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how to earn money online

Top 10 Proven Ways On How To Earn Money Online (2023 Update)

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Looking for ways how to earn money online? You are in the right place since I prepare something for you.

The internet is now so advanced that it made it possible for anyone to work remotely from anywhere in the world. If you have the skills, the internet, a PC, or a smartphone there is the possibility to earn money.

In this article, we will explore different ways how to earn money online for students, stay-at-home parents, or even those that are just looking for some extra income. There are a lot of earning opportunities that are waiting for you, so without further ado, let’s dive in.

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Disclaimers: All the ways how to earn money online mentioned in this article are legit and safe, but always do it at your own risk, Mirageportal nor the author are not liable for your actions, This article is for educational purposes only, to avoid being scammed always make sure that you trust the person, the website or any Entity online, if possible always use antivirus or anti-malware to avoid any incident such as hacking, virus, Phishing, etc.

How To Earn Money Online Summary

Here is a summary of the list of ways to earn money online.

  • Domain Flipping- Earn Money Online by Flipping Domain Names
  • NFT Gaming- Earn Money Online Playing Games
  • Paid Online Surveys- Earn Money Online by Answering Surveys
  • Start a Freelance Job- Earn Money Online Based On Your Skill
  • Selling Photos Online- Earn Money Online For FreeSelling Photos
  • Sell Infographics or any Digital Design- Earn Money Online For Students Selling Infographics
  • Selling Unused Gift Cards- Earn Money From Gift Cards
  • Selling Game Accounts- Earn Money Online For Gamers
  • Earn Money Online From YouTube Channel- Earn Money Uploading Videos
  • Earn Money Online by building a Website- Earn Money Online Blogging

1. Domain Flipping- Earn money Online Flipping Domain Names

ear money on domain flipping

One way to earn money online is called Domain flipping, this is a kind of online business that anyone can do, the process is you will choose and buy some good domain names and sell them for a higher price.

If you are not aware of what a domain name is, it is a name and address of a website, if you want to find a website on the internet, you need to type its domain name some examples are and

A domain name is so important if you want to start a website since you cannot have two identical domain names, so in other words, when a company wants a specific domain name but someone already owns the domain name, there is no other way for other people or the company to get it except if they are willing to buy the domain name directly to the domain owner.

Domain names are so crucial when starting a business using a website since a domain name can help a company website or individual to get better exposure on the internet or what we called a search ranking.

It is the main reason why a lot of companies or individuals are willing to pay a lot of money just to buy the exact domain name that they need for their website, one greatest example is the domain name called which is sold for a staggering price of $872Million which is indeed a huge amount of money.

But wait don’t get too excited about it since it is pretty rare to find some domain name that can be sold at that kind of price today, mostly you can sell about $100 per domain name, or if you get lucky you might find some high-value domain name that can be sold from $1000-$20,000 it depends on the quality of the domain name that you have.

Where can you get a domain name to sell? I recommend purchasing a domain name at since it is the best place to buy the cheapest new domain name, it will just cost you about $5.00 for your first purchase of a domain name and you can flip it for $100, $1000, or even $20,000 depends on a valued of you domain.

You can sell your domain name on some places on the internet like Go Daddy auction,,, and many more, domain name flipping is one of the most legitimate ways to earn money online and there are some possibilities to make rich but it still depends on your domain name quality or value.

Note: If your choosing a domain name make sure to choose those that are easily readable the shorter the better, the more valuable it will be, just choose a domain name not exceeded about three words in length only keep in mind that any domain name that is longer than three words cannot be sold since it doesn’t have value to most people or company, mostly domain name that easily sold are one or two words domain name that is easily readable.

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2. NFT Gaming- Earn Money Online Playing Games

earn money online by playing NFT Games

You can also earn money from playing games, there is new kind of game that are trends among gamers that enables them to earn money from playing.

These kinds of games are called NFT games, which use blockchain technology to create some unique and authentic in-game items which have value in real life.

NFT gaming can give you a decent to a huge amount of money by just playing games if done right there are some reports that players playing NFT games earn enough money to buy two houses.

But be careful in playing NFT games since some aren’t profitable, most NFT games that let you earn real money need some investment, there are also some free-to-play NFT games, but earning from free-to-play NFT games requires some hard work to earn money.

If you have the skills and patience you can earn free to play, but If you want to earn money online easily you can invest in some pay-to-play NFT games.

I have created a list of the Best NFT games you can check out it includes some free and paid NFT games.

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3. Paid Online Surveys- Earn Money Online By answering Surveys

earn money online free

Believe it or not, you can also earn money on the internet by just taking some online surveys, and actually, this one is the first way that I’ve tried a few years ago, some companies paid some people to answer their surveys in exchange for Amazon Gift cards, yeah some are gift cards and some are cash, but if you receive a gift card don’t worry since you have two options, you can use it to purchase on Amazon or you can exchange it for cash there are some ways to exchange Amazon gift cards for cash.

If you don’t know where to start on Online surveys I recommend trying Swagbucks— it is the most famous website that lets you earn money online by just doing some online surveys on their site, every time you complete online surveys, play some of their featured games, and yes you read it right there are some featured games in Swagbucks too that once you played you can earn some rewards.

By the way, every time you complete some task like online surveys and games on Swagbucks you will earn some SB it is a token that you can exchange for Gift cards or Paypal cash.

In a few years past Swagbucks is only available in the United States and now Swagbucks are available in other parts of the world.

4. Start a Freelance Job- Earn Money Online Based On Your Skill

earn money in freelance

One way how to earn money online is to get a freelancing job, this is the most proven way to earn money online, Freelance is not new at all it exist a long time ago, and you can even get a living being a freelance.

But wait hold on a sec, before you jump into freelancing just make sure you have something to offer like if you are an Artist, a Musician, a Writer, an SEO specialist, IT, a Programmer, Data entry, Marketing, and a lot more, many freelance jobs are waiting for you.

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I’m also having a part-time job as a freelance SEO writer on some of the best Freelance websites, If you want to earn money online by being a freelancer I highly recommend these three famous and most reliable freelance websites,, and, do not just go randomly finding some freelance website on the internet to avoid being scammed.

Working on Upwork, and Fiverr are free, you can create your profile and start finding some jobs there with no investment, however in you can also work for free but you will need to purchase some of their plans to start some bidding.

Yup, you’re going to bid for a job on which is great because it works like this—-a company or a client will go to and will be posting the job that is needed to be done and you as a freelancer will submit a bidding proposal to your clients about how many days or hours you can do the project, the price that you will be charging, etc. usually when a client like you bidding proposal they reply within just a minute.

But bidding on cost about $4.95 a month for a basic plan and you can have 50 bidding for a single month, but don’t worry since when you first sign up on you will get a credit for Membership plus allowing you to have 100 bids in those might enough to find some freelance job and pay the credit with a cost of $9.95.

5. Selling Photos Online- Earn Money Online For FreeSelling Photos

earn money by selling photos

Next on our list is for those who are a photographer or for those persons who are good at taking photos—social media are the greatest place for sharing photos, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

We often share the most Instagramable photos that we consider Art, but did you know that you can earn money from those photos of yours? just make sure that those photos are completely owned by you to avoid any copyright issues.

Have you noticed that there are a lot of companies like a website for example use a lot of photos for their project? and where did you think they get all those photos? I’ll give you an idea, some photos that companies are using are made by them but some photos that they are using are coming from some websites or companies that sell licenses by using a certain photo.

One example of this is Shutterstock, how does it work? Shutterstock is one of the biggest and most famous images online libraries, many companies or individuals purchase monthly or yearly subscriptions to use photos from Shutterstock and those photos are from photographers or individuals that submit or sell their photos on Shutterstock.

You can earn money online by summit or selling your beautiful image on Shutterstock, you can earn money every time your image has been downloaded by Shutterstock users.

6. Sell Infographics or any Digital Design- Earn Money Online For Students Selling Infographics

Next on our list is a level-up version of selling photos at Shutterstock.

There is a website that let you sell not just photos but also every digital design that you can sell— The website is called “Envato Market”, and it is the best place for a content creator like me to purchase digital items such as graphic arts, vector arts, photo template, presentation like Google slides, logo and lot more.

All of the items that are listed in Envato Market are created by Envato Author, If you are an artistic person and good at creating digital designs like Infographics, vector art, logos, or templates, you can join the Envato Author program to sell your design and start earning money online.

7. Selling Unused Gift Cards- Earn Money From Gift Cards

earn money by selling giftcards at gameflip

Next on our list is to sell your unused Gift cards to earn money online, I mentioned a while ago that completing online surveys can let you earn money, but some surveys paid gift cards instead of cash, luckily Swagbucks pays not only Gift cards but there are also options for Paypal cash.

But what if you joined some website that pays for an online survey but didn’t pay cash instead they online pay gift cards? this website might be your best friend in converting your unused gift cards into cash, the website that I’m talking about is called “Gameflip”, it is a marketplace for buying and selling digital items such as in-game items, video games, and of course Gift cards.

Game Flip accepts gift cards, from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Playstation, Xbox, and more, you can head right to their website, create an account, select the Gift card brands that you want to sell, and start selling to convert the Gift cards of your into cash.

8. Selling Game Accounts- Earn Money Online For Gamers

selling game accounts and earn money

Next on our list is selling game accounts, this is not new among gamers, being a hardcore gamer, that tried various kind of games, like MMORPG, MOBA, RPG, Shooter Games, etc, playing games are fun but did you know that you can get profit by selling game accounts?

I mentioned a while ago that you can earn money online by playing NFT games, but even If you play some games that are not NFT games you can also earn by selling your game accounts if you are good at certain games and your characters are a high level and have a good build or items, you can sell it on a reasonable price.

How to sell game accounts? it mainly peers peer, you can join various groups on social media to look for potential buyers, but selling game accounts might be risky to be scammed so do it at your own risk and only sell accounts to a trusted person, you can also use escrow to make a secured transaction especially if you are selling it for a higher price.

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9. Earn Money Online From Youtube Channel- Earn Money Uploading Videos

you can earn money from Youtube

Youtube is so popular this day it is the second largest search engine that is next only to Google, but dont get me wrong Youtube is a part of Google’s company called Alphabet.Inc so basically Youtube and Google dominate as the first and second-largest search engines.

Today Youtube is so popular and a lot of people are aware that there’s an earning opportunity on Youtube, but the question is do you know exactly how to earn money on a Youtube Channel?

Well in fact there are a few ways to earn money on the youtube channel and one of which is ads—you probably encountered countless times when you watch videos on Youtube and suddenly an ads pop-up in the middle of videos, it is one of the primary ways that Youtuber earns money online with their Youtube videos, same on a website.

You probably see some ads on this website of mine and it is my primary source of income on my website so please don’t hate my ads since it helps me to pay expenses to maintain and improve this website you can start a Youtube Channel for free without actual expenses and there is no cost on maintaining a Youtube Channel

But in a website, there is— I used the revenue of this website from ads to pay for expenses like domain name, payments for servers, Webhosting, and security to protect my website and you as my readers from viruses (Malware) and Hackers—so please dont hate my ads since it safe directly from Google it is not a virus or malware you can help me on continue giving you some valuable guides, tips, and tutorials.

Okay back to our main topic –to start monetizing on a Youtube Channel you must first meet their Monetization eligibility requirements, that your Youtube Channel has at least 1000 active subscribers and at least 4000 watch time hours on your videos over the last 12 months and Youtube will send you an email to apply for monetization.

Ads are just one way of earning money on your Youtube Channel, the second thing is through Sponsorship, as your channel grows a lot of companies will keep an eye on you, and if they like what you’re doing on your Youtube Channel they might offer you some Sponsorship for mentioning their products or services on one of your Youtube Videos.

You can also earn on your Youtube Channel by using affiliates and one of the most commonly used is the Amazon affiliate, for example, your Youtube channel is about photography tutorials for beginners, and you can place the device that you are using like tripods, filters, camera bag, etc, you can place it with a link to Amazon on your Youtube description and when someone buys from your affiliate like you will get a percentage of commission from Amazon.

10. Earn Money Online by building a Website- Earn Money Online Blogging

create a website to earn money online

The last thing that I want to share with you is building a website, I create this website of mine three years ago, and after hard work and learning things that I need in managing a website, I started to earn money on the internet by using my website.

Now in 2022 I quit my job and become a full-time blogger and a webmaster, after searching and trying different ways how to earn money on the internet, the one that suits me most is building a blog website.

I first started my blogging career in the year 2022 and build this website Mirageportal in 2019, the main reason why I focus on blogging is the ownership, unlike Youtube where you can really earn money internet, even if you own a Youtube channel, no matter how large is your channel, it still not yours.

Youtube is not owned by anyone except for Google, they have all the rights to close or terminate your Youtube Channel if they wanted to, but dont worry they will not do it for no reason, Google or Youtube will only terminate your Youtube Channel if it commits some violations repeatedly.

But on a website, you have 100% full ownership, and you can do everything you wish.

There is no other person or entity that can claim ownership of your website, only you are the owner of your own website.

You can also think of a website as a real state on the internet you can do everything into it, the design, the function, and almost everything, you can also sell it for a higher price if you want, if you are a person like me that want to earn money online and have true ownership on a real state on the internet, you need to start building your website right now.

How can earn money by building and managing a website? there are a couple of ways how can earn money on your website.

You can place programmatic ads like Adsense or Ezoic, and you can also join an affiliate network like Amazon or Cj Affiliate, by promoting a product of your affiliated brand you can earn a commission per sale that your website generates.

You can review some products or programs and when someone buys using your affiliate you will earn some money.

You can also earn on your website from sponsored posts or content, there are also some instances that a brand will directly approach you through email requesting to rent some ad space on your website.

You can offer a flat fee on monthly bases for the banner ads that appear on your website or you can accept payment based on the impression.

But before you can earn from your website, there are a lot of things that you should do, you need to have your own website first.

On building a website you need to learn some coding skills like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc, you can also hire some experts to build you a website.

Hiring a web designer or programmer might be costly but if you have a limited budget and no coding skills, there is a way to create a website by using WordPress.

WordPress is a CMS or content management system where anyone can build a professional-looking website with just minimal to zero coding skills. If you want to build a website even easier? I recommend using a web hosting called Cloudways.

Cloudways is a cloud hosting that is very fast and beginners friendly, you can start a WordPress website with just a few clicks of a button, Cloudways is also a web hosting that I’m using on my website, and based on my own experience they are excellent.

Creating a WordPress Website on Cloudways is super easy, you just need to register a Cloudways account, very your account, choose your cloud provider and resources needed, and lunch your server and WordPress in just one click.

Watch the short video below to fully understand how to set up a WordPress website on Clouways Web hosting, use the promo code MIRAGE10 to get 10% discounts on the first 3 months in Cloudways, the discounts will be deducted from your invoice.

After registering into Cloudways, launching the server, and installing WordPress then you only need to customize your website appearance, you also need to register a domain name and point it to your Cloudways website.

Bottom Line

That’s it guys I hope you learn something useful from this article, All of the ways to earn money online that I’ve featured in this list are all legit and safe, I even tried it for myself a few years ago before I stuck in building and maintaining a website, the only thing that I didn’t try for my sell is selling photos online since obviously I’m no photographer nor a person that are good in taking some photos, but after a lot of research, I can assure you that selling photos is a legit way to earn money online.

I would also like to thank you for reaching this very last part of this article, if you enjoy this content and want to support the website you can consider buying me some drinks.

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Frequently Ask Questions on How To Make Money Online

How can I make money daily?

You can make money daily on the internet by working as a freelancer, you can also earn money daily when you have a website that has some programmatic ads on it.

How can I earn through Google?

You can earn money through Google, by building a website with and earning money from Google Adsense, you can also earn from some of your affiliate partners if your website ranks well on Google.

What apps make real money?

You can earn real money from apps like Fiverr when you are a freelancer, NFT game apps, or using Swagbucks which has a lot of ways to earn money from their apps.