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Domain Flipping: Every Beginners Should Know

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Did you know that you can earn money by flipping domain names? The concept is very simple, you will buy some domains for a cheap cost, and sell them for a higher price. This method is called Domain Flipping.

Flipping domains looks very simple. You only need to buy a domain name then sell it and then a profit. I hope it works that way, but honestly, it’s not. You need to have knowledge of domain flipping and know how to choose domain names that sell.

You cannot just pick some random words, register them, and then sell them. If you do that there is a very high probability that you will earn nothing. To have a higher chance to sell domain names, take a look at today’s article and learn some things that you need to know about domain flipping.

What you will learn in this article are the following:

  • What is domain flipping
  • What are domain names
  • How to choose a domain name to sell
  • Selling domain names
  • Where to buy domain names
  • Is domain flipping profitable
  • Can you really earn $100 a day by selling domain names?

Did you know that domain flipping is not new at all? domain flipping existed many years ago. In fact, there are a lot of valuable domain names that are sold for an unbelievable price.

One perfect example is the domain name called “”. It was sold in the year 2003 for $5.5 Million. Another example is a domain name called “”. A few years ago, was owned by a Swedish company called Xcerion. Until it was acquired by Apple in the year 2011 for $6 Million.

Other list of some great domain names that are sold for a high price was the following.

  • $7 Million in 2004
  • $14 Million in 2005
  • $17 Million in 2015
  • $35.6 Million in 2010
  • $49.7 Million in 2010
  • $872 Million

All of the data from the domain name that I’ve mentioned came from World’s Largest Registrar –

What Exactly is a Domain Name?

Before we dive in, let us first know what actually a domain name is and why it was sold for a higher price.

According to Wikipedia

domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet.


But in laymen’s terms, a Domain name is just basically a name, a name of a website or the company on the internet, and also serves as their address.

What Is Domain Flipping?

Domain flipping is simply the buying and selling of a domain name. You will pick some premium or high-value domain names and sell them for a higher price.

What Makes a Domain Flipping Profitable?

From the start of the internet, the website only uses some IP addresses— those are like some random numbers that define the address of the website.

Imagine if domain names are not invented and every time you want to watch videos on Youtube, you will need to type into your browsers like it is a bit of hustle isn’t it? so with the help of a domain name you can browse a website using names that are much easier to remember compared to numbers.

A Domain name cannot be duplicated and once a domain name is already taken, there is no other way to get it, except buy it directly from the owner of the domain name, and that is where domain flipping was born.

People have realized that there is an earning opportunity in owning a domain name since a lot of companies are willing to pay a huge amount of money just to get the exact domain name that they need.

Why are Companies Willing To Buy Domain Names For A Higher Price?

It is because of the value, that companies value a domain name differently, think about this— for example, if you owned a company that is selling wooden furniture, and you want to build a website for your company, then your search for a domain name that will perfectly suit your business, you came across a domain name like for example.

For you, it doesn’t have value since you not selling cars, but for companies that buy and sell cars, it has a lot of value if you search the internet for keywords like cars, buy sell cars selling cars, you will see at the first page of google search result.

And on the internet, exposure is king, if you want to attract some customers to your business, you need to get the maximum exposure possible, that’s why many companies are willing to pay a huge amount of money for domain names that can help their company a lot.

How to Start a Domain Flipping Busines/ Step By Step Guide In Domain Flipping

Now that we know what a domain name is, why domain flipping is profitable, and a reason why your domain name might sell, we will now discuss how to start a domain flipping business.

What are the things that we need to know about starting a domain-flipping business?

Step 1: Choose A Right Domain Names To Sell

How To Choose A Domain Names To Sell

domain flipping, domain that sell

Choosing a domain name is crucial, and if you do it wrong, there is a huge possibility that your domain name will not sell, and that’s a reality.

I’m not like some YouTubers and other content creators that make domain flipping looks easier, they say that you choose a domain name, sell it, and you are good. The world would be a better place if things would like easy.

It’s pretty clear that some YouTubers only want your views, some don’t even discuss things that you need to know on choosing a domain name that would sell. I’m not saying that all Youtubers like that, only the others.

But I’m not like some other guy when I start on domain flipping I knew nothing about the domain flipping business, but I know exactly a domain name and how it works since obviously, I owned a website this “”, and my knowledge on SEO helps a lot on choosing a domain name.

But, it turns out that my knowledge of SEO is not enough on choosing a domain name that would sell, there are some things that I need to know on domain flipping, after analyzing and gathering some information I successfully sell a domain name, there is some mistake that I commit at the beginning.

There’s a saying that you can learn from your experience, yeah it’s true— You can learn from your experience and you can also learn from the experience of others.

For you to avoid the same mistake that I did, I will share with you the things that I discovered on domain flipping based on my own experience as a domain investor, and also based on some domain investors that I ask for advice in domain flipping when I was just started in this business.

1. Find A Domain Name That Is Pronounceable And Easier Read

valuable domain names examples

Dont go rush on choosing a domain name to sell, on choosing a domain name, choose a domain name that is pronounceable and easier to read and remember, because that’s what companies are looking for.

If you have noticed all the expensive domain names that are sold are pronounceable and easy to read, like, in the first seconds of seeing this domain, you can tell that it is about casinos.

Avoid a domain name like “” and “” sorry for the owner of this domain, but the real thing is this might sell, maybe but it would take a lot of work, negotiation, and promoting this kind of domain, but after a lot of works, there is just small chance to be sold.

2. The Shorter The Better

Have you ever noticed that all the expensive domain names that are sold for a Million bucks are all short domain names? why? because the shorter the domain name, the easier it is to memorize, and Google search also favors domain names with short URLs, the shorter, easier to read and remember the more it has a chance to rank on search results.

And the higher its ranks on search results, the more exposure the domain name has, and it is one of the main factors why buyers favor shorter domain names, I also create some mistakes in this matter I know that shorter domains are important, but I focus more on keywords because on my point of view keywords are more important for google ranking.

So I choose to sell a domain name with powerful keywords but a bit longer, and the result forces me to sell the domain name for a decent price, the domain name is “” which I sold recently.

If you notice is composed of three words, and the main keywords are “earn and crypto” which are valuable keywords, why? look at the internet today, you can see topics about crypto here and there, crypto industries are booming, which is why crypto-related domains are a hot sell.

But did you know that a lot of buyers prefer domain name names with only one 1 or 2 words? yup 3 words domain names can also sell as long as it has a valuable keyword and is easily readable, but if you want to sell your domain name fast, make sure to choose at least 2 words domain name.

You might be wondering, why two words instead of one word since it is shorter? it goes like this, a domain with one word is so valuable if it is pronounceable, easy to read, and remember, you will also notice that all expensive domain names that are sold at a very high price are all 1-word domains, that are easy to read with valuable keywords right? those domain names are great domains.

And the reality, Is that those kinds of domains are extremely hard to find, but if you’re lucky enough to get one of those with a decent price, there is some chance that you can flip it to a higher price.

3. Always Choose a TLD Domain Name Extention

Okay, what are TLD domain names? well TLD stands for Top Level Domains, those are domain names that are commonly used, like .com, .org, and .net.

Domain names with an extension of .net are stood for network it is commonly used by internet services, web hosting, or anything that is related to network, while a domain name with an extension of .org is usually used by a non-profit organization which is why it is called .org short for organization, while a domain name with an extension of .com is commonly used by the commercial website, those are business-related website.

So what domain TLD domain extensions do you need to choose? all TLD domain names are profitable, but a domain name Extention is our best choice because a lot of businesses choose .com over the others, but don’t get me wrong even .org are also profitable it just depends on the right buyer.

There are also new TLDs that you need to keep an eye on, like .io and .xyz which are commonly used by NFT and crypto websites, these two new TLDs are new trends since crypto and NFT are gaining a lot of popularity.

example of trending domain names

One important thing about domain flipping is to always keep an eye on new trends since a lot of businesses on the internet can start with what is trending, one greate example is NFT, who would have thought that the word NFT would become a new trend, at first NFT will just a 3 random letters, but now those three-letters has now a meaning.

Since NFT popularity explodes, a lot of business for NFT opened up, and NFT-related domains become in demand, now NFT domain names are one of the highest values, same as Meta when Facebook announced that it will change into meta, and introduce the Metaverse which is a virtual reality world, Meta related domain names become popular on domain flipping since a lot of companies are looking for Meta related domain names.

In this day of writing, the highest value domain names are related to finance, crypto, money, coin, meta, and banking, but this might change so if you want to earn from domain flipping always keep an eye out for a new trend.

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5. NFT Domain

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There is a new kind of domain name that you should keep an eye on, the NFT domain from the Unstoppable domain.

Dont get confused, this is not an NFT-related domain but an NFT domain itself, this is not an ordinary domain name, the traditional domain name has renewal pay, but an NFT domain from an Unstoppable domain doesn’t.

When you buy an NFT domain, all the info about your domain name will be stored in the blockchain, it will be minted as NFT, that’s why an NFT domain doesn’t have a renewal fee, you will only pay once, and own the domain forever.

Why you should need an NFT domain? it is because the web3 might be the future of the internet, and the NFT domain is a kind of domain that will be widely used in the future so it is wiser to get your hand on the NFT domain today while it’s cheaper and sell it in the future for a huge amount of money.

NFT domains are not yet ready to this day, but in the future, they will be one of the most profitable domain names, if you don’t like to wait I will advise you not to get this kind of domain since this might be a long waiting game.

But if you think about the future, invest while it’s cheap, you can purchase your NFT domain while the price was still cheaper.

You can purchase some NFT domains below this line, it will redirect you to the official website of the Unstoppable domain.

Step 2: Buy Domain Names

Here are some bonus tips, I’ve mentioned that the shorter the domain and the more readable it is the higher value it has, but did you know that buyers also pay a lot for a domain name without keywords? as long as it is short for as two letters, there, or four letters domain name, like for example “” it doesn’t have keywords right? but it is short and has a high value.

A company like for example NFT trade center can be a potential buyer for that domain since can be an acronym from an NFT Trade Center Company, one greater example is it is not initially owned by Facebook company which spent $8.5 Million just to purchase the domain name

Where To Buy Domain Names To Sell And Earn From Domain Flipping?

domain flipping prof
My Latest Sale On Domain flipping

You might be wondering what place should you buy a domain name to flip, well actually there are a lot of places to buy a domain name, but I will only mention a few that are commonly used by some domain investors to buy domain names.


namecheap domain names for domain flipping

One example is which is the best place to buy a new domain name for a cheap price, did you know that I just bought some domain names on Namecheap for only $5? then I sell it for $100.

It’s easy money, but actually, you can sell it for a much higher price (If it is a premium domain name), but of course, you need to wait for the right buyer, but if you want to sell it easily and faster, you can sell it for a lower price.


domain flipping on namepros

Visit Namepros

One of the best forum sites for domain flipping, you can get a lot of information about domain flipping, and you can also buy a domain name in NamePros for a cheap price, all you need to do is to create your free account and post a thread for domain buyer request.

You need to specify the domain name you’re looking for and your budget, then the domainer from NamePros will try to give you some offers about the domain you’re looking for.

You can also participate in a domain auction at NamePros, a lot of good domains are being auctioned there at an affordable price, and where you are lucky, you can win an auction for as low as $20.


domain marketplace expired domains


This one is the coolest since this is the place where you can find some deleted domain names, where you can register for yourself and resell them in the marketplace, but finding domain names here is not easy since this place is full of domain names, and you should find domains manually, which hurt my eye, after long hours of finding a good domain name for flipping.

Step 3: Evaluate Your Domain Names Price

go daddy appraisal

After choosing a domain name, the next thing to do is to evaluate the domain names you to see their potential value, you can use third-party tools like Go daddy’s domain appraisal, or any domain appraisal tools to get an idea of your domain pricing.

Domain appraisal tools are just a guide, it is just based on some domain names that sell, it is not the final price of your domain name, keep in mind that a lot of domainers sell their domain names way higher than what this domain appraisal suggests.

You can also ask for an appraisal in Namepros, there is a section where you can put your domain names and ask for an appraisal for your domain names and some real people who are experts in domain names will give you an idea of how much you can sell it.

But again an appraisal or domain valuation is just a guide to give you an idea of how much your domain is worth, the final price will depend on you.

Step 4: Sell Domain Names

Now that you have your domain name, you might be wondering where to sell it domain name there Is a lot of domain name marketplace where you can list your domain for selling.

Domain Names Marketplace

1. GoDaddy Auction

sell domain names at godaddy auction

Visit Go Daddy Auction

This marketplace is one of the best places to list your domain for sale, but this is not for free, you’ll need to pay for their annual auction membership, for a cost of $4.99, but it is worth it since you will benefit from a wide reach of Godaddy customers, means if you list your domain name at go daddy, you will get a lot of exposure for the domain name that your selling.

The selling domain at Godaddy has different options, you can sell it for a fixed price for easier selling, or you can list it for sale but don’t have a price left, potential buyers can place their best offer and you will decide if you will accept or reject their offers.

You can also sell your domain name for a 7-day public auction, where your domain auction will be broadcast on a wide range of Godaddy partners, and when your public auction ends, the highest bidder wins.

2. Sedo

domain flipping marketplace sedo

Visit Sedo

Our next domain flipping marketplace is Sedo, like Godaddy, Sedo is also one of the biggest places to sell domain names, and even bigger than GoDaddy, they are also one of the most professional-looking domain aftermarkets.

Listing a domain on Sedo is free and you can benefit from their domain partners, for example of potential buyers are looking for the domain name on Namecheap then they type the exact URL of the domain name on the Namecheap search box, your domain will quickly appear and inform the potential buyer that they can purchase it on Sedo.

You can list your domain for sale on Sedo, but if you decide to use some of their features, sorry but the only free things in Sedo is domain listing, and other features like their direct auction will cost about 59 Euro for 7 days.

You can also hire their brokerage service that will find a potential buyer for your domain name, but wait, only hire a broker if you have a really good valuable domain name, and prefer one word or two words only with a .com extension.

If you have a high-value domain Sedo is one of the best places to sell, it since a lot of expensive domain names are sold at Sedo.


domain flipping marketplace

Visit Dan

This is one of the domain name marketplaces that I highly recommend, for this reason, has the lowest commission of sale only 9% for every domain sold in their marketplace, and 5% if you bring your lead. is a bit different compared to Godaddy and Sedo since workers like a landing page for your domain name, giving you a clean and professional-looking landing page, they will also add an HTTPS protocol automatically to your domain when you list your domain at Dan.

The downside here is that you are the one who will make all the promotion of your listed domain, you can promote it on social media or direct email to potential buyers, and once your domain is sold Dan will handle the rest.

Other Places to Sell Domain Names

To make this article a little shorter, I will just list some of the domain-flipping marketplaces that you can try, remember that the more domain marketplace you list your domain, the higher exposure it will get and the higher chance it will sell.


Final Verdict

Can You Earn $100 a Day In Domain Flipping?

Now for the main question, can you earn $100 a day in domain flipping? well, not really—unless you can get an excellent valuable domain name and sell it every day for $100, but If I were you I would never sell an excellent valuable domain name for $100.

Domain flipping is a waiting game— when you have valuable domain names I will not recommend selling them for $100, yeah it will probably gonna sell pretty quickly, but you are just wasting an opportunity to get a huge profit.

Owning a valuable domain name, especially those words, two words, three, four letters domain with a “.com” extension, is like holding a gem in your hand, that if you sell it the right way to the right buyer, you will not just earn a $100 but probably $1000, $10,000, $100,000, or even Million depends on the buyer of course.

By joining the business of domain flipping I wish you all the best, remember don’t just randomly buy some domain that has little to non-value, always go into shorter and pronounceable domain names, Good luck, and have a nice day.

I would also like to thank you for reaching this very last part of this article, if you enjoy this content and want to support the website you can consider buying me some drinks.

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Domain Name Flipping frequently asked questions

Is Domain Flipping Profitable?

Yes, it is, it just depends on the quality of the domain name that you are selling.

How much money can you make flipping domains?

Depending on the quality of your domain you may earn as low as $100 to $100,000 if you have a high-quality domain name.

Can I sell my domain?

Yes, You can Sell your domain name on some marketplace like Godaddy.

Is it easy to sell domain names?

No, it is not, don’t listen to some content creator that keeps telling you that selling a domain is as easy as 1, 2, 3. The reality is that a good domain name sells, but takes months or even years to sell.

How can I sell my domain fast?

If you have a good-quality domain name like one word pronounceable dot com domain it will even take months or years to sell, if you want to sell it fast, sell it for a very low price, that’s the reality.

How do you make money from domain names?

You can make money from a domain name by selling it, it is called domain flipping, buy a good domain name, and sell it.

How much are domains worth?

The domain is worth based on the quality, the shorter and more easily pronounceable the better, but the price will depend on the needs of the buyer.

How can I sell my domain for free?

You can list your domain on and it is completely free.

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