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how to get crystals in cookie run kingdom

How To Get Crystals In Cookie Run Kingdom

Do you know how to get crystals in Cookie Run Kingdom? Dont, worry since I will give you all the information that you need on how to get crystals in the game for free.

Crystals are so valuable in the game, it has many uses like upgrades, buying sugar Gnomes, exchanges for coins, and more importantly uses for gacha to obtain cookies and soul stone.

Beginners or not if you are playing cookie run kingdom— I’m pretty sure that you’ll need some crystals, so without further ado, let’s dive into our tutorial.

Here are legit ways to get crystals in the Cookie Run Kingdom for Free.

How To Redeem Cookie Run Kingdom Codes step 5

Cookie Run Kingdom codes are one of the best ways to get crystals in Cookie Run Kingdom, on special occasions the Devsister releases a Crk Code that you can redeem and get a lot of useful rewards.

Rewards that you can get depend on their events, sometimes you can receive 3000 crystals and sometimes you will get 1000 but still free and it is still one of the best ways to get crystals in the game.

I already publish an article about Cookie Run Kingdom codes and how to redeem codes, feel free to visit it and bookmark the page for you to always be updated once a new CRK code has been released.

By being updated for the newly released code you will get some crystal for free.

2. World Exploration

get crystals in cookie run kingdom through world exploration
Get crystals in cookie run kingdom through world exploration

Another way to get crystals in Cookie Run kingdom is by completing stages in World Exploration, every time you clear a stage for the first time you will get 100 crystals, and when you reach a certain stage you will get an additional crystal.

The more you progress and the more stages your complete in World Exploration the more crystal can you get for free. There are three kinds of World Exploration story mode, dark mode, and master mode.

There are also a lot of bonuses for clearing all stages one every mode.

3. Complete The Story Line In The World Exploration

Aside from the first completion in every stage of World exploration, there are some stages in the storyline where you can obtain different rewards.

It was part of the main story of the game where you can unlock, and some of the rewards are crystals.

4. Guild Battle

get crystals in guild battle
Get crystals in the guild battle

In my article about Beginners Guide In Cookie Run Kingdom, I recommend that if you are new to the game you should join a guild.

One of the benefits of joining a guild was the guild battle, you and your teammates can take down the bosses in the guild battle, and you can earn a heroic medal that you can use to purchase some items in the guild shop.

Aside from the heroic medal, you can also earn a lot of crystals based on your ranking in the guild battle. I earn a lot from guild battles every time the seasons end so don’t miss this opportunity to get crystals in cookie run kingdom for free.

5. Kingdom Arena

Get crystals in Kingdom Arena

Like Guild Battle, you can also earn a lot of crystals by competing in the arena. You can already earn valuable rewards every time you win in the arena by receiving a medal of victory, but aside from that you can also receive a lot of crystal if you do your best to push your ranking in the arena.

Every season I reach Master 3 and I receive 17,000 crystals as a season reward. Even if you are free to play it was easy to reach Master 3 as long as you know how to properly build a good team composition in the game.

If you build your cookie team really well and you do your best, there’s a chance for you to get lots of crystal in the game using Kingdom Arena.

get crystals in cookie alliance
Get crystals in cookie alliance

Another way to get Crystal in cookie run kingdom is to fight in Cookie Alliance. This game mode will let you choose a bunch of cookies in your collection and create an alliance.

You can create up to five sets of teams to form an alliance, your cookie alliance will face wave after wave of enemies. You can switch your cookie teams during a battle and try to break your limit in the cookie arena to great rewards.

Rewards include Rainbow cubes, and crystals, the higher your ranking the more crystals and rainbow cubes you will receive at the end of each season.

7. Complete Achievements

get crystals by completing achievements
Get crystals by completing achievements

You can also get crystals in the game based on your achievements, you can head over to your profile and look for achievements. There you can see all the required things that you should complete.

Once you complete the requirements you will unlock achievements and get some crystal.

Some examples of requirements that you should complete are the following:

  • Reached kingdom level 50
  • Complete 800 adventure stages
  • Complete 200 balloon expeditions and more.

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