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9 Newest Mobile games In Year 2021(September Update)

Bored of some old mobile games and want to try some newest mobile games? or maybe you want something new since playing the game in the early stage to have some advantage especially that kind of games where the higher the level of the player the more advantages they have and stronger they are compared to the new players.

Yeah, sure playing the game in an early stage has some hiccups since a new game has a lot bug and glitches but as I’ve said playing the game in their early stage has some advantage and you will witness how the grows and improve over time if you want to try some new mobile games just keep reading since we search and compile some newest mobile games that you can play on android and iOS.


Newest Mobile Games List

Table Of Contents

1. The Legends of Neverland

Newest mobile games, The legend of neverland

Released Date: June 8, 2021

Next on our list is another open-world named “The Legend of Neverland”, first released on July 1, 2021, and a few days back before its first release it hit a massive number of pre-registered accounts and exceeded the number of 2M.  

The Legends of Neverland is one of the newest mobile games of 2021 and it has a lot of potential for a mobile game.

The graphics of this game is good and it quite resembles Genshin impact, and if you are looking for a lighter alternative to Genshin Impact, The Legend of Neverland might be your best choice.

Game Features

  • The Special Partner, Flower Fairy– You can unlock some special companion that can help you during battles, they are called Flower fairy, they have some special attribute and thus attribute of deployed and assisting flower fairy are passed on your character and can greatly enhance your character attributes.
  • Multiple Class Switching Freely, More Fun Fighting– There are four main classes to choose from in this mobile game Swordsman, Ranger, Scholar, Craftsman and you can freely switch between those classes if you want to.
  • Thousands of Colors, Shaping A Variety Of Fashion– One of the best things in this mobile games legend of Neverland is the outfit, even if you are free to play you can still get an outfit and customized it based on your preference, you can use some dyes to change its colors and have some unique appearance.
  • A new experience in the free world, exploring the unknown mysteries– This where the most exciting part for me, since the legends of neverland is an open-world game you can freely explore its vast maps and have your adventure, you can go through Dangerous Realm Corridor, Barren Ancient Ruins, and you can travel with your friends and have some fun on your adventure.
  • A New Experience Of Realistic Life, Creating Happy Moments– You can also experience some real-life in this game, you can catch some fish, catch some insects, cooking, mining, etc. there are many things that you can do in this game neverland.
  • AFK Income, Set Your Hand Free– One of the best things in this game is what they called AFK income, even if you are offline you can still earn, many things will happen in this game even if you’re offline.

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2. Ragnarok X: Next Generation

Ragnarok X (newest mobile games in 2021)

Released Date: June 16, 2021

The game“Ragnarok ” was the first to become famous as a Pc game, the great storyline of this game together with its gameplay what makes them one of the best and most famous games on PC back then.

The game Ragnarok was first released on PC in August 2002, back then it was so famous that it has its animated series named “Ragnarok The Animation” as years pass its fame among PC gamers faded.

But now it returns but not on PC but mobile, it was released on June 18, 2021, and it is one of the newest mobile games in 2021.

There are some previous Ragnarok versions on mobile, but this Ragnarok X is the most famous version so far since it was an open-world kind of MMORPG, a kind of game that I like the most.

Honestly, whenever I hear or read about a new open-world game I get excited since I love to freely roam a vast open-world map of the game since an open-world is more realistic for me and it acts as a real-world of mine in the game. 

Game Features:

  • Adventure Together Once More– You can continue your classic Ragnarok Adventure in this new 3D World exploring the vast open-world of Ragnarok from Prontera, to the small Island, Midgard, or every location on the maps.
  • Adventure With Company– You can play with your partner or friends, build your guild, join Dungeons events and create an adventure together.
  • Train Your Job– You can train and choose your best job like Swordsman, Thief, Archer, Mage, Acolyte, Merchant.
  • Create Your Memories- You can create your memories using some Stickers, Emotes, and some Chat bubbles to create some wonderful memories using its screenshots.
  • Cool Mounts– You can Also use some mounts to enable you to travel faster.
  • Unlock Life Skills– In this new Ragnarok you can use some life skills like fishing, mining, gardening, cooking, and smelting

3. The Witcher: Monster Slayer

new mobile games, the witcher

Released Date: July 19, 2021

Next on the list as the newest mobile game in 2021 is an Augmented reality game.

Remember the game Ingress Prime? Or one of the most popular mobile games of all time the Pokemon Go that brought so much hype to the world.

Its gives opportunity to some gamer to go out, and enjoy the world of Pokemon using their mobile device.

And now comes this new mobile game The Witcher, which was first released on July 19, 2021, this new mobile game lets you experience become a monster slayer using the augmented reality.

In this new mobile game, your role is a monster slayer and your job is to eliminate all the monsters in your area.

You need to go out of your house and search for a monster nearby, once you detected the monster just tap into it and you will engage in a battle with the monster using AR or Augmented Reality.

Once you defeated the monster it drops some items that you can later use to create some potion, oils, or bombs that can enhance your attack during a fight.

If you love some adventure game you will love this game since this new mobile game lets you experience the most realistic feel in battling some monsters as they do really exist in our world.

Game Features

  • Enhance Augmented Reality
  • Track your Target. it use real time weather, time of the day in this game and monster that you might encounter is based on time and weather.
  • Fight some monster in the real world using your phone.
  • Interact some players nearby

4. Counter: Side

new mobile games, counterside

Released Date: May 14, 2021

Next on Our list is one of the best idle games on mobile, released on May 14,201, and one of the newest mobile games of 2021.

The Counter side has a beautiful interface with 2D graphics, and even though there are many games that have high-quality 3D graphics, this game can still compete in terms of visuals.

The Colors are well-chosen,  the character and the environment of the games look pretty good.

There are a lot of storylines in this new mobile game that looks like you’re playing and reading a manga at the same time.

And once you are on a mission you need to choose well the moves and characters you need to deploy for battles, before you go into a mission you will need to form a unit or squad first.

The squad was composed of different characters/Heroes with different roles like Defender, Ranger, Striker, Supporter, etc.

Your team formation is vital since you need to choose Heroes with different skills that you can use based on a situation, the game looks like a chess game since choosing all your moves and deploy Heroes that are best for countering was your key to win the match.

This new game is also free to play friendly that you can even get some premium recruits (New hero) it will just base on your luck, the only thing that you cant get being free to play are some premium hero skins, but in a game-play even free to play can compete and climb up the ladder.

Game Features

  • Good Story Lines
  • Free to play friendly
  • Enhance 2D graphics

5. Albion Online

new games mobile, Albion online

Released Date: June 9, 2021

Next on our list is a game named “Albion Online”, it’s originally a PC game that was released in the year 2017.

For years mobile gamers waiting for Albion to experience the game on mobile and now after years of waiting for it finally here, it was officially released on mobile on June 9, 2021, and one of the newest mobile games that are available on both Android and iOS.

Albion Online is also an open-world sandbox MMORPG, where the unique features of this mobile game are what they called you are what you wear, you can freely change classes depend on your equipped gears and weapons.

You become a warrior to archer and archer to mage by just swapping and combining your armors and weapons.

Game Features

  • Cross-Platform– One of the features of this mobile game Albion is it’s cross-platform where you can use one account on both PC and mobile.
  • Player-Driven economy– The economy in this game is controlled by the players since everything you need in this game will be gathered or crafted by the players, you can sell some resources and even gears like armors and weapons.
  •  You are what you wear– As I said a while ago that you can change class easily in this mobile game by just swapping armors and weapons depends on the situation.
  •  Prepare to fight– There are a lot of battles to involve in Albion there are some high risk but high rewards that you can get some full loot, you can go for solo, to a group, and a large scale of battles, just make sure to equip the best weapons and gears from your arsenal before engaging into a battle, you can enter the crystal realms and fight for a massive reward.
  • Conquer the world-You can join guilds, and claim some territories in the vast open-world of Albion.
  • Face Deadly foes– In the vast open-world of Albion, there are a lot of enemies to be dealt with, from demons to some Humans alike to a massive Boss in Hell gates and corrupted Dungeons.
  •  Explore a vast world– Albion is one of the newest mobile games with a vast open-world map, and there are a lot of exciting things to do on its massive maps. you can gather some resources, catch some fish in Albion’s water, enter some Dungeon and a lot more are waiting for your adventure.

6. Mu Archangel

new mobile games, MU archangel

Released Date: May 12, 2021

MU Online is a famous online game on PC, it was first released on November 1, 2001, it was massively played and famous in South East Asia especially in my country the Philippines.

Now they return but not in PC but in mobile, it was first released on mobile May 12, 2021, many players have been preregistered into the game before it was released since MU brings back some reminiscence of the old days.

From the start of this mobile game, it features three combat classes that you can choose from, the Dark Knight (Melee fighter), Dark Wizard (Range fighter), and the Elf (Range fighter).

If you miss the Old PC game MU online, or you just love MMORPG games, you will surely love this new mobile games MU Archangel.

7. Bullet Angel Xshot

newest mobile games 2021, bullet angel

Released Date: May 12, 2021

One of the newest fps shooting games was officially released on May 12, 2021, on android, but before it was remade as a mobile game it is already famous in southeast Asia as a PC game then they decided to create a mobile version of their game.

Bullet angel has lots of game modes and PVP mode to choose from, they also have a lot of maps to choose from as a battlefield, you can play teamed up with some other players on their team vs team battle mode or you can play solo on their deathmatch that works like a royal rumble where everything on a field is your opponent.

Bullet angel also offers fun modes like the Mummy mode where you will fight some players that become Mummy, AI mode where you will fight some AI or bots that appearance as somewhat resembling a robot on the movie terminator, Grenade mode where you can’t use any weapons except for grenade, chicken run where you can turn your opponent into the chicken so they become more vulnerable from your attack, this game has a lot to offers.

Game Features

  • Character Customization- After you create your account you can create your character appearance based on your liking, you can choose from clothes, face, hair, etc.
  • FPS Shooting experience– If you like FPS shooting games, you will surely like this game Bullet Angel, it gives you a real FPS shooting experience like the one you see on a PC game.
  • Lots of controls options– Aiming at a mobile game is a bit hard that’s why Bullet Angel controls give some versatility for players, the buttons are easily swappable and adaptive especially if you are a claw player, the controls has a lot of options that can give you a better aim in the game.
  • Fun game modes– You will not be bored in this mobile shooting game since it has a lot of options to choose of what game modes which you prepare, it includes deathmatch, team vs team, and other fun modes such as AI mode, Zombie mode, Ghost, Grenade battle, Melee battle, Sniper battle and many more.

8. The Ants: Underground Kingdom

newest mobile games, the ants

Released Date: April 23, 2021

Next is the game named “The Ants: the Underground Kingdom”, released on April 23, 2021, and one of the newest mobile games available today.

In my own opinion, this is by far the best ant game that you can play on mobile since the game-play is good and the graphics are also good, playing this mobile game feels like you have your anthill kingdom inside your pocket that you can access any time.

You can build some infrastructure, inside of their colony, feed some worker ants, that make them more productive, hatch some eggs that can help your ant thrive, train some soldier ants that can defend your colony against other invaders, and create your fungus farm inside your anthill.

There are a lot of exciting things that can do in this mobile game, there is also some PVP mode that enables you to class or fight with other’s player’s anthill.

Game Features

  • Build Anthill– You can build and improve your ant colony, you are responsible to make your anthill stronger, make sure to feed your ant so they won’t die, train soldier ants, build some useful infrastructure like an underground farm and gather some resources.
  • Hatch Ants– You can hatch some special ants with special skills that can greatly impact your colony powers, some have the skill to make your worker ant’s production better, and some have good skills that can help during a war.
  • Mutate Ants– You can build your soldier ant troops to protect your colony from the incoming invader and to have a strong army of ants you can mutate your soldier ants to make them stronger.
  • Create or Join Alliance – This Ant game is not for those who like to play alone, since this game is a strategy game and to survive you can create or join an alliance to help you during the war, Alliance can also help your ant colony become much stronger.

9. The Walking Dead: Survivors

newest mobile games, The walking dead

Released Date: April 11, 2021

Next on our list is another strategy game named “The Walking Dead: Survivors”, released this April 11, 2021, and one of the newest mobile games in 2021.

Walking Dead is one of the famous franchise, and the game itself is officially based on the Skybound comic series, The Walking Dead is also an American Post-Apocalyptic Tv series and the game give us the chance to experience the Post-Apocalypses world of The Walking Dead.

As I’ve said a while ago that The Walking Dead: Survivors is a strategy game that means, you can build your settlement, train your troops, gather some resources and create a great defense against a large horde of infected or what they called walkers.

Game Features

  • Official Game– Since this is an official game, you will encounter some famous characters in The Walking Dead like Rick, Negan, Michonne, and Glenn.
  • Strategy Game– The Walking Dead: Survivors is a strategy game and creating and plotting the best strategy is the key for your settlement to become stronger and better strategy is a must to win every battle in this game.
  • Defense Game– A large hordes of walkers constantly attacking your settlement and you should defend your own at all cost, train more troops, strengthen your walls, put strategically your defense tower, and use your troops’ skills wisely to protect your settlement against walkers and other players.
  • Social Game– The Walking dead survivors is a social game since, you cannot progress alone or playing solo, joining some camp and make allies with some other survivors can help you become a lot stronger, and it’s also a way to have some new friends in this game.
  • Exploration Game– Exploring around your settlement enables you to unlock new locations, items, new characters, and more, always explore new locations since you will get a new survivor that can help your settlement grow.

Bottom Line

All of the mobile games on this list are all newly released in the year 2021, I try all of them by my self and I only includes the newest mobile games that are the best, and I didn’t include those that I find boring to play, I will continue to update this list and give to you the best and newest mobile games of this year, Happy gaming !!


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