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If you are a gamer I’m pretty sure that you know that a lot of players spend money on playing games. This is why earning money from a game feels weird but believe it or not you can really earn money from playing and that’s true. In fact, a lot of gamers are earning money from playing as a side hustle.

In this article, let me give you a list of games where you can earn money while playing, without further ado lets us dive into our article with the title “earn money from games”.

Best Games That Pay Real Money

If you are in a hurry you can just skim our summary list of the games that pay real money below.

  • Ethlas– Yandex Games That Pay Real Money
  • Wizardia– AAA play to earn that pays real money
  • Gamehag– Real Money Earning Games Platform
  • LifeAfter- Play Free Online Games To Earn Money
  • Swagbuck– Game Apps That Pay
  • Mir4– Best MMORPG Online Game To Earn Crypto
  • Thetan Arena– Best MOBA Game To Earn Real Cash
  • League of Kingdoms– Earn Money playing MMO Strategy game
  • Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict- A war strategy game where you can earn real money
  • Yulgang Mobile- Comic-based MMORPG game that you can earn money
  • Every Farm– Farming Game Apps To Earn Money
  • Crypto Ball Z– Earn money from the Idle crypto game

Best Games That Pay Real Money Review

If you have a bit of time you can read the review summary for each game that I feature in this article.

1. Ethlas- Yandex Games That Pay Real Money

earn money from game in ethlas
Earn Money From Games: 12 Games That Pay Real Money

Ethlas is free to play gaming platform where you can earn money playing games online. It is like a Yandex gaming website where you can choose any game you want. But the main difference is you can earn money in Ethlas.

If you are good in certain games you can earn some money by just winning. Some popular games on their platform are Wordlas– a play-to-earn alternative to a Wordle, they also have Gem attack a game that resembles Candy Crush, and a lot more.

By winning you can earn an in-game currency called gems, these games can be converted into real money by trading in their cryptocurrency platform. Playing in t Ethlas is easy, just head over to their official website “” and hit play now. You also need to have your own crypto wallet like Metamask for storing some crypto and NFT that you can later be used to exchange into real cash.

If you don’t know how to set up your own Metamask wallet, don’t worry since I already create a tutorial for you in a separate article.

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2. Wizardia- AAA play to earn real money games

Wizardia nft games
Earn Money From Games: 12 Games That Pay Real Money

Next on our list is an NFT game called Wizardia, if you love the game Raid Shadow Legends I’m pretty sure that you will like this game. Wizardia resembles Raid Shadow Legend from its graphics to its gameplay.

Like Raid Shadow Legends, Wizardia is also a turned-based strategy game, that uses three wizards to compete with other players in PVP or fight other opponents in PVE. In traditional turned-based games like Raid shadow legends you can enjoy the games but you can earn nothing.

In our game Wizardia, you can enjoy the excitement of a turned-based MMORPG game and you can earn money at the same time. In terms of earning… there are a couple of ways to earn in this game. You can sell your Wizards, and each wizard’s stats and ability can be increased by playing and upgrading. When you have very good stats, someone might buy it in the marketplace.

Another way to earn money from this game is by listing your Wizards for rent to other players. You can also earn in Wizardia by owning a Genesis NFT that can give an owner some privilege to have some cut on the transaction fees in the arena and the market.

However, this game is not free to play. You will need to own at least three wizards to participate in the game. Once you have your three sets of Wizards, you can now join the game and earn some money by playing.

3. Gamehag- Real Money Earning Games Platform

gamehag earn money with games
Earn Money From Games: 12 Games That Pay Real Money

Gamers often play games just to entertain themselves, but Gamehag gives more. They offer an earning opportunity just by playing some games on their website.

All you need to do is to register on, and after that, you can play any games that are available on their site for free.

Every game that you play will give you rewards called Soul gems. The soul gems serve as a currency that can be used in Gamehag. You can use your soul gems to exchange rewards like CD-Key, Kinguin gift cards, some game recharges, and prepaid master cards to earn some money.

You can also earn more soul gems in different ways like by watching some ads on their website, rating some articles, and even writing some articles.

You can earn money by playing games on Gamehag, but the amount of money you can earn will not make you rich, instead, giving you some rewards based on your efforts by playing their game. The purpose of Gamehag is to give some extra bucks in your pocket while you enjoy playing games.

4. LifeAfter- Play Free Online Games To Earn Money

Lifeafter screen shoots
Earn Money From Games: 12 Games That Pay Real Money

Next on our list is a zombie apocalyptic game called “LifeAfter” it is an RPG game in which players are free to do whatever they want.

Explore and survive in the vast open world that is currently infested with zombies. Lifeafter offers a lot of features that players will surely enjoy.

This game is a survival game and to survive, you must do everything in the game, like hunting wild animals for meat, gathering fruits and vegetables in the wilderness, and gathering the necessary materials to craft some clothes to protect yourself from freezing to death.

You should also keep your character dehydrated in a warm climate like a desert, you can build your own house, craft some armor and weapons to fight the infected, and trade some goods for gold as a currency in the game.

You can do a lot of things in this game, you can even customize your character to a whole new level.

I play this game for four years, and I can safely say that this game is the most realistic game that I’ve ever played, it is like your second life in a digital world.

The graphics and gameplay of this game are exceptional which makes a lot of players love this game and spend a lot of real money on their characters.

But the question is how can you earn money in this game?

Here are the tricks, since this is a survival game, and players need to grind to get what they need in the game like gears and weapons, and some materials, other players are lazy enough on grinding, and instead they want to involve more action like PVP.

Items in this game like weapons and armor can be worn if overused, and to get one they need some in-game currently like gold bars, and instead of grinding to earn some gold, they just buy some gold bars from other players using real money.

If you have a lot of gold bars you can find some players that are willing to buy your gold bars in exchange for real money.

But beware since some scammers are reported in the game, make sure that you only sell to a trusted person.

5. Swagbuck- Game Apps That Pay

earn money online free
Earn Money From Games: 12 Games That Pay Real Money

The next on our list is a platform called Swagbucks. This platform is one of the most trusted online survey sites where you can earn money by answering some surveys. I already feature Swagbucks in one of my articles called “How to earn money online“.

Aside from online surveys, Swagbucks also offers some games that you can play for free and earn some rewards. Once you are on their platform, all you need to do is signup for a free account. After signing up, you can choose what games you are interested in.

After you choose a game, there is a certain task that you need to complete. Some tasks are simple like you need to install the game for days, reach a certain level, etc. After completing a task you will receive an SB coin, this coin is a token that you can use to redeem certain items like gift cards or Paypal cash.

Swagbucks is a good way to earn some cash by just playing, but I just want to clarify that this game is just good to earn some extra cash. This game will not make you rich, it is just a good way to enjoy the game and earn some extra bucks.

6. Mir4- Best MMORPG Online Game To Earn Crypto

mir4 darksteel mining, earn money from games
Earn Money From Games: 12 Games That Pay Real Money

Next on our list is an online game called Mir4 Global, it is an MMORPG game that let players earn money by just playing.

Mir4 is a blockchain game where you can use certain items to mint into a blockchain-based token. For now, there are various ways how you can earn in this game, you can mint some tradable resources, mine some minerals to form blockchain-based tokens, you can also mint your character which you can sell in the marketplace to earn some real cash.

This game is also one of the most active games today. Developers always find ways for rewarding some players for their efforts.

For now, Mir4 is also the number 1 play-to-earn MMORPG game. They have proven a lot in play to earn gaming by delivering gorgeous graphics, and good gameplay.

The graphics are realistic and their character customization was relatively good, for the gameplay they offer an open-world map that you can enjoy exploring the vast world of the game. You can fight different monsters and demons, you can team up with other players to defeat some powerful bosses, and you can even join alliances and fight other alliances in a war.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose from the five different combat classes, these classes are Warrior, Sorcerer, Taoist, Lancer, and Arbalist.

After choosing your first character, all you need to do is to complete the beginner’s tutorial and you can start your adventure.

How to Earn Money in Mir4?

To earn some money you should be at least level 40 because level 40 is the required level to unlock it’s earning features, if you want to level up fast in this game you can follow my previous tutorial named “Mir4 leveling guide for beginners“, you can also read my ultimate guide for beginners in Mir4 which can help a lot for familiarizing some important things that you need to know in the game.

After successfully reaching level 40 you can unlock its features which are smelting blockchain-based tokens and mining valuable minerals in this game called Dark Steel, this dark steel can only be mined in only certain places, after acquiring some of this dark steel, you can smelt some of those into a blockchain-based token called Draco.

Draco as a blockchain-based token has real value in real life means you can trade some of your tokens in a crypto exchange for some real cash. Aside from mining dark steel and trading its token, there are also various ways to earn money from this game, you can read the whole information about Mir4 in the guide that I created in a separate article.

Mir4 global has great graphics and gameplay, if you are a fan of a traditional MMORPG game, I’m pretty sure that you will like this game, since Mir4 is different from what you usually play, instead of spending a lot of money on it, you can also have a chance to earn money from this game.

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7. Thetan Arena- Best MOBA Game To Earn Real Cash

earn money from games, thetan arena
Earn Money From Games: 12 Games That Pay Real Money

Our next choice to earn money with games is by playing “Thetan Arena”, if you’re a fan of MOBA, you will definitely enjoy playing this money-earning game.

Thetan Arena has an offline version called “Heroes Strike” but you cannot earn money from Heroes Strike since it is just an offline mobile game, like you know, just for entertainment.

The real deal is to earn money by playing in the online version of Hero Strike the “Thetan Arena”, this MOBA game is also one of the fastest-growing games in 2022 which is really impressive and we can say that a lot of people trust this game.

You can play this online game on whatever platform you preferred, if you want Android you can play on Android, if you want to play on iOS still you can, you can even play the game on MAC, and Windows.

But the question is how can you earn money from online games like Thetan Arena?

It works like this, first, you need to create an account in the game you can follow the instruction on how to create an account in Thetan Arena, in my previous article Thetan Arena Complete Guide For Beginners 2022, all the things that you need to know is in that article, considered to check it out.

Then after you have an account and you have already claimed your free heroes you can now play to win the match like a normal MOBA game, once you reach certain ranks you earn Thetan Coin and later exchange it for real money.

But earning money in Thetan Arena as a free-to-play is not that easy since every time you win your ranks will increase and when you lose your rank drops, and you need to reach at least Bronze 1 to earn money playing Thetan Arena.

You can visit my previous article Thetan Arena Complete Guide For Beginners 2022 to learn more about the game, there is also a new update in Thetan Arena called Hero renting which is a big help for free to play to earn money from games like Thetan Arena.

8. League of Kingdoms- Earn Money playing an MMO Strategy game

League of kingdoms graphics, earn money playing games
Earn Money From Games: 12 Games That Pay Real Money

Next on our list to earn money from games is an MMO strategy game and it was called League of Kingdoms.

The game is inspired by the famous strategy game called Lords Mobile that you can also play on Emulator.

In this game the players can, build their kingdoms and try to dominate the land, like some strategy games, you as a ruler can lead the kingdom to thrive, you can train your troop, build infrastructure inside of your kingdom, build a defensive structure to prevent invader, upgrade your troops and technology and a lot more.

If you are new to MMO strategy games you can visit the article called “Guide On League Of Kingdoms” like some reviews and tutorials that I’ve made, you can learn everything that you need to learn in the game.

You might be wondering how to earn money from playing League of Kingdoms, it works like this, in all MMO strategy game resources are so important, it is used in almost everything in the game from defense, infrastructure, training troops, and upgrades, etc.

All of the players need resources and in this game, the resources that you have can be minted on sold on the marketplace called Opensea, when your resources are sold you will earn Etherium and you can exchange it for real money, kindly visit my league of kingdoms guide to learn more about the game.

9. Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict- A war strategy game where you can earn real money

gunship battle: crypto conflict legendary and epic jets

Next on our list is a war strategy game from the Korean gaming company “Joy City”. This game is the play to earn a version of their iconic game “Gunship Battle: Total warfare”.

If you already play Gunship Battle: Total warfare it is a huge advantage for you since you know all the basics about the game, but if you don’t, don’t worry since I have already created a beginner’s tutorial for this game for you to familiarize the game quickly.

How to earn money in this play to earn online games?

First, you need to reach at least Level 18 to unlock its earning features, then new options in the game will appear called Milico, which is the official token of Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict.

There is an essential item in these online games called “Titanium” when you have a lot of this item you can exchange it for Milico tokens, then you can exchange Milico for Wemix tokens, then sell it to Binance, and that’s it — you can now earn money from playing these online game Gunship battle: Crypto Conflict.

But wait before you dive into this online game, make sure to read my article about a beginner’s guide in Gunship battle: Crypto conflict to avoid some mistakes and level up fast in the game.

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10. Yulgang Mobile- Comic-based MMORPG game that you can earn money

earn money from online games, yulgang mobile
Earn Money From Games: 12 Games That Pay Real Money

Next is a mobile online game called “Yulgang Mobile”, this game are one of the newest play-to-earn game this 2022.

Yulgang Mobile is based on a popular Korean comic, now these comics came to life as an MMORPG play-to-earn online game, like some MMORPG games you can enjoy booth PVE and PVP In this game, complete missions, fight some monsters, and compete with some players.

How to earn money from the online game Yulgang Global?

To earn money from this game you need to unlock its earning features like Mir4, you will also need to reach at least level 40, after that you can refine an in-game item called “Crystals” to TIG the official blockchain-based token of Yulgang global.

TIG is also a blockchain-based token that can be exchanged into a Wemix token, just like the Mir4, and Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict so the process of changing TIG into cash is the same as Mir4 and Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict.

11. Every Farm- Farming Game Apps To Earn Real Money

Every farm free to play nft games android
Earn Money From Games: 12 Games That Pay Real Money

If you like farming games, you will surely enjoy this new play-to-earn game called Every Farm, this game is under a Wemix network where you earn money by acquiring a blockchain token called Flero.

In this game, you can have your own virtual lands plant and harvest some crops, raise some animals and sell them to market for gold, and when you reach level 35 you can start your restaurant in-game to earn items called hearts that you can exchange into the crypto-based token to earn money in this game.

12. Crypto Ball Z- Earn money from the Idle crypto game

new play to earn game, crypto ball z screen shots
Earn Money From Games: 12 Games That Pay Real Money

Next on our list is also a crypto game called Crypto ball Z, among all the games that you can earn money, this might be the easiest game that you can play because Crypto ball Z is an idle game, a game that has minimal action which makes it easier to play the game, making Crypto Ball Z one of the easiest games to earn money.

How To Earn Money From Crypto Ball Z

To earn money you need to get as much hearthstone as possible to exchange it for HERCO a blockchain-based token of Crypto Ball Z and exchange it for real cash.

Bottom Line

So that’s it guys, I hope that I help you and answer the things that you’ll search for on the internet, all of the games that I’ve featured in this list are 100% legit, you just need some patience, play smartly, and enjoy the game to earn money playing games.

Earn Money With Games Frequently Ask Questions

Do online games pay real money?

Yes, some online games pay real money but not directly, you can obtain some crypto in the games and trade the crypto for real money, some other online games give tokens by playing online games on their website and giving you some rewards for your time then thus reward can be exchanged into real money.

What kinds of games can earn real money?

Money-earning games are called play-to-earn games, NFT games, or blockchain games. It is a new kind of game that gives players the ability to earn by playing, you can mint some items into a crypto-based token and trade the tokens into real money.

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