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Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings Guide

Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings Guide

Cookie Run Kingdom toppings are one of the most searched topics about the mobile game Cookie Run: Kingdom. Even I admitted that I didn’t understand the Cookie Run Kingdom toppings at first.

With a variety of toppings to use in the game, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which ones are the best. I will admit, during my first hours playing this mobile game about a year ago I play world exploration and arena without using toppings.

It was because I’m not aware of the toppings built at first. But after a year of playing Cookie Run: Kingdom I’m now fully aware of how to use it. As a gamer that has been playing this mobile game for about a year, let me give you some tips in this Cookie Run Kingdom toppings guide.

  • Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings
  • What are Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings
  • What You’ll Need To Know About Cookie Toppings
  • Upgrading Cookie Toppings
  • How To Get Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings

If you prefer a video about Cookie Run Kingdom toppings, you can watch this video version that I’ve made for you.

Cookie run kingdom toppings guide: Types of toppings
Cookie run kingdom toppings

To fully understand this tutorial, I list below the Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings and their types as a base. I only include the effects of Medium toppings (Epic Toppings) because it is the only size of toppings that you should I upgrade to the maximum level.

Types Of Toppings and Its Effects (Medium/Epic)

  • Searing Raspberry Toppings- ATK 3%
  • Hard Walnut Toppings- DEF 3%
  • Sweet Candy Toppings- Amplify Buff 1.8%
  • Fresh Kiwi Toppings- Debuff Resist 1.8%
  • Heart Hazelnut Toppings- Crit Resist 2.1%
  • Healthy Peanut Toppings- HP 3%
  • Bouncy Caramel Toppings- ATK SPD 1.7%
  • Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings- CRIT% 3%
  • Swift Chocolate Toppings- Cooldown 1.8%
  • Solid Almond Toppings- DMG Resist 1.7%

Toppings Tips:

You can also equip extra small (Common) or small toppings (Rare) but I personally suggest that you shouldn’t upgrade it more than once. Since early level in the world exploration or other PvE scenarios is too easy and upgrading smaller toppings isn’t necessary.

When your level progress, enemies become stronger and stronger. You should only use medium toppings when you reach a high level and upgrade it to a maximum level— if the topping’s bonus effects are good.

Toppings in Cookie Run: Kingdom acts like an item to boost the ability of your cookies. Every topping type has different effects and every single topping has different bonus effects of what other’s called “sub-stats”.

Each toppings bonus effects unlock after the toppings upgrade. You can upgrade the single piece of toppings to level 6 to reveal the first bonus effect, then upgrade to level 9 to unlock the second bonus effects, then upgrade to level 12 to unlock the last bonus effects.

cookie run kingdom toppings guide: bonus effect
Cookie run kingdom toppings bonus effect

Always remember that every topping has different bonus effects. So always keep the toppings with good bonus effects since there is no guarantee that you can get a topping with a good bonus effect every time.

The toppings bonus effects or sub-stats will appear in the overall results of the toppings build of your cookie. The better toppings build effects the stronger your cookie will get.

Below is the list of toppings bonus effects and their percentage that you might unlock in every topping upgrade.

ATK 1%- 3%DEF 1%-3%
HP 1%-3%ATK SPD 1%-3%
CRIT 1%-3%Cooldown 1%-2%
DMG Resistant 1%-6%CRIT Resistant 3%-4%
Amplify Buff 1%-2%Debuff Resistant 1%-2%
Toppings Bonus Effect
cookie run kingdom topping set effects
Cookie run kingdom topping set effects

Toppings set can also unlock set effect, it is an additional attribute if you equip toppings of the same kind. One example is the searing raspberry toppings– If you equip three searing raspberry you can unlock the set A effect which is an additional ATK of 3%. If you equipped a complete set of searing raspberry you will unlock a set B effect that is an additional 5% of ATK.

Note that not all toppings have set B effects, others like Juicy Apple Jelly only have set A effects. I list down below the toppings that have both set A and B effect, and toppings that only has set B effects.

Toppings That Has SET A and SET B Effects

  • Searing Raspberry Toppings
  • Hard Walnut Toppings
  • Sweet Candy Toppings
  • Fresh Kiwi Toppings
  • Heart Hazelnut Toppings
  • Healthy Peanut Toppings
  • Bouncy Caramel Toppings

Toppings With Only SET A Effects

  • Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings
  • Swift Chocolate Toppings
  • Solid Almond Toppings

Where can you get all of these toppings? you might ask. Well, when you keep playing this mobile game you will surely get these toppings especially if you always play in World exploration. The most used toppings in this game are searing raspberry, swift chocolate toppings, and solid almond toppings.

If you run out of these toppings, below are the certain ways and locations to get additional toppings in the game.

  • World Exploration Episode 8 Stages 8-29 Higher Chance For Searing Raspberry And Solid Almond Epic Toppings Drop
  • World Exploration Episode 8 Stages 8-25 Higher Chance For Swift Chocolate Toppings Drop
  • Balloon Dock
  • Seaside Market
  • Medal Shop
  • Guild Medal Shop

You can probably get some epic cookie toppings in any stage from episode 6 and above but based on my own experience. Episode 8 stages 8-29 and stages 8-25 have the highest drop for epic searing raspberry, solid almond, and swift chocolate toppings.

You can also buy get some epic toppings (medium toppings) in Balloon Dock, Seaside Market, Medal shop, and Guild Medal shop. But I recommend that you should not just keep buying toppings in the medal shop and guild shop.

Because there are some items that you should prioritize buying in Medal Shop and Guild shop which are like Ancient and Legendary cookie soul stones.

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Upgrading toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom was just easy. You need a lot of toppings pieces and coins, every upgrade has a certain success chance. The higher the level of your toppings the lower the success chance is, so always make sure that you have a lot of these materials that you’ll need to upgrade.

Where To Get Toppings Piece

If you run out of toppings piece, below are a list of ways or place in the game to get some Topping Pieces.

  • Balloon Dock
  • Fountain Of Abundance
  • Train Station
  • World Exploration Any Mode
  • Craft Toppings In Magic Laboratory
  • Guild Medal Shop

Bottom Line

I hope that I have answered all your questions about Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings. If there are some things that I forgot to mention in this article let me know in the comment section below. I also create some toppings build for every cookie in the game, you can check them out from the links below.