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ants game how to play on pc

The Ants game: Underground Kingdom How To Play On PC 2024

The Ants: Underground Kingdom, The Best Ants game that you Can Play On both PC or Mobile

Ants are fascinating creatures, they are a symbol of strength, courage, and diligence, they work as a team create their empire, and dominate the land of their territory.

The ants are also known for their intelligence, they are known to cultivate their fungus farms and herd aphid and milk them for a sweet honeydew.

Ants are great workers and a soldier, whoever dares to enter their territory ants will give them a fight, and most are ended as a snack.

For those who love ants and gamers, this new mobile game might capture your interest.

The game “The Ants: Underground Kingdoms” by Seven Cities is a strategy game in which you can create an ant colony.

Just like in some of the strategy games you are all in control of all your troops and kingdom.

The fate and development of your kingdom will depend on how you will handle different situations and defend your kingdom from future invasions.

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The Ant: Underground Kingdom Graphics

The ants: underground kingdom graphics

In terms of graphics, seven cities have done a great job in creating the graphics of this game, you can see that all the visuals in this game are good and accurate.

The environment in the game looks realistic, even the soil, the building, and even the ants look real. On a scale of 1-5, I can give this game a rate of 5 for its graphics.

The Ant Game: Gameplay

For the gameplay, it is a kind of game called “MMO strategy game”, Like the game State of Survival, or the Walking Dead survivors. If you already tried those games, I’m pretty sure that you can easily master this game The ants: Underground Kingdom.

You will start to have Queen ants and a few worker ants you have to dig into the soil to build your formicary as you keep on digging and exploring your territory you will find some useful stuff like resources.

You can also look at what location will build your infrastructures, such as a hospital for your ants, your farm, a garrison to train your soldier ants, and a lot more.

Should I say that you need to train your soldier? well yes, you have read it right, since this game the ants: The Underground Kingdom is a war game, and you will need a soldier to defend your kingdom from some attacker.

Since this game is a war game, there is a certain possibility that some hostile players will attack your kingdom and loot some of your resources, and avoid that, you need to train your soldier ants to protect your kingdom.

There are three main classifications of soldier ants that you can use for both defense and offense scenarios.

Guardian Ants

the ants: underground kingdom guardian ants

The first soldier ants that you will need in this game are called the Guardian Ants.

These ants are a melee type of soldier ants, they have a good defense, and are usually, In the front of the formation.

Guardian ants are tough and tanky, their main purpose is to absorb some damage from your opponents to protect some of their troops in a war.

These ants have high defense but lack offense, that’s why Guardian ants are accompanied by other soldier ants to deal some damage to your opponents.

Shooter Ants

shooter ants  in the ants: Underground kingdom

The next kind of ants in this game “The Ants: The Underground Kingdom is called shooter ants.

Based on the name itself, these shooter ants are a long-range type of ants, shooter ants use a corrosive substance called formic acid and spray it on their enemy to deal some damage.

Shooter ants have high on offense but lack defense, these soldier ants are the main damage dealers in the formation, train more of these to deal more damage to your enemy.

Carrier Ants

carrier ants

Our third kind of soldier ant in this game The Ants: the Underground Kingdom is called “Carrier Ants”.

The carrier ants have a swollen abdomen that is good for carrying some resources, they can also use their larger body to attack other enemies.

Carrier ants have higher attack power than Guardian ants, but lower attack power compared to shooter ants, but in terms of defense, Carrier ants are tougher compared to more fragile shooter ants.

If you want to attack other colonies don’t forget to include carrier ants in your formation, since you can loot more resources with the help of carrier ants wide and swollen for storage.

Joining Alliance 

the ants underground kingdom alliance

Like some other strategy game, Planet ants also encourage players to join an active alliance to grow faster, alliance has many benefits that help your formicary to grow stronger and to level up faster.

Alliance can also help you to defend your colony from incoming enemy attacks from other hostile players.

Alliance members can also give some resources in times of need, and help your kingdom to grow at a faster rate.

Joining an Alliance is a good thing, The ants: The underground kingdom is a strategy game, and every strategy game is not for the solo player, it was so hard to grow when you are playing solo, and without the protection of the alliance, a lot of players may attack and loot your colony.

The Ant Game: PVP

the ants underground kingdom PVP

PVP or player vs player in this game is good and alliance played the most important role in this game since alliance can help you in any battle, your alliance can send you reinforcement that can help you in both offense and defense.

There is also an alliance war that takes place in this game since every alliance wants to be on top and they try to take down everyone on their path, so choosing a good ally is a good option.

The PVP in this game is pretty simple the higher your level the bigger and higher level troops win, the fight is not as intense as some other games that I tried but the fun part is when you and your allies help each other on taking down an enemy.

Play The Ants: Underground Kingdom on PC

The Ants: Underground Kingdom is an excellent strategy game on mobile, and it doesn’t have a PC version yet, so if you want to play it on PC you can use an emulator.

I recommend that you use the LD player emulator since it is highly optimized for games it is also light with a download size of only 400MB.

It has also great features like changing the size of the RAM of your emulator based on your PC, you can also change how many cores you will use in your emulator.

If you don’t know how to use it, just follow these simple steps to play The Ants: Underground Kingdom.

Step 1: Download The Emulator

Our very first step is to download the emulator, you can download the emulator using the button below this line.

Step 2: Configure the Emulator

play on pc

After you download the emulator, you can configure the setting based on your PC performance, go to the advanced setting, and choose how much RAM you want to use in the emulator, resolution, CPU cores, etc.

Step 3: Download The Ants: Underground Kingdom

download game in emulator

After configuring your emulator you can now download the game. Just go to Play Store and find the game and install it.

After installation, you can now play the Ants: Underground Kingdom on your PC, what’s even better about using an Emulator is you can create multiple accounts, like an Alt account, and you can also use the existing APK on your phone to install it to your emulator.

So that’s it, I hope that I help you with how to play the mobile game The Ants: Underground Kingdom on your PC.