Pomegranate Cookie Toppings In Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Best Pomegranate Cookie Toppings- Swift Chocolate Toppings (Recommended)
  • Pomegranate Cookie Toppings- Solid Almond Toppings (Alternative)

The best toppings for Pomegranate Cookie are a complete set of swift chocolate toppings or a complete set of solid almond toppings. The swift chocolate can improve her skill cooldown which enables her to prove more healing and buff. While the solid almond toppings will increase her survivability by improving her damage resistance.

Choosing between these two toppings build will just base on the situation and based on the opponents that your facing.

Best Pomegranate Cookie Toppings- Swift Chocolate Toppings (Recommended)

Toppings Rating

best pomegranate cookie toppings swift chocolate
best pomegranate cookie toppings swift chocolate

The best Pomegranate cookie toppings are a full set of swift chocolate toppings. A reason that Pomegranate Cookie is a support type cookie and her main role in the game is to provide an ATK-increasing buff and restore her allied HP on the battlefield.

With her healing ability and attack-increasing buff of swift chocolate, toppings will be highly effective for this cookie. It will improve her skill cooldown significantly to provide more healing and buff to all her allies. Just make sure that you use toppings that are at least +12 in level for maximum results.

Pomegranate Cookie Toppings- Solid Almond Toppings (Alternative)

Toppings Rating

pomegranate cookie toppings solid almond
pomegranate cookie toppings solid almond

If you are in PVP, another best Pomegranate Cookie toppings that you should consider is using a complete set of Solid Almond Toppings. These toppings build can increase the survivability of your Pomegranate Cookie by increasing its damage resistance.

This topping is highly effective in the arena when facing opponents with high DPS, or if they have sneaky ambush-type cookies in the team like Vampire Cookie. Remember that the Pomegranate cookie is located in the middle of the formation, not in the rare, she is more vulnerable to attack than healing cookies that are often located in the rare position.

In addition to that Pomegranate Cookie is not a tanky cookie, a solid almond topping can help her survive in PVP or even in PVE.

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Also Read:

pomegranate cookie skill
pomegranate cookie skill

Skill Name: Pomegranate Magic

Skill Description: Pomegranate Cookie is one of the main villains in the game, she uses dark magic against other cookies. But surprisingly her skill can restore HP or her allies. When using the skill, Pomegranate cookie adds a buff that restores all her allies’ HP continuously for a period of time.

Her skill buff also increases the attack power of all her allies on the battlefield.

Skill Effects:

  • Healing: 16.0% of ATK every 1.0 sec over 5.0 sec (+0.23% Healing per level)
  • +30.0% ATK for 7.0 sec

Pomegranate Cookie Story

pomegranate cookie story
pomegranate cookie story

Dressed in her scarlet ceremonial attire with glittering pomegranate drop decorations, Pomegranate Cookie was raised in the lands of powerful sorcerers as a young priestess to the Sacred Pomegranate Tree. But when she was foretold to follow a great darkness, she started to doubt her upbringing.

When an unstoppable dark force overran her homeland, Pomegranate Cookie already knew she had met her destiny, and gladly joined her mysterious new Master…

Cookie Run: Kingdom
  • World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 6-19 and stages 11-21
  • Guild Medal Shop (by chance after refresh)
  • Gacha- Using 3000 crystals for ten times draw or 300 crystals for a single draw.
  • Seaside Market (by chance after refresh)
  • Mileage Shop- Spend 2000 Mileage points in exchange for 20 Financier Cookie Soul stone
  • Arena Medal Shop (by chance after refresh)
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery (by chance after refresh)

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Is Pomegranate Cookie a healer?

No, the Pomegranate cookie is not a healer cookie, she is a support-type cookie. But she has a healing ability buff, her skill adds a buff to her allies and recovers their HP, and increases their attack damage.

Is Pomegranate Cookie The Best Healer?

No, there are a lot of healer cookies that are better than Pomegranate Cookie, but if Pomegranate Cookie is your only cookie that has healing ability, she is also worth adding to a team.

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