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Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings Build In Cookie Run Kingdom

  • 5X searing raspberry toppings (recommended)
  • 5X solid almond toppings (alternative)
  • 5X Juicy apple toppings (alternative)

The best toppings for Caramel Arrow Cookie is a 5X of searing raspberry toppings since she is a range type cookie that can deal huge ammount of damage to the enemy. Solid almond is also a good alternative since she can switch into a melee types that often position at the front most part of the line.

5X juicy apple toppings on the other hand is also a good alternative to increase her critical damage to the opponents.

Caramel arrow cookie toppings full set of raspberry
Best Toppings for Caramel Arrow: Searing Raspberry Toppings

Caramel Arrow Cookie is a range type. Like most range-type cookies their main role is to inflict a great amount of damage on their target. Since Caramel Arrow has a good potential to be a damage dealer in the team. We need to take advantage of it by using a full set of searing raspberry toppings, this will greatly increase the ATK damage of your Caramel Arrow.

caramel arrow cookie toppings full set of solid almond

Our second recommended topping for Caramel Arrow was a full set of Solid almonds. It was because Caramel Arrow was in a front position and the thing is she was not a tank. She is not a charge or defense cookie, although she has a higher HP compared to other ranged-type cookies. It is also better to boost her defense for survival.

caramel arrow cookie toppings full set of juicy apple

Aside from searing raspberry or swift chocolate toppings. There is also a set of toppings that I think was worth trying. The Juicy Apple Jelly toppings are what I mostly used on my Caramel Arrow. It was because her skill was based on the target’s HP and a critical strike is a great additional burst of damage when activated.

A full set of Juicy Apple Jelly, can enhance the critical chance of your Caramel Arrow and deal more damage.

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Caramel Arrow Cookie Story

caramel arrow cookie story
Cookie Run: Kingdom
caramel arrow cookie skill

Skill name: Arrow of Resolution

Skill Description:

Few enemies can keep their wits when they see the twin blades turning into a bow! Caramel Arrow Cokie performs a ranged attack (targets Cookies first) and leaves an Arrow Mark on the hit enemy. After the ranged attack, the Arrow Mark explodes when Caramel Arrow Cookies rushes towards the enemy, dealing DMG proportional to the enemy’s Max HP (this DMG is capped at 300,000). During the ranged attack, Caramel Arrow Cookie receives a buff that makes her immune to debuffs. While Caramel Arrow Cookie is using her skill, she will become resistant to interrupting effects.

Skill Effects

  • Skill cooldown: 10 seconds base cooldown
  • Range attack: 8.0 sec
  • Single hit DMG: 88.3% (+1.2% DMG per level)
  • Arrow mark: 12-second duration, stacks up to max 12 times
  • DMG relative to Max HP (Cookies): 22.1% (+0.3% DMG per level)
  • DMG relative to Max HP (Others): 2.2% (+0.03% DMG per level)
  • Immunity for 8.0 sec

Upon using the skill, Caramel Arrow Cookie jumped from the front to the rearmost part of the formation. It quickly changes from melee to ranged type cookie. While in the range mode, Caramel Arrow put a mark on its target while infliction damage with her arrow.

After the range mode has finished, Caramel Cookie returns to its melee form and rushes its target with an Arrow mark. The mark will explode the moment Caramel Arrow hit the target with its melee attack. Causing damage based on target Max HP.

Caramel Arrow is a tank buster. The more Max HP her target has, the more damage they can receive. The Caramel Arrow skill is very effective in eliminating tanky cookies. We all know that if we want to win swiftly in the PVP we must eliminate the tank first.

In addition to that, casting her skill also give her immunity to debuff for 8 seconds.

Like Affogato Cookie, you can’t also get Caramel Arrow in the world exploration. It means that if you really want to get Caramel Cookie for your team. There are only two ways to obtain a Caramel Arrow, which are through spending crystals through gacha and collecting Caramel Arrow Soulstone in the mileage shop.

If you are still not aware of a Mileage shop, it is the shop that you can find inside the gacha. Theirs a lot of useful items that you can buy in the Mileage shop including Soul stone. You just need to buy at least 20 pieces of Caramel Arrow Soul stone to summon Caramel Arrow.

Every time you draw in gacha you will earn mileage points based on the cookie that you obtained. Those points can be used to buff stuff in the mileage shop. You will need to have at least 2000 mileage points to buy 20 Caramel Arrow soul stones for summoning Caramel Arrow.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What topping is good for Caramel Arrow Cookie?

There are two recommended toppings for Caramel Arrow Cookie. First is the searing raspberry to improve its damage, and the solid almond toppings to increase its survivability.

Is Caramel Arrow Cookie a tank?

Not really, Caramel Arrow is a hybrid. She can freely switch through ranged and melee, but she is classified as a range-type cookie. Although Caramel arrow Cookie is a bit tanky compared to some ranged cookies, she was still not a real tank-like defense and charge-type cookie.

Are Caramel Arrow cookies good?

Yes, she is, Caramel Arrow is a tank buster. Her skill targeted enemies based on their Max HP. This means when a cookie is a tank with high HP the more damage it can receive from Caramel Arrow Skill.