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Cookie run kingdoms is a single-player role-playing game in which players use this cute little fellow called cookies, to join our gingerbread and other cookie heroes in their adventure in the land of fantasy called “Earthbread”.

In this mobile game, you will control some cookie warriors in a mission to eliminate evil, the main story was when the ancient cookies were the defender and maintaining the balance of Earthbread was defeated by evil queen Dark Enchantress cookies.

As the defeat of our mighty cookie hero, you will need to form a powerful team of your to defeat the evil, there is a lot of cookie run characters that are available to collect, but you can only form a team of five cookies that you can use in both PVE and PVP.

Each cookie run character is classified by its rarities these rarities are Ancient, Legendary, Super Epic, Epic, Rare, and Common. Usually, the rarer the cookie run characters the more powerful they may become. 

Cookie Run kingdoms are classified as a roleplaying game, but cookie run is also a strategy game, it is because you will need to choose five cookies in every battle and you will need to pull out your best strategy by building a team of cookies.

You cannot just randomly choose five cookies for nothing, because each cookie also has a different type which is why mixing different cookie types into a team will have a higher chance of survivability and higher damage you can deal in PVP and PVE.


The first type is called charges, this character is a tough cookie, usually charges cookies are melee type like some warriors in other games.


Defense cookies are the kind of cookies that has the Highest survivability, they act like tanks that absorb a lot of damage in the front, Defense cookies have high HP, and defense that enables them to survive in the fight.


Healing cookies are a bit obvious, its role is to heal and increase the survivability of teammates, some healing cookies also give some buff for the whole team like shields, or increase their HP.


Magic cookies are one of the damage dealers in this game, it uses their magic to obliterate their enemies, almost all magic cookies are a range type or long range, which is why it is recommended to be placed in the middle lane to be protected by defense cookies and range while they deal some damage.


Bomber cookies are also a range of types of cookies, that are usually placed in the rare or middle lane, these cookies are also good at dealing damage in a group of enemies through AOE (area of effects).


This type doesn’t need much explanation since based on what is called we already know what this role is all about, except if you are a complete beginner in gaming. A support-type cookie is a kind of cookie that gives some buff to its allies to make their attacks even more useful.


A range types cookie is like a marksman, ranger, or archer in some other game, obviously, almost all ranged cookies need to place on the rare since most of them are long-range fighters.

A ranged cookie can deal massive damage to a single enemy, which is useful to take efficiently take down a single opponent during PVP.


Ambush Cookies are also a damaged type of cookie, they are also intangible giving them the ability to avoid direct damage from enemies.

Ambush are like assassins in some other game, fast and dangerous.

Cookie Run Characters

Ginger Brave

cookie run characters, gingerbrave
GingerBrave Info
Brave Dash

Dashes forward and deals area damage to all enemies in his way.

Cooldown: 8sec
Single hit DMG: 150%

Strawberry Cookie

Strawberry cookie, cookie run character
Strawberry Cookie Info
Rarity Common
SkillDon’t Come Near!

Scared Strawbery Cookie spins with her lollipop. dealing damage to all enemies within range.

Cooldown: 10sec
Single hit DMG: 21.0%

Wizard Cookie

cookie run characters, wizard cookie
Wizard Cookie Info
SkillMagic Storm

Summon a magic lightning storm that moves forwards, dealing damage over time to all enemies within range.

Cooldown: 13sec
DMG: 40.0%

Muscle Cookie

muscle cookie
Muscle Cookie Info
SkillMuscle King Power

Throw a dumbbell with fearsome strength at the nearby enemies, causing shock within the radium when throwing and when the dumbbell falls.

Cooldown: 10sec
Damage: 81.0%

Beet Cookie

beet cookie
Beet Cookie Info
SkillHunter’s Sense

Shoots several bolts in a row at a target with the lowest HP. The bolt also cast a debuff reducing healing.

Cooldown: 12sec
DMG: 67.0%
Healing reduces to target: -50% for 5sec

Ninja Cookie

ninja cookie
Ninja Cookie Info
SkillSwift Strike

Jumps in the air, throwing shuriken twice and causing small area damage.

Cooldown: 11sec
DMG: 89.0%

Angel Cookie

angel cookie
Angel Cookie Info
SkillCelestial Light

Blessed be the cookies! Flies up in the air, restoring the HP of all party members.

Cooldown: 15sec
Healing: 50% of attack

Custard Cookie

custard cookie
Custard Cookie Info
SkillKing’s Favor

Heals two Cookies with the lowest HP and also cast a short-living shield absorbing damage.

Cooldown: 16sec
Healing: 113% of ATK
Shield absorb: 10.0% of max HP for 3 sec

Carrot Cookie

carrot cookie
Carrot Cookie Info
SkillCarrot Harvest

Pulls the hardest carrot from the ground and shoots them at the enemy, causing area damage and increasing the party’s defense. Carrot collected after an attack restore some HP.

Cooldown: 19sec
DMG: 138%
Restore HP: Equal to 20.1% of ATK
+15.0% DEF for 6.0 sec

Onion Cookie

onion cookie
Onion Cookie Info
SkillUnstoppable tears

Doesn’t perform a regular attack frozen in fear. Use this skill to let out a defeating cry, causing wide-area damage and lowering the enemy’s, attack power. The higher the fear level, the more powerful the skill.

Cooldown: 20 sec
DMG: 67.0% for 1 stack (up to +671.0% for 10 stacks)
Enemy Lost power: -10%ATK

Clover Cookie

clover cookie
Clover Cookie Info
SkillBard’s Song

Tough times are when music is needed the most. The Cookie plays a soothing song, removing all debuffs from the party member and applying a buff that slowly restores their HP.

Cooldown: 17 sec
Healing: 12% of ATK every 1.0 sec over 5.0 sec
Purify all debuff effects.

Gumball Cookie

gumball cookie
Gumball Cookie Info

The cookie shoots 3 bubble gum charges at the enemies, each causing area damage and decreasing the enemy’s attack speed.

Cooldown: 13 sec
DMG: 264.0%
Slows down enemies -20.0% ATK SPD for 2 sec.

Cherry Cookie

cherry cookie
Cherry Cookie Info
SkillHuge Cherry Bomb

A giant cherry bomb that causes area damage and stuns enemies.

Cooldown: 16 sec
DMG: 146.0%
Stun for 2.0 sec

Alchemist Cookie

alchemist cookie
Alchemist Cookie Info
SkillUnstable Formula

Begin researching a formula that can throw on enemies that cause damage over time. Alchemist Cookie research consists of three stages, the higher the stages the wider the affected area, and the greater the damage it can deal. After reaching the third stage, the cookie throws the formula automatically.

Cooldown: 16 sec
Stage 1: 53.3% DMG+ 9.5% poison DMG every sec for a duration of 10 sec
Stage 2: 108.1% DMG+ 19.5% poison DMG every sec for a duration of 10 sec
Stage 3: 163% DMG+ 29.5% poison DMG every sec for a duration of 10 sec

Pancake Cookie

pancake cookie
Pancake Cookie Info
SkillTake an Acorn

Flies forward, throwing acorns at the enemies causing wide area damage and increasing the party’s ATK SPD.

Cooldown: 15sec
DMG: 40.0%
Reduce ATK SPD of enemies: +20.0% ATK SPD for 6 sec

Adventure Cookie

adventure cookie
Adventure Cookie Info
SkillRope Master

Adventure cookies appear in the rearmost enemies, attack with the rope and incapacitate them.

Cooldown: 12 sec
DMG: 410.0%
Shackles: 4.0 sec

Devil Cookie

devil cookie
Devil Cookie Info
SkillDevilish Rune

Summons devilish rune dealing damage over time to enemies standing on it and reducing their ATK SPD and movement SPD.

Cooldown: 18 sec
DMG duration: 7.0 sec 14 ticks
Total DMG: 160.3%
Decreased ATK SPD: -20.0.%
Decreased MV SPD: -20.0%

Blackberry Cookie

blackberry cookie
Blackberry Cookie Info
SkillGhost servant

The ghost rush to the enemy formation, striking them several times and increasing the party’s critical strike chance.

Cooldown: 15 sec
DMG: 30.7%
Increase Crit Chance: +20.0% Crit% for 8 sec

Knight Cookie

knight cookie
Knight Cookie Info
SkillCavalry Charge

Charge forward causing area damage and forcing the enemies to attack himself.

Cooldown: 13 sec
DMG dealt: 260.0%
Taunt for 3.0 sec

Avocado Cookie

avocado cookie
Avocado Cookie Info
SkillBattle Smithing

Strike the ground with her hammer several times, dealing area damage. The clear sound of ringing metal raises the party’s morale. Increasing the ATK power of the cookie with the highest attack power.

Cooldown: 12 sec
DMG: 55.0%
Add morale +30.0% ATK for 6 sec

Princess Cookie

princess cookie
Princes Cookie Info
SkillRoyal Swing

Princes Cookie swings her scepter with a noble smile, causing area damage and decreasing the enemy’s defense.

Cooldown: 13 sec
DMG: 319.0%
Decrease -15.0% DEF for 6 sec on the enemies

Sonic Cookie

Sonic Cookie Info
SkillSonic’s Spin Dash

Curl up into a ball and spin rapidly and burst forward at super speed, dealing DMG to enemy hit in succession. Increase the ATK speed of all allies.

Cooldown: 16 sec
DMG 201.9%
+ ATK SPD for 7.0 sec

Tails Cookie

Tails Cookie Info
SkillTails’ Spin Dash

Tails curl up into a ball and dashes toward his enemies, dealing DMG to each enemy hit in succession. Upon landing, increases DEF of allies

Cooldown: 17 sec
DMG 202.5%
Increase DEF +15.0% for 7 sec

Cream Unicorn Cookie

cream unicorn
Cream Unicorn Cookie Info
SkillMidsummer Nights’Pu Dream

The dreamy unicorn reduces crit DMG receive by the team and charges toward the enemies, silencing them. While silencing the enemy’s skill cooldown will pause. The dreamy dancing unicorn will leave butterflies that will heal its allies based on the amount of HP lost.
Regular healing targets will receive a DMG-reducing buff.

Cooldown: 17 sec
Silence 10 sec
Heals 1.6% percent of ATK per each 1% HP lost
Heals 39.6% of ATK
Crit resistant +17.5% for 10 sec
DMG resistant +5.0% for 12.0 sec, stacks up to 3 times

Sparkling Cookie

sparkling cookie
Sparkling Cookie Info
Types Healing
SkillSparkling Cocktail

Throws healing cocktail in two allies with the lowest HP. The cocktail’s divine aroma raises the whole squad’s morale, increasing their critical strike chance.

Cooldown: 13 sec
Healing 139% of ATK
+25.0% CRIT for 7 sec

Herb Cookie

herb cookie
Herb Cookie Info
Types Healing
SkillSunny Garden

Turns the ground into a beautiful little garden, removing some debuff and restoring some HP for the whole party. Standing near the sprout also restores some HP over time.

Cooldown: 17 sec
Healing 44.2% of ATK
Heling 9.0% over 5 sec standing near sprouts.
Purify all debuff

Eclair Cookie

eclair cookie
Eclair Cookie Info
SkillBook of History

Cast Weakness debuff to 3 enemies with the highest ATK (Targets cookie first), amplifying the damages they receive, and deal DMG. If an enemy is defeated under the weakness buff, all allies gain an HP shield.

Cooldown: 16 sec
Weakness: Recieve +25.0% DMG for 4.0 sec, effect stack up 4x
HP shield +25.0% of max HP for 3 sec
Hit DMG 480.6%

Dark Choco Cookie

dark choco cookie
Dark Choco Cookie Info
SkillSword of Darkness

Strike the ground with his sword, inflicting chain lightning upon the enemies. Those unfortunate, effect by this dark lightning suffer from great damage and lowered defense.

Cooldown: 13 sec
DMG 247.0%
Decrease defense of the enemy: -20.0% for 7 sec

Purple Yam Cookie

purple yam cookie
Purple Yam Cookie Info
SkillPurple Tornado

Ravage the battlefield in a deadly purple tornado, causing substantial periodic area damage. While purple yam cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

Cooldown: 12 sec
DMG 54.0%

Werewolf Cookie

werewolf cookie
Werewolf Cookie Info

Takes his wolf form, causing area damage. In a wolf form, Werewolf Cookie has increased HP and becomes resistant to interrupting effect, and does more powerful double-strike regular ATK. Targets hit by double strike may be stunned.

Cooldown: 11 sec
Gain +20.0% HP for 10 sec upon transformation
DMG: 206.9%
Transformation: 77.0%
Transformation: 20.0% chance to stun

Kumiho Cookie

kumiho cookie
Kumiho Cookie Info

Transform into a cookie and causes area damage and charm nearby enemies, when charming them reducing their DEF. Afterward, fires a powerful Fox spirit flame up to 5 enemies nearby.

Cooldown: 14 sec
DMG 245.4%
Transformation for 12 sec
Charmed 2 sec -20.0% DEF for 8 sec
For Spirit Flame DMG

Red Velvet Cookie

red velvet cookie
Red Velvet Cookie Info
SkillCrimson Hand

This cookie gasps the rearmost enemy, bringing it in front of the cookie squad, dealing great damage, and stunning them for a short time (Cannot be interrupted).

Cooldown: 15 sec
DMG: 835.0%
Stun for 5 sec

Raspberry Cookie

Raspberry cookie
Raspberry Cookie Info
SkillRaspberry Reprise

Quickly dashes at the enemy with the highest ATK and continuously stabs them. The ATK barely reduces the hit target’s ATK for a while. While Raspberry Cookie is using her own skill, she will be resistant to interrupting effects.

Cooldown: 14 sec
DMG 42.0%
DMG on final hit: 334.0%
Target ATK reduction -40.0% for 3 sec

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