Best Play to earn Games Like Mir4 In 2023

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Mir4 Global is the most popular and most successful play-to-earn MMORPG game today, it was first released on August 24, 2021, in that time there are some issues with the game, and some said that the game isn’t profitable at all and doesnt worth playing.

Time has quickly passed, and as more play the game they proved that all the speculations are all wrong, the more players have tried the game the more witness that you can really earn in Mir4.

The game become a popular topic on Tiktok, Youtube, and other social networks, and later it became a new trend in blockchain gaming.

There are even some reports that some players of Mir4 even manage to buy some PC by just playing Mir4, what is even more amazing is that when the value of Draco drops, the developer of the game looks for some ways to save the economy of the game.

It was undeniable that Mir4 is a successful play-to-earn MMORPG game, and If you are wondering if there are other games like Mir4, here is the list of play-to-earn games like Mir4 Global.

List Of Play To Earn Games Like Mir4

1. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni no kuni MMORPG mobile games

One of the games that are like Mir4 is a game that has been released by Netamarble in collaboration with another gaming company Leve-5. The Two Giant gaming companies worked together to bring us this new masterpiece.

Just recently released on May 23, 2022, this game quickly become one of the favorite blockchain games of many. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has a different style of graphics compared to Mir4.

Instead of the high and realistic graphics that Mir4 uses, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has cartoonish but beautiful and high-quality graphics that have a similar appearance to what Genshin Impact looks like, it was gorgeous, colorful, a truly high-quality graphics but lighter compared to some other game.

Lighter means smoother gameplay, which is great since you can play this play-to-earn game even on a lower-end Android device. This game has also a cross-platform functionality that you can play the game on PC, Android, or IOS

2. Four Gods

four gods, new play to earn blockchain games games

Next on our list is also a play-to-earn MMORPG game on the WEMIX blockchain network called “Four Gods”, this game is the closest in Mir4 in terms of graphics, it also has high-quality graphics but I find it heavier in Mir4.

To play this game you need a high specs smartphone, currently, this game doesnt have a PC version. If you want to play Four Gods on your PC, you will need to download an emulator.

The gameplay of Fourgods is also good, you can choose from four different classes the Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, Vermillion Bird, and White Tiger.

Four Gods also has a blockchain-based token called LUX, these tokens can also be traded in the WEMIX network to earn some money. To obtain one of these LUX tokens, you’ll gonna need an in-game item called RedGem.

RedGem is a very important item in this game, it has many uses such as crafting various in-game equipment, it is also used as an in-game currency to purchase some items in the shop inside the game.

3. Dark Eden M

Dark eden play to earn games, free to play NFT games

Next on our list is an MMORPG about the battle between the two powerful races the Vampires and Vampire slayers. This game does not have those high-quality graphics that we see in the Mir4 instead, they use 2D graphics that often resemble the appearance of the old version of Diablo Immortal.

The game has some nostalgic feel, cuz playing Dark Eden M is like playing some classic game in the past. It has some PvE mode, but Dark Eden M is more focused on PVP because to earn in this game, you’ll need to defeat some other race for what we called a Tier Medal.

A Tier medal is an item you can use to smelt a blockchain-based token in Dark Eden M called “DEBCO” after aquiring this token you can exchange it to the WEMIX network to earn money in this game.

4. Yulgang Mobile

yulgang mobile gameplay, free to play NFT games

Next on our list is a game that is based on the martial arts comics in South Korea, Yulgang mobile is an MMORPG game that is also in the WEMIX blockchain network. They have their own blockchain-based token called “TIG”.

To obtain TIG, you must first reach level 40 and finish the required mission, and after that player can mine an item called crystal. That crystal was used in smelting TIG the blockchain-based token of this game.

Yulgang mobile has decent graphics, quite similar to one of the newest MMORPG for mobile today the Neverafter of Netease.

In terms of gameplay, it has greate gameplay, you can explore the open-world map of this game, fight some monsters, fight some bosses in the wild, challenge other players in the arena, and find you’re soulmate in the game, you can even host a wedding with your partner in the game which is perfect for the real-life couple that loves playing MMORPG game.

Yulgang mobile doesnt have realistic graphics, but its gameplay was interesting making this game worthy to be on this list of one of the best play-to-earn games like Mir4.

5. Lost Relics

lost relics, nft game rpg

Lost Relics is one of the oldest role-playing blockchain games but still worthy to be on this list, it is made and maintained only by one person, but the outcome was good.

The game is an ARPG that is focused on PvE, the objective is to travel and start your adventure, fighting monsters, entering dungeons, and finding some lost relics that are scattered in the universe.

This relic was an NFT meaning is it backed by the blockchain and has real value in life, those relics are only very limited and the finder has some choice the destroy the item meaning, the fewer the items the rarer it is, and the higher its value.

Lost Relics is under the Enjin blockchain networks, and the items that you find can be sold in the Enjin network.

As I’ve said the game is only focused on PvE but there is an incoming update about PVP, sooner or later you will enjoy the thrill of competing with other players in this game.

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