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Boost Your Blog’s Authority with Surgegraph: The Ultimate SEO-Optimizing Tool and AI Writing Assistant for Lightning-Fast, High-Quality Articles in Minutes

Boost Your Blog's Authority with Surgegraph: The Ultimate SEO-Optimizing Tool and AI Writing Assistant for Lightning-Fast, High-Quality Articles in Minutes

Writing an article or a blog takes a lot of time and effort. You need to know what you want to write about and conduct keyword research to improve your Google ranking. Every blogging expert emphasizes the importance of thorough keyword research before starting to write.

This is because you should always understand your market. It’s like trying to sell a gadget in the middle of a forest where no one is present except you.

Keyword research will also provide insight into the monthly search volume of the topic or keyword you plan to write about and the level of competition for that particular keyword.

Ranking on Google is challenging; you need to gain Google’s trust before attracting traffic. One way to earn Google’s trust is by building topical authority.

For topical authority, you must cover every subtopic related to your main topic. You might need to publish over 100 articles or even more to cover all those subtopics and establish topical authority.

Creating topical authority is time-consuming, but the effort is worthwhile. Now, what if I told you that there is a tool that can help you build your topical authority quickly? It won’t happen overnight, but honestly, this tool can assist you in creating a highly optimized article in less than 5 minutes.

Introducing Surgegraph

The tool I’m referring to is called “Surgegraph.” It is an SEO-optimizing tool designed to help you create highly optimized articles. What’s even more surprising is that Surgegraph comes equipped with its own AI writing tool.

You may be aware or have heard that Google penalizes content generated by AI. However, that’s not entirely true. Google embraces AI and has explicitly stated that AI-generated articles are acceptable as long as they are helpful.

An article that meets Google’s standard for helpful content has a higher chance of ranking. Web owners who complain about their site ranking dropping due to AI content are often those who carelessly publish AI-generated content.

Their mistake lies in blindly publishing AI-generated content without proper fact-checking and without leveraging their expertise in their field. This is where “E-A-T” comes in – Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

If you use E-A-T to fact-check the article generated by AI and ensure it meets the highest standards set by Google, then you’ll be fine. How do I know? Because I also use AI as my writing assistant on this website, and the content I’ve published with the help of AI ranks well in search results.

I’ll provide proof at the end of this article, but for now, let’s delve into the Surgegraph tool.

What Is Surgegraph?

Surgegraph is an SEO platform that provides various tools, including keyword research, SEO optimization, and AI content creation.

It can generate high-quality articles that are not only well-optimized but can also rank on Google. Surgegraph achieves this by analyzing the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) and studying competitors for a given keyword. Subsequently, it gathers Natural Language Processing (NLP) terms to use when generating both the outline and the entire content of a blog article.

Surgegraph operates similarly to Surfer AI but is more budget-friendly. To use Surfer AI, you would need to pay $29 to generate an article.

In contrast, Surgegraph offers a more cost-effective solution at $43.99 per month, providing you with access to all their features, including their AI writing tool. This makes Surgegraph a significantly better deal compared to Surfer SEO.

How To Write 3000+ Words of Optimize Article Under 5 mins

Surgegraph offers AI writing tools that allow you to create a highly optimized article within just 5 minutes. Their tool is called ‘Longform AI.’ This AI writing tool will work its magic within 5 minutes. Let me show you how:

Enter Your Keyword

Before utilizing their AI writer, you first need a focus keyword. You have two options: the first is to go directly to the Longform AI writer, then enter the focus keyword and click the ‘Create Documents’ button. It will begin analyzing your competitors’ data. After that, you can proceed to the next step.

Generating an Outline

After clicking the ‘Create Documents’ button, proceed to the next step. The Longform AI will display the sample outline it generates, and it’s up to you to edit it. If you are okay with the sample outline, press the ‘Okay’ button to proceed.

After pressing ‘Okay’, choose the target content length and click the ‘Generate’ button. The Surgegraph Longform AI will then finalize the outline for you.

AI Will Write the Whole Article For You

After the AI completes your article outline, you can now choose the tone, creativity, and readability of the article. Next, click the ‘Start Writing’ button, and the Surgegraph Longform AI will begin writing the entire article for you.

SEO Suggestion and Auto-Optimized

After Longform AI finishes writing the article, your content is already optimized and ready for publication.

While the generated content by Longform AI is optimized, there’s room for additional optimization. You have two options: manually optimize it by following the SEO suggestions or use the Auto-Optimize feature, which allows you to optimize the article with just a few clicks.

The entire process, from entering keywords to writing the article, takes just 2 minutes to complete. With auto-optimization, it takes 5 minutes overall or even less.

During peak server times with a large number of users, auto-optimization might take longer, but the writing speed remains consistent.

Watch the uncut video below, demonstrating how you can generate a high-quality and SEO-optimized article using Surgegraph Longform AI in just 5 minutes.


After Surgegraph Longform AI generates an article, I always recommend conducting a manual check of the content.

While the generated content is often good enough for publishing, it’s crucial to make a habit of utilizing your expertise for fact-checking the article

Do Articles/Blogposts Generate by Surgegraph Rank on Google?

You can see from the screenshot above how my article about Quiet Gaming Keyboards ranks well in the search results. I generated the article by using Surgegraph AI.


With this tool, you can streamline your writing tasks on your website, greatly aiding in building topical authority within your site’s niche. If you have any further questions about Surgegraph, I’ll do my best to provide answers.

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