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Undawn Cooking Guide: Everything You Must Know

Undawn Cooking is very important in the game since it will not just make your character full to survive in a zombie-infested world but also boost your character’s ability or stats on the game. in a period.

In this Undawn Cooking guide, I will guide you to know everything about cooking in Undawn that can help you survive in the game.

I already mentioned in my previous Undawn content that I’ve been playing LifeAfter for 4 years and its gameplay was almost the same in Undawn, I also played Undawn from the very beginning when it was released and even participated in the Undawn Beta test before the game released on the public.

I’m very familiar with this game and let me guarantee you that cooking is very important in the game and you will badly need to learn everything about cooking. So without further ado, let’s dive in on our cooking guide in Undawn

What are the benefits of cooking in Undawn?

food buff effect

Cooking is essential in the game, without it, you will run out of food and might get your character starved to death. Well sure you can get some ready-to-eat foods in the game like food can, berries, or even veggies in the game but I guarantee you it will never be enough for your character to survive.

Those kinds of food can just be a supplement if you don’t have any food in the game like when you are just level one or a bit higher, but when your level goes higher—- trust me you will need to cook a lot of foods in the game.

Below is the list of benefits you can get when cooking in Undawn:

The character will not die from hunger— When you let your character without eating, it might starve to death, you can see the white bar below the HP bar? it was the indication of how full your character is.

When it reaches zero your character will be very hungry that its movement is affected, your gathering speed will be reduced, and worst your HP will continuously decrease while you’re in a hunger state.

You will benefit from food buff– This is the main reason why you need to learn more about cooking in the game. It is also the most important one which is why I encourage you to learn about cooking in the game.

Some of the buffs include Increases in armor piercing, Increase damage, Increase critical hit, Increase armor, Increase skill strength resistance, Increase max HP, Increase damage reduction against zombies, restored HP per second, and a lot more.

How To Cook In The Game Undawn

There are a couple of ways how to cook in the game, let’s give you some ideas on how to do it.

TreeHouse Furnace

treehouse furnace cooking

The very first thing that is introduced in the game is how to cook, remember the story part where you and Sherry are in the tree house to rest? The story includes you cooking food using a furnace for you and Sherry.

How To Cook In The Treehouse Furnace

After the story mode, you can still use it to cook some food in the game. All you need to do was head over to the tree house, find the Furnace inside the treehouse, and start cooking.


grill in undawn

I already mentioned in my previous Undawn guide that grills are one of the most important pieces of furniture that you should have on your Homestead. Most of the time you will use your Homestead grill to cook food.

How To Cook On Grill

Cooking on the grill is the most common way to cook in Undawn, all you need to do is to craft a grill then place it everywhere on your Homestead and start cooking. Try to mix every random ingredient to discover new recipes or buy cooking recipes in the Raven shop.


Our third way of cooking in Undawn is through the use of a bonfire. This method is handy especially if you are out in the wild and you run out of foods.

How To Cook Using a Bonfire

Cooking using a bonfire is a bit different compared to a grill or furnace. First, you will need to use the crafting on the go and choose to craft a bonfire, you will need wood to be able to craft one and after that place it on the ground and make a fire.

After your lighting the bonfire two options will appear “Cook or Warm-Up” Choose the cook button and start cooking. The downside of using a bonfire for cooking was there is no option to view your existing recipes that you buy on Raven shop but you can still cook it if you memorize all the ingredients.

How To Get The Recipe For Cooking In Undawn

To benefit from different kinds of buffs from the food in the game, we need to have access to different recipes in Undawn. But the question is how can you get these recipes?

Below are different ways how to get Undawn recipes for you to use in cooking.

Experimenting Different Recipes

experiment recipe

The first method to get different recipes in was to experiment, once you have a grill you can start placing different ingredients like meat, vegetables, fruits, fungus, and other ingredients to unlock new recipes.

In addition to that, discovering new recipes has another benefit — you can get some rewards which you can claim in your gallery.

Buy Recipes In Raven Store

Aside from randomly discovering new recipes you can also buy some ready-to-cook recipes in the game, you can buy them from the goods merchant in the Raven shelter, inside your camp, or use a shortcut and buy them in the Raven Shop.

To buy a cooking recipe using Raven Shop, just click the diamond icon at the topmost part of your screen, then a new option will appear, then scroll it down to find the market just beside the tournament and pass.

Then click on the raven shop >> click cooking recipes >> then you can buy some using silver.

How To Get Ingredients

You can’t cook without ingredients even if you already have some recipes. Luckily there are a couple of ways to obtain ingredients in the, let me show you how.

Gathering Ingredients In the Wild

gathering ingredients in the wild

The most common way to get these ingredients is by gathering them in the wild. Since your first day in the game, you will see some symbols in certain maps like apples or tomatoes those are all ingredients.

The symbol in every map might be the same but the ingredients are different based on map levels. For example, are the pumpkins, I see some players keep asking in the chat room about how to get pumpkins in Undawn. All they need to do is to check every map and click the “leaf” icon at the bottom part of every map and they can see what resources and ingredients they might obtain in the region.

how to find ingredients in the map in undawn

In the Redwood Forest, you can gather Pumpkin, Tomatoes in Central Plain, Alovera In Koller Mine, etc. You will just check what ingredients are available in the region and try to get as much as you could.


Another way to obtain ingredients is through farmland. At a certain level, you can unlock the farmland feature in the game. After that, you can use silver to unlock each plot in your farmland and plant some seeds which you can buy in the supplies shop.

All you need to do was head to your farmland then click the button with the symbol of the plant then select the seedling that you want, if you don’t have any seedlings you can buy them at the supplies shop just on the left side button as shown in the image below.

You can buy Chinese Cabbage Seeds, Pineapple Seeds, Romaine Lettuce Seeds, and many more. After planting the seedlings you need to take care of them by watering, and adding fertilizer until it was ready to harvest to use in your Undawn cooking recipes.


how to obtain cooking ingredients through fishing

Recipes are based on certain ingredients and some dishes in the game have fish as a main ingredient. Different kinds of fish can be caught while fishing all you need to do was to craft a fishing rod and bait and then find some bodies of water for fishing like lakes or rivers and start fishing

Raven Shop

how to get cooking ingredients in the raven shop

You can also buy some basic ingredients in the Raven Shop, you also need to know that some recipes in the game have an ingredient that you can’t find elsewhere rather than in the Raven Shop.

Just go to the Raven shop by navigating through the bottom part of your dashboard and find “Market” Just click on it and you can find the Raven shop. From there you can find the ingredients tab and buy the ingredients that you need by using a silver.

Dining Hall

I will assume that you already join a camp and even if you don’t I advise that you should since the camp is very important in Undawn since there are a lot of activities inside the camp with great rewards that you will miss out when not joining a camp.

If you have a camp you can also buy some ingredients by navigating through Camp> then click building> then find dining hall> click on it and go to the bottom part of your dining hall > look for materials then click on it and voila! you can now buy some ingredients using silver inside your dining hall.

Undawn Food Recipe List

As a bonus let me give you the list of all the cooking recipes that I have in the game, I also include its attributes or buff so you can decide what dish to use based on your activity.

Undawn Recipes ListIngredientsSpecial Effect
Tomato and Food Fruit YogurtHoney, Tomato, FruitsNo special effects
Pasta with Pumpkin & VegetablesFlour, Pumpkin, VegetablesIncreases armor piercing by 15
Fruit Honey SagoFruits, HoneyIncreases armor piercing by 15
Meat Sauce PizzaFlour, Meat, Chinese Cabbage X2Increases damage by 26
Tomato and Egg NoodlesChinese Cabbage X2, Tomato, FlourIncreases critical hit by 4.8%
Mixed Pineapple JamFruits X2, Pineapple X2Increases armor by 15
Vegetable Stir-FryMeat X2, Romaine Letuce X2Increases damage by 34
Quinoa SaladVegetable X2, Romine Lettuce X2Increases armor piercing by 21
Mushroom SandwichFlour, White Mushroom X2, EggIncreases skill strength resistance by 50
Creamy Fruit MilkshakeBlack Currants, Strawberry X2, FruitsIncreases damage by 43
Strawberry SlushieTomato, Fruits, Strawberry X2Increases skill strength by 48
Corn and Vegetable SaladVegetables X2, Corn X2Increases max HP by 64
Mushroom and Fruit Stir-FryFungus, FruitsIncreases max HP by 33
Fruit SaladVegetables, FruitsIncreases HP recovery every 5s by 8
Fruit and Meat RollMeat, FruitsIncreases damage by 22
Mushroom SaladFungus, VegetablesIncreases damage reduction against zombies by 7.3%
Mushroom KebabFungus, MeatIncreases damage resistance by 34
Mushroom Egg RollFungus, EggIncreases critical hit by 4.8%
Mushroom PizzaFungus, FlourRestores 13 HP per second
Vegetable StewVegetables, MeatNo Special Effects
Tomato and Vegetable NoodlesTomato, VegetablesIncrease damage by 31
HamburgerMeat, FlourNo special effect
Stuffed Egg PancakeEgg, flourNo special effect
Meat and Aloe VeraAlovera, MeatIncreases damage by 43
Iced Aloe Vera JuiceAloe Vera, FruitsReduces the harm from radiation particles
Grilled Pork With Miso and HoneyHoney, MeatIncreases damage reduction against humans by 7.3%
Honey Vegetable SandwichHoney, VegetablesNo special effect
Honey BunHoney, FlourNo special effect
Thai MinceMeat, FishRestores 13 HP per second
Veggie Fish BitesVegetables, FishNo special effect
Fruity Grilled FishFruits, FishIncreases Oxygen Limit by 20
Grilled Fish with TomatoTomato, FishRestores 15 HP per second
Filleted Fish with FlowerFlower, FishRestores 13 HP per second
Fish and Egg SandwichEgg, FishIncreases damage reduction against humans by 7.0%
BarbequeMeatNo special effect
Vegetable SaladVegetablesReduces calorie consumption
Grilled MushroomFungusIncreases damage to humans by 5.6%
Fruit PlatterFruitsIncreases critical hit by 4.6%
BreadFlourIncreases damage against abuilding by 5.8%
Boiled EggEggNo special effect
Aloe Vera JuiceAloe VeraIncreases damage resistance by 56
Honey Orange TeaHoneyIncreases armor by 15
Filleted Fish PorridgeFishRestores 13 HP per second
Stewed Catfish with EggplantCatfish X2Restores 13 HP per second
Squirrel Chinese PerchChinese Perch X2Increases armor piercing by 13
Wine Pickled Black CarpBlack Carp X2Increases armor by 12
This list will constantly update every time I discover new Undawn recipes

Frequently Ask Question For Undawn Cooking And Recipes

How To Get Honey In Undawn?

For now, there is only one way to get Undawn Honey, you can buy it inside your Camp Dining Hall. You can buy 10 honey per day using silver.

What is the best food for hunger in Undawn?

The best food for hunger in Undawn is Barbeque it restores 10.8 hunger per second.

Where is Aloe Vera’s location in Undawn?

Aloe Vera can be located once you unlock the Koller Mine map in the game, it was usually seen near trees in the Koller Mine.

Where is Pumpkin Location In Undawn?

Pumpkin can be located deep down the Redwood Forest, it can usually see on Michael’s Ranch inside Redwood Forest.

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