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Best Place to Sell Domain Names 2024: Approved By Expert

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Do you want to sell your domain name? Maybe you have some unused domain name and you don’t want to waste some of it, or you are just starting an online business as a domainer, or what we usually call “domain flipping”.

When I first started this business it was so hard to find information about domain flipping, I was scouring the internet every day but I couldn’t find the best place to sell my domain name, after a lot of research here and there, creating a poll (survey), asking random people.

I finally found ways how to sell domain names and what are the best places to sell domains.

This article is based on my own experience with domain flipping, and I also created some surveys and asked some experts in domain flipping, people that have done domain flipping for more than a decade, and sold some high-value domain names.

If you are just starting a domain-flipping business there are a lot of things that you need to learn,  some might tell you that domain flipping is an easy-to-rich business, but, it is not, it is not as easy might you think, domain flipping is a waiting game, and you will need to wait before your domain name getting sold.

If you want to sell your domain name faster, you need to carefully choose a domain name, not just randomly match some words and think that the domain will sell, If you are a beginner at domain flipping I already created a beginner guide in domain flipping business in this website, you can check it out in the separate article called “Domain Flipping: The definitive guide for beginners”.

If you want to sell your domain name fast, you must list it on various domain flipping marketplaces, since the more marketplace you listed your domain on sale, the more chance it will sell,

In this article, I created a list of the best places to sell domain names and those that are also advised by some expert domainers, so without further ado let’s dive into our listing.

1. GoDaddy auction

Best place to sell the domain name at a low cost

sell domain names at godaddy auction

First on our list is the go daddy domain auction. This is not a free service, and if you want to list your domain for sale on Godaddy you need to avail of its domain auction membership for $4.99 a year.

Yeah, the GoDaddy auction might not a free option, but the money that you’ll be going to pay is really worth it because go daddy is a very popular domain name registrar, and a lot of people are searching for and purchasing a domain name on Godaddy, and it is a good investment on getting a membership at Go daddy auction.

Selling a domain name on Goddady is easy, you just need to fill up the payment options, and you can list a domain name for sale on Godaddy.

There are different kinds of selling domain names on Godaddy, let’s discuss them one by one.


When you have listed your domain name in the offer/counteroffer, your domain name is for sale without a fixed price, instead, you can just really on the offer of the buyer,

If you do like the price offer of your potential buyer, you can counter his/her offer based on what you think is the reasonable price, you both agree, you can now accept the final price, and your buyer can proceed on purchasing the domain name.

Offer/counter offer with buy now

this one is almost the same as an offer/counter offer, the only difference is that you can place a desired price of the domain, it is like the domain is for sale for a certain amount but open for negotiation

Buy now only

This one doesn’t need much explanation, you will just place a fixed price for your domain and it’s ready to go.

7 Day-public auction

There is also a 7-day public auction on Go daddy where your domain will live in an auction for 7 days, it will also feature in some of Godaddy’s partners, but there’s one downside. When you list the domain in a 7 days public auction you cannot list it on another domain marketplace.

To sell a domain name faster in GoDaddy you can avail of some of their add-ons like featuring your domain on the homepage to increase visibility to potential buyers, or listing your domain on category pages, both of these add-ons cannot guarantee that the domain name will sell instantly, its purpose it just to increase your domain visibility.

2. Sedo

Best place to sell domain names for high-quality domain

domain flipping marketplace, best place to sell domain names

The next marketplace is Sedo, it is also one of the most popular and best places to sell domain names. Listing a domain name for sale on Sedo is completely free. 

Like the GoDaddy auction, you can also list your domain name in buy now and make offer options. 

There are also some options to sell your domain faster in Sedo, you can order some add-ons that can sell your domain even faster.

You can order a category showcase in Sedo, where you can place your domain based on your category, when a potential buyer searches a category like finance for example your domain name might appear.

As I’ve always said, increasing the appearance of your domain increases the chance of your domain being sold.

But hey wait before you spend some money on the add ons make sure that you really have a high-quality domain name, since whatever promotion you’ve made but if your domain that is selling is a crappy domain it has a very high chance of not selling the domain name.

Sedo Direct Auctions

You can also place your domain name for direct auction in Sedo, but the auction in Sedo is paid for every campaign, it is not like in Godaddy where you will only pay once a year and you can list your domain for auction as many as you want.

Home page showcase

You can also promote your domain on Sedo by using the homepage showcase, by paying 69 Euro your domain will be highlighted for 30 days, when someone visits the Sedo marketplace, your domain will appear and be listed on the homepage increasing the visibility of your domain.

Sedo is a great place on selling domain names but it is also costly when promoting the domain name using its premium add-ons.


Best place to sell domain names for email outreach best place to sell domain names

One of the favorite domain flipping landing pages for most domainers, if you want to sell your domain directly through email outreach is the best choice for you.

Dan is also a marketplace where a domain buyer can go directly on Dan and start to find a domain that matches their business, but what makes Dan a popular place to sell domain names is their landing page, they have the most gorgeous looking landing page among all the domain flipping marketplace.

The buyer even has an option to rent a domain name or even lease to own, even their payment options are flexible and they even accept payment in crypto. In addition to all their good features, they also have the lowest commission for all the domains sold using their platform at about 9% from the normal sale and 5% if you bring your own leads for sale.

Aside from that is the fastest in processing payment for every domain sold for just 12 hours after the domain name is sold, but some domainers even reported that they receive payment just two hours after their domain name has been sold.

4. Afternic

Sell domain names for the premium network (free)

afternic best place to sell domain names

Next on our list is Afternic, it is a company that is owned by Go daddy. Maybe you might ask why would you list a domain name in Afternic if it is just the same company as GoDaddy.

The answer is that Go daddy is a marketplace for domain names but Afternic is a company that specializes in aftermarket selling of domain names, while go daddy is a marketplace to sell domain names.

 Afternic is also a domain name marketplace, but what makes Afternic different from go daddy is that they can take care of your domain name and find a buyer for you, especially if your domain name is qualified for their fast transfer options.

There are two kinds of networks in Afternic, the standard network and the premium network, when using the standard network your domain on sale will be featured in 32 reseller sites with 35 million buyer search months.

If you want to sell your domain faster in Afternic your domain must participate in their premium network to get your site featured in 100 reseller sites and feature from 75 million monthly searches from domain buyers.

Not all domain names can be listed in their premium network, your domain must be qualified to be listed in their premium network (fast transfer eligible).

Afternic fast transfer qualification requirements (premium network)

  • It should be a .com, .net, .biz, .org, .pw, .co or .info domain.
  • Listed domains must have a Buy Now price.
  • The Buy Now price must be below $100,000.
  • Registered for 60 days or longer with the current Registrar.
  • Registration must not be within 30 days of expiration/or must not be expired.
  • No transfer was held at the Registrar.

Once your domain name is qualified it has a higher chance of selling.

5. Namepros

The best forum site for buying and selling domain names

domain flipping, sell domain names on namepros

Next is a forum site called “Namepros”, it is a place where all pros in the domain name business gather, sell, and buy domain names. You can buy some domain names for a cheaper price in Namepros, and you can also sell some domain names.

Selling domains in Namepros is free and you can list some of your domain names in different options, you can list your domains at a fixed price, negotiable, or auction

One of the best features of Namepros is you can request an appraisal for your domains with real people, you can request an appraisal and some pros in the industries will appraise your domain for what they think is the best price for it.

Namepros is not just a place for buying and selling domains but it is also one of the best places to learn about domain flipping.


Best place to sell a domain name for lower price domain names

sell domain names on justdropped

One of the oldest and best places to sell domains is, in selling domain names on Justdropped there is only one option, you can list your domain, place the preferred price, choose a category and keywords and that’s it your domain will be listed on sale.

There is also a make offer on default on your listing for buyers will have an option to place their offer, and when you both agree you can now start the transfer of the domain name.

7. Twitter

Best social media platform for selling and promoting domain names

twitter best social media to sell domain names
Image Credit: Pixabay

You might be surprised to read it but yes, Twitter is one of the best places to sell domain names. 

Twitter currently has 217 million users in 2022 and still growing, there are a lot of businesses that are being promoted on Twitter, and your domain name is no exception, I meet a lot of people on Twitter that are selling and buying name names, so if you want to sell your domain name Twitter try ta build first a network of people that are interested in buying and selling domain.

Once you have a network you can start promoting your domain name on Twitter to increase its visibility online.

Bottom Line

Selling a domain name is not easy, not unless you have a very high-quality domain name like some one-word brandable domain name with dot com extension, some other pro domainers keep saying that a good domain name will sell but takes months or even years to sell.

This article is intended to give a list of the best place to sell domain names, but always keep in mind that the marketplace can only increase the visibility of your domain.

The speed of domain selling is always based on your domain name as I’ve always said. If you have a good quality domain it will sell faster, but if you have a crappy domain name like three to four random words that make almost no sense, it will take about years, or even worse it will take forever to sell.

Best Place to Sell Domain Names Frequently Ask Questions

Which is the best place to sell domains?

The best place to sell domains are Dan, Afternic, Go daddy auction, Sedo, and Namepros.

Is it worth selling domains?

Yes, selling domains are not easy, but if you know what you’re doing, you can get decent to a good amount of money selling domains, there are even some people that can make a living selling domain names.

Is it hard to sell a domain?

Yes it is hard, don’t listen to some people that selling domain names are easy, but if you know how to pick a good domain name it really sells and you can get a good profit from it.

How can I sell my domain fast?

There is no absolute answer on how you can sell a domain name fast, it will just be based on how good your domain is, and of course some luck.