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Namecheap is the best

Namecheap: Everything You Need To Know 2024

For me as a website owner, a domain name is very important since it represents the whole website and a very crucial in online business. That is why having the best domain name registrar is a must to store all of your domain names.

Among all the domain name registrars, my number one choice is Namecheap, and I’m very satisfied with their service.

Today I will share with you my real experience with this company, and give you the reason why Namecheap is the best domain name registrar.

1. Cheap

namecheap domain names for domain flipping

The number one reason why Namecheap is the best for me is its pricing, based on its name it is true that they have the cheapest domains among all the domain name registrars.

When you buy a domain name on Namecheap you will expect to pay only $8 for every dot com domain extension, and not just that, there is also a promo code for your first domain name purchase.

By using their Promo code, you can buy your first domain name for only $5. It’s pretty cheap compared to some domain registrars where I pay about $12 for a dot com domain whereas it is only $5 on Namecheap.

Namecheap Domain Name is cheap but I can make them cheaper use this link to buy a .com domain for only $0.90, promo up to May 2022 only, and enjoy the discounts.

2. User-Friendly Dashboard

namecheap dashboard

Next is their dashboard, Namecheap dashboard is simple, clean, and very easy to use, all the things that you need to manage a domain can easily be located in its dashboard, based on my own experience, I haven’t any trouble finding some setting that I needed to use on their Dashboard.

3. Domain Investors Friendly  

Aside from being a website owner, I’m also a domain investor. I buy and sell domain names called it is a kind of online business called “domain flipping”. 

If you want to know more about the domain flipping business you can read my article called “Domain flipping guide for beginners

If you haven’t heard about it, the guide that I wrote can help you to understand what domain flipping is and to avoid the same mistake that I made when I first started to invest in a domain name.

Namecheap UI is good for domain investors since its dashboard is very easy to use especially for managing multiple domain names.

You can easily change the DNS setting of your domain which is very helpful in domain flipping. 

You are free to choose their basic DNS or use custom DNS settings, these features are good if you want to point the domain name to any domain name marketplace.

4. Domain Marketplace (Sell A Domain Name In Namecheap)

sell domain on namecheap

By using Namecheap, you can also list your unused domain name for sale in its marketplace, it also greate for domain flipping, the more marketplace your domain is being listed the more exposure it would get, and a higher chance to be sold.

Even if you are not a domain investor but you have some unused domain, you can get some profit from it by listing on their marketplace.

You just need to click on the domain name that you want to sell, then click the sell domain name button > then enter the price, and how many days you want it to be listed > then click the sell button and it will be listed in their marketplace.

5. Namecheap Domain Transfer

namecheap domain transfer

This is feature is one of the main reasons that I like this company is how easy it is to transfer a domain name, their fast transfer is excellent for domain flipping, it was fast and free.

Note that these features will only work if you want to transfer your domain name to another Namecheap account, domain push transfer is ideal if you have a direct buyer of your unused domain name. 

The process of push transfer in Namecheap is so easy, you just need to login to your Namecheap account > then navigate to your domain list tab > find a domain you want to transfer and click manage > then head over to sharing and transfer tab > then over the new ownership and enter the email address of the destination Namecheap account (buyer).

Then after that, enter your Namecheap account password then click the change button and that’s it you successfully transfer a domain name through Namecheap push transfer.

Take note before you do that. You should use escrow for your owner’s safety and avoid being scammed, please do it responsibly.

6. Lot Of Tutorials Available

Namecheap is one the most popular domain registrar, and since it is cheap and has a good service, there are a lot of people that are using Namecheap, and because it is popular it is much easy to find tutorials on the things that you want to learn in Namecheap.

You can easily find video tutorials or articles on the internet, with regards to the things that you want to learn about  Namecheap.

7. Free Domain

On some occasions you can get a domain name for free in Namecheap, Yes it is completely free, all you need to do is to participate in some special events and you will get one free domain name.

Recently I get a free dot site domain name by participating in an idea-based competition, I just give my idea with no effort and I get a one dot site domain name that is free of charge. I know it is a dot site domain name that ain’t popular enough but still free, I can use it to build other website or to sell it for a profit.

8. Buy Domain Name in Namecheap

buy expired domain using namecheap

Another reason that I like Namecheap is how easy it is to buy a domain name. They have a domain marketplace that has an optimized domain search engine to easily search for a domain of your choice.

And Addition to that, you can easily buy an expired domain name using a website called, all you need to do is to find an expired domain name on, and when you find one click the domain name, and a pop-up will appear, then choose Namecheap, and you can now buy the domain.

9. Easy Namecheap Redirect For SEO

namecheap 301 redirect wildcard redirect

Another thing that I love about Namecheap is how easy it is to redirect a domain name and extract the link juice from one domain name to point into another domain name where you want to pass the domain authority.

This feature is very useful in SEO if you want to pass the domain authority by using 301 redirects, and wildcard redirects that are are so useful for passing link juice from the old domain name to your new domain name.

10. Web Hosting

namecheap hosting

Aside from domain name, Namecheap has also had one of the cheapest web hostings, starting at only $1.88 a month you will get shared hosting with 20GB SSD, and a free CDN.

This Shared hosting by Namecheap is good for starting a website with a small amount of traffic, when your traffic increases you can change to a higher plan or choose other web hosting such as VPS web hosting.

Bottom Line

That is the main reason why I love using Namecheap, all the information written in this article is based on my own experience as a website owner, and domain investor, Namecheap help me to organize and manage my domain name pretty well, and as of now I don’t have complains in their services.

If you want to try If you want to buy a domain from Namecheap you can use the button below this article to get a huge discount on your domain name.

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