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Illuvium gameplay

Top Blockchain Games List 2024

Note: This article is not financial advice and is only intended for educational purposes, Mirageportal nor the author are not liable for the loss of your investments.

Hi, I’m Mirage, and I’m a hardcore gamer, I play a lot of games like mobile games, PC games, and blockchain games. Previously I created an article about NFT games where I just included and hand pick those that are the best of the best NFT games to play.

Now In this article, I will just include all the blockchain games that are available for you to play. This list is not ranked on which are the best and which are not.

If you want to know which are the best, I recommend visiting the separate article that I published here on, the Top 10 NFT games to play in 2024.

What is a blockchain-based game?

Blockchain games or crypto games are a new kind of game that uses blockchain technology to create digital assets that are unique, authentic, and have real value in the real world.

Blockchain games or crypto games are also called play-to-earn games, because, unlike traditional games, blockchain games give players an earning opportunity while playing games.

How can you make money from blockchain games?

Earn opportunities in a blockchain game may vary depending on the game itself, some blockchain games or crypto games have a blockchain-based token that players can acquire through the minting process.

I play and review countless blockchain games, and what I’ve noticed is that a lot of these kinds of games have official blockchain-based tokens that can be minted by the use of very important in-game items.

Those items are often essential in the game and uses to power up a character, upgrade equipment, craft equipment, and a lot more.

The blockchain-based token can also be converted back into an in-game item when players decided to.

These kinds of features give a natural cycle in the blockchain game ecosystem.

Some players mint valuable items into a blockchain-based token and then sell them for profit, then other players buy those tokens and converted them to in-game items to make them stronger, and the cycle goes on and on giving some players to make money from playing.

Some other blockchain games enable players to sell in-game equipment like weapons, armor, or any equipment that is backed by blockchain technology, and sell it to a marketplace, when some players bought it, the seller can earn money.

Always remember that there are a lot of blockchain games out there and gaming developers have different ways how players can make money from blockchain games.

Blockchain games are the future of gaming

Like John, Mcaffee said that blockchain is like a Pandora’s box, that once it opens will never go away.

Blockchain games or play-to-earn games are part of a blockchain ecosystem and as long as blockchains exist a blockchain will surely exist.

I know that there are a lot of crypto games that are available, but a lot of them are half-baked, and there are still some problems in today’s blockchain game.

But remember that we are just in the early stage, and I’m pretty sure that this problem will soon be fixed.

Today, I notice that some big players are joining the crypto games. Some giant gaming companies are starting to build their own blockchain games and I think that these highly experienced gaming companies will play a big role in eliminating the problems with today’s blockchain games.

As more and more giant companies will join blockchain gaming, it is more likely that the traditional games that we know might change into blockchain games in the future.

Well, this was enough for the intro, and let me introduce you to the list of blockchain games in the year 2022.

Blockchain Games List

1. Axie Infinity

blockchain games axie infinity

Axie Infinity might be the most popular among all the blockchain games.

This blockchain game is pokemon inspired game, in which players can use their pet called Axie in their adventure.

Players can participate in both PvE and PVP, where they engage in a turned-based battle. By playing Axie Infinity players can earn SLP are blockchain-based assets that have value in real life. another great feature of this game is its breeding features in which players can breed Axies, and sell them to the marketplace.

2. Mir4 Global

mir4 screen shot, best nft game

Mir4 Global is undoubtedly the most popular and one of the best play-to-earn MMORPG games this day.

This game gives players an opportunity to enjoy a true and high-quality MMORPG game and earn at the same time. I have been playing this game for about a year and I’m still amazed at how good its graphics are, you can explore the huge open-world map of this game, and gather some resources that you can sell to earn some crypto.

3. Illuvium

illuvium crypto games

Iluiviums is one of the most promising and most awaited play-to-earn games of 2022, it is also a Pokemon-based game, but they brought it to a whole new level.

Players can fight together with Iluvials a Pokemon creature that is used to aid its master in fighting whether it’s PvE or PVP.

Iluvium is now in beta test, and soon we will enjoy the beauty of AAA Pokemon crypto games.

4. Splinterlands

splintelands play to earn NFT games

Splinterlands is a card blockchain game that has a concept like in a Yugi oh, players can use their NFT cards to fight other players in a duel.

Each card has a different ability that has an advantage and disadvantage over other cards. You can earn crypto every time you win in this game, but before that, you’ll need to buy first some cards that can help you reach the power requirements in earning.

Players can also buy and sell their cards to earn some money in this game.

5. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni no kuni: cross worlds story

A full pledge RPG game and one of the newest and most gorgeous cross-platform RPG games this year. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a game developed by the joint efforts of two Giant gaming companies Level-5 and Metmarble to give us a free-to-play RPG game where you can earn real money.

This game brought a whole new level in play-to-earn gaming, giving us an opportunity to enjoy a story-driven game that has rich gameplay in PvE and PVP.

6. Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict

built elizabeth in gunship battle crypto conflict blockchain games

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict is an MMO strategy blockchain game that lets you enjoy highly realistic graphics and excellent gameplay in MMO strategy games. This game is one of my personal favorites among all the blockchain games out there.

This crypto game enables you to build your own Aircraft carrier, Frigates, Destroyers, submarines, fighter jets, tanks, and other war machines that you can send to fight other players. This game is also an excellent game to socialize cuz this game is easy to play and gives you more time to chitchat with friends in the game.

7. Chain Guardians

PVP in chain guardian

Chain Guardians is a free-to-play blockchain game that gives free NFT daily. This has a turned base gameplay with 2D graphics. One of the unique features of this blockchain game was its NFT mining, in which you can use your NFT heroes to mine a blockchain-based token of this game.

8. League of Kingdoms

League of kingdoms graphics, earn money playing games

League of Kingdoms is the very first real MMO strategy crypto game, it doesn’t have realistic graphics like Gunship Battle: Crypro Conflict, but its gameplay is worth playing.

This blockchain game enables players to mint some resources into an NFT and sell it to the marketplace, you can also buy and own a virtual land that has a real value in real life, which you can sell for a higher value in the future based on its level.

9. Every Farm

Every farm free to play nft games android

This game is a farming game under the WEMIX network, you can have your own virtual land while playing the game.

You can plant and harvest some crops and raise some animals in this crypto game. What is even more exciting is when you reach level 35 you can build your own restaurants where you can earn some items that are convertible into their blockchain-based token to earn real money.

10. Dark Eden M

dark eden graphics

This blockchain game is a 2D MMORPG game about the rivalry between Vampires and Slayers. Dark Eden M is also an open-world game that is mostly into PVP.

To earn in this game, you need to fight and defeat other factions to earn a tiered medal that can be converted into a blockchain-based token of Dark Eden M. There are also some PvE actions like killing mobs and bosses in this game, but be careful since rival faction can attack you when grinding outside your base.

11. Crypto Ball Z

new play to earn game, crypto ball z screen shots

Crypto Ball Z is an idle blockchain game under a WEMIX network, similar to Mir4 global and Gunship Batte: Crypto Ball Z has a blockchain-based token that has real value like some other blockchain-based games.

Since this game is an idle game, it is one of the easiest blockchains that you can play, there is a little player intervention as the battle wave starts, make sure that you always upgrade your here in this blockchain game to survive in a wave of attack of the enemies.

12. Lost Relics

lost relics, nft game rpg

Lost relics is an ARPG blockchain game from the Enjin network, that has graphics that are quite similar to Diablo Immortal. This crypto game is mostly PvE where your main goal in this game is to travel in the metaverse, enter some dungeons, fight some monsters, and find some lost relics that are scattered in the different places of this game.

13. Yulgang Mobile

yulgang mobile, blockchain games

Yulgang Mobile Blockchain game is based on Korean martial arts comics and is one of the most popular plays to earn MMORPG in Korea. You can explore the vast open-world map of this game, craft some weapons, fight some monsters, and challenge other players in the arena.

14. Thetan Arena

Game play in thetan arena

A blockchain MOBA game that is popular by its simple gameplay. Thetan Arena is not like your regular MOBA game it has shorter game matches that usually end in just a couple of minutes. There are also some game modes in this game like battle royal where you can fight solo or duo, death, and more exciting game modes in this MOBA blockchain game.

15. Gods Unchained

Gods unchained free to play card blockchain games

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play card blockchain game, it is one of the play-to-earn games that don’t require an initial investment to play, the only things that you need to do was to collect some cards, create your own strategy, and sell tradable cards in other players to earn some crypto or real money by playing this game.

16. Four Gods

four gods, new play to earn blockchain games games

Four Gods is an MMORPG blockchain game that is quite similar to Mir4, it also has high-quality graphics that might bring your phone to its limit make sure that you play this game from a phone that has at least 6GB of RAM and a mid-range processor to enjoy the game.

This blockchain game is only available on mobile and does a PC version yet, but you can still play it on PC using an emulator.

17. Star Atlas

Star atlas upcoming blockchain game
Image Credit: Atlas

This game might be the biggest AAA blockchain game when released. The game has a futuristic theme where you can explore the vast universe of this game, expand your empire, and mine some raw materials in the game to earn money.

For now, this blockchain game is still in development and many are still waiting, but when it is released Star Atlas will be the biggest blockchain game of the year.

18. Chumbi Valley

Chumbi valley crypto games screen shots

One of the most awaited blockchain games this year 2022. Chumbi Valley is a 2D crypto game that has beautiful visuals and rich gameplay, I always keep an eye on this game and it amazes me how it will work. This game has some gameplay like a turned-based duel like Axie Infinity, it also has features like Chumbi fostering, and more.

The game can be played for free or by staking on which you can have some special items based on how much you stake in the game.

Chumbi Valley is currently an upcoming crypto game that is expected to be released in 2022, and when it comes out it will be one of the most played blockchain games.

19. Sipher

sipher blockchain games
Image Credit: Sipher

Sipher is a high-graphics ARPG blockchain game, when I first saw this game a year ago, I thought that this game is a 2D game, but when they released their teaser gameplay, it turns out that this was a high-graphics crypto game.

For now, this game was in pre-alpha test and soon we can enjoy its gameplay, explore the maps, fight other opponents, build our guilds, and earn money while playing.

20. Ethermon

ethermon, blockchain games

Ethermon plays to earn a game that has been inspired by the popularity of Axie Infinity. This game is also a 2D blockchain game that has decent graphics, and decent gameplay.

For now, they are reworking this game and it is in the early stage of their metaverse, sooner or later you can play Ethermon in 3D in the Decentraland metaverse.

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Blockchain Games FAQ

Can I earn crypto by playing games?

Yes, you can earn some crypto if you play blockchains because most blockchain games have an official blockchain-based token that you can trade for crypto or convert into cash.

What games give real cryptocurrency?

All blockchain games can give you a cryptocurrency as a reward for your efforts, but earnings sometimes are based on your strategy and effort in the game, and some are based on the amount that you stake in the game.

Are crypto games real?

Yes, crypto games are 100% real, but be careful on choosing one cuz some fake crypto games do some rug-pulling in players’ investments, so make sure to do some research before entering crypto games that need some investments.