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cookie run kingdom review

Cookie Run Kingdom Review: Full Review

cookie run kingdom review story
Release Date
January 19, 2021
Android, IOS

First of all welcome to our Cookie Run Kingdom review. If you are a fan of mobile games, there’s a chance that you’ve heard of the game Cookie Run kingdom. This popular mobile game has taken the hearts of players by offering a charming and compelling experience with a cast of precious cookie characters. If you were new to this game, you might come up with questions if this game is worth your time.?

I will answer all that questions by dividing deep into everything that the Cookie Run Kingdom has to offer, from its graphics, gameplay, story, free-to-play friendly, and most importantly if it is worth playing.

I already create different guides and content about this game like Toppings Guide, Cookie Run Kingdom Tier list, and more. I’ve been playing Cookie Run Kingdom for about seven months from this day of writing. It is a sufficient amount of time to give you the most in-depth review of this game. So without further ado let’s dive in.

captain caviar cookie run kindom sample graphics
cookie run kingdom review graphics sample

First, let’s talk about the graphics, I know some of you guys are spoiled with beautiful 3D realistic graphics from other games but in this game it is different. It doesn’t have realistic graphics but instead, they offer a well build 2D graphics that are pleasing to the eye.

The colors a well-chosen and every cookie character have resembled gingerbread. Its characters have colorful designs that are both unique and adorable at the same time. The background is also impressive, showing detailed landscapes that add depth to the game.

Cookie Run Kingdom graphics are also child friendly without any skin exposure that parents would worry about. Cookie Run Kingdom’s age rating is E 10+ because it doesn’t have much violence which is good even for kids.

Cookie Run Kingdom Review: Story

cookie run kingdom review story
cookie run kingdom review story

Cookie Run kingdom is a mobile game with a rich story. The story starts when chaos in the earth’s bread has subsided the five ancient cookies, leading every kingdom to the golden ages that they enjoy for years.

But peace suddenly came to an end when a force or darkness called “Dark Enchantress Cookie” start ravaging and bringing chaos to the world. The five ancient cookies confronted the Dark Enchantress and cause a massive battle between the opposing force. The Darkness has won and the five ancient cookies vanish from existence.

As the battle of the two great forces finishes a single cookie named GingerBrave emerges. GingerBrave was the very first cookie that you will encounter in the game. As a player, you will help GingerBrave on his journey by gathering some powerful allies to save the Earthbread from evil forces.

cookie run kingdom gameplay
cookie run kingdom review gameplay

Strategy Mobile Game

Cookie Run Kingdom Review Gameplay strategy game
Cookie Run Kingdom Review Gameplay strategy game

Cookie Run Kingdom gameplay is a mix of a strategy game and a role-playing game. At first, you will fight some evil forces while slowly gathering some allied cookies. Then at a certain level, you will unlock a kingdom feature, and start to build your kingdom in the game.

Like some other strategy mobile games, the higher level you’ve to reach the more features you can unlock to your kingdom. You can build more infrastructure that will help your kingdom to thrive by providing various essential resources.

The resources that you’ve crafted can be used to make your cookie characters stronger to fight all the forces of evil.


cookie run kingdom review pve
cookie run kingdom review pve

Cookie Run Kingdom is also an RPG game fighting evil forces by unearthing the mysteries in the game. The PVE in Cookie Run kingdom is mainly based on the storyline of the game called “World Exploration”.

The World Exploration start when you have to build your cookie teams and follow the storyline. As your level progresses in the world exploration, you will know more about what exactly happens in the Earthbread, defeating the source of evil to restore peace in the world of cookies

Every time, you’ve completed a certain level in the world exploration you will earn a reward such as coins, star jellies, and crystals which can be used in cookie gacha.

There are also other PVE modes in the game that you can play aside from the main storyline of World Exploration like Tropical soda Island where you will fight enemies like pirate cookies and other monsters to free the island and get some rewards.

Another PVE mode in the Cookie Run Kingdom is a guild battle where you and your guild mate can challenges powerful bosses. Defeating bosses in a guild fight can earn you different rewards and have a chance to obtain a powerful Legendary cookie by buying it from the guild medal shop using the heroic medal that you can earn from fighting bosses.


cookie run kingdom pvp arena
cookie run kingdom review pvp arena

Aside from PVE, there is a also PVP game mode in Cookie Run Kingdom called “Kingdom Arena”. The cookie battle in Kingdom Arena is not a real-time battle instead it was an offense and defense type of battle.

Upon entering the arena, there is a list of cookie teams that you can challenge in a fight, every time you win you will earn a reward and have a chance to rank higher in the arena ranking.

By the end of the season, you will receive valuable rewards based on your current ranking. You can also assemble a cookie defender team of yours which will defend your ranking from other challengers so you can remain on your current ranking even if you’re offline.

The only thing that I don’t like in their PVP mode was the auto-battle. After you choose an opponent, you have no control over your cookie team since they will just cast their skill automatically.

In my own opinion, auto-battle is not a good thing since you can’t choose your own combo during the battle. Your strategy only matters when choosing a team composition and treasures, and when the fight starts, you don’t have control of your cookie team which is a downside for me.

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cookie run kingdom review gacha

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a mix of a role-playing game, a strategy game, and a gacha game. If you’re familiar with the gacha game, I’m pretty sure that you are aware that most gacha games aren’t free-to-play friendly.

But surprisingly Cookie Run Kingdom is a free-to-play gacha game. In fact, it is the only video game that I’ve played in the gacha system based on luck. In other games, you will never get valuable items in their gacha without spending real money.

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, you might obtain some rare rewards like Super Epic Cookie, Legendary Cookies, and Ancient Cookie without the need to spend real money.

It happens to me every- time, I obtain Legendary and Ancient Cookie when I’m lucky without spending a single cent. I just gather some crystal for free, do some gacha, and test my luck. Kudos to developers for making their gacha system unbiased and free-to-play friendly.

You can rarely find games that give chance to play players like Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom is a really good online mobile game to play. It is fun to play games, but it has some caveats. The only thing that I didn’t like about this game was it wasn’t as it is smooth as it should be. Cookie Run Kingdom is kinda laggy which is a real downside of this mobile game.

Considering the fact that the game was only a 2D mobile game. It wasn’t a high graphics with realistic visuals so it must be smoother to play. I have played a lot of high-graphics mobile games and they are even smoother than playing Cookie Run: Kingdom which is a real disappointment for a game with 2D graphics.

Cookie Run Kingdom was smoother to play on IOS but in Android, it wasn’t as smooth as it should be. I played this game on different Android devices and I can say that a budget phone can suffer some serious lagging issues on this game. Even a mid-range Android device may suffer from major lags.

It can only be played smoother using a flagship Android device, but hey this was just a 2D mobile online game. So this kind of game should be smoother to play even on a budget Android device. So dev, if you read this review article, you must fix the game and make it smoother for lower devices, because this game should be enjoyed even for a lower-end device.

It was also shameful that a game with this kind of simpler graphics that aren’t even close to some mobile games with high graphics still suffers from major lagging issues.

Should I recommend playing Cookie Run Kingdom? Well Yeah, even though their mobile game was not as smoother to play as expected. It was still fun to play and addictive.

The graphics are okay, and the gameplay was fantastic. It was also free-to-play friendly so you can still compete with other players even if you’re not planning to spend some money on the game.

With its gaming features, I can definitely say that Cookie Run Kingdom was indeed worth playing.

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Is Cookie Run: Kingdom worth playing?

Yes, Cookie Run Kingdom is a simple yet addictive mobile game. It has simple but good graphics and amazing gameplay, it is also free-to-play friendly. Which in my opinion was really worth playing.

Is Cookie Run a good gacha?

Yes, it gacha system might be expensive like some gacha games. But what this game stand out from the rest is how fair its gacha are. Even free users can have a chance to get really good items from its gacha for free.

Cookie Run Kingdom Review
Review Summary
Cookie Run Kingdom is a good game to play on mobile, it was available to play on both Android and IOS, the graphics are interesting, the 2D animation is pleasing to the eye, and the gameplay was amazing. I don’t have any complaints about the gameplay. It was fun to play, and entertaining.The only downside of this game, was the user experience, it was one of the worst 2D online games that I’ve played. It was unacceptable for the fact that Cookie Run Kingdom was just a 2D game but it was so laggy for lower-end Android devices. If you want to play this game smoothly, make sure to play it on a midrange android device or on an IOS. Since Cookie Run kingdom was well optimized for IOS but not on Android.
User Experience
Easy to play
Free-to-play friendly
Fun to play
Laggy server
Not advisable to play to lower end device
Poorly optimized game for Android