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Top 7 Best Mobile Games Online 2024

Do you like playing mobile games online? I’m pretty sure you do. Playing online mobile games has some advantages compared to offline games. One of its advantages was player interaction, playing mobile games online can let players interact with other players.

As a gamer who plays a lot of online games, I witness a lot of things like players forming friendships in the game, some even luckier enough to find their lovers while playing mobile games online. Even I meet a lot of new friends while playing games, which is why I find online mobile games better than offline.

But don’t get me wrong I also like offline games, especially if I was in a remote area when the internet is not available, but overall online games are better than offline.

Mobile phones these days are also capable of handling mobile games with high-quality graphics and immersive gameplay that can only be played on PCs and consoles, as mobile phones are becoming more powerful and affordable, more and more gamers play video games on mobile.

If you are a gamer who likes playing online games on mobile, let me introduce you to the list of the best online mobile games.

Diablo Immortal- Best MMORPG Mobile Games Online

screen shot diablo immortal best mobile games online
Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

First on our list is an iconic game from Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo Immortal. One of the big names with it comes MMORPG games. The hack-and-slash and high-quality graphics are one of the factors for you to love these mobile games.

Diablo Immortal is one of the most popular PC games that are now playable on mobile, a lot of MMORPG players love this mobile game for the reason that Diablo Immortal brings excitement and reminisces of the past Diablo game.

Playing this game has some caveats because it has high-quality graphics and immersive gameplay with a lot of active players, there is a lot of going on in the background while playing and because of that, you will need a mobile phone that can handle this game.

You will need a mobile phone with at least 6GB of RAM and a processor in a budget category, yes you can play this mobile game on a budget phone but expect to play the game in the lower-mid graphics, if you want the game to play smoothly even in max graphics you will need to play it in some high-end gaming phones.

Your phone must also have a lot of spare internal storage since this mobile game has a download size of 2GB for a launcher, then you will need to download all in-game assets which will lead to about 12GB in total based on your device.

Diablo Immortal is a heavy game for mobile, but if you’re a fan of the Diablo game series, make sure to try this mobile game and you will not regret it.

screen shot  cookie run kingdoms as one of the best mobile games
Image Credit: Devsisters

Cookie Run: Kingdoms is one of the games in the Cookie Run series, a mobile game that combines real-time strategy and role-playing elements.

It doesn’t boast high-quality graphics like some modern mobile games, but the gameplay is incredibly entertaining.

As mentioned, Cookie Run: Kingdoms is a strategy game where you must collect various cookies, each possessing unique abilities and skills based on its type and rarity. Afterward, you can assemble your own cookie team or party to use in both PVP and PvE journeys.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to build your own kingdom in the game and gather different resources for use during gameplay.

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Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict- Best MMO Strategy Game On Mobile

screen shots gunship battle crypto conflict mobile games

If RTS games are your preference, let me introduce you to Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict. It is an online mobile game that you will surely enjoy if you are the kind of gamer who loves war strategy games.

You can construct your base, build aircraft carriers, warships, submarines, fighter jets, tanks, and more. I have been playing this game for about 8 months and have made some new friends in the process.

These mobile games are not designed for solo players because you’ll need to join an alliance, providing you with opportunities to make friends in the game.

Lifeafter- Best Zombie Survival Game On Mobile

sceen shots for lifeafter mobile games
Image Credit: NetEase

LifeAfter is an apocalyptic survival and role-playing game where players combat zombies to stay alive.

This game stands out as one of the most realistic mobile games, requiring players to invest effort in their survival. You must scavenge for food, hunt animals for meat, gather fruits, mine minerals, cut trees, build your own house, and craft equipment such as weapons and armor. Joining a camp becomes crucial to surviving zombie attacks.

The game offers a blend of PvE and PvP elements. In PvE, you undertake missions to battle powerful zombies and minimize infection, while in PvP, you can engage in warzones against other players, similar to some battle royale games.

The main drawback of LifeAfter is its hefty size. A midrange phone with at least 8GB of RAM and a robust processor is necessary for smooth gameplay. Additionally, players must download all game assets, which can be around 15GB or more in size. Despite these requirements, if your mobile phone can handle it, LifeAfter has the potential to be one of the best online mobile games available.

Pokemon Unite- Best Pokemon Mobile MOBA

pokemon Unite Gameplay

If you love Pokémon and enjoy MOBA games, I’m confident you’ll appreciate the next mobile game on our list. Pokémon Unite stands out as one of the best Pokémon games available on mobile today.

Initially released in July 2021 on Nintendo Switch, it made its way to mobile in September of the same year. The mobile version of Pokémon Unite is an online MOBA game where each player can customize their character based on personal preferences.

After selecting and customizing your character, you, as a trainer, must strive to collect powerful Pokémon for use in a MOBA-style tournament. Forming your team is essential as you compete against the opposing team.

Similar to traditional MOBA games, you and your team need to defend and confront opponents in three lanes. The winner is determined by the team that scores the most points before the battle time expires.

Bullet Echo- Best Top-down Battle Royale On Mobile

screen shots for bullet echo mobile game

Bullet Echo is a top-down battle royale mobile game that allows you to play with friends or compete against random players online.

If you’re a fan of Battle Royale games, this mobile game is a must-try for its enjoyable gameplay. While it may not boast high-quality graphics like some FPS Battle Royale games, its unique and fun gameplay sets it apart. Once you’ve assembled a team, you’ll send them to the battlefield to compete with other teams.

Both players initially start with a handgun and then proceed to scout the area to discover more powerful weapons and equipment.

This game is definitely worth a try, and I’m confident you’ll find it enjoyable. Despite being accustomed to playing high graphics games, the first time I encountered this game, I wasn’t expecting it to be as fun until I personally played it.

Tower Of Fantasy- Best Sci-fi MMORPG Mobile Games

Screen shots for tower of fantasy mobile games

If you’re a fan of sci-fi and role-playing games, you’ll definitely appreciate this new open-world RPG game on mobile. Tower of Fantasy is one of those mobile games that will truly push your mobile phone to its limits, featuring high-quality graphics—maybe not realistic, but undeniably gorgeous.

With anime-style graphics reminiscent of games like Genshin Impact and Kritika Online, Tower of Fantasy leans towards the heavier side. Playing this mobile game on a budget phone with 4GB of RAM might lead to lagging issues, but if your phone can handle it, you won’t regret diving into this mobile gaming experience.

The gameplay is outstanding, offering a variety of activities such as exploring the vast open-world map, engaging in parkour, swimming, fishing, cooking dishes, and battling monsters.

That wraps up today’s update. If you’re into MMORPGs for mobile gaming, feel free to check out my list of the best mobile MMORPGs. Alternatively, if mobile strategy games are more your preference, I have a list for you as well—visit my compilation of the best mobile strategy games.

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