puzzle. But take note in order to get a high score, you should follow the certain moves required in solving the puzzle, Hello cats with simple graphics with excellent gameplay is of the best games for android.

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100 Doors Challenge

Due to the popularity of the escape game, 100 doors challenge in android has emerged. The gameplay is almost the same as escape game but with some twist, for example, like when you’re finding some clue you need to shake your device in order to drop the hidden piece of a puzzle or sometimes tilt your device to drop some item or some clue in order to unlock the door. In addition, players need to take attention in combining items cuz it will help to solve the puzzle and unlock the door.

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Plumber 3

A plumber is a person specialize in installing and repairing the pipeline. And for this game, your role is to become a plumber and your job is to connect pipes from the energy source to a factory, it will test your logical skills to set the best pipe assembly as possible. Each game you will be given a budget and you will notice that your bank balance will decrease each time you move the pipes so you better be careful for your every move.

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Bottom Line

All of the games are handpicked and tested to give you the best games for android, I put some games in a different category to give you some choices on what kind of games suits you more.

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