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Cookie Run Kingdom Team Build

Cookie Run Kingdom Team Build Guide

Welcome to our Cookie Run Kingdom Team Build Guide, If you are new to this website let me introduce myself, I’m Mirage and I’m a long-time player of the game Cookie Run Kingdom.

In this article, let me give you all the things that you’ll need to know on how to build a team in the game. Building a team composition in the game is very important, you can randomly add any cookie that you want to your team, but it will not be affected than building a proper team composition.

As a long-time player of Cookie Run Kingdom, let me give you some tips on how to build a team composition in Cookie Run Kingdom the proper way.

Cookie Run Kingdom is also a strategy mobile game, your strategy is very important in this kind of game if you want to clear easily stages in PVE or defeat your opponents in the arena you must also use a very good strategy for building a proper team composition.

Below are the important tips that you should know on building a cookie-run kingdom team.

Start Of The Game

Cookie Run Kingdom team build: the first cookie team
The first cookie team

If you are just starting the game, you will encounter different cookies, These cookies are the original, they are like the main character in the game cookie run kingdom.

These characters are GingerBrave, Strawberry Cookie, Wizard Cookie, Custar Cookie lll, and Chili Pepper Cookie, at this point, you don’t need yet to build your own team composition since you are just in the tutorial part. But based on the main characters it will give you a hint on how to properly build a team in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Choose Your Tank

In Cookie Run Kingdom team composition tank is very important, even if you have a strong DPS–if you don’t have a better tank and your opponents have the same levels as your cookies you are in big trouble.

In choosing a tank in your Cookie team composition you have three options. You can use defense-type cookies, charge cookies, or both. These two types of cookies have the highest HP in the game, they are both front liners and have the ability to absorb a high amount of damage from enemies.

Charge Cookies As A Tank

Charge cookies as a tank

Even though charge and defense cookies can be used in a tank, they are different from each other. Charge cookies can also deal massive damage to the enemies, they are known to deal melee damage to all enemies.

Defense Cookies As A Tank

Defense cookies as a tank

On the other hand, a defense-type cookie is a pure defensive cookie. They lack the offensive capability and their main role is to protect their allies from enemy attacks.

If you want to have a tank that can also deal massive damage you can use a charge cookie. But if you want a tank that can protect its allies at all costs defense cookie is the right for you to choose.

Double Tank

Double tank team composition

If you want a more tanky cookie team composition, you can use a double tank in your Cookie team. This kind of build is ideal to last longer in a tough fight in the arena or PVE.

You can use either one charge cookie plus one defense cookie, two defense cookies, or two charge cookies as your double tank in the game. This kind of build will give a higher chance that your DPS cookie is protected from incoming attacks by the enemy.


DPS cookie team

DPS is often called for cookies that are damage dealers in the game. DPS cookies are highly important since they are the cookies that are responsible to execute the kill.

If the tank’s role is to protect its allies, a DPS’s main role is to eliminate every opponent as quickly as possible. In choosing a good damage dealer, there are types of cookies that are perfect for this role.

Cookies that are magic-type, ambush, and bomber cookies are a kind of DPS cookies that are mostly to inflict damage to enemies in a single blow.

Another kind of DPS cookie is the ranged type, they are like a marksman in other games. Their DPS was based on their normal attack that enhance when using the skill. Almost all ranged cookies are recommended to build using a speed team composition.

You can also add range-type cookies on a burst DPS cookies like magic, ambush, or bomber. But for me, range-type cookies are highly affected when used in a speed team composition.

Dont Build a Team Without A Healer

Dont build a team without a healer

One of the most important cookies that you should always add to your cookie team is a healer. Without a healer, your cookie run kingdom team will not last on the battlefield especially if you’re fighting an opponent that has the same level and same attack power as your cookie team.

Healers can keep your team alive and increase their survival in PvE and PVP which makes them very important cookies in your team. There are two kinds of healers that you can use– a healer-type, which are full fledge healers and cant inflict damage to the enemies, and the support-type.

Some support-type cookies can also be used as a healer since they have a healing ability like Cotton Cookie and Parfait Cookie they are both support types but they can also heal their allies.

Double Healer

Double healer team composition in cookie run kingdom

Another good combination when building a cookie team was using a double healer, this kind of strategy is also very effective in PVP. You can use one healer-type cookie and add a support type with a healing ability.

Using a double healer can prolong a fight until your DPS slowly eliminates your enemy cookies one by one. I use this kind of strategy in PVP more often and it is also very effective even in PvE.

Now that you are aware of a very important key factor in building a Cookie Run Kingdom team, let me give you some examples of Cookie Run Kingdom Team that are highly effective in the game.

The team composition that I will show you is what I usually used and some are cookie team meta that I encounter in the arena.

Hollyberry + Wildberry Meta Team Composition

Cookie run kingdom team: Hollyberry-wildberry-meta-team-composition
Hollyberry + Wildberry meta team composition

In the higher tier, you will encounter this kind of Cookie team. A team composed of Hollyberry and Wildberry as a double tank, this kind of cookie team is highly effective since Hollyberry is the number 1 defense type cookie. She can absorb a portion of the damage received by her enemies and also push enemies to interrupt their movement.

Wildberry Cookie skill stuns enemies and sends them flying backward, the combined skills of Wildberry and Hollyberry can push the opponent’s tank backward exposing their DPS cookie to become vulnerable to incoming attacks.

HollyBerry + Financier

cookie run kingdom team: hollyberry + financier
hollyberry + financier

This cookie team composition is also a double tank, This build will take advantage of Hollyberry protection plus the skill of Financier that will also protect the ally with the highest attack.

This kind of build will usually use a single DPS like Moonlight to do all the damage to the enemies while protected by Financier and Hollyberry Cookie.

This kind of build will be paired by two healers to ensure that Moonlight is fully protected while doing all the damage to the enemies.

cookie run kingdom team: Frost-queen-sherbet-pinecone-cookie
Frost queen+ sherbet+ pinecone cookie team composition

Another set of teams that are also good to try is a frost team composition. This team is composed mainly of Frost Queen, Sherbet, and Pinecone Cookie.

This set can inflict a tremendous amount of damage since both Frost Queen and Sherbet can frost enemies and their damage increases when their enemies are thawed.

Pinecone’s skill also stunned enemies when they suffered from frost, the combined frozen effect of Sherbet, Frost Queen, and Stunned by Pinecone will surely give a hard time to all enemies.

Moonlight + Stardust

Moonlight and Stardust are one of the two terrifying duos that you can encounter in the arena. Moonlight is one of the meta and probably the most overpowered cookie today.

Her skill can deal a massive amount of damage and make her target fall asleep while sleeping their skill cooldown will pause which is really annoying when moonlight is your opponent.

Stardust is also a meta cookie, like Moonlight Stardust can also inflict a high amount of damage and adds a ton of debuff to its target, aside from it his skill can also make his enemies fall asleep by chance.

Having this duo in your cookie team will surely inflict a devastating effect on opponents and the sleep effect can distort their movement and skill cooldown, if your lucky you can finish your opponents before their DPS even cast their skill.


So that’s it, I’m sure that I answer all the questions that boggling in your mind about Cookie Run Kindom Team Build. I already give you all the things that you should look for when building a team in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

I also give you an idea of what are some of the best team compositions out there and try to recreate your team from it. If there are some things that I forget to mention in this article, feel free to join the forum section of this website and I will try to answer it personally.

It’s free you join anytime, see yah.

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