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Games like Axie Infinity

Top 10 Games Like Axie Infinity 2024

Hi, I know most of you come here looking for games like Axie Infinity, but if you come here randomly and don’t know what an Axie Infinity is, let me explain a little about the game Axie Infinity.

The game Axie Infinity was brought to the mainstream in the year 2021, but actually, this game already existed in the year 2018 times only a few players knew about Axie Infinity, not until the pandemic broke out, and a lot of people found ways how to earn money online, and gamers suggest on they can earn playing Axie infinity.

As a lot of people know that this game exists, a lot of people invest to play Axie Infinity, and that’s where the value of this game rises, as a result, when you want to play Axie Infinity you need to have to invest at least $2000+ which is costly but don’t worry since in this article I will feature some NFT games like Axie infinity, those that are a little cheaper and some are Axie infinity alternative but free to play.

1. Chumbi Valley- Games Like Axie Infinity But Free

Chumbi valley crypto games screen shots

The number one on our list is an upcoming NFT game called Chumbi Valley, this game like Axie Infinity has some promising features like Chumbi breading breeds two kinds of Chumbi to produce an offspring that can be sold to other players, Chumbi fostering where you can send your Chumbi to other players and earn some percentage of their earnings when using your Chumbi.

Chumbi Valley has also unique features like offline features where you can still earn some resources even offline, it is helpful to players that have a limited time in the game. Chumbi Valley based in my opinion has better graphics or visuals compared to Axie Infinity, the colors are well-balanced, and looks better than Axie Infinity.

What is even more surprising is that this NFT game is free to play, although players can still invest some money in this game to have some advantage, they can still play this game without spending anything.

This game was still in development and was expected to be released in the year 2022 so make sure that you always keep an eye on this game to make sure that you are one of the first to try this game like Axie Infinity called “Chumbi Valley”.

2. Ethlas- Yandex Crypto Games Like Axie Infinity

ethlast cypto games

Next on our list is Yandex like crypto game called Ethlas, this blockchain game is a crypto Metaverse that resembles Yandex, you can play a lot of casual games in Ethlas like their own version of Flappy Bird, a puzzle game like Candy Crush, a word puzzle game, and a lot more.

But what this game looks similar to Axie was its upcoming feature called KOMO, this creature somewhat resembles Axie infinity, Komo is a Digital pet (NFT pet) that has different elemental affinities that you can use in PvE, Boss fight, and PVP to challenge other players that is Komo holder in a duel.

Digital pets in Ethlas are in development but expected to arrive sooner, a casual game in Ethlas is all free to play but if you want to have a digital pet you have to purchase it with Ethereum in Opensea. If you are looking for games like Axie Infinity Ethlas is one of our best candidates.

3. Chain Guardian- NFT Games Like Axie Infinity

chain guardian, games like axie infinity

Next on our list is a crypto game called Chain Guardians, it is one of the nearer in comparison to Axie Infinity gameplay because Axie Ininifty and Chain Guardians are both turn-based NFT games.

In terms of graphics, Chain Guardians have 2D graphics like Axie Infinity, but instead of pets, Chain Guardians use heroes and soldiers to fight in PVE and PVP.

Chain Guardians is a free-to-play blockchain game, that which you can play PVE without spending anything, but PVP is a different story.

Yeah, you can play PVP as a free-to-play, but it’s hard to win without spending because many players who participate in PVP in Chainguardians have an NFT hero, and NFT heroes are way stronger compared to free ones.

One unique feature of this game is what they called NFT mining, where the player can use their NFT to mine coins called CGC, this CGC is off-chain means that for now, it doesn’t have a concrete value, but sooner or later Chain Guardians developer promise to enable CGC to convert into CGG a blockchain-based coin to give players an earning opportunity by playing.

For now, I recommend that you save as many as possible CGC tokens, and when an update comes to give features to convert CGC to CGG you can earn decent money in this NFT game, without spending anything.

4. Monsta Infinite- The Next Axie Infinity (Axie Infinity Clone)

Monsta infinite, ganes like axie infinity

Next on our list is a game that looks like resembles Axie Infinity called “Monsta Infinite”. Among all the crypto games or NFT games out there, Monsta Infinite is the closest in terms of graphics and gameplay to Axie Infinity.

In fact, when you ask me for a game like Axie Infinity, Monsta Infinite is the closest game that I can recommend because even in their white paper, they stated that they will try to imitate Axie Infinity in every possible aspect, but like Axie Infinity this was also a pay to play NFT game, just way cheaper compared to Axie.

For the graphics and design, I find this game much better than Axie, but in gameplay, they are almost identical, turn-based gameplay that uses cards to attack and defend against opponents, the only difference is the use puzzle system in a battle.

By solving this puzzle in the duel, players can enhance their attacks, and plot some powerful combos by solving a puzzle, which developer stated that this puzzle system is used to balance the game and to solve the pay-to-win problem in some other games.

NFT Games Like Axie Infinity (Bonus List)

Those games on top are the closest games that look like Axie Infinity in graphics and gameplay, as a bonus, I’ll also give you a list of NFT games like Axie Infinity. 

5. Every Farm

Every farm free to play nft games android

Every farm is a kind of crypto game that lets players have their own virtual land, You can plant and harvest some crops, and raise your own animals like cattle for milk, hens for eggs, pigs for meat, beehives for honey, etc.

You can also sell some of your crops or items in the market to earn some coins that you can use in the game, and since this game is a play-to-earn game, you can earn money by starting your own restaurant in the game, when cooking some dishes you will earn items that can be exchanged to a crypto-based token in this game and sell to earn real money.

6. Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict

crpto conflict thumb nail

A war strategy game made by the Korean game company Joycity, this crypto game is an MMO strategy game with a modern war theme.

Players can build AFVs like tanks, artillery, IFVs for ground units, frigates, submarines, destroyers for naval force, and jets for air, You can also build and use an Aircraft carrier for operation, like conquering enemy bases.

You can earn in these crypto games by smelting an item to form an official blockchain base token of the game called “Milico”, This Milico has value in real life that can be sold for real money.

7. Dark Eden

Dark eden play to earn games, free to play NFT games

This game is a 2D play-to-earn MMORPG game, This game is also a free-to-play crypto game that you can play without spending even a single cent.

Dark Eden is an MMORPG game about the battle between Vampire and Slayers, At the start of the game you can choose between a Vampire or a Slayer, and after that, you can never switch factions, not unless you start a new account on the server.

The graphics or visuals of this NFT game are like what you can see in the old version of Diablo Immortal, it is 2D but means smoother even when playing on an older device. To earn you need to do some faction quest or kill another race to get a medal point that can be exchanged into a blockchain-based token of this game called DEBCO that you can sell for cash.

8. Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT

ragnarok labyrinth NFT, play to earn crypto

If you like the game Ragnarok, you will surely love this game, since this game is a play-to-earn version of Ragnarok.

The developer of this game is also the original maker of the classic Ragnarok game, the graphics and the gameplay of Ragnarok Labyrinth are the same as the classic, the only difference is that you will have an opportunity to earn money by playing this game.

Like Axie infinity, Ragnarok Labyrinth is a crypto game, to earn you will need to gather some onbuff points that can be exchanged into an onbuff token, this token is the official token of Ragnarok Labyrinth, a blockchain-based token that can be sold for real money.

9. Thetan Arena

Thetan arena

This game doesn’t look like Axie Infinity, but Thetan Arena is also a play-to-earn crypto game that you can earn money just by playing.

Thetan Arena is a MOBA crypto game that you can play on Android, iOS, or PC, it is a free-to-play crypto game that you can play and team up with random players or play with your friends.

You can play 4 vs 4, duo in a battle royal, or solo in a death match with other players, there are fun game modes that you can choose from. To earn you need to win a lot of battles to obtain an in-game token called gTHC, once you have a sufficient amount of it you can exchange it for cash.

10. Illuvium

illuvium crypto games

Next, is an upcoming NFT game called illuvium, this upcoming crypto game is like Axie Infinity but looks way better, among all the upcoming NFT games this one is one of the most promising.

If all the game teaser that they post on social media is correct this will surely be one of the most massive play-to-earn game that will be released in 2022, many expect that Illuvium is a AAA play-to-earn game that is inspired by Pokemon.

You can catch Illuvials (digital pets like Pokemon), train, and fight with some other players in the arena, there are also some PVE in the game to make sure that even some players who are not much into a PVP will still enjoy this crypto game.

Frequently Ask Questions About Games Like Axie Infinity

Are there any games like Axie Infinity?

Yes, there is Chumbi Valley, Ethlas, and Monsta Infinite are the best alternatives for Axie Infinity.

What do you call games like Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a kind of game that is called play-to-earn games (NFT games, crypto games, blockchain games) it is a kind of game in which players can earn money or NFT by playing games.

Can you make money on AXIE Infinity?

Yes, almost all in-game items in Axie Infinity are NFTs, which means it has a value in real life that you can sell for profit.