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Licorice Cookie Toppings

Licorice Cookie Toppings Build In Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Best Licorice Cookie Toppings- Searing Raspberry Toppings (Recommended)
  • Licorice Cookie Toppings- Solid Almond Toppings (Alternative)

Licorice Cookie is one of the main villains in the game Cookie Run Kingdom. It appeared in the storyline of World Exploration as a Cookie that follows Dark Enchantress Cookie.

If you are interested in using this cookie in the game. Here are the best Licorice Cookie Toppings that you can use.

The best Licorice Cookie toppings are a full set of searing raspberry but a full set of solid almond toppings is also a great alternative use.

best licorice cookie toppings searing raspberry
Best licorice cookie toppings searing raspberry

Licorice Cookie is a tank buster cookie. After the release of his Magic candy, his main skill has been modified to destroy tanky cookie characters in the game. He can summon a Licorice servant and his skill will add a curse to the enemy with the highest HP, reducing their defense and adding a healing-reducing debuff.

The enemy affected by his curse will also be silenced and poisoned for a period of time. Her ability alone is enough to cripple the tanky cookie of your opponents. To maximize the damage that you can inflict on your enemy, considered to use a full set of searing raspberry toppings.

These toppings build can increase your Licorice Cookie and his servant ATK power, and when combined by his skill ability with magic candy. It can greatly damage tanky cookies in the games.

licorice cookie toppings alternative
Licorice cookie toppings alternative

Another Licorice Cookie Topping that is worth using is a complete set of Solid almond toppings. It was because Licorice Cookie is not a tanky cookie. He might not be as squishy as other cookies in the game, but he is still merely vulnerable to enemies’ attacks.

When you let your Licorice Cookie be that vulnerable, he might be defeated before he can cast his skill. If you notice that your opponents in the arena are a burst type (those cookie teams that are built to one-shoot enemies) you can use a full set of solid almond toppings build.

This kind of toppings build can increase the survivability of Licorice Cookie and his servant. By adding damage reduction stats. to withstand a ferocious combo of your opponents.

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licorice cookie skill
Licorice cookie skill

Skill Name: Licorice Servant

Skill Description:

Licorice Cookie casts a spell that increases the parties’ defense. It also summons a Licorice servant that will fight along with Licorice Cookie for a period of time. As a summoned creature, it will attack any enemies in the front and try to deal as much damage as possible.

If Licorice Cookie cast the spell before the Licorice servant disappears it will summon a new set of Licorice servants. Licorice Cookie will also be resistant to interrupting effects while using his skill.

Skill Effects:

  • Single hit DMG: 239.0% (+3.3% DMG per level)
  • Summons Licorice Servants with 5% ATK, 150% DEF, and 50% HP
  • +20.0% DEF for 7.0 seconds

Magic Candy Skill And Effects

Licorice Magic Candy Description:

When level 50 Licorice Cookie can equip a magic candy. When used, it modifies its skill and becomes much stronger. The Licorice servants will reinforce with a dark magic called the “Licorice curse”. This curse will effect enemies with the highest DEF, reducing their DEF and suffer from healing-reducing debuff.

Enemies that are affected by the curse will also be silenced and poisoned. The poisoned damage will be based on the target Max HP and capped at 300,000.

Licorice Magic Candy Effects:

  • Licorice Servants: 10.0% of the Summoner’s ATK, 180.0% of DEF, 50.0% of HP
  • Licorice Servants’ Regular Attack Extra DMG:
  • DMG relative to Max HP (Cookies): +15.0%
  • DMG (Others): +155.0%
  • Licorice Curse DMG: 234.1%
  • Licorice Curse Poisoning:
  • For Cookies: every 1.0 sec for 12 sec, a total of 15.5% DMG
  • For Others: every 1.0 sec for 12 sec, a total of 126.8% DMG
  •  Silence: 3.0 sec; stacks up to x1
  •  DEF Reduction: -40.0% for 12 sec; stacks up to x1
  •  Healing Reduction: -60.0% for 12 sec; stacks up to x1

Licorice Cookie Story

licorice cookie story
Licorice cookie story
Cookie Run: Kingdom
  • World Exploration Stages 7-30 and Stages 10-27
  • World Exploration Master Mode Stages 1-5
  • Gacha by spending 3000 crystals for a times draw or 300 crystals for one time draw
  • Mileage Shop
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery
  • Seaside Market
  • Guild Medal Shop
  • Medal Shop

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