Forum Rules

Last Updated: 3/17/2023

  • Language: Members can only speak in English. Posts in other languages are not allowed.
  • Username: Usernames with negative, illicit, or foul words are prohibited. Members should choose appropriate usernames that follow this rule.
  • Advertising: Linking to blog posts or blog sites is not allowed. Advertising Discōrd, Telegram, Facebook, TikTok, or any social media sites are not allowed. Avoid posting You’Tube links or channels as it is considered an advertisement. Any form of advertisement pertaining to other forum sites is strictly prohibited. If you are an advertiser that is interested to advertise on this website, contact us.
  • Spamming: Refrain from making single or all smiley posts as they can appear to be spam and are too vague to be good feedback. This “PM me” kind of thread isn’t allowed. This includes “post here and I’ll PM you”, “post your email”, or any “post to PM” threads.
  • Trading: Buying, selling, or trading prohibited items are not allowed. Do not create reservation threads. PPD or PPC without direct link mirror.
  • Avatar and Signature: Use of avatars, signatures, profile pictures or screenshots containing any name or initials that resemble the name of other forum sites is considered advertising and should be avoided.
  • Referral: Posting multiple threads about the same referral isn’t allowed.
  • Do not post any offensive, obscene, or discriminatory content. This includes, but is not limited to, hate speech, racism, sexism, and discrimination based on age, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Do not spam the forum with irrelevant or repetitive messages. Avoid double-posting or bumping your own threads excessively.
  • Do not promote illegal activities or share links to pirated software, copyrighted material, or adult content.
  • Do not impersonate other members or moderators, or misrepresent yourself in any way.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling in your posts to ensure clarity and readability.
  • Keep discussions on topic and relevant to the forum category or thread subject.
  • Report any inappropriate content or behavior to the moderators using the appropriate channels.
  • Failure to comply with the forum rules may result in a warning or ban from the forum