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Frost queen Cookie Toppings

Frost Queen Cookie Toppings Build In Cookie Run Kingdom

  • 5X Swift Chocolate Toppings or 5X Searing Raspberry Toppings

The best toppings for Frost Queen Cookie is 5X swift chocolate toppings, this was because of its skill. Frost Queen is one of the most effective crowd control cookie in the game. By using this toppings build your Frost Queen Cookie skill will improve to use more often her skill.

Searing raspberry toppings is also a good choice for an alternative if you want your Frost Queen to maximize its damage. You can use 5X searing raspberry to inflict more damage.

Best frost queen cookie toppings swift chocolate
Best frost queen cookie toppings swift chocolate

The best Frost Queen Cookie toppings build that I highly recommend is a complete set of Swift Chocolate toppings. For a reason that one of the abilities of Frost Queen Cookie is to freeze enemies. Even if the enemy’s skill cooldown is paused when they are in a frozen state, it also reduces the enemy’s attack speed.

Her ability is so useful in the arena to restrict their movement and to delay them to cast their skill. As a user, it is wiser to use a complete set of Swit Chocolate Toppings. In this way, your Frost Queen Cookie will benefit from the fast cooldown effect and give you a chance to cast her skill faster.

Frost queen cookie toppings damage build
damage build

Frost Queen Cookie is one of the most picked cookies in the arena. It was because of her damage and skill effects. She can deal with three kinds of damage– single-hit damage, damage after freeze, and freeze damage. If you will use this cookie in the arena, you should take advantage of its damage capability.

Using a complete set of Searing raspberry with all +12 level toppings, plus an additional attribute of extra ATK DMG can boost her damage capability in a match.

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frost queen Cookie skill
Frost queen Cookie skill
Skill Name: Freezing Squall
Skill Description: Upon using the skill, Frost Queen Cookie released a freezing squall and froze everything it reach– Inflict DMG, add some debuff, and froze all the enemies for a period of time (except for the enemy’s resistance to freezing). All the frozen enemies will suffer from a frost debuff and receive additional damage once the ice has exploded. However, an enemy that has a freezing resistance will only suffer a portion of the damage.
Skill Effects: Single hit DMG: 67.8% (+0.92% DMG per level) | Freeze: 2.0 sec | DMG after Freeze: 271.2% of ATK (+3.69% DMG per level): targets resistant to freezing receive only 70.0% of this DMG | Frost: Enemies hit by Freezing Squall get -10.0% ATK Speed and Freeze DMG: +140.0% (capped at 350%) for 20 sec.
Frost Queen Cookie Skill and Effects


Frost queen cookie story
Frost queen cookie story
Cookie Run: Kingdom

Frost Queen Cookie is a legendary cookie, and like all legendary cookies, it is hard to get one. There are only a few possible ways to get this cookie which I list below.

  • Gacha- You can try your luck using a lot of crystals in Gacha. Try to always use 3000 crystals for a ten-times draw rather than a single draw for a better chance.
  • Guild Medal Shop- Another way to get this cookie is to gather some of its soul stone, you should always participate in your guild to get some heroic medal that you can exchange for Frost Queen Cookie soulstone.
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery- The last way to get Frost Queen Cookie soulstone is through Rainbow Shell Gallery. Earn some rainbow shells by trading in touc’s trade harbor that you can use to buy Frost Queen Cookie soulstone.

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Is the Frost Queen Cookie good?

Yes, In fact, Frost Queen Cookie is one of the Meta cookies in the game. It is the most used in the arena because of its ability. It can deal massive damage, and restrict the movements and skill cooldown of the enemies… which is a really good ability for PvE.

Is Frost Queen Cookie the rarest cookie?

No, although Frost Queen Cookie is harder to obtain because she is a legendary cookie but she is not the only Legendary Cookie in the game. There are also some Ancient cookies that are rarer than the Legendary Cookie. So technically Frost Queen Cookie is not the rarest cookie.