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Captain Caviar Cookie Toppings Build In Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Best Toppings for Captain Caviar Cookie (Editors Choice)-Full set of searing raspberry toppings
  • Toppings To Increase Survivability Of Captain Caviar Cookie (2nd Choice)- Full set of solid almond toppings
  • Toppings For Skill Cooldown (3rd choice)- Full set of swift chocolate toppings

Captain Caviar Cookie is one of the newest epic cookies from the Legend of the Duskgloom Sea update. It was released together with the legendary black pearl cookie, and a support-type candy diver cookie. This cookie is known to deal a huge amount of damage.

I obtained the captain caviar cookie from the update, and I have been using it as my main cookie in PVE and PVP. It was its ability which is why it is one of my favorite cookies. In this article let me give you info about captain caviar cookie in the game Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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Captain Caviar Toppings guide

When it comes to topping there are three kinds of topping that I’ve recommended. A full set of searing raspberry toppings, a full set of swift chocolate toppings, or a full set of solid almond toppings.

captain caviar cookie toppings raspberry

Searing Raspberry toppings is one of the best-recommended toppings for Captain Caviar. It is also the kind of topping that I’ve mostly used for this cookie. Since Captain Caviar is one of my main damage dealers, I want this cookie to produce as much damage from it. The searing raspberry is what I find the best topping to amplify the damage from its skills.

full set of solid almond toppings

The searing raspberry topping can greatly increase the amount of damage from Captain Caviar’s skill. But captain caviar is a bit squishy. Without proper support, captain caviar can die easily in just a few seconds in the arena. A full set of solid almond toppings can give him the damage resistance that he needs to survive some hard combo of your opponents in the arena during PVP.

Full Set Of Swift Chocolate Toppings- Toppings For Skill Cooldown

full set of swift chocolate toppings

Another recommended Captain Caviar Cookie toppings is a full set of swift chocolate toppings. I don’t use these toppings frequently but this was also very effective. Remember that Captain Caviar can produce debuff resistance and defense reduction to its enemy? Using a full set of swift chocolate toppings, give you more time to use its skill. It was because swift chocolate toppings are so effective in decreasing the skill cooldown.

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Captain Caviar Story

captain caviar cookie story
Cookie Run: Kingdom

Black Shark Torpedo (Skill Name)

captain caviar cookie skill

Skill Description:

Captain’s orders! The Black Shark submarine will appear at Captain Caviar Cookie’s call, shoot 3 Black Shark Torpedoes at the enemies, and grant all allies with Debuff Resistant. Augmented with the latest technology of the Republic, the torpedoes will aim for the enemy with the lowest HP (targets Cookies first) in descending order. Once the torpedo hits the target, it will cause an explosion, dealing area damage and inflicting DEF reduction. Captain Caviar Cookie is immune to any type of Fear, for he is a fearless sea wolf. While Captain Caviar Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

Black Shark Torpedo Skill Effects

This Captain Caviar ability is what makes this cookie one of the new favorites amongst players. It can deal a huge amount of damage, gives debuff resistance to its allies, and cause defense reduction to its enemies. Imagine the damage it can deal after the defense reduction has been activated and is bombarded by two kinds of damage from its torpedos.

Yes, there its torpedos that can deal two kinds of damage. The first one is from a direct hit, then the secondary damage is from its AOE damage or area damage that is so effective in any scenario.

cookie run kingdom gatcha

For now, there is only one way to get Captain Caviar Cookie which is gacha. By doing gacha there is a certain chance to get Captain Caviar Cookie or its soul stone based on your luck. I was able to promote my Captain Caviar to three-star without spending even a single cent. It was because I successfully draw Captain Caviar Cookie in a special gacha event multiple times.

If the special gacha event for Captain Caviar is over, its probability will drop. Making Captain Caviar Cookie harder to obtain. If you’re a bit unlucky save your mileage points since Captain Caviar’s soul stone might appear in the mileage shop from an upcoming update. But for now, the only way to get Captain Caviar and Its soul stone is through gacha.

Captain Caviar Video

Frequently Ask Questions For Captain Caviar

Is captain Caviar a girl or a boy?

Captain Caviar is a boy, he is the head of the house caviar and is active in a war against piracy.

What topping should you use on Captain Caviar?

If you want to deal more damage use raspberry, if you want him to have a higher survival rate use solid almond, and if you want to use his skill more frequently use swift chocolate toppings.

How to get Captain Caviar?

Gatcha is the only way to get captain caviar for now. Might be available in the mileage shop and world exploration soon, but for now, gacha is the only way.

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