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Undawn guide

Undawn Guide: Tips And Tricks for Beginners

This the only Undawn Guide That You Should Know (According to a real Gaming Expert Of This Kind Of Gaming Genre)

In my Undawn review, I promise to publish a definitive and detailed guide on Undawn. Many players are having a hard time understanding the game because this genre is relatively new.

There are even players who mistake this game for a classic shooter or battle royale game.

Trust me, as a seasoned gamer with two decades of gaming experience, I’ve played almost every shooter game like COD, ROS, PUBG, Counter-Strike, Fortnite, etc. I can confirm that Undawn should not be compared to those games, as it’s not just a shooter but a survival game.

The only game that can be compared to Undawn is LifeAfter because they have the same gameplay. Undawn is a grinding game, much like LifeAfter, and if you don’t know what to do, you’ll be left behind. I’m confident about this, as I’ve been a veteran player of LifeAfter for FOUR YEARS!

Undawn Gameplay Guide: Basic Things That You Should Know

Let’s start with the basics. The game initiates with a dull introduction, as I’ve mentioned in my review. Following that, you’ll receive a comprehensive introduction to the game. What comes next?


Undawn homestead

The very first thing you’ll need to do is learn how to survive. The initial step involves placing all the necessary items on your homestead. But what is a homestead? It’s essentially your house in the game, serving as your refuge for survival.

On your homestead, you can engage in activities reminiscent of real life, such as resting, storing valuable items, preparing food, crafting materials, and more.

Moreover, your homestead determines your maximum level based on your server. There’s also a level cap associated with your homestead. If you reach this cap, it’s crucial to consistently upgrade your homestead to eliminate the level cap. Otherwise, your gained experience points will go to waste.

How To Level Up Your Homestead

how to level up homestead step 1

Leveling up a Homestead in Undawn is straightforward; ensure you have the required materials. Head to the entrance of your Homestead, and stand near your Homestead sign. Next, click on the Homestead management button.

Following this, a new option will appear. Click on the “Level Upgrade,” as indicated in the screenshot below.

how to upgrade your homestead in undawn step 2

In the Homestead upgrade menu, you will find all the upgrade conditions, including the required level (your character level).

Additionally, you will see the upgrade cost, typically consisting of unfinished goods that you can craft using raw materials or purchase on the Trading Post if you have enough gold.

Things You Need To Place On Your Homestead

I’ve already mentioned that the initial step in the game is to place all the necessary items needed for your growth. Below is a list of these items and their respective functions:

construction workbench undawn

Construction Workbench – The Construction Workbench is the primary item you’ll need, and it’s essential for crafting all other workbenches within your homestead.

This workbench allows you to craft items such as beds, dining tables, refrigerators, and more, enabling you to build and furnish your house.

undawn workbench

Workbench – The second item you should place is the workbench, as it plays a crucial role in crafting weapons, armor, and drones. This versatile workbench allows you to craft unfinished goods, which can be used for equipment crafting or sold at trading posts to earn gold.

Specific items like weapon attachments, equipment modification materials, modified modules, and repair parts can only be crafted using the workbench. Despite the abundance of workbenches in the game, the one you need for crafting these items is simply referred to as “Workbench.”

grill in undawn

Undawn Cooking Grill – Undawn aims for maximum realism, and your character needs food to survive. If your character can’t eat, they will die.

By placing the grill inside your homestead, you can cook a variety of dishes. You have the option to either randomly place any ingredients and be surprised by the outcome or choose a preferred recipe.

Furthermore, you can discover different Undawn recipes or purchase some at your camp to acquire new recipes that can prove helpful in various missions.

Learn more about Undawn Cooking In my separate article: Undawn Cooking Guide

undawn raw material workbench

Raw Material Workbench – The Raw Material Workbench holds significant importance. All the raw materials gathered in the wild are unusable for crafting or trading unless refined. The Raw Material Workbench enables you to refine these raw materials into usable items.

It’s crucial to note that without the Raw Material Workbench, you can’t craft any weapons, armor, or drones, and you can’t even sell these raw materials. Therefore, having one of these workbenches inside your homestead is a requirement.

equipment repair table

Equipment Repair Table – Another realistic feature of Undawn is that all equipment undergoes wear and tear, mirroring real-life scenarios. The more you use it, the more its durability wears off. When its durability reaches zero, the equipment becomes broken and unusable.

The Equipment Repair Table is the sole means to repair and restore your equipment’s durability. It’s crucial to have this table, as without it, you won’t be able to repair your equipment, potentially leading to its destruction.

mechanic station

Mechanic Station – The world of Undawn is expansive, significantly larger when compared to games like LifeAfter, offering an open world for players to explore. With such vast landscapes, do you intend to explore solely on foot?

For players seeking to traverse the entire world of Undawn, a vehicle is essential. The Mechanic Station allows you to craft your vehicles, such as bikes or four-wheeled vehicles. Simply gather the necessary materials and acquire a vehicle blueprint to craft your vehicles.

Moreover, Mechanic Stations can be utilized to repair all your vehicles and restore their durability. Similar to equipment, vehicles experience a decrease in durability over time with use. To repair and craft vehicles, it’s essential to have a Mechanic Station placed in your homestead.

lots of storage in undawn

Lots of Storage – Storage is one of the most crucial necessities from the very beginning. Items like the British-Style Antique Chiffonier are essential to place inside your homestead. When I mention having lots of storage, it’s not just about having 3-5 units but rather an abundance of it. Trust me, as your level increases, the need for ample storage becomes paramount, especially when gathering raw materials in the wild.

I highly recommend starting to craft and place storage units early on to ensure you never run out when you need them.

Pro Tips: Only craft storage with the highest capacity to maximize space inside your Homestead.

bed in undawn

Bed – After a hard day of work and fighting, your character is likely to become tired. Fatigue decreases your character’s vigor, affecting performance. Sleeping is a key method for restoring vigor. Therefore, it’s essential to craft and place a bed inside your homestead.

dining table in undawn

Dining Table – A dining table is also essential, especially when your food storage inside your bag runs low. Placing a dining table inside your homestead can address this issue.

You can arrange your extra food on the dining table for your character to eat. Additionally, your homestead visitors can partake, offering the opportunity for them to rate and provide you with popularity points.

drinks machine in undawn

Drinks Machine – Apart from food, your character needs to stay hydrated. While you have a water bottle in your backpack that you can refill, you don’t want to search for a river every time you need to add water to it. The solution is to craft and place a Drinks Machine inside your homestead. Make sure to have this furniture to keep your character well-hydrated.

bathtub in undawn

Bathtub – Proper hygiene is also essential in the game. If you neglect washing, there’s a high chance you’ll attract monsters. While you can wash whenever you find bodies of water in the game, the most efficient way to maintain proper hygiene is to place a bathtub inside your homestead.

This allows you to take a bath whenever you need, ensuring your character stays clean and monster-free.

washing machine in undawn

Washing Machine – Keeping your clothes clean is also a crucial aspect of proper hygiene in Undawn.

While you can wash your clothes in bodies of water, another convenient option is to craft and place a washing machine inside your homestead. This allows you to maintain your attire’s cleanliness without the need to find natural water sources.

Construction Workbench Crafting Guide

I’ve already emphasized that the Construction Workbench is one of the most crucial pieces of furniture to place inside your homestead.

Having observed many players inquiring about how the construction workbench functions if you are still unfamiliar, follow the step-by-step processes outlined below this paragraph.

Step 1: Place the Construction Workbench

undawn construction workbench crafting guide step 1

The initial step is to place the construction workbench in your homestead. Without it, you won’t be able to craft. Therefore, ensure that you have the Construction Workbench placed in your homestead.

Step 2: Go Near The Construction Workbench

construction workbench ways to obtain materials

Assuming you have already placed the Construction Workbench, the second step is to stand next to it. A button will appear; click the button named “Process.”

Afterward, you can choose what you want to craft, such as floors, walls, doors, and furniture. Ensure you have the required materials for crafting.

If you lack materials, click on the image of the materials needed to explore different ways of obtaining them, such as purchasing materials at the supplies shop.

Crafting On The Go

During my early days in Undawn, I observed numerous new players struggling to craft equipment like an Axe, Pickaxe, Fishing Rod, Bandage, Ammo Crate, and more.

Crafting on the go is a feature that allows you to craft usable items even if you are far from your homestead. Below is the list of items that you can craft using the crafting on the go feature.

How to Craft Axe, Pickaxe, Fishing Rod, Fish Bait

An Axe, Pickaxe, Fishing Rod, and Fish Bait are essential tools for gathering materials in the wild. Without them, you won’t be able to acquire common and advanced materials crucial for your progress in the game.

crafting on the go button

Step 1: Begin by locating the crafting on the go button, usually situated on the left side with a hammer icon. Simply click it, and a new option will appear.

how to craft axe in undawn step 2

Step 2: Following that, you’ll find the Axe, Pickaxe, and other items listed below. Simply click on the equipment you want to craft and verify if you have all the required crafting materials. If everything is in order, press the craft button, and your equipment will be ready in just a few seconds.

how to craft axe in undawn step 3

How To Craft Bandage, First Aid Kit, Antibody

When engaged in combat with zombies or other players, it’s normal to run out of HP and health. To heal yourself, you might need items like bandages, a first aid kit, and antibodies.

how to craft bandage and first aid kit in undawn step 2

The steps are nearly identical to crafting an Axe. Just follow the first step, click the logo with the plus sign, and you can access all the items such as bandages, first aid kits, and antibodies.

How To Craft Ammo Crate, Tactical Gear

Ammo crates are crucial for replenishing ammunition in your primary weapons, such as assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, etc. Similarly, tactical gear serves as the ammunition for heavy weapons and throwables. Without these items, you won’t be able to replenish the rounds for your weapons in the game.

To craft ammo crates and tactical gear, simply follow Step 1 for crafting an Axe. Then, click on the ammunition logo located just below the bandages crafting option.

how to craft ammo crate in undawn tutorial

Ammo Crates Crafting: To craft an ammo crate, you’ll need bullet casings and crude gunpowder as materials. Obtain bullet casings by killing zombies or purchasing them directly at a supply shop, Raven Shelter, your camp, or through crafting on the go. For crude gunpowder, you can craft it using wood and stone in the crafting on-the-go feature.

Tactical Gear: Crafting tactical gear follows the same procedure. Click on tactical gear in the crafting on the go menu, complete the crafting cost materials, and hit “craft.”

Don’t be confused by the different tactical gears in the crafting on the go; they serve the same purpose but provide various options for crafting materials, resulting in different levels.

As your level increases, you won’t be constrained to lower-level maps for gathering resources to craft tactical gear. Instead, you can craft tactical gear based on the materials you have available.

Survive Section

undawn survive section

There is a survival section located just below your backpack, where you can monitor your character’s overall health, portable tools, and combat readiness.

This section is essential for your survival in day-to-day tasks and during missions. Here is a detailed explanation of the survival section in Undawn.

Health Monitor

undawn health monitor

A health monitor is utilized to keep track of your character’s overall health, including body fitness, body type, hygiene, mentality, and metabolism.

All these factors can significantly impact your character’s performance in the game.

undawn health monitor body

Body: Ensuring that your character’s body is physically fit is crucial to increasing your maximum energy.

Energy is expended when jumping and running, and when it runs out, you won’t be able to jump or run for a certain period, creating challenges during combat.

To maintain excellent body type and fitness, regularly monitor your body using the health monitor. Engage in regular exercise to keep fit, and adjust your diet based on your body type.

Consume calorie-rich foods if your character needs more energy, and opt for greens if you’re looking to maintain a healthier physique.

health monitor hygiene

Hygiene: As mentioned earlier, hygiene plays a crucial role when evading zombies. The more unkempt you become, the higher the chance your scent may attract zombies. Utilize the health monitor to keep track of your character’s hygiene, and be sure to wash your clothes and your body when necessary.

mentality health monitor

Mentality: Lack of sleep can significantly impact your gathering efficiency and may lead to character hallucinations.

To prevent this, regularly check your character’s mentality using the health monitor and ensure your character gets sufficient sleep. Maintaining good mental health is crucial to staying in top shape when gathering resources.

metabolism health monitor

Metabolism: In the game, eating and drinking, just like in real life, comes with the need to pee and poop.

Regularly monitor your character’s metabolism using the health monitor and attend to the necessary biological functions.

Forgetting to use the toilet or stay hydrated may cause your character discomfort, potentially affecting your performance, especially during missions and PVP encounters.

Portable Tools

portable tools

Portable tools in the survival section are used to monitor the portable tools present in your bag and to access their functions.

This includes items such as fishing tools, rags, scouts, glide equipment, snowboards, and mobile drones. This section allows you to efficiently manage and utilize these tools to enhance your gameplay experience.

Combat Readiness

combat redinness screenshot

Combat Readiness is used to monitor how ready you are in combat, it will show you all the combat equipment you have— your weapons and armor’s durability, the number of ammo crates you have, tactical gears, good, first aid, and more. It will also notify you whenever you lack items for combat.


backpack screenshot

The backpack serves as your portable storage in the game, allowing you to store various items such as weapons, armor, drones, food, raw materials (unrefined), mission items, and homestead items.

If you run out of backpack storage, it’s advisable to transfer some items to your homestead storage. To address this, I highly recommend crafting plenty of storage furniture and placing them in your homestead.

You can also expand your backpack spaces. Click the diamond icon at the top of your screen, navigate to the market, and select exploration.

There, you can purchase a limited-time expanded backpack using exploration points. These points can be obtained by exploring Undawn, including actions like opening boxes, unlocking travel points, and fixing signal towers. The more you explore, the more exploration points you’ll receive.

Undawn Guide: Gathering Raw Materials

Now that you have mastered all the basic things that you’ll need to know, let me give you some tips about the gathering.

important of gathering raw materials

Important Of Gathering On The Game

I’ve already emphasized the importance of raw materials in the game, as they are crucial for crafting weapons, armor, drones, vehicles, equipment repair parts, and other unfinished goods.

Unfinished goods hold significant value in the game, and many players leverage them to earn substantial amounts of gold through trading. Currently, earning gold in Undawn is relatively easy, especially since the game is still new. Knowing what to do allows you to take advantage of trading opportunities and accumulate gold.

While I personally wish I had more time to gather raw materials, considering my role as a game reviewer and the multitude of games I play, I understand the value of time management. However, for players who have ample time to dedicate to gathering raw materials, there’s great potential to earn substantial gold in the game.

Drawing from my extensive experience in this gaming genre, I’ll share some pro tips on how to maximize your gold earnings through trading in the game.

Why You Need To Earn Lots Of Gold In The Game?

youll need have lot of golds to get a better equipments

Currently, you may not fully grasp the importance of gold in the game, given its relatively new status. However, in just a few weeks or months, you will undoubtedly find the need for a substantial amount of gold.

Gold holds significant value as it allows you to purchase weapons, armor, drones, or drone parts. Crafting high-stat weapons or equipment isn’t always a guarantee, and relying solely on crafting may not yield items with the desired stats.

This is where gold becomes crucial – having a substantial amount enables you to easily buy weapons or armor with the best stats, enhancing your overall strength in the game.


refining raw materials screenshot

When gathering raw materials in the wild, you can’t use them immediately. The next step is to return to your homestead and initiate the process of refining the raw materials.

Once refined, you have the option to either sell the materials to earn gold or utilize them personally to craft equipment for yourself. This refining process is a crucial step in maximizing the utility of the raw materials you collect during your exploration.

Undawn Roles

There are different roles in the game, roles are important since they will provide a buff for you to gather raw materials more efficiently. Let me explain more about the roles in Undawn.

four major roles in undawn

4 Best Major Roles In Undawn

In Undawn, there are four major roles: Logger, Miner, Gatherer, and Hunter. If you choose the Logger role, you will gain various benefits related to logging skills, such as increased logging speed, a higher chance of obtaining uncommon materials, and more.

Each role provides unique advantages and skills that cater to specific aspects of gameplay, allowing players to specialize in the areas they find most interesting or beneficial.

What Roles You Should Choose?

When selecting roles in Undawn, your choice should align with the specific resources you want to focus on. If logging is your priority, opt for the Logger role; if mining is your interest, go for Miner. Similarly, you can choose the Gatherer or Hunter roles based on your preferred resources.

One of the notable features of Undawn is the flexibility it provides. Players can either specialize in a single role or become a jack of all trades by selecting all four roles.

This allows for diverse gameplay experiences and the ability to explore various aspects of resource gathering and survival in the game.

focus on a single role

Pro Tips About Roles

You have the option to upgrade all four major roles in Undawn, but my recommendation is to focus on one or two roles due to the time-consuming nature of upgrading role skills.

Personally, I concentrated on upgrading the Logger role to enhance gathering speed and critical logging skills. Since trees are abundant and easily found on the map, logging becomes the quickest and most accessible resource-gathering method.

I also upgraded the Gatherer role, specifically focusing on crafting a higher-level pickaxe to gather raw materials at my character’s current level.

It’s essential to note that different maps have varying levels of difficulty when gathering raw materials.

For logging and mining, it’s crucial to use an appropriate tool, like an Axe or Pickaxe. In higher-level maps, crafting and equipping a level two axe or pickaxe becomes necessary to efficiently gather resources.

Undawn Crafting Guide: Weapons, Armor, and Drones

undawn crafting guide

Weapons, armor, and drones play a significant role in advancing your character in Undawn. Possessing equipment with superior stats is crucial to ensuring your survival in various challenges, missions, and even encounters with hostile players.

Investing time and resources into acquiring and upgrading these essential pieces of gear will greatly contribute to the overall progression and effectiveness of your character in the game.

Undawn Equipment Guide

Equipment in Undawn varies, and some items boast superior stats compared to others. If you aim to strengthen your character, it’s essential to strive for the best possible stats. Crafting provides an avenue to try your luck, potentially saving you a considerable amount of gold.

However, the more straightforward way is to purchase items with desirable stats directly from the trading post, allowing you to quickly and efficiently enhance your character’s capabilities.


weapons for pve screenshot

When you are into PVE choose a weapon that has additional damage against zombies, and armor-piercing since even zombies have armor, especially the bosses. You can also get one with a high critical rate and critical damage.

weapons for pvp

In preparation for PVP or warfare in Undawn, prioritize obtaining weapons with additional stats that inflict damage to humans. Look for armor-piercing attributes specifically targeting the head and torso.

While having all these stats is optimal, crafting weapons with excellent stats requires a significant amount of luck.

If you prefer the easier route of purchasing these top-tier items from the trading post, be prepared to invest a substantial amount of gold, as players are unlikely to sell such valuable equipment at a low price in the marketplace.


armors for pve screens shots

For the armor the drill is the same— for PVE try to craft or purchase armor which includes a hat, clothes, pants, gloves, shoes, and the body armor to have a stat of damage reduction against zombies, festering chance reduction, and increase in armor.

armors for pvp

For PVP buy or choose armor with the highest possible armor, and damage reduction against humans.

There are also a couple of ways how you can improve your equipment and become stronger in Undawn, I list them down below.


equipment enhance screenshot

Enhancement can be applied to all your equipment like weapons, armor, heavy weapons, and even melee weapons. You will only need materials called reinforcement coating and silver to upgrade, there are also certain conditions like character level before upgrading even more.

Accessories & Reinforcement

accessories and reinforcement screenshot

Accessories and Reinforcements provide another avenue to enhance your equipment in Undawn. To improve your main guns and heavy weapons, follow these steps:

  1. Craft Accessories: Begin by crafting and completing all the accessories for your main guns and heavy weapons at the workbench.
  2. Upgrade Accessories: Enhance every component of your weapons, from muzzle to stock, through the upgrade process. This includes accessories for heavy weapons as well.
  3. Materials Needed: To upgrade accessories, you’ll require the accessory blueprint. Obtain this material by completing special ops, participating in Airdrop battles, Astral tower events, Gas Grab, Assault on the Eagles, and other scheduled in-game events.
  4. Acquiring Accessory Blueprints: Accessory blueprints can also be obtained from the merchant guild or purchased using real money through top-up options.

Tips: Upgrade all your weapon accessories to the same level to unlock the firearm set stat bonus and effects. This ensures that your weapons receive a bonus, making them more potent and dangerous in combat.

Polishing Equipment

polishing equipment's screenshot

Polishing is an additional method to enhance your equipment in Undawn, applicable to weapons, armor, and heavy weapons. To polish your equipment, follow these steps:

  1. Expenditure: Polishing equipment requires spending silvers and specific polishing materials, such as Silicon Carbide particles.
  2. Acquiring Silicon Carbide: Obtain Silicon Carbide particles during scheduled events like attacks on Radiation Island, King Station, and other similar events. You can also find these particles in the merchant guild or purchase them using RC, an in-game currency that can be acquired with real money.

By investing in polishing, you can further improve the performance and durability of your equipment, ensuring that your character is well-equipped to face the challenges in Undawn.

Equipment Modification

equipment modification screenshot

Modifying your equipment provides a way to alter stats if you’re dissatisfied with the ones obtained during crafting. Here’s how you can modify your equipment in Undawn:

  1. Modifier Material: To initiate modifications, you’ll need a material called “modifier.” Craft it on a workbench or acquire it by purchasing it from the trading post using gold.
  2. Modification Process: Press the modify button for the equipment you want to alter. This will generate random stats. If you’re satisfied with the new stats, you can choose to replace the original ones.
  3. Random Results: It’s important to note that modification outcomes are random, and there’s no guarantee of getting the exact stats you desire. You can try your luck, but ensure you have an ample supply of modifiers and silver to cover the modification costs.

Stat Transfer

stat transfer in undawn

Certainly, you have the option to transfer the stats of your weapons to another weapon in Undawn. This feature proves incredibly useful, especially when acquiring a new or higher-level weapon. Here’s how you can transfer stats:

  1. Access Equipment Options: Navigate to the equipment section and locate a wrench-like logo on the right side of the screen.
  2. Stat Transfer Option: Look for the stat transfer option within this menu.
  3. Process: Follow the prompts to transfer the desired stats from your old weapon to the new one.

Remember, once the stats are transferred, the old equipment will be permanently destroyed and cannot be recovered. This feature allows you to maintain the preferred stats on your weapons, even when upgrading to higher-level equipment.

Undawn Skill Guide: Throw, Device, Passive

Another important thing that you should know is the skill, you can find the skill tree inside the skill option in your dashboard.


undawn talents throw screenshot

Undawn provides four sections for upgrading skills, and one of them is the “throw” section, which focuses on throwables such as bombs, Molotov cocktails, and hand grenades. Here are the key points:

  1. Upgrade Options: Within the “throw” section, you have the option to choose between various throwables that you can upgrade to enhance the damage they inflict.
  2. Strategic Upgrade: It’s recommended to prioritize upgrading throwables, especially if you aim to unlock the highest damage among them. For example, waiting to reach the level requirement for the homing grenade, which has superior damage, can be a strategic choice. This allows you to allocate resources efficiently and focus on skills that significantly impact your gameplay.

By strategically upgrading throwables, you can maximize their effectiveness in combat situations and tailor your skills to suit your preferred playstyle.


talents device screenshot

The “device” skill section in Undawn is crucial, as it includes valuable tools such as auto turrets and healing devices. Here are the key points about this skill section:

  1. Unlocking Devices: Players can unlock and access various devices, each serving a distinct purpose. Commonly used devices include auto turrets and healing devices.
  2. Upgrade Potential: Devices can be upgraded to enhance their functionality. For example, you may encounter an electric device that slows down targets or an automatic flamethrower. Upgrading these devices allows you to improve their effectiveness in different scenarios.
  3. Diverse Functionality: The devices in this skill section offer a range of functionalities, catering to different playstyles and strategies. Exploring and unlocking these devices provides players with versatile tools to use in combat and survival situations.

By incorporating devices into your skill set and upgrading them strategically, you can bolster your capabilities and increase your chances of success in various in-game scenarios.


passive talents screenshot

The “passive” skill section in Undawn holds significant importance, encompassing skills such as armor-piercing shells, maximum firepower, increased max energy, and melee weapon enhancements. Here are key recommendations for focusing on this skill section:

  1. Resource Investment: It’s advisable to channel your resources, such as skill points or in-game currency, into the “passive” skill section. This allows you to enhance your character’s overall capabilities and effectiveness.
  2. Maximize Upgrades: Aim to upgrade passive skills to the highest level possible. This ensures that you unlock and benefit from the full potential of each skill, contributing to your character’s strength and resilience.
  3. Recommended Focus: Consider prioritizing the “maximum firepower” and “armor-piercing shell” skills within the passive section. These enhancements can significantly improve your overall damage output in the game, providing a crucial advantage in combat situations.

By concentrating on passive skills and strategically choosing enhancements that align with your preferred playstyle, you can optimize your character’s performance and increase your chances of success in Undawn.

Camp Training

camp training screenshot

The section of skills that enhances your character’s stats, including increased damage, maximum HP, damage reduction, critical hit rate, critical resistance, and more, holds paramount importance in Undawn. Here are key recommendations for prioritizing this skill section:

  1. Utmost Significance: This skill section is deemed the most crucial among all the skills. Upgrading these stats directly contributes to enhancing your character’s strength, survivability, and combat effectiveness.
  2. Resource Allocation: Devote significant time and resources to upgrading the stats in this section. Skill points, in-game currency, and other relevant resources should be directed toward maximizing the benefits of these enhancements.
  3. Comprehensive Improvement: By focusing on this skill section, you can achieve comprehensive improvement in your character’s overall performance. Increased damage, higher maximum HP, and improved critical hit mechanics contribute to a well-rounded and formidable character.

Investing in the enhancement of character stats ensures that your avatar becomes more potent and resilient, providing a solid foundation for success in the various challenges presented within Undawn.

Expertise Guide

undawn expertise guide

As you progress through levels in Undawn, you gain access to expertise, each specializing in a unique combat role. There are four experts in the game: Assault Expert, Explosive Expert, Support Expert, and Sniper Expert. Here are key points regarding expertise:

  1. Special Weapons and Passive Skills: Each expertise comes with its own set of special weapons and a unique passive skill. These weapons and skills cater to specific combat roles, allowing players to tailor their playstyle to their chosen expertise.
  2. Expertise Restriction: A noteworthy restriction is imposed on the choice of heavy weapons. Players can only use heavy weapons that align with their chosen expertise. For instance, a Support Expert can utilize a biotic rifle but is restricted from using heavy weapons associated with other expertise, such as sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, or grenade launchers.
  3. Strategic Choice: The expertise system encourages players to make strategic choices based on their preferred combat style. Whether specializing in assault, explosives, support, or sniping, players can maximize their effectiveness by selecting the expertise that complements their play style.

By selecting expertise and adhering to its associated heavy weapons, players can optimize their combat capabilities and contribute effectively to their team’s success in Undawn.

Undawn Exploration Guide

undawn exploration guide

Exploration is a highly rewarding aspect of Undawn, offering a chance to enjoy the vast open-world map. Here are some key tips for making the most of the exploration experience:

  1. Solo or Cooperative Exploration: You can choose to explore the open-world map solo or make it a more enjoyable experience by teaming up with cohabitants or friends in real life. Cooperative exploration can enhance the adventure and contribute to the overall enjoyment of the game.
  2. Hunt for Hidden Treasure Boxes: While traversing the maps, keep an eye out for hidden treasure boxes. These boxes often contain valuable items, including exploration points that can be used to acquire coveted items within the game.
  3. Signal Tower Repairs: Repairing signal towers scattered throughout the maps is a worthwhile endeavor. Doing so can advance your exploration progress and yield valuable rewards such as silvers, coupons, reinforcement coating, and more. Regularly repairing signal towers contributes to your overall success and prosperity in Undawn.

By incorporating these exploration strategies into your gameplay, you can make the most of the open-world environment, discover hidden treasures, and reap the rewards of signal tower repairs.

Undawn Story Guide

undawn story guide anecdote

While I’ve consistently mentioned that the introduction story of Undawn may be less engaging, the subsequent narrative unfolds into an awesome experience. Beyond its entertainment value, engaging with the storylines can yield valuable rewards and a substantial amount of experience points (EXP). Here are key points to consider:

  1. Main Story Progression: The main story in Undawn unlocks based on your character level. Progressing through the main storyline not only provides an engaging narrative but also rewards players with significant EXP. Focusing on the main story is crucial for character development.
  2. Wilderness Anecdotes: In addition to the main story, there are side stories like “wilderness anecdotes” that function as side quests. Completing these side quests can earn you valuable items. While not as critical as the main story, these side quests offer additional opportunities for rewards.
  3. Balancing Priorities: Given the importance of the main story for EXP rewards, it’s recommended to prioritize it over side stories. However, engaging in side stories during spare time can add depth to your gaming experience and provide extra rewards.

By striking a balance between the main story progression and occasional involvement in side stories, players can maximize their EXP gains and enjoy a well-rounded gaming experience in Undawn.

How To Level Up Fast In Undawn

Leveling up is a crucial factor for strengthening your character in the game, as certain equipment becomes significantly more potent at higher levels.

Falling behind in terms of levels puts you at a considerable disadvantage, particularly during wars, compared to other players.

To expedite your leveling process, I have compiled a list of important tasks that will help you reach the maximum achievable level on your current server.

Complete Daily Events

leveling guide in undawn sreenshot

If you want to keep up with your current server level, make sure to complete your daily events. These events include settlement missions, outpost commissions, stronghold patrols, and special ops.

You can earn lots of EXP and other valuable materials by completing each mission in the daily event.

Make sure you don’t miss a single day without completing your daily events, or you will be left behind.

Complete Main Mission

undawn mission guide

Making steady progress through the main missions in Undawn is crucial for achieving fast leveling. These missions become available at certain levels and offer captivating storylines.

Despite their length, completing them is truly rewarding as they provide generous amounts of experience points (EXP). So, investing time in finishing the storyline is worthwhile to level up quickly.

Bottom Line

So, that’s it. If you are a beginner, I’m confident that after reading this “Undawn Guide,” you can progress in the game much more efficiently. Following all the tips I’ve mentioned will guarantee that you can keep up with other veteran players.

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Is Undawn a battle royale?

No, Undawn is not a battle royale, it is a different game genre, it was a survival game with a mix of PVE and PVP.

Does Undawn P2W?

Yes, it was, I was very familiar with this game and I can assure you that this was P2W, you can buy lots of enhancements and upgrades using real money.

Can I play Undawn on PC?

Yes, there is a PC version of Undawn depending know your region, try to envision Undawn official web page.

Is Undawn available for Android?

Yes, Undawn is a cross-platform, it can be played on Windows, IOS, and Android.