What are NFT games?: NFT games explained from a real gamer (2022)

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NFT games are one of the newest trends in the gaming community, you can see them on social media, google recommends, and Youtube channels.

Some call this game a play-to-earn game, others called it Crypto games or blockchain games, but what exactly is NFT this new kind of game called NFT games? is this the future of gaming? can you really earn money from NFT games or crypto games? All the answers to your questions will be answered in this article and everything you need to know about NFT games.

As a person who plays a lot of NFT games, I may be the qualified person who can explain NFT games, here In mirageportal.com I play the games personally and published some tutorials about them, this website of mine is one of the most reliable sources of information about NFT games, and I will try my best to fully explain to you on what are NFT games.

Let’s start with the meaning of NFT, what are they and what are they used for.

NFT explained

NFT meaning

NFT stands for a non-fungible token, it is a new kind of digital currency that is non-fungible or non-interchangeable, money is interchangeable, even a bitcoin is interchangeable but NFT is not, which means that the value is different from the others.

It also means that an NFT cannot be replicated with the help of the blockchain technology, for example, an artist creates an NFT digital card, cards that’s only one has been made, all the info on the cards is stored in blockchain, and even how hard you try to copy the card, you cannot copy its valued, since the original one that stored in the blockchain is the only authentic, the authenticity of the items will validate by the blockchain technology.

NFT are tokens that represent items like arts, GIF, MEMES, digital cards, NFT domains, in-game items, or any kind of digital items that are backed by blockchain or crypto, all the information of that items are stored in blockchain making the theme unique and authentic.

Blockchain Technology use in the video games

what are nft games
Image by Eivind Pedersen from Pixabay

With the rise of NFTs, many gaming companies see its value and uses in the game, creating a game that lets owners truly own the items that they had in the games.

As a gamer, I’m much aware that a lot of gamers spend a huge amount of money on the game, a lot of ordinary people couldn’t understand why gamers do this but think about this, the game is a kind of entertainment, people spend money on watching movies, some preferred traveling, some even spend in gambling, some people spend money to watch sports, some people spend money on everything that they enjoy, and video games are not exempted, gamers enjoy the game and we are willing to spend to enjoy and entertain our selves.

After all the spending, gamers don’t own the items in the games that they spend for, but a lot of gamers don’t care as long as they enjoy the game was okay, but now the rise of blockchain technology allows players to truly own the in games items that they have.

What are NFT games

Play to Earn Crypto Games

As game developers use blockchain technology in video games, a new kind of game is born called NFT games or crypto games, these games allowed players to truly own some in-game items, that have a real value in real life.

NFT games are often called play to earn games since they allowed players to earn money just by playing games, by creating in-game items that are NFT or in-game items that are mintable into NFT, these NFT items can be sold in the marketplace that some players can buy, and when someone buys your NFT items, you’ll earn real money or crypto by selling that items.

What are examples of NFT games?

thetan arena, play to earn crypto games

There is a lot of play to earn NFT games, and each of which has a different way of earning one example is the MMO strategy game League of kingdoms, it allows players to mint resources in the game to NFT by using Etherium or Polygon network, after that those minted resources can be sold to Opensea.

Players can also buy and sell land in League of kingdoms, the higher the level of the virtual land, the higher its values, and the more expensive it will be.

Another example of NFT games is the game Splinterlands, it is a play-to-earn card game, where every card in this game is an NFT, those NFT cards will be used to duel other players to earn some crypto.

The earning in this game is based on winning, every time a player wins a duel with other players they can earn in-game items called Dark energy crystals, these dark crystals are NFT that players can exchange into cash, they can also sell NFT cards in the market place if they want.

However, Splinterland is not free to play, which means that players need to invest a little in this game by purchasing items called “Summoners spell books” to unlock the earning features in the game.

There are also MMORPG NFT games like the Mir4, for now, this might be the best NFT game that players ever play, it has realistic graphics and impressive gameplay, and it is the best play to earn MMORPG that I’ve played.

There are different ways to earn on this game, like mining, when players reach level 40 they can unlock the earning features of this game, players can mine items called Darksteel that can be converted into the game’s official token, the token is a blockchain base, in other words, an NFT token that has a real value in the game.

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Players can also mint some tradable items into an NFT and sell them to market, and the best part is that even the character itself can be minted to NFT and sold to the marketplace.

Like I’ve said every NFT game has different ways to earn except for those blockchain game in a WEMIX network, those games under the WEMIX has an official token, and there are certain items that can be exchanged into their official token, then the token can be exchanged in WEMIX, then exchange into real cash.

Some examples of these crypto games under the WEMIX network are MIR4, Gunship Battle: Crypto conflict, and Dark Eden, which I already featured on this website, you can check it out if you are interested.

Do NFT games or crypto games is future of gaming?

At first, I’m skeptical about NFT games since the early ones have decent graphics and gameplay, but now crypto games are getting better and better, and some giant gaming companies are joining crypto gaming.

Companies like Gravity, and Joycity are now starting to release their own play to earn crypto games, and there are a lot more to come, there are also AAA blockchain games that are expected to be released this year.

There is one problem that NFT games are facing, those cheaters that use bots to stay online 24/7 to mine resources are ruining the beauty of the game, the overpopulated servers that are crowded not by real players but bots, make the game laggy, especially in MMORPG blockchain games.

Other issues with NFT games are some fake games, some gaming developers that promise and attack other players to invest in their games and suddenly vanish and take their money.

I suggest that you should not just keep investing in the games without having some research, here In mirageportal.com I rarely endorse crypto games that need a lot of investments, the majority of NFT games that I mention on this website are free to play means you have nothing to lose when playing the games.

NFT games might be the future of gaming but gaming companies need to fix this issue first to get the trust of all the gamers since a lot of gamers still don’t want to embrace the crypto games because we gamers don’t want a laggy game.

That’s all for today, you can check and read one of my articles too.


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