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Milky Way Cookie Toppings

Milky Way Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Last updated:
  • Best Milky Way Cookie Toppings Build (Recommended): 5X Swift Chocolate Toppings
  • Alternative Topping Build: 5X Sold Almond Toppings

The best toppings for Milky Way Cookie is 5X swift chocolate toppings– it was because her skill can amplify her defense and other effect, by using a swift chocolate toppings her skill cooldown will decrease give you more time to use its skill on your advantage.

Solid almond toppings is also a good alternative if you want to maximize its defense and absorb more damage from the enemy.

best milky way cookie toppings

Milky Way Cookie is a powerhouse and very useful in any scenario, it has a lot of useful abilities that will protect her team in a fight. She pushes all the enemies numerous times to protect all her allies from other enemies’ charges cookies. She also provides a shield after using her skill, when using Milky Way Cookie you might want to use her skill frequently and cast its skill quicker in a PVP.

Using a complete set of Swift Chocolate toppings can give your Milky Way Cookie an edge in the arena. It can cast faster than other charged cookies and provide buff, shield, and debuff more often.

alternative milky way cookie toppings

If you don’t like the Swift Chocolate toppings, but instead want to focus highly on survivability. The best Milky Way Cookie Toppings alternative is a complete set of Solid Almond By using this topping you can significantly enhance the damage reduction of your Milky Way Cookie and combined it with her HP shield. Your cookie has a higher chance to survive.

When using these builds, make sure to use a level +12 toppings with a good sub-stat for better results.

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milky way cookie skill
Milky way cookie skill
Skill Name: Sugarcloud Express
Skill Description: When using skill, Milky Way Cookie quickly jumps to her dream train and then hits and pushes enemies multiple times. The enemies will also suffer from deff reduction debuff and inflict some damage. Her skill will also add a damage reduction and stun resistance buff to herself and all her allies. After Milky Way Cookie is done hitting enemies with her train, she will then cast a shield for the whole party.
Skill Effects:
— Regular Self-healing: 57.7% of ATK
— Locomotive Charge Periodic DMG: x12 ticks for 2.0 sec; 62.1% per tick
— Locomotive Charge Extra DMG when a target has a Shield: Single Hit DMG (Cookies): 114.1%, Single Hit DMG (Others): 38.0% |  Locomotive Charge Single Hit DEF Reduction: -3.5% for 7.0 sec; bosses gain x3 hits stacking up to x25
— DMG Resist: +40.0% for 10.0 sec | Stun Resistance: Stun duration -50.0% for 10.0 sec
— HP Shield (Self): blocks 20.0% of Max HP for 3.0 sec, HP Shield (Allies): blocks 15.5% of Max HP for 3.0 sec
— Passive: Healing received +15.0%
Milky Way Cookie Skill And Effects

Milky Way Cookie Story

milky way cookie story
Milky way cookie story
Cookie Run: Kingdom
  • Gacha- You can use 3000 crystals for one pull equivalent for a 10X draw or use 300 crystals for a single draw
  • Mileage Shop
  • Guild Medal Shop
  • Seaside Market
  • Raibox Shell Gallery

More Toppings Guide

What toppings to use for Milky Way Cookie?

The two recommended toppings of Milky Way Cookie are a complete set of swift chocolate toppings to improve her skill cooldown or a complete set of solid almond toppings for increasing her damage reduction.

What does Milky Way cookie good for?

Milky Way Cookie is a good charge cookie that protects her allies and provides useful buff such as damage reduction, stun resistance, and HP shield. Her ability is so useful that she is good to use in both PvE and PVP.