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What Are NFT Games

What Are NFT Games? Detailed Explanation

NFT games are one of the newest trends in the gaming community, You can see them on social media, Google recommends, and YouTube channels.

NFT games are also called play-to-earn games, crypto games, or blockchain games, but what exactly are these new kinds of games called “NFT games?” Are NFT games the future of gaming? can you really earn money by just playing NFT games?

This sounds a bit unbelievable since it was hard to believe that you can earn money by just playing games, but we are now in the era of blockchain technology. A new kind of technology makes earning money by playing games possible.

I’m a hardcore gamer that plays a lot of hours in a day, I play a lot of games and NFT games are no exception. In fact, I play a lot of NFT games and create an article about it, You can check some of the best NFT games that you can play today in one of my articles.

As a gamer that plays a lot of NFT games, I can give you an insight into what are NFT games, their origins, and if you can really earn from playing “NFT Games”.

NFT Explained

NFT meaning

To better understand what are NFT games, let us first talk about the meaning of NFT.

NFT stands for a non-fungible token, it is a new kind of digital currency that is non-fungible or non-interchangeable.

To better understand NFT we can make money and Bitcoin as an example. Money is a perfect example of a tangible asset because it always has the same value, a one-dollar bill is always equal to a one-dollar bill.

A Bitcoin is also a tangible asset since one Bitcoin is always equal to one Bitcoin. On the other hand, NFT means Non- Fungible tokens, it is nonfungible in ways that NFT values are based on supply and demand.

One NFT item is not always equal to another NFT item, its value will just depend on how much does it worth to the buyer or based on supply and demand, which is why most of the NFT artworks are sold in an auction.

What Are NFT Games

Play to Earn Crypto Games

As game developers use blockchain technology in video games, a new kind of game is born called NFT games or crypto games, these games allowed players to truly own some in-game items, that have real value in real life.

NFT games are often called play-to-earn games since they allowed players to earn money just by playing games, by creating in-game items that are NFT or in-game items that are mintable into NFT, these NFT items can be sold in the marketplace that some players can buy, and when someone buys your NFT items, you’ll earn real money or crypto by selling that items.

NFT Games Origin And History

NFt games history

A few years ago a play-to-earn concept looks like a joke, in the past when you talked about earning money by playing —- the first thing that pop-ups into someone’s mind are some gambling-related games, which you can earn by placing a bet on gambling games.

As blockchain technology is widely used, the play-to-earn concept that is not related to gambling becomes a reality. In the early years of the blockchain, only a few people know that it exists, but when it hits the mainstream everything changed.

The First Crypto Concept

Bitcoin was the oldest cryptocurrency that we know today, but did you know that Bitcoin is not the first cryptocurrency? It just happen that Bitcoin was the oldest surviving crypto today.

There are many attempts to create a cryptocurrency and the very first was when an American cryptographer named David Chum had the very first Idea of a cryptocurrency called ecash in 1983, and in 1995 used the concept in their own company called Digicash, which went bankrupt in 1998.

Ecash despite the fact that it didn’t survive long enough because of some reason led to its bankruptcy. It will still remain as the very first cryptocurrency being created, and the crypto that we enjoy today was the product of the very first concept of a cryptocurrency called “ecash”.

Bitcoin Hit The Mainstream

As the concept of crypto has finally opened, it serves like a pandora’s box that will never go away, one of the oldest crypto that still exists today also has the highest value, a cryptocurrency that brought the whole blockchain technology into fame called “Bitcoin“.

Bitcoin first starts as crypto that has a low value, a value that is just enough to buy two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin. Imagine how rich would be the pizza guy if only he knew that Bitcoin will become the most valuable cryptocurrency he might be super rich today.

Unfortunately, he lost the 10,000 Bitcoin. If he only treated Bitcoin as an investment at that time he might be super rich today.

The year 2017, was the most memorable year for crypto enthusiasts. It is the first year when Bitcoin hit a mark of nearly $20,000 a time when Bitcoin enter the mainstream media.

The year 2017, was the first year when Bitcoin are on wide notice, everyone is talking about Bitcoin and the popularity of Bitcoin all bring fame to the whole blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

The crypto that benefits the most aside from Bitcoin is the silver of cryptocurrency called Etherium, the rise of Etherium introduce new uses of blockchain technology. A technology that become the foundation of a new digital product called NFT.

NFT Are Born

The same year when crypto becomes a trend brings the creation of the digital arts called NFT. It uses blockchain technology to create unique digital assets that are unique, authentic, and have real value in the real world.

The creation of NFT rides the fame of blockchain, as were in the same boat these two digital assets sets a record to become the highest value in digital assets that the world has ever seen. A Bitcoin hit a record of nearly $20,000 a piece, and some NFTs are sold at a staggering price.

The First NFT Game

Cryptokitties first NFT game

We are not done yet in the year 2017, because this year was crazy. As the crypto craze continues in the headline, NFT is on its journey to fame. A new kind of game was invented called “Crypto Kitties“.

These new kinds of games use blockchain technology to create in-game assets that are minted as NFT, since it was an NFT it has real value in the real-world calling NFT games play-to-earn games.

CryptoKitties are the very first of their kind and play a huge role to popularize NFT games, especialy when some of these Kitties are sold for $100,000 a very high price for in-game items is crazy, but just as the start since a lot of NFT games emerge in the following year after the success of the very first NFT game called “CryptoKitties”.

NFT Popularity Continue

The NFT’s popularity has no sign of stopping at this stage, in fact, it becomes more popular than ever in the year 2021.

The pandemic plays a huge role in the sudden swelling of internet users worldwide. The lockdown brings a huge number of people online which contributes to the rapid popularity of the NFT.

In the year 2021, a major sale of these digital assets shakes the news ones more when the Nyan cat a popular meme sold for $590,000 as an NFT, followed by the first tweet from Jack Dorsey sold for $2.9 Million dollars, and course the “Everydays: The First 5000 days” the most expensive NFT artwork that sold for $69.3 Million.

earn money online by playing NFT Games

The constant lockdown during the pandemic also plays a great role in the trends of NFT games. During the time of the pandemic, a lot of people lost their job and were forced to stay at home, in order to survive a lot of people found ways to earn money online, especially in Asia.

Upon hunting for some ways to earn money on the internet, many gamers discovered a game called Axie Infinity. As more and more players try the game Axie Infinity it becomes so popular that you find it in online publications, on television, and on social media.

In 2021, the value of owning an Axie was really expensive it was because of the high demands of players who want to buy an Axie to start playing the game. As the popularity of the Axie Infinity continues it carries the entire NFT games along with him to fame.

Because of the popularity of Axie Infinity during those times, a lot of people are searching for games like Axie Infinity and because of that, it gives an opportunity to some gaming companies to build their own NFT games.

Axie Infinity Change Gaming Forever

blockchain games axie infinity

I bet some other people don’t realize that the popularity of the entire NFT game is because of the Axie Infinity. NFT games existed as early as 2017, yeah sure CryptoKitties also became a popular one but it will never come close to the success of the Axie Infinity.

CryptoKitties start in 2017 but still, a lot of people don’t know about it. I’m a hardcore gamer and in the year 2017 NFT games are not a hot topic in the gaming community. As a gamer, I have seen in front of my very eyes how the games that I usually knew have been reshaped by Axie Infinity.

The popularity of NFT games has been widely influenced by the Axie Infinity and its success drives a lot of independent gaming companies to build their own NFT games, but not just that because even some gaming giants like Joycity and Netmarble are now starting to create an NFT version of their game.

As a hardcore gamer who plays a lot of games, I witness the evolution of NFT games it starts from a humble beginning of decent graphics and gameplay and quickly evolves into some games with high-quality graphics and gameplay that can rival those traditional games today.

For now, since some gaming giants are building their own NFT games I’m pretty sure that more and more companies will follow, and the traditional game that we know today will become an NFT game in the near future.

How Blockchain Technology Used In NFT Games

what are nft games
Image by Eivind Pedersen from Pixabay

With the rise of NFTs, many gaming companies see its value in being used in a video game, NFT is the key to creating a game with true ownership, a gaming item that has value even in the real world.

As a gamer, I’m much aware that a lot of gamers spend a huge amount of money on the game, A lot of ordinary people couldn’t understand why gamers spend money on some games, but it has some reasons behind it.

A game is a kind of entertainment, people spend money on watching movies, some prefer traveling, some even spend on gambling, some people spend money to watch sports, some people spend money on everything that they enjoy, and video games are not exempted. Gamers enjoy the game and we are willing to spend some real money to enjoy the game even more.

But after all the spending, gamers don’t own the items in the games that they spend for, but a lot of gamers don’t care as long as they enjoy the game was okay. But now it’s completely different as the NFT is widely used in some video games, it is now possible to reward players and let them earn money by just playing games.

Do NFT Games Is The Future Of Gaming?

At first, I was skeptical about NFT games since the early ones had decent graphics and gameplay, but now crypto games are getting better and better, and some giant gaming companies are joining crypto gaming.

Companies like Gravity, and Joycity are now starting to release their own play-to-earn crypto games, and there are a lot more to come, there are also AAA blockchain games that are expected to be released this year.

There is one problem that NFT games are facing, those cheaters that use bots to stay online 24/7 to mine resources are ruining the beauty of the game, The overpopulated servers that are crowded not by real players but bots, make the game laggy, especially in MMORPG blockchain games.

Other issues with NFT games are some fake games and some gaming developers that promise and attract other players to invest in their games and suddenly vanish and take their money.

I suggest that you should not just keep investing in the games without doing some research, here In I rarely endorse crypto games that need a lot of investment, the majority of NFT games that I mention on this website are free to play means you have nothing to lose when playing the games.

NFT games might be the future of gaming but gaming companies need to fix those issues first to get the trust of all gamers.

I have done some polls and surveys in some gaming communities and the answers surprise me. A lot of gamers still don’t want to embrace NFT games because of the flaws it has, especially the lagging issues in NFT MMORPG.

Even I don’t want to play games that are crowded with bots that cause lags everywhere. If game developers can fix the issues in NFT games, I’m pretty sure that NFT games AKA crypto games will be the future of gaming.

Frequently Ask Questions On NFT Gaming

What are NFT games and how do they work?

NFT games are new kinds of games that use blockchain technology to create an in-game item that can be minted into NFT like weapons, equipment, resources, characters, etc. The minted game items have real value that can be sold for real money.

Are NFT games real?

As real as they can be, there are a lot of NFT games that you can play today that you can earn real money by playing. Some NFT games have in-game items that can be traded into crypto and earn some money.

How do I earn NFT?

You can earn NFT for free by playing NFT games, some NFT games offer players to mint their character into an NFT, that can be traded for real money.