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Yulgang Mobile Complete Leveling Guide and Review

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Play-to-earn games get a lot of attention from players worldwide, some of them are not even gamers, some are crypto investors that want to invest in a game and earn more crypto. 

Mir4 become a huge success in play-to-earn MMORPG games, and now a new play to earn MMORPG game has been released called Yulgang mobile

Like Mir4, Yulgang mobile is also a play-to-earn MMORPG game that you can play on android and PC, but of course, you’ll need to use an emulator if you want to play this game on PC since Yulgang mobile doesn’t have a PC version that is available globally for now.

Just download an emulator like BlueStacks, then you can download Yulgang mobile inside the emulator to play on PC.

In this article we will do a little review about the game, then we will proceed to the tutorials on how you can level up fast, and what are the things that you need to know in the game Yulgang mobile.

Now let us do a little review first about the game.


yulgang mobile graphics

In terms of graphics, Yulgang mobile doesn’t have stunning high graphics like the one we’ve seen from Mir4 or Black desert with has a more realistic appearance. Yulgang mobile graphics remind me of a once-famous MMORPG game in 2004  called Flyff.

You can’t even create a unique character appearance in the game, you can purchase some outfits for free on the Yulgang mobile, but you don’t have a chance to have a unique appearance in the game because of the lack of character customization.

Yulgang Mobile has decent graphics, but it helps a lot in reducing lag in the game, MMORPG games have a massive number of players and reducing the quality of graphics greatly helps in having smoother gameplay.


yulgang mobile gameplay

Speaking about gameplay, the Yulgang mobile despite the fact that it lacks high-quality realistic graphics, the Yulgang mobile has amazing gameplay. You can fight some MOBS, defeat some powerful bosses, explore dungeons, challenge other players in the PVP arena, and find your own soulmate in the game.

One of the unique features of the Yulgang mobile is the marriage system where players can marry other players and host a grand wedding in the game. Having a partner in Yulgang has some benefits like Teleporting instantly to your husband or wife, getting some daily mission rewards, getting some husband and wife attribute bonuses, a unique couple exclusive outfit, and getting some amazing deals.

In terms of gameplay, Yulgang mobile has one of the best gameplay on mobile MMORPGs that you can play today.

How to play Yulgang mobile

Yulgang mobile is an MMORPG game and leveling up and strengthening your characters is one of the goals in the game, and since this game is a play to earn game you can also aim to earn in the game let’s discuss first how to earn in this play to earn game Yulgang mobile.

How to earn in Yulgang Mobile?

how to earn in yulgang mobile

To earn money in this game there are two things that you need to consider, first, it’s the in-game token, and second how to get the in-game token in the Yulang token.

There is an official in-game token in Yulgang mobile and it’s called TIG, it is basically a blockchain-based token in the game that has real value in real life.

To earn you need to get a lot of these tokens and exchange them to cash, but how can you acquire TIG?

TIG can be acquired by smelting, there is an item in the game called crystals, this crystal is limited and can only get in some special place, the only way to get this crystal is through mining, you can go to some part of the map like the dragon cave to mine this crystal.

Can you mine some crystal right away from the beginning?

No, in order to unlock the play to earn a feature of Yulgang mobile, you need to reach at least level 40 in the, then you must first finish the quest second transfer, and you can choose your side between Justice and Evil, and after that, you can now go to a dragon cave and try mine crystal in the area.

Once you have a sufficient amount of crystals you can smelt them to form a TIG token.

To earn crypto in Yulgang, you need to level up fast to level 40, I reach level 40 in just one-two day of playing the game, and you can even reach level 40 in just one day if you have more time to spare in the game, but how can you do it? Dont worry since I will share with you all the things that I did to level up fast in Yulgang mobile.

Complete the main quest

yulang mobile main quest to level up fast

Our goal is to level up fast in the game and to do that you’ll need a lot of EXP so we will get as much EXP as we can to level up fast in Yulgang, and one thing to get a lot of EXP is through the main quest.

Make sure that you get as much EXP as you can, one thing to get a lot of EXP is by completing the main quest, you will learn the basics, and at the same time, you will get some rewards including gears and weapons.

Complete Side Quest together with the main quest

As you progress in the main quest, you will encounter some quests base on your location, dont ignore them instead you should complete each side quest before you continue in your main quest to get some additional rewards, and of course EXP.

Participate in the Events

Yulgang mobile events to level up fast

Make sure to always participate and complete events in Yulgang mobile to get an additional EXP, you will just need to click the events at the upper corner of your screen and find those events that have level EXP, which means that you will get some EXP as a reward when completing events that have a level of EXP.


Join Guilds

join guild for quest to level up fast in yulgang mobile

Another way of gaining some EXP is through joining some guilds in Yulgang Mobile, you will get some benefits from joining guilds in this game including EXP.

After joining a guild in the game, make sure to complete your guild quest, to earn a lot of EXP, some rewards also include such as guild contributions, it is a kind of coins that you can use to buy items in the guild shop, and you can also get some copper and infernal mission that you can use in the second transfer before you will able to unlock mining of crystals and TIG token in Yulgang Mobile.

Complete Daily Trial

complete daily trial to level up fast

A trial is like a place to enter where you can earn some rewards including EXP, some rewards include copper and a loot box, to make sure that you get some EXP to level up fast, choose a daily trial that has a mark with EXP, it means that you can earn some EXP from it.


yulgang mobile dungeon

Entering dungeons are one of the best places to increase your level in Yulgang mobile, you can also obtain some rare equipment by chance and other valuable items, and when battling through some MOBs in the dungeons get some EXP and you will also get EXP as one of the rewards.

Complete daily quest 

daily quest yulgang mobile

When completing the main quest and side quest, don’t forget to complete your daily quest, since completing a daily quest will give you some valuable rewards like valuable items and of course EXPI.

Using EXP pill when attacking MOBs

expi pill to level up fast in yulgang mobile

One way to boost your EXP gain is by using the EXP pill, especially when farming EXP from MOBs, EXP pill is a craftable item under the potion category, you’ll need some ingredients to craft this item like chicken, mushroom, tofu, and more.

Dont forget to use this item when farming EXP to level fast in Yulgang Mobile.


Bottom Line

Leveling up in this game is not that hard if you do all the things that I’ve mentioned in this article you will easily reach level 40, because level up to 40 is not that hard, but it will also depend on the time that you will spend in this game in the game.

I will tell you frankly that if you just spare 1-2 hours in this game it is very hard to reach level 40 even if you follow all the tips that I’ve mentioned here. To level up fast and complete all the things that I write in this article, you can also do some AFK MOB hunting to increase your EXP even when your AFK.

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