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pumpkin pie cookie toppings

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build In Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Best Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings- Complete Set Searing Raspberry Toppings
  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build (DMG resistant build)- Complete Set Of Solid almond Toppings
  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build- Mix set of searing Raspberry and Solid Almond toppings

The pumpkin pie cookie is a magic-type cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdoms. It is also a summoner cookie, It uses its magic and gives life to its doll to fight for her. In this article, we will do an in-depth guide on what toppings are the best for pumpkin pie cookies.

There are two recommended toppings for a Pumpkin pie cookie— a full set of searing raspberry toppings and a full set of solid almond toppings. Let’s dive deeper into why these two are the most recommended toppings built to use in this cookie.

Best pumpkin pie cookie toppings searing raspberry
Best pumpkin pie cookie toppings searing raspberry

Pumpkin pie skill damage mainly depends on her summoning creature. Upon using skill Pompon smashes the ground and causes area damage. Then Pompon rushes to its enemies and does some melee damage. 

As Pompon is active it increases its attack speed with Pumpkin Pie Cookie. Pompon serves as a tank while dealing melee damage and Pumpkin Pie as attacking from a distance. Having Pumpkin Pie Cookie on your team is like having an additional team member. It was because Pompon can serve as an additional tank for your team.

pumpkin pie cookie toppings dmg resistant
Pumpkin pie cookie toppings dmg resistant

While Pompon is tanky, Pumpkin Pie Cookie is a bit squishy. Solid almond toppings are also recommended to avoid your pumpkin pie being eliminated in the first few seconds of the clash. A full set of solid almond toppings is a good option to increase Pumpkin pie damage resistance. Solid almond toppings can give your cookie a higher survivability rate in both PVE and PVP scenarios.

pumpkin pie cookie toppings mix
Pumpkin pie cookie toppings mix toppings

Another good option for pumpkin pie cookie toppings is a mix of solid almond and raspberry toppings. This kind of toppings will give your pumpkin pie a damage boost and increase its damage resistance simultaneously.

This kind of topping also has a downside compared to when using a full set of searing raspberry toppings. This will prevent obtaining the set B effects of your raspberry toppings for maximum ATK increases.

Among all the three best toppings for Pumpkin pie cookies. The one that I’m using the most was the solid almond toppings. For reason that even Pompon was tanky– Pumpkin pie cookie was still vulnerable to enemies’ attacks, especially in PVP.

The pumpkin pie cookie was also a bit squishy that might easily be eliminated in a clash, a bit of damage resistance might help her to survive.

Let us know more about the Pumpkin Pie cookie, below is some information about this cookie. It’s story, skill, and effects that you should know.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Story (Game Description)

pumpkin pie cookie toppings
Cookie Run: Kingdom

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pumpkin pie cookie skill

Pompon Help (Skill Name)

Skill Description

Cookie Run: Kingdom

Simplified Explanation Of its Skill

Pumpkin pie cookies skill damage relies on its summon creatures which is her doll “Pompon”. After summoning the creatures it causes an are damage and makes its enemies toss mid-air. After that Pompon inflicts damage to all the enemies using its melee attack. The presence of Pompon also applies a debuff to the enemies by decreasing the healing they receive from their allies.

The pumpkin pie cookie skill also has a supportive effect on which all its ally-summoned creatures will increase their ATK speed.

If you like this cookie to add to your collection or use it in your team. There are a couple of ways to get one. Below are some of the possible ways to obtain Pumpkin Pie Cookie.


The very first way to get Pumpkin Pie Cookie is through gacha. Like other cookies in the game, you will need to spend about 300 crystals for one draw and 3000 crystals for a 10X draw. The pumpkin pie cookie is an epic cookie, it is easier to obtain using a 10X draw. But it will always be based on your luck.

Mileage Shop

If you didn’t get the Pumpkin Pie in the gacha, there are alternative ways to get one. After doing some gacha you might have some mileage points. You can exchange some of those points for a Pumpkin Pie Soulstone. Try to get at least 20 soul stones to summon a Pumpkin Pie Cookie.

World Exploration

Another way to get Pumpkin Pie is thought to gather its soul stone in the World Exploration dark mode. Try to clear stages 6-16 and stages 13-30 to have a chance to get one.

Special Event

You can also get Pumpkin Pie through special events. Pumpkin pie might be featured in the monthly reward from October 2022 until Halloween. Just make sure that you log in daily and complete the quest and you get one.

What toppings do you put on Pumpkin Pie Cookie?

The two recommended toppings for Pumpkin Pie Cookie are the searing raspberry and solid almond toppings. Raspberry to increase the attack power of its summon creatures and solid almond to make Pumpkin pie tougher and increase its survivability.

Is Pumpkin Pie Cookie Good Cookie Run kingdom?

Yes, Pumpkin Pie Cookie has summoned creatures that are tanky. It is good to be used as an additional tank and can also deal some melee damage to its enemy. Pumpkin Pie Cookie is the best to use in PvE.

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