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Mir4 Guide: Ultimate Guide For Beginners

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Mir4 is one of the trending MMORPG games in 2021 and I’m pretty sure that its trends will continue this year 2022 why? Because it has all characteristics of how a good MMORPG should be.

The Most Complete Mir4 Guide That You Can Find On the Internet

If you haven’t tried this game yet you should download it now and thank me later, if you gamer that loves MMORPG I’m sure that you will like this game, and adding the fact that you can even earn while playing this is amazing, but before you download and dive in playing Mir4 there are some things that you need to know for you to avoid the same mistake that I commit playing mir4.

Reasons to Choose and Download Mir4

Before we proceed let’s give you first some reasons to download this game.

1. Mir4 Graphics

mir4 graphics

By the way are you aware of NFT games? if you’re not you can take a look at my previous article Best NFT Games where I also explain what are NFTs and NFT games, and if you’re familiar with NFT games you might be aware of what are they look like.

NFT games are one of the most legit ways to earn money online but if you are a hardcore gamer you will notice some things that most NFT games don’t have, its the lack of better game-play and good and high-intensive graphics— I’m not saying that all NFT games have a bad graphics Thetan Arena and Lost Relics has a good graphics too but not equally or even near of Mir4 if we’re talking about the graphics.

Mir4 graphics are somewhat on the level of another MMORPG from Korea called Black Desert, where everything looks gorgeous, from the characters, the maps, the scenery, and the environments look realistic and the colors are well balanced, a true masterpiece for an MMORPG game.

If you are looking for an NFT game that lets you earn real money while enjoying the fun of playing a full-pledge MMORPG with great gameplay and graphics, Mir4 might be your best choice.

2. Play To Earn

Not yet convinced? what if I tell you that you can earn money by playing Mir4? I keep saying that Mir4 is an NFT game and you can earn money while playing it’s true some gamers state that they earn enough money to buy a new PC from the money that they earn in the game and if you take a peak in Mir4 marketplace to give you an idea of how much is the potential earning in the game.

But don’t get me wrong, this game is not a game that can make you rich quickly if you want to earn in Mir4 you need extra effort in grinding in the game like doing a lot of quests to obtain some valuable items that can be traded in the marketplace or to focus in your character builds, item owned, and overall stats that might help you to earn money,

3. An Excellent Game Play

mir4 gameplay

The next stuff is its game-play, like I’ve said before there are a lot of NFT games that have a poor game-play and a lot of people are playing those games just for the sake of earnings, but this game Mir4 is so different compared to some NFT games, since playing Mir4 can give you a real MMORPG experience, this game is indeed a high-quality MMORPG game.

Honestly, even without the potential earning features in this game, this will still attract a lot of players why? because of its gameplay together with its visuals and its definition of a true MMORPG masterpiece, the map itself is an Open-world map where you can enjoy and travel in different parts of the map.

You can gather some materials that you can trade on a market or use them for yourself to make your character stronger, you can enter some dungeons and chambers to fight with different MOBS or monsters and obtain some materials that you can sell or use to craft your gear, you can also sell some gear of yours like weapons, armors, boots, etc, you can also team with your friend to fight powerful bosses, join or create a clan, participate in a war and a lot more.

4. Mir4 Is a Free To Play

With all the explanation that I gave you to download Mir4, what if I tell you that this game is free to play? Yup, Mir4 is a free-to-play NFT game, not like some play-to-earn games that you can only access and play by investing real money Mir4 is 100% free to play, which means that you dont need to spend money to play this game even a single cent.

The only thing that you need is a PC or Phone that can handle this game, good internet since this is an online game, and a lot of your time, like I’ve said if you want to earn you need extra effort in grinding which needs a lot of your spare time, but dont worry since this game has an auto-battle feature which I will explain to you later on.

If you are convinced to download Mir4 you can download and play the game on Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS, you can also play Mir4 on Steam, and Emulator, in the other hand if you are not convinced to download Mir4 maybe you will like some of the Best NFT Games that I featured in Mirageportal.

Mir4 Download

After you’ve finished downloading the game we can now proceed to our guide in Mir4.

Things That Are Needed To Know First in Mir4

The game Mir4 is so huge and there are a lot of things that I wish I know before playing this game, honesty I commit a lot of mistakes playing this game at first but don’t worry since it is my responsibility as a game reviewer to expose the things that you need to know for you to avoid the same mistake that I do in the game.

As I keep playing Mir4 for months I learn a lot of things and I will share it all with you guys, so read this article before start playing his game, so without further due let’s proceed.

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Mir4 Best Class

First thing first, the character class, since you are new to the game you don’t have an idea about its class and the information that you can read in the game is not complete, but I have already tried all of the characters in the Mir4 and I will explain it to you one by one based on my own words and my experience playing this class.

1. Warrior

mir4 warrior class

First the Warrior class, this is the first class that I’ve tried in the game why? because I love Warrior and almost all the games that I play I always try Warrior first, because I know that it might be Tanky and it proves me right since even in Mir4 Warrior is so Tanky.

It has the highest Hp and defense in all the classes in the game, high HP plus defense equals a higher chance of survivability, but don’t get me wrong, it does mean that since it is a Tank it has lower damage, in fact, Warrior in Mir4 is scary in PVP it has a lot of combos that if you do right—- can crush its enemy in one combo.

Warrior also has a lot of skills that can stun and knocks its enemy to the ground making them unable to move, in fact, a lot of players in Mir4 acknowledge Lancer as a king of crowd control but Warrior can rival even Lancer in terms of crowd control combine of High survivability and a high chance of Bash damage—- Warrior can be really scary in this game.

2. Sorcerer

mir4 sorcerer

Next is Sorcerer, the main damage dealer in a team fight, it has indeed the highest damage dealers during a team fight, since lof of its skills is AOE-based DPS, it can obliterate any enemy in one powerful combo.

When I played this class I noticed that It skills have the highest base damage among all the classes in this Mir4, and it is also a range type of class that can eliminate its enemy from a distance, combine Sorcerer with a Warrior in a team fight and you will have the most terrifying duo in the game.

3. Taoist

mir4 taoist

Next is another range type of combat class called Taoist, among all of the Mir4 character classes Taoist is my favorite to teammates why? because Taoists have a lot of skills that give their teammates a buff like, the party’s damage reduction, party’s physical defense, party’s bash damage reduction, party’s recovery skills recovery amount, party’s spell defense, and Taoists have a lot of healing skill for herself and also for its teammates.

In addition, Taoists can also revive a dead teammate, and remove buff to the enemy hero or monster which makes Taoists the ultimate supports class in both PVP and PVE, if you love being a supporting character with almost unlimited healing capability Taoists might be your best choice.

4. Lancer

mir4 lancer class

Next, is the king of crowd control called Lancer, the storyline said that Lancer is a tyrant that can break enemies’ formation and kills all its enemies at all cost, and it might be true since Lancer is one of the favorite classes in PVP, it also a melee type like a Warrior, Lancer is very dangerous opponents especially when it able to cut the distance with its opponents it can knock it down multiple times and finish the fight with a bunch of powerful combos.

if you want to do PVP a lot and you are a Melee user, you will enjoy the damage and crowd control of this Lancer class.

5. Arbalist

mir4 arbalist class

The newest of all hero classes in Mir4 is called Arbalist, we can call this class a marksman and assassin at the same time, it is a range type with the fastest attack speed among all the other classes, its agility and skill also make them elusive since it has an invisible skill that makes them escape in some situations.

Sorcerer is a damage dealer in terms of DPS because of its AOE skill, but Arbalist is a true damage dealer when fighting one vs one because of its agility combined with a high percentage of critical damage Arbalist can eliminate its opponents easily especially when they lack defense.

If you like playing range type of class and want to do PVP a lot of —–its range, combined with high critical strike and agility Arbalist might be your best choice.

Now that I have already introduced you to some of the best classes in Mir4, I will also teach you some things that you should know in the game, Let’s talk about them one by one.

Mir4 Market

First the Market, there are two types of Market in Mir4 an in-game market, and the other one is the Mir4 marketplace that you can access through their website at

In-Game Market

mir4 in game market

It is the place in the game to trade some tradable items like weapons, armors, crafting materials, etc. all items that are traded in the market inside the game are exchanged for gold if you wondering what are the uses of gold in the game, it is an in-game currency it has many uses like purchasing items in the market, buying an outfit for your character, expanding your character bag, expanding storage in the private storage and more.

If you want to get some gold in the game, you need to buy using real money or what we often called top-up or selling tradable items in the in-game market.

Mir4 Marketplace

mir4 markeplace

The second market is the official NFT marketplace of Mir4 it is the place to sell NFT items like crafting materials, NFT weapons, NFT armor, NFT collectibles, and even NFT heroes, all items in the marketplace are all NFTs, and I know what your thinking, yeah it means once your items are sold in Mir4 market place you’ll earn Moolah, it is a good way to earn some extra bucks by selling NFT items in the market place.

Two Kinds Of Items in Mir4

There are two kinds of items in this game that you need to keep an eye on, tradable items, and non-tradable items.

Non-Tradable Items

Non-tradable items are items all items like weapons, armor, accessories, and crafting materials that cannot be traded in both the in-game market and the Mir4 marketplace, the non-tradable can only be used by your character or used it craft higher tier items.

Tradable Items

mir4 tradable items
Tradable item example

Tradable items can be traded both in the in-game market or convert to NFTs and sell on the Xdraco website Marketplace (Mir4 Marketplace).

This is one of my biggest mistakes when starting to play the game, I often use some tradable items to craft some weapons and items in my character, and later I found out I should use them to sell in the market to earn some gold.

How to know if the items are tradable? you can look for the weighing scale symbol like the image above.

Tips: Separate tradable items from non-tradable and only use non-tradable to craft weapons and gears for your character, and store your tradable items, and when you save a good amount of it try to sell it to market or convert some to NFTs and trade to Mir4 marketplace for cash.

Save Tradable Glittering Powder and Elixir

There are two important items that I want you to know from the start of your play of this game and those are Glittering powder and elixir, these two items are essentials for crafting high-tier craft materials and those materials to craft weapons, gears, and even to make the character stronger.

Glittering Powder and Elixir are used in almost every high-tier item in the game that’s why a lot of players need these two items, I recommend that you should only use those that are non-tradable Glittering Powder and Elixir and save the tradable ones for later use.

Dark Steel

darksteel smelting mir4

This is one of the most important things in this game and it is called DS or Dark steel, it is even more valuable than Glittering Powder and Elixir, it has tons of uses in the game which make a lot of players kill one another just to obtain Darksteel, some of its uses are the following:

  • Crafting weapons and gears
  • Enhance and Enchant gears and weapons to become more powerful
  • Promoting conquest level
  • Buy items in the game
  • Smelt to Draco and exchanged for real money.

Now that I have already discussed some important things that you need to know first in Mir4 let’s now discuss things that are needed to do from the beginning.

Things Need To Do When Playing Mir4 For the First Time.

I will assume that you have already chosen classes based on your preference and playing style, I will give you some tips to avoid the same mistake that I did in the game so let’s dive in

1. Focus First on The Main Quest

Some articles are telling that you need to finish all your main quests, but for me just focus on it but dont push too much on it, the main quest is a storyline and it is a very long story, even if you reach level 100+ main quest is still there, and as the story gets deeper the more it became harder, so my advice is to continue the main quest, focus until it becomes harder for your level.

When the main quest becomes harder enough and you died about two times in a row, you just that you need to stop for a while and focus on some things in the game, and when you get stronger you can proceed to continue the main quest, remember dont push your self too much in the main quest like you died 20 times in a row, you will wasting your time.

2. Complete All Of Your Field Quest Together With The Main Quest

mir4 field quest

What does this mean? when you start the main quest, there will be a certain level that will unlock a field quest, you should complete all the field quests as you progress in your main quest.

Why? Because by completing the field quest you will get some items, like weapons, gears, and other important items to make your character stronger, you will also get a certain am

amount of EXP by completing field quests to help you level up fast.

In addition, a field quest is also one of the requirements to unlock some levels on your conquest.

3. Focus on Upgrading Conquest.

mir4 conquest

If you wondering what conquest are, it gives some additional buffs on your character to make it stronger, it increases PHYS DEF, SPELL DEF, Boss ATK DMG Boost, Boss DMG Reduction, PvP ATK DMG Boost, and a lot more.

It also unlocks some portals to enable you to travel in higher-level maps, conquest is so important and I highly recommend upgrading it to the highest possible level.

One of the conquest level-up requirements is to complete a field quest on certain parts of the maps that’s why I also recommend that you must complete your field quest based on your character level and power score.

4. Complete Request Together With Main Quest and Field Quest


Like the Field quest, the request is also a requirement to unlock your character conquest level, you must also complete requests on certain maps together with your field quest and main quest.

5. Always Use Vigor Pills Before Starting Any Quest.

mir4 vigor pills

Our next tip is using vigor pills, vigor increases your character’s hunting EXPI boost, so before you start hunting some monster, starting the daily quest, any type of quest make sure you recharge your vigor if you dont, you are losing an opportunity to gain EXPI bonuses.

There are two ways to recharge your vigor, the first is by using vigor pills and the second way is to earn vigor automatically by mining, gathering, and meditating.

6. Join Clan

mir4 clan

I highly recommend joining an active clan even if you are a solo player, I know some gamers choose to play alone but I will still recommend joining an active clan for some benefits like clan tech when activated might increase your EXPI, increase item drops, increase some stats of your character, etc.

By joining the clan you can also purchase some useful items and buff in your clan shop like potions to increase your EXPI gain, increase item drop rate, and increase copper gain, or you can purchase a sealed chest, and seal the box to obtain rare items by chance.

7. Always Use Buff


Aside from replenishing your vigor, you should always use a buff before starting a quest especially if your quest is by killing a monster (MOBS), I always do this to increase my EXPI gain, copper gain, and increase items drops, it may also help you to level up faster in the game.

The buff that I’m talking about is cordial which you can purchase on the in-game shop using copper, you can also obtain some of those during events if you run out of cordial, you can also use tonic like the one on the image above, that three kinds of tonic battle can be purchase at the clan shop.

8. Complete Daily Task


The daily task is one of our ways to gain some important items like skill tome, Millenial fruit leaf, dark steel, elixir, and other items, make sure to complete your daily if possible.

Some tasks in Mir4 daily tasks are just some basic stuff like entering magic square one time, entering a sneak peek one time another task that we commonly do, so dont be pressured about this since it is not as hard as you imagine.

9. Complete Daily Repeatable Mission

mir4 repeatable mission

Aside from a common mission (Field quest), there is a daily repeatable mission that you should complete every day, there is 30 repeatable daily mission that you need to complete daily but always choose the best one based on your level never choose a daily mission that is too low for your level because you will just be wasting the EXPI amount that you can obtain.

10. Complete Zoetrope

mir4 Zoetrope

If you are into mobile you should complete Zeotrope why? because you can get some free valuable items by just watching some ads in the game, Yep you will just need to watch some ads and you will get some rewards.

Every time you watch some ads you’ll earn an emblem, you can earn 20 emblems per day and 1 rewards box that also contains valuable items like skill tome, spirit stone, and dragon material, and those emblems that you earn from watching ads can be exchanged for an item in the exchange station like dragon material, spirit stone, skill tome, magic square ticket, secret peak ticket, boss raid ticket, raid ticket and some consumable ticket.

Watching ads in Zoetrope is perfect when you do auto mission, since you dont need to control your character in an auto mission it is the perfect time to watch some ads, I do this every day when I switch from PC to mobile since Zoetrope is only available in mobile.

How to Earn Money in Mir4?

You might be wondering how to earn money in this game since I’ve said that this game is a play-to-earn game or in other words, the NFT game and you can earn money in Mir4 if you do it right.

Mining Darksteel

mir4 darksteel mining

At first, there is only one way to earn money in Mir4 and it is by mining Darksteel, I already told you about the uses of dark steel in the game, and it has also been used in real life.

You can unlock mining dark steel as soon as you reach level 40 and there are some places where you can mine this valuable mineral in the game, but be careful because a lot of players are also looking for Darksteel and they are willing to kill you just to steal some mining spot of yours, if your character level is very low, a lot of high level and stronger players will just attack and kill, that’s why I recommend that you just need to make your character stronger before focusing on Darksteel mining because who might dare to attack a high level and strong character?

If you are strong you can mine Darksteel without worrying that some players will attack you, but how can you can money from Darksteel? After you mine the right amount of Dark Steel you can convert those to Draco coins by smelting and converting Draco into real cash before you will only need about 100,000 Darksteel to smelt 1 Draco but because of the inflation in the game you will now need at least 500,000 Darksteel to get 1 Draco and it’s not easy to obtain that amount of Darksteel in a day and let’s add the fact that Draco value continues to decrease, you can earn money from before but for now, it is not worth your time.

Selling Xdraco Items

xdraco glittering  mir4

As Draco’s value continues to fall, the developers of this game continue to find some ways for players to earn money one of which is called Xdraco items, you can convert tradable items like Glittering Powder, Elexir, or any tradable items into Xdraco items, and sold to Mir4 market place to earn real money.

This is one of the main reasons why I told you to save those tradable Glittering Powders and elixirs at the beginning of this article.

Sell NFT Character

nft character mir4

The third way to earn money in Mir4 is by selling NFT characters when your character level reaches at least level 60 with a power score of at least 100,000 you can convert or mint your character as an NFT and sell it to the marketplace.

In fact, as of this day of writing, there is an NFT character that is recently sold in the marketplace for the price of $25,059 and it’s indeed a lot of money, but those NFT characters that are sold for a higher price have good stats, build, and level, in other words, it is a really strong character, if you want to sell your character make an extra effort in the game.

You can also read part two of the Mir4 guide for beginners called: Mir4 Leveling Guide For Beginners 2022

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Bottom Line

So that it’s guys the complete Mir4 guide for beginners, I hope that you learn something from this article.

I would also like to thank you for reaching this very last part of this article, if you enjoy this content and want to support the website you can consider buying me some drinks.

That coffee will give me some more energy and give me some inspiration to continue giving you valuable tips, and guides about gaming.

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Is Mir4 NFT?

Mir4 is a play-to-earn game, which means you can earn money in the game, you can also convert your character to an NFT and sell it to the Marketplace

Does Arbalist Good in PVP?

Yes, it is currently the most OP character class in Mir4 in terms of damage in PVP, it has a high chance of delivering critical damage to the enemy.

Can I Change Class in Mir4

Yes, but you need to reach at least level 50 to unlock the change class features in the game.

Can I Play Mir4 on Mobile?

Yes, you can play Mir4 on a mobile device, like me I always play Mir4 on Mobile and PC, I play on a PC if I’m at home and use a mobile to play Mir4 outdoors.

Can I Play Mir4 on Emulator?

Yes, you can, just download an Emulator, I recommend using LDplayer as an emulator for a more optimized gaming experience on Mir4.

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