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Every year mobile gaming has become more and more popular, in the earlier years phones are not powerful as the ones that we have today, but the competition among smartphone makers lead to some technological leaps in the mobile phone industry.

And now we are enjoying mobile phones that are powerful enough to handle some high-quality games like the ones that we can only play on PC before.

And since mobile games are more convenient and more versatile than playing on PC, mobile games have become so popular because of the reason that you can play anywhere and anytime.

To give you some idea of what are the best and most popular mobile games on both Android and iOS here is our list of the most popular mobile games in the year 2021-2022.

Most Popular/Most Downloaded Mobile Games Summary

Mobile GamesNumber of Downloads
PUBG Mobile500 Million+
Genshin Impact50 Million+
Mobile Legends Bang Bang500 Million+
Free Fire1 Billion+
8 Ball Pool500 Million+
Call Of Duty Mobile50 Million+
Among Us500 Million+
Asphalt 950 Million+
League Of Legends10 Million+
Pokemon Go100 Million+

1. PUBG Mobile 

The Most Popular Mobile Games

most popular mobile games pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile Basic Info 
Released DateMarch 19, 2018
Age Rating16+
Number of Downloads500M+

Download PUBG Mobile:

PUBG or Player unknown battleground made its debut in March 2017 as a PC game and has become quickly popular with gamers around the globe.

At first, PUBG can only be played on PC and was not available on mobile devices, then the mobile version arrives and many players get hyped and excited to be released.

It was said that a huge amount of players are waiting on PUBG mobile causing about 75 million pre-registered on the game.

Now PUBG is one of the best and most played mobile games in the world in the world and it will remain one of the most popular mobile games in 2022.

For the game-play, the battle starts as players are randomly dropped by a plane and use a parachute to navigate to a certain location on the map that they want.

At first, all of the players on a map don’t have gears and weapons you need to loot or find first valuable items that you can use in the fight such as guns and gears, then you need to survive and kill as many players as you can since the last man standing will be declared as a winner.

PUBG can be played solo, but it is more fun when playing with friends, the game has room cards and clan room which make it easier for players to play with their friends.

The success and popularity of PUBG are undeniable and more and more players are playing this game the number of downloads can serve as a basis for their popularity

As of the day of this writing, it hits a staggering 500M+ on Google Play alone, that number of downloads of PUBG mobile can speak for itself making PUBG Mobile one of the most downloaded mobile games in 2021.

PUBG Mobile has undoubtedly one of the most popular mobile games right now.

PUBG Mobile Gameplay Video


2. Genshin Impact

Most Popular Open-world MMORPG Game

Genshin impact, mobile games best in 2022
Genshin Impact Basic Info 
Released DateSeptember 18, 2020
Age Rating12+
DevelopermiHoYo Limited
Number of Downloads50M+

Download Genshin Impact

A fantasy and open-world RPG game that you can play on both PC and mobile, Genshin impact was first released on September 28, 2020, and many have been amazed at how beautiful this game was many will agree that Genshin Impact is one of the best RPG mobile games.

The graphics of this game are outstanding, and the color selection that is used in these games is well balanced, if I were to describe what their graphics look like, it is a combination of high-quality 2D anime and 3D at the same time.

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It is not the kind of graphics that you usually see in some games that has some more realistic appearance where the character looks like a real human and in this game it’s different, but the colors and how the environment of this game looks good and pleasing in the eye.

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Not just the graphics but also the game-play makes this mobile game popular, it is an open-world kind of game that has a lot of environmental interaction between players, you can Climb, Glide, or even swim in this game and explore the vast open-world map of Teyvat.

Now that we are in the year 2022 but the popularity of Genshin Impact seems to continue and has no sign of slowing down, more and more players are engaged in this game today the number of downloads of this is 10M+ on Google play alone game is also available and popular on iOS and other platforms like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows.

Genshin Impact, with its visually stunning graphics, and outstanding game-play attracts more and more players that making them one of the most popular mobile games right now.

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3. Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Gameplay (Franco Gam...
Mobile Legends Gameplay (Franco Gameplay)
mobile legends, most popular and best androidgames
Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Basic Info 
Released DateSeptember 28, 2016
Age Rating7+
Number of Downloads500M+
Download Mobile Legends:

Have you heard about a game called Mobile Legend? if you don’t, well a Mobile Legend Bang Bang is a kind of game called MOBA or “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena” in which players fight for 5 vs 5 in a single match.

Players can choose a hero that they want to use like tanks, support, marksman, etc. On the battlefield or what we called maps, there are three-lane that the player team needs to defend it is called a turret somewhat similar to a Dota tower—the first team that destroys the last tower or the main tower will be declared a winner.

The gameplay on Mobile Legends resembled DOTA, so if you are familiar with playing DOTA– you will easily learn how to play this game, Mobile Legends is the best choice for a gamer that is seeking a mobile alternative to DOTA I’ve found this game when I started searching for games that have the same DOTA experience back in 2016.

In those early days, Mobile Legends are not yet fully optimized on mobile and it was so laggy back then, but now this game has matured enough to fix those lags and bugs and Mobile Legends is one of the most optimized mobile games that I’ve seen, the Mobile legend is one of the smoothest MOBA that you can play on a Mobile device.

In addition, Mobile Legends was one of the most popular mobile games in Asia Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other parts of Asia, it was so popular that it reaches 100M+ downloads in Google play-Store alone, Mobile legend easily makes on our list for the best and most popular mobile games that you can play.

Mobile Legends Gameplay

4. Free Fire

Most Downloaded Mobile Game

Free fire mobile
Free Fire Basic Info 
Released DateNovember 3, 2017
Age Rating12+
DeveloperGarena International
Number Of Downloads1B+
Download Free Fire:

Next on our list is one of the pioneers of online shooter games that can be played online on your mobile device.

The game that I’m talking about is called “Free Fire”, which is the product of quality that makes this game still one of the most popular mobile games up to this day.

Until now there’s still a huge number of active players in this game and what makes it more surprising is it maintained its popularity for years.

If we’re talking about gameplay it is a battle royal shooter game in which players are dropped through an airplane via parachute, players need to search for some lootable items that can help them to survive, it includes some weapons like guns and ammo.

They can also loot some gears like Armor, headgear, medicine kits, etc.

Like some battle royal shooter games, you will engage in a fight against the enemy in the playable zone or a safe zone, and the last player who survives will be declared a winner.

It was officially lunch in August 2017 and quickly become popular because there is a lot of gamers that love PUBG at those time there is no battle royal that is playable on a phone, and with no competitors combined with a good gaming experience on Mobile made them able to attract more and more gamers around the globe.

On this day of writing Free fire has a Billion+ downloads on the Google Play Store alone making Free fire the most downloaded mobile game ever.

Top 10 Most Popular Mobile Games 2022 1

5. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball pool mobile gameplay

8 Ball Pool Basic Info 
Released DateJanuary 23, 2013
Age Rating12+
Number Of Downloads500M+
Download 8 Ball Pool :

If you love billiards sport, you will surely love this game, putting billiards on mobile is marvelous and since a lot of people love to play billiards, those factors contribute to making this game one of the most popular mobile games today.

8 Ball Pool is not a new game it’s been around since 2013 but still manages to maintain its popularity up to this present day.

This mobile game mimics a real billiard game so well that makes them the best choice to play Billiards on Mobile, for now, there are some Billiard gaming apps available on Mobile but nothing comes close to the 8-ball pool.

This game has options to play solo or to challenge some of your Facebook friends who are also playing this game.

8 Ball Pool is one of the most popular mobile games and it hits 500M+ downloads on the Google Play Store, if you are looking for the best Billiard game that you can play anywhere this game is your best option.

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6. Call Of Duty Mobile

most popular mobile games, call of duty
Call Of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile Basic Info 
Released DateSeptember 27, 2019
Age Rating16+
Number Of Downloads50M+
Download Call Of Duty Mobile:

Just like PUBG, Call of Duty are originally a PC game that is first introduced in the year 2003, I even remember playing this game when I was in early college, I always go to a computer shop (Internet Cafe) because I don’t have my PC back then, the first thing that caught my attention was its graphics I was so amazed and I feel that it was so advance on those time.

Fast forward to the present day but the popularity of Call of duty never faded, and 2019 they released their Mobile version of the game and it brings so much hype among gamers, playing a shooter game on mobile is much harder compared to PC but some gamers developed some technique called claw.

For those who are not familiar with Claw, it is a technique that is so effective in shooting games on mobile, ordinary players use only two thumbs on controls on mobile but claw players use four-finger instead of two mostly composed of thumbs and index fingers in both left and right.

A lot of pro mobile gamers use this technique to master COD even on mobile, this technique opens the opportunity for some gamers to enjoy the shooting game on mobile, and in fact, there are now 10+ Million downloads on the Google Play store alone and the number of players are constantly increasing, the popularity of Call of duty are undeniable and this list not even complete without mentioning this legendary shooting game as one of the most popular mobile games in existence.

7. Among Us

most popular mobile game, among us
Among Us

Among Us Basic Info 
Released DateJuly 15, 2018
Age Rating7+
Number Of Downloads100M+


Who has said that the game should have the best graphics or more detailed gameplay to become popular?

Among Us is the game that proves that they don’t need outstanding graphics to amaze people—instead they put up a unique game-play that everyone enjoys, In fact, Among Us is one of the most user-friendly games on mobile, that even some people that are not a hardcore gamer can enjoy this game.

The game Among Us can be played together with your friend, the mechanics is to do some simple task and try to figure out who is the killer in the group and its called impostor, it was so fun that it was mixed with mystery and suspense, unleashing the inner detective skill of your self to solve and find out who the impostor is.

The game-play of Among us was so unique that bring its popularity to all ages, it is not a game with a high intensive graphics nor a game with a realistic feel, but the thrill that it brought among players made the game loved by many.

Now this game hits a 100M+ downloads in the google play store, although it has some reports that there are some recent drops in some active players in Among Us, this game still deserved to be on this list as one of the most popular mobile games in 2021 and still on 2022 and beyond.

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8. Asphalt 9

most popular mobile games, asphalt 9

Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9 Basic Info 
Released DateJuly 4, 2018
Age Rating 7+
DeveloperGameloft SE
Number Of Downloads50M+
Download Asphalt 9:

From the original Asphalt to the latest one Asphalt 9 is one of the most popular mobile games that you can still play in 2022.

Asphalt 9 has an enhance and stunning graphics that make every scene look cool and real, from the first Asphalt to Asphalt 9 the adrenaline from playing this game never fades, the gameplay was just the same as other Asphalt series, the only thing that the improve are some effect, graphics, and cars, they added a lot of new Cars in this game.

They add a lot of Hypercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and a lot more, Asphalt 9 is so popular among gamers if we can’t afford to drive some Hypercars in real life, the game Asphalt 9 allows us to drive our dream car in a game.

Asphalt 9 Gameplay

9. League Of Legends

most popular mobile games, league of legends
League of Legends

League Of Legends Basic Info 
Released DateOctober 27, 2020
Age Rating12+
DeveloperRiot Games
Number Of Downloads10M+
Download League Of Legends:

League of Legends is originally a PC game; it was first released in October 2009 and became one of the most popular MOBA gamers, League of Legends’ popularity on PC is so great that it outshines Dota 2 in terms of popularity.

According to in 2021 League of Legends has 70 Million users worldwide, while DOTA 2 has about 40 Million it’s clear that League of Legends is so popular according to numbers.

The success and popularity of the game League of Legends are undeniable, and those achievements that they have are now going to Mobile by creating its mobile version of the game, it was successfully released in the Philippines in June 2020.

When League of Legends mobile has been released much thought that this might be the end of Mobile Legends, but it doesn’t work like some have as expected.

In Asia Mobile Legends still dominates but we couldn’t forget the fact that League of legends mobile has now 10M+ downloads on the Google Play store alone and based on the number of downloads this game still deserves on our list as one of the most popular mobile games in 2021-2022.

10. Pokemon Go

Pokemon go, best mobile games
Pokemon Go
Pokemon GO Basic Info 
Released DateAugust 5, 2016
Age Rating7+
DeveloperNiantic Inc
Number Of Downloads100M+
Download Pokemon GO:

Pokemon Go, a game that blasted the hype on many, a game created by Niantic and first released in July of 2016, the game quickly became one of the most popular mobile games on both Android and iOs.

The popularity of the game Pokemon GO spreads from one country to another like a viral pandemic, it jumps from country to country and brought some controversy among other people, in terms of popularity Pokemon Go was one of the most iconic that I’ve ever witnessed.

I remember those times in 2016 a lot of people comes out of their homes and started to find some pokemon, it was a historic moment in gaming because it is the first time that reality and games are met in an Augmented reality scene.

You can hear, see or read topics about Pokemon Go everywhere those times from social media, Youtube, articles, news, TV, radio, etc.

One of the main reasons why Pokemon GO became so popular is because Pokemon is one of the famous anime series, a lot of people that play this game bring back their inner childhood, and their market is all ages, from children to children at heart making Pokemon Go goes viral and cement their legacy as one of the most popular mobile games of all time.

And for those who don’t know Pokemon Go is a unique kind of mobile game in which players are forced to walk in the real world to find some Pokemon.

The game is powered by Augmented reality which creates a second world in our world that can just be viewed using a mobile phone.

You can join and choose from three competing teams in this game, team mystic, team valor, and team instinct.

Then start your adventure in the pokemon world, catch some Pokemon, battle other players,  participate in gym battles and raids, and more.

Pokemon Go’s popularity can be seen in the number of downloads that they have on the Google play store it reach 100M+ in just a year and if you’re looking for the most popular mobile games of all time, it is undoubted that Pokemon Go will differently on its list.

Bonus List

Clash Of Clans

clash of clan most downloaded mobile games
Clash Of Clans Basic Info 
Released DateSeptember 30, 2013
Age Rating10+
Number of Downloads500M+

Who doesn’t know what the game Clash Of Clans is, it gains its popularity from the day it was released. Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game that was made by supercell way back in 2013.

If you don’t know, it is a kind of mobile where you can build your village, train your troops, raise a clan, and challenge other clans in a battle.

For now, the number of players of this mobile game is declining, but still, it is one of the most downloaded mobile games of all time, and its popularity is undeniable, which is why I include this game in this list of the most popular mobile games.

Clash Royale

clash royale one of the most popular mobile games
Clash Royale Basic Info 
Released DateMarch 1, 2016
Age Rating10+
Number Of Downloads100M+

A game from the same gaming company that creates the once-trending game clash of Clans, Clash royal is a fast-paced strategy game, where two players will have a duel face to face and plot their own strategy in the game.

Clash Royale is very easy to play, the only matter is your strategy when two players face off, there are two lanes that they need to guard on, and the base is also simple two defending towers on both sides and one main tower on the middle of the first player that destroys the towers will win or, the more you destroy when the timer wins will declare a winner.

You also need to build your own battle deck in to ensure your victory, collects some powerful cards that you can add to your battle deck, one card has some advantage and disadvantage over the others to make sure that you carefully build your own deck that can counter any cards that your opponents throw at you.

Clash Royale has 100 Million plus downloads, and even though this game is not the newest one, and lost some of its players, it still deserves to be on this list as one of the most popular Mobile games.

Subway Surfer

subway surfers one of the most popular mobile games
Subways Surfers Basic Info 
Released DateSept 10, 2012
Age Rating10+
DeveloperSYBO games
Numbers of Download1 Billion+

Subway Surfers is one of the oldest but still one of the most popular mobile games, it was released way back in 2012 and many have downloaded and played this mobile game in their pass time.

This mobile game Subway Surfers love by many for a reason It was easy to play, but different to master, the mechanic is simple, run and dodge some obstacles and try to outrun the inspector and his dog.

Try to get as highest scores as you can and challenge your friends, this mobile game is also an offline game which is why it is good to play with or without the internet.

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