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Crypto Games: 5 Most Popular Crypto Games

Crypto games are real trends in the gaming community. When games like Crypto Kitties and Axie Infinity hit the mainstream in the year 2018. A lot of indie game companies create their own Crypto games.

This new kind of game is reshaping our perception of gaming, but the question is what exactly are crypto games? Are playing Crypto games worth it? and what are the most popular crypto games of all time? To know all this stuff, let’s not waste more time and let’s dive in on the most popular crypto games.

What Are Crypto Games?

Crypto games are a novel genre of video games that utilize blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to enable players to earn digital assets as they play. Unlike traditional video games, where players are unable to monetize their in-game activities, crypto games allow players to earn cryptocurrency and digital assets that have tangible value outside of the game.

Crypto games are designed to be transparent, secure, and decentralized. The use of blockchain technology guarantees that the digital assets generated in these games are unique, scarce, and cannot be replicated or tampered with. Players can purchase, trade, and sell these assets on blockchain-based marketplaces, giving rise to a new kind of in-game economy.

Crypto games differ from traditional video games because they enable players to directly own and control the digital assets they earn. In traditional video games, the assets are owned by the game’s developer, and players have no control over them. Conversely, crypto games grant players complete ownership of their assets, allowing them to sell, trade, or use them however they wish.

I’ve been playing crypto games for years and based on my own experience, not all items in the crypto games has value, only those that are backed by blockchain like crypto-based token, essential items that can be minted into an NFT and sold to the marketplace after selling you can exchange it to crypto or directly cash out into real cash.

How Crypto Games Works

If you want to earn while playing a crypto game you might want to know every detail about it. I you are curious how crypto games works let me give you some insight on it.

Crypto games work in a blockchain, they use blockchain technology to create authentic and non-fungible assets also known as NFT. If you already play crypto games you will notice that some of them have blockchain-based tokens.

Those tokens aren’t exactly a crypto but instead backed by blockchain. The value of those blockchain-based tokens will depend on the supply-demand, when the supply is higher than the demand you can expect that its value will decrease, but if the supply is scarce its value will increase.

It also works by the backer or investors, you will notice that before a crypto game will be released there is a staking program, which investors can stake based on the amount they wish. The money that the crypto game company gains from its staking program will serve as the initial economy of the game.

Early supporters or investors will receive some advantages in the game and might earn much higher based on the mechanic of the staking program. After that, the whole game economy will be based on the supply and demand chain.

If you want to know more about staking you can watch the video below by CoinGecko, it works the same as staking in crypto games.

Examples Of Some Of The Most Popular Crypto Games Of All Time

Axie Infinity

blockchain games axie infinity

Axie Infinity is probably the number 1 most popular crypto game of all time. It plays a major role in popularizing crypto games, especially in Southeast Asia.

Axie Infinity has a 2D graphics game with turned-based battle gameplay. Players can buy an Axie and form their own Axie team to fight some MOBS in PvE and some other players in the PVP.

Players can earn money by breading some Axies and selling them to the marketplace, they can also earn some valuables that they can trade to earn in the game called SLP.

For now, the hype about Axie Infinity is over, and investing in it is not a good idea. But in the past few years, it gives an opportunity to some of its early players to earn a lot of money.

Crypto Kitties

Cryptokitties first NFT game

CryptoKitties is an avant-garde digital game that has taken the world by storm since its launch on the Ethereum blockchain back in November 2017. In essence, it is a digital collectible game that provides its players with the opportunity to purchase, sell, and breed unique virtual cats, each represented as a non-fungible token (NFT). The introduction of this groundbreaking concept has caused CryptoKitties to rapidly gain momentum, quickly becoming one of the most popular applications on the Ethereum network.

The game operates by leveraging smart contracts to facilitate the breeding and trading of these unique virtual cats, granting users the freedom to exercise complete control over their assets and readily trade them on numerous marketplaces. Its innovative approach to NFTs and user-friendly interface revolutionized the gaming industry, ultimately paving the way for a new wave of blockchain-based games, such as the fan-favorite Axie Infinity and The Sandbox. These cutting-edge games have truly shown the unparalleled potential that blockchain technology possesses in this arena.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a highly innovative and engaging blockchain-based game that has quickly captured the attention and interest of many gaming enthusiasts because of its unique gameplay. It seamlessly blends the immersive qualities of virtual reality and the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology, The Sandbox provides players with a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Players are empowered to construct, design and monetize their own virtual worlds using unique digital assets that are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), such as virtual land and other exclusive items.

Operating on a decentralized platform built on Ethereum, The Sandbox allows players to retain full ownership of their virtual assets. This revolutionary approach grants players the freedom and flexibility to fully control their assets, enabling them to monetize their creativity and efforts. Furthermore, players can take advantage of a comprehensive set of tools to design and create their own games, thereby enhancing the game’s overall versatility and appeal.

The Sandbox has transformed the gaming industry with its unparalleled use of blockchain technology and NFTs. By enabling players to enjoy an unprecedented level of creative control and monetization opportunities, The Sandbox has paved the way for a new era of gaming that will undoubtedly change the way people interact and engage with gaming in the years to come.


mir4 sorcerer

Mir4 is probably the most iconic MMORPG crypto game today. It is a kind of crypto game that you can create and choose from four different combat classes. This game is also one of the highest-earning crypto games as some reports that an NFT character in Mir4 has been sold for about $100,000.

Mir4 proves that a crypto game can go head-to-head against some traditional games in terms of graphics and gameplay. Mir4 has beautiful and realistic graphics that you can truly appreciate, its gameplay is also impressive by proving high-quality combat action in terms of effect and controls in a battle both PVE and PVP.

Nino Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni no kuni MMORPG mobile games

Another popular crypto game today is a AAA game made by Netmarble. This game is a fantasy MMORPG game that has beautiful anime-style graphics.

Players can choose from different characters and play its role. It has a very rich and engaging storyline with truly immersive gameplay. Playing this game you can focus on your adventure in PVE or join kingdoms and engage in a massive PVP battle between other kingdoms.

Ni no Kuni: Crossworlds also offers a lot of PVP game modes that you can enhance your skill even more by fighting some other players. Since the release of this crypto game, it easily become one of the trends in the crypto gaming community, because of its high-quality graphics and gameplay, and at the same time, you can earn money while playing this crypto game.

For more of these crypto games, you can check the list of the best NFT games that I also published on this website.

Frequently Ask Questions For Crypto Games

Is the crypto game legit?

Yes, there are a lot of crypto games that let players earn money based on their efforts and some are based on staking.

How do crypto games make money?

You can make money from crypto games, but it depends on what crypto games you play, some offer blockchain tokens, that can be smelt by players and traded in the marketplace, in some crypto games you can mint your character and sell it to a high price based on its value.

How can I earn crypto for free?

If you want to earn free crypto, I recommend that you play some free-to-play crypto games, those are the kind of crypto games that doesn’t require some investments, where you can earn free crypto just based on your efforts.