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Bullet echo review

Bullet Echo Guide And Review 2023

Look what I’ve found! a new and unique kind of shooting game that surely brings the fun, introducing “Bullet Echo” a new kind of mobile game that can be played on android and other mobile devices, these game like PUBG and Call of duty a battle royal shooting game, the only difference was Bullet echo is a top-down kind of shooting game.


Here Is Our Full Review of the Game Bullet Echo On The Android Device



bullet echo graphics

Let’s start with the graphics, this game doesn’t have those awesome and extreme graphics that you can find on some other game that can kill your phone unless you are using an outstanding device or a gaming phone.

Instead of gorgeous 3D graphics, Bullet echo chooses some cartoonist kind of visuals that has their advantage, since Bullet echo is an online game and you will be teaming up and fighting some random people it’s lite graphics can help to avoid some lags and have a smoother game-play, in other words, this game is easy to play on any mobile device and doesn’t require to use some high-end or top of the line mobile devices.



bullet echo game-play

Bullet echo game-play was fun and unique, instead of the first-person point of view in shooting like some battle royal game, this game was a top-down view kind of shooting game, where the controller or the players has an aerial view of the surrounding or the battlefield.

The battle started on you and your team will arrive at a certain location on the battlefield, the first thing that you should do is to guard each other against the enemy team while looting items like ammo, armor, and some upgrade, then try to eliminate as many enemies as possible.

auto firing bullet echo, red cone

You can move your character in any direction you want and there is a red cone in front of your hero that indicates your firing range, your hero will automatically fire or attack an enemy that enters the red cone shape zone, but honestly, I wish developer will put some options of manual firing because it will give players a much more precise hit compare to auto-firing or auto-shooting.

Looting Some weapons and items on the Battlefield in Bullet Echo

looting items, bullet echo

After entering the battle zone you and your team don’t have any items and equipment exempt for a small handgun, walk around quietly and look for some items like ammo that can convert your handgun into something for a powerful weapon or main weapon that depends on a hero class that your using, if you are a tank user it will be converted into a machine gun, if you are an ambusher it will be a shotgun, sniper rifle for sniper class, SMG’s or Submachine gun for scouts and Assault rifle for if you are a trooper.

Aside from ammo, the is also some items like armor to enhance your defense in a battle zone, an explosive bullet that can enhance your damage while shooting, med-kits that can restore your HP, and some upgrade that can increase your guns and armor attribute.

upgrade in battle field,bullet echo

By the way looting, some items in this game are easy, all you need to do is just stand next to the items for a couple of seconds and you will automatically pick the items that you want to loot.

how to loot items in bullet echo



how to revive team-mate in bullet echo

If you got killed by the enemy there was still a chance that you can continue the fight if one of your teammates revive you before the timer goes to an end, in reviving you just need to stand next to your teammate that is know-down and press the heart shape button, reviving will take some few seconds and while reviving you will be more exposed from enemy attack, so you must be cautious will reviving your teammate.

Hero and Gears and upgrade

gears in bullet echo game

There are many Heroes in different classes to be used in this game, but for me, you should have the main hero or favorite hero to focus on the upgrade since upgrading all heroes was hard, not unless you want to spend some real money on the game.

There are some gears that you can use to improve your hero ability in fighting, like some headgear that can help aim fire range, and a Gas grenade that adds +2 to primary weapon armor penetration, my gears are just a common kind of gear since I just play this game to show to your what this game looks like, but there are some more powerful gears.

Gears can be obtained by opening the chest and there are some free-to-play ways to open the chest and get some rewards.

Ways To Open A Chest In Bullet Echo (Free To Play)

chest bullet echo
  • Battle chest– Win three times to get a battle chest, it is much better if you play this game with your friend so you can plan well all your strategy and have a higher chance of winning.
  • Skull Chest– Kill as many enemies as you can to get a chance to open a skull, you need to have 15 kills to open a skull chest in any different mode.
  • Complete contract tasks– There are four kinds of contract tasks in this game the more you complete the task the more points you will earn and if you reach a certain point you will be able to open a chest and get a chance to obtain some items including gears.
  • Watch Some ads and Open Free Chest– You can find a free chest by clicking shop>Chest and click-free chest, you can open it by watching some ads but don’t worry it wouldn’t take long just a few seconds for every chest, open 4 sponsored chest and you will get a gratitude chest and if your lucky you can get some gears from one of its chests.

Always Train your Hero

train hero, bullet echo

To have a better chance of survival and to defeat some opponents on the battlefield, you always considered training your Hero, it may be hard to train all your Hero at the same time that’s why I recommend training first your favorite Hero, then training the others one after another.

In training your Hero you need some coins, the higher your hero level the more coins you will need to increase its level, and every time you train your hero its health, damage, and armor will also increase and it will also unlock some of its abilities like a throwing grenade, invisibility, force field, a thermal vision that can shoot through a wall, etc.

Bullet Echo Game Mode

bullet echo game-mode

There are Four kinds of battle modes in bullet echo, but as of this day of my writing, I manage only to unlock two game modes, the battle royal and the king of the hill.

  • Battle Royal– In this game mode you can make a team of three-member or if you go solo you will be team up with a random player, each team will only compose of three-member and on the battlefield, there are five competing teams, your goal is to eliminate the other teams the last standing team will be the winner,
  • King of the Hill– in this mode, there will be a total of 12 players on one map, and there is no team to join, all of the players inside the map is your opponent, crawl your way to the top and the last one standing will be the winner.


So far I’m having a great time playing this game Bullet echo, I’m enjoying the simplicity of its game-play, the fast matchmaking, and how smooth this game is, this is also free to play a friendly game where even players that don’t spend much money in this game can still compete in other paid players, the only thing that I don’t want in this game is the auto-firing/shooting, but the rest looks great for me, This game is one of the game that worth to try.

Frequently Ask Questions For Bullet Echo

Is bullet Echo an online game?

Yes, Bullet Echo is a battle royal top-down online game on mobile, which you can play with your friends and form a team or play solo and team up with some random players.

Can bullet Echo be played on PC?

Bullet echo is an online mobile game, but you can also play it on a PC with the help of an emulator.

Are bullets echo PVP?

Yes, bullet echo is a PVP battle royal game that you can play solo or with your friends. Bullet echo can be played with a team but you can also play one of its game modes which is a death match where every player on the battlefield is your opponent.

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