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Undawn guide

Undawn Guide: Tips And Tricks for Beginners

This the only Undawn Guide That You Should Know (According to a real Gaming Expert Of This Kind Of Gaming Genre)

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In my Undawn review, I promise that I will publish a definitive and detailed guide on Undawn since a lot of players having a hard time understanding the game for the reason that this kind of game genre is new.

There are even a lot of players that mistake this game for a classic shooter game or battle royal game.

Trust me, as a real seasoned gamer with two decades of gaming experience I played almost every shooter game like COD, ROS, PUBG, Counter-Strike, Fornite, etc and I can confirm that Undawn should not be compared to all those games since Undawn is not just a shooter games but a survival games.

The only game that can be compared to Undawn is the LifeAfter because they have the same gameplay. Undawn is a grinding game like the LifeAfter and if you don’t know what to do, you will gonna left behind I’m pretty sure of it since I’m a veteran player of Lifeafter that play the game for FOUR YEARS!

How I Gain My Knowledge on Undawn To Give You A Useful Tutorial

I use my wide knowledge and experience in the LifeAfter when I play Undawn and as a result, I’ll never leave behind from levels and character stats. If you are a LifeAfter veteran like me, you don’t need this guide cuz I’m sure that you already know all the tricks and techniques that you can use on Undawn.

But If you’re completely new to Undawn, you’ll definitely need these tutorials since I’m not the only LifeAfter veteran that is now playing Undawn.

In fact, a lot of LifeAfter players are switched on playing Undawn, and with their experience, If you’re a complete beginner you can’t compete with them without in-depth knowledge of the game.

How do I know that LifeAfter players are now playing Undawn? Well, I already told you I’m one of them and I’m also a part of the LifeAfter community which is why I’m very aware that lots of us are now playing Undawn and to compete with us you will need to know all the basic and advance technique in the game so without further ado lets begin on our Undawn tutorial.

Undawn Gameplay Guide: Basic Things That You Should Know

Let’s start with the very basics, the game starts with a boring game introduction that I’ve previously mentioned in my review, after that you will be fully introduced to the game. Then what’s next?


Undawn homestead

The very first thing you’ll need to do is learn how to survive, the first thing you’ll need is to place all the necessary items on your homestead, anyway what is a homestead? a homestead is your house in the game, to survive you’ll need shelter.

You can do a lot of things on your homestead that you usually on real life like rest, store some of your valuable items, prepare some foods, craft materials, and many more.

Your Homestead will also be the bases of your max level based on your server, there is also a level cap base on your homestead, if you reach those cap, always make sure that you should upgrade your homestead to remove the level cap, or else your gain EXP will be waisted.

How To Level Up Your Homestead

how to level up homestead step 1

Leveling up a Homestead in Undawn was easy, just make sure that you have the required materials. Just head over to the entrance of your Homestead and stand near your Homestead sign, after that click on the Homestead management button.

After that a new option will appear, click on the Level Upgrade on it as shown in the screenshot below.

how to upgrade your homestead in undawn step 2

On the upgrade homestead, you will see all the upgrade conditions like the required level (your character level), you will also see the upgrade cost, it was usually unfinished good that you can craft using raw materials or buy on the Trading post if you have enough gold.

Things You Need To Place On Your Homestead

I already mention the very first thing that you’ll need to do in the game was to place all the necessary items that you will need to grow in the game, below is the list of those and their functions:

construction workbench undawn

Construction Workbench– Construction Workbench is the very first item that you will need, it is also used to craft all the other workbenches that you will need inside your homestead.

You can use the construction workbench to craft beds, dining tables, refrigerators, and other items that you can use to build your house.

undawn workbench

Workbench– The second item that you should place is the workbench, it is so important since you’ll need it to craft weapons, armor, and drones. You can also craft unfinished goods that you can use to craft equipment or sell it to trading posts to earn gold.

Weapon attachments, equipment modification materials, modified modules, and repair parts can only be crafted using the workbench. I don’t know why devs just call it a workbench since obviously there’s a lot of workbench in the game, but if you want to craft the items that I mention look for the exact name “Workbench”.

grill in undawn

Undawn Cooking Grill– Undawn wants the game to more realistic as possible so your character will also need food to survive if you can’t eat character will die, by placing the grill inside your Homestead you can cook every dish you want, you can randomly place any ingredients and be surprise of the outcome or choose the recipe that you preferred.

You can also discover different Undrawn recipes or buy some on your camp to acquire new recipes that can help you in every mission.

Learn more about Undawn Cooking In my separate article: Undawn Cooking Guide

undawn raw material workbench

Raw Material Workbench– The Raw Material Workbench is also very important, all the raw materials that you gather in the wild can’t be used for crafting or trading unless refine. The Raw Material Workbench will allow you to refine that raw material into a usable item.

Remember that without Raw Material Workbench you cant craft any weapons, armor, or drones, and you can’t even sell it, so it was required to have one of these workbenches inside your Homestead.

equipment repair table

Equipment Repair Table– Another realistic feature of Undawn was all of the Equipment undergoes wear and tear just like in real life, the more you use it the more its durability wears off, when its durability reaches zero it will be broken and you can’t use it anymore.

The equipment Repair table is the only way to repair and restore your equipment’s durability, make sure to have this one since without this table you can’t repair your equipment, and may end up being destroyed.

mechanic station

Mechanic Station– The World of Undawn is huge, in comparison it was way bigger when compare to the likes of LifeAfter, it was an Open-world that players can explore. With a vast land to explore do you just want to explore it by foot?

If you are the kind of player that wants to explore the whole world of Undawn you’ll need a vehicle, the mechanic station will allow you to craft your own vehicles like Bikes or four-wheeled vehicles, all you need to do is to gather all the necessary materials and buy a vehicle blueprint and you can craft your vehicles.

Mechanic stations can also be used to repair all your vehicles and restore their durability, Vehicles are like equipment, their durability decreases over time use, to repair and craft vehicles you should need the mechanic station to place on your homestead.

lots of storage in undawn

Lots of Storage– Storage is one of the most important things that you need since the beginning, storage like the British-Style Antique Chiffonier was necessary to place inside your homestead. What I mean by a lot of storage was not only 3-5 of storage but lots of it, trust me as your level grows you will need lots of storage especially when you start gartering raw materials in the wilds.

I recommend that you start to craft and place storage since the beginning to never run out of those when you need them.

Tips: Only craft storage with the highest capacity to maximize space inside your Homestead.

bed in undawn

Bed– Your character will become tired after a hard day of work and fighting, when your character is tired it decreases its vigor which can affect your character’s performance, sleeping is one way of restoring your vigor. That’s why you need to craft and place a bed inside your Homestead

dining table in undawn

Dining Table– A dining table is also necessary since there are times when you run out of food storage inside your bag, placing a dining table inside your homestead can fix this problem.

You can place your extra food on your dining table where your character can eat, aside from that even your Homestead visitors can dig in which they can rate and give you popularity points.

drinks machine in undawn

Drinks Machine– Aside from foods your character needs to stay hydrated, you will only have a water bottle inside your backpack that you can refill.

You don’t want to find a river every time you’ll need to add water to your water bottle.? The solution is to craft and place a Drinks machine inside your Homestead, make sure to have this furniture inside your homestead.

bathtub in undawn

Bathtub– Proper hygiene is also necessary in the game, if you don’t wash your self it has a high chance that you will attack some monster, you can wash whenever you find bodies of water in the game.

The most efficient way for proper hygiene is to place a Bathtub inside your homestead so you can take a bath whenever you need.

washing machine in undawn

Washing Machine– Maintaining your clothes clean is also a part of proper hygiene in Undawn, can wash your clothes in bodies of water or craft and place a Washing machine inside your homestead.

Construction Workbench Crafting Guide

I already mention that the construction workbench is one of the most important things or furniture that you’ll need to place inside of your homestead.

I have also seen a lot of players that are asking how the construction workbench works, If you don’t know yet, follow these step-by-step processes below this paragraph.

Step 1: Place the Construction Workbench

undawn construction workbench crafting guide step 1

The very first thing you should do is to place the construction workbench in your homestead, without it you cant craft— So make sure that you place the Construction Workbench.

Step 2: Go Near The Construction Workbench

construction workbench ways to obtain materials

I assume that you already place the Construction Workbench, the second thing you need to do is stand next to it then a button will appear, click the button that has the name “Process”.

After that you can choose what you want to craft like floors, walls, doors, and furniture, just make sure that you have the required materials for you to craft.

If you’re lacking materials click the image of the materials that you need for you to see the different ways to get them like purchasing the materials at the supplies shop.

Crafting On The Go

During my early days in Undawn, I see lots of players that are new in the game that are struggling to craft equipment like an Axe, Pickaxe, Fishing Rod, Bandage, Ammo Crate, and more.

Crafting on the go is a crafting feature where you can craft usable even if you are far from your Homestead. Below is the list of items that you can craft using the crafting on the go.

How to Craft Axe, Pickaxe, Fishing Rod, Fish Bait

Axe, Pickaxe, Fishing Rod, and Fish bait are necessary equipment to gather some materials in the wild without them you can’t acquire some common and advanced materials.

crafting on the go button

Step 1: The first thing to do is to locate the crafting on the go button, it was usually on the left side with a hammer icon, just click it and a new option will appear.

how to craft axe in undawn step 2

Step 2: After that, you can find the axe, pickaxe, and more items below, just click the equipment that you want to craft and check if you have all the crafting cost materials, if it is complete just hit the craft button and your equipment is ready in just a few seconds.

how to craft axe in undawn step 3

How To Craft Bandage, First Aid Kit, Antibody

When fighting zombies or other players, it is normal to run out of HP and health. To heal yourself you might need items like bandages, a first aid kit, and antibodies.

how to craft bandage and first aid kit in undawn step 2

The step is just almost the same as crafting Axe, just follow the first step and click the logo with plus sign and you can see all the bondage, first aid kit, and antibody.

How To Craft Ammo Crate, Tactical Gear

Ammo crates are your ammo, without it, you cant replenish your ammo inside your primary weapons like an Assault rifle, SMG, Shotgun, etc. If Ammo crates are for guns/primary weapons tactical gear is for heavy weapons and throwables.

Tactical gear serves as ammo crates for your heavy weapons or in other words, it was the ammunition used for heavy weapons, without it, you can replenish the rounds of your heavy weapon in the game.

To craft ammo crates and tactical gear just follow step 1 of Axe crafting then click the ammunition logo just below the bandages crafting.

how to craft ammo crate in undawn tutorial

Ammo Crates Crafting: For the ammo crate, you will need a bullet casing and crude gunpowder as crafting materials for the ammo crate. Bullet casing can be obtained by killing zombies or directly bought at a supply shop, on raven shelter, on your camp, or directly on the crafting on the go.

For the crude gunpowder, you can also craft some of those in the crafting on the go using wood and stone.

Tactical Gear: For the tactical gear the procedure was the same just click the tactical gear in the crafting on the go and complete the crafting cost materials and hit “craft”.

Dont get confused about the different tactical gears in the crafting on the go, they are all the same it just gives you different options of what materials you want to use to craft it, which is why it has some different levels.

When your level gets higher it will not force you to go to the lower-level maps just to gather the resources you’ll need to craft tactical gears, you can craft tactical gears based on the materials that you have.

Survive Section

undawn survive section

There is a survival section just below your backpack where you can check your character’s overall health, portable tools that you have, and combat readiness, it was necessary for you to survive in day-to-day tasks or when having missions.

Below is an in-depth explanation of the surviving section of Undawn.

Health Monitor

undawn health monitor

A health monitor is used to monitor your character’s overall health like your body fitness, body type, hygiene, your mentality, and metabolism. All of these factors can affect your character’s performance in the game.

undawn health monitor body

Body: Your body must be physically fit to increase your max energy, energy is used when jumping and running, and when your energy runs out you can no longer jump or run for a period of time which is a hustle when fighting.

To make sure that your body type and fitness are great, make sure to monitor regularly your body using a health monitor, exercise to maintain fitness, and eat some foods based on your body type. If your character eats more calorie food, if you become fat eat some greens.

health monitor hygiene

Hygiene: I already mention that hygiene can play a huge role when hiding from zombies, the stinkier you get the more your scent might attract zombies. Use the health monitor to track your hygiene, and wash your clothes and your body when needed.

mentality health monitor

Mentality: The lack of sleep will affect your gathering efficiency, it might cause some hallucinations of your characters. To avoid it always check your mentality using the health monitor and sleep whenever your character needs to always be in shape when gathering.

metabolism health monitor

Metabolism: Your eating and drinking in the game, like in real life when we eat and drink we also need to pee and poop and in Undawn you also should.

Try to monitor your character’s metabolism regularly and do what you need to do, if you forget to go to the toilet or stay hydrated your character will feel some discomfort that might affect your performance especially when doing missions and PVPs.

Portable Tools

portable tools

Portable tools in the survival section are used to monitor what portable tools you have in your bag and also use their functions like Fishing tools, rags, Scouts, Glide, Snowboard, and Mobile Drones. You can also utilize this section to benefit from its functionality.

Combat Readiness

combat redinness screenshot

Combat Readiness is used to monitor how ready you are in combat, it will show you all the combat equipment you have— your weapons and armor’s durability, the number of ammo crates you have, tactical gears, good, first aid, and more. It will also notify you whenever you lack items for combat.


backpack screenshot

The backpack is your portable storage in the game, you can store some equipment and items inside your backpack like weapons, armor, drones, foods, raw materials (unrefined), mission items, and homestead items.

When you run out of backpack storage, the best action to do is to transfer some items to your homestead storage. That’s why I highly recommend crafting lots of storage furniture and placing it in your homestead.

You can also expand your backpack spaces, just click the diamond icon on top of your screen and look for market and click on it, then find the exploration and you can buy for a limited time and expanded backpack.

You will need to buy it using exploration points, you can get these exploration points when doing exploration in Undawn like opening boxes, unlocking travel, and fixing signal towers. The more you explore the more you will receive exploration points.

Undawn Guide: Gathering Raw Materials

Now that you master all the basic things that you’ll need to know, let me give you some tips about gathering.

important of gathering raw materials

Important Of Gathering On The Game

I already mention that raw materials are essential in the game it was to craft weapons, armor, drones, and vehicles. It was used to craft equipment repair parts and other unfinished goods.

Unfinished goods are so important in the game which is why lots of players take advantage of it to earn lots of gold in trading. For now, earning gold in Undawn is so easy because the game was just new, If you just know what to do you can take advantage of trading and earn lots of gold.

I just wish I have lots of time to gather raw materials like what I did in LifeAfter, but to be honest I’m a game reviewer and Undawn is not the only game that I’ve played, I spend lots of time just to give truly useful guides and reviews to my reader.

But If you have a lot of time to spend on gathering raw materials you will surely earn lots of gold in the game.

Based on my years of experience with this kind of gaming genre I will give you some pro tips on how to earn lots of gold in the game using trading.

Why You Need To Earn Lots Of Gold In The Game?

youll need have lot of golds to get a better equipments

Today you might not notice since the game was still new but in just a few weeks or months you will surely need a lot of gold to be used in the game.

Golds are important since you can use them to buy weapons, armor, drones, or drone parts. Did you notice that you cant craft weapons or other war equipment with good stats right?

You will not always be lucky to craft weapons or gear with a stat that you want, which is why gold is very important, because if you have a lot of gold you can easily buy weapons or armor with the best stats which can make you stronger.


refining raw materials screenshot

When gathering raw materials you can’t use them right away, all you need to do is to return to your homestead and start to refine the raw materials that you gather in the wilds. After you refine the raw materials you can either sell it to earn gold or use it for yourself to craft equipment.

Undawn Roles

There are different roles in the game, roles are important since they will provide a buff for you to gather raw materials more efficiently. Let me explain more about the roles in Undawn.

four major roles in undawn

4 Best Major Roles In Undawn

There are four major roles in Undawn, the logger, Miner, Gatherer, and Hunter. When you choose logger you will get lots of benefits from Logging skills like login speed, increase chance of obtaining uncommon materials, and more,

What Roles You Should Choose?

When choosing roles it will depend on what resources you are focusing on, if you want to focus on logging you can choose the role of logger, if you want to mine chose miner, the same in gatherer and Hunter.

The good thing about Undawn is you can choose and focus on a single role or you can become a jack of all trades by choosing all four roles.

focus on a single role

Pro Tips About Roles

You can upgrade all four major roles, but my tip is to focus on one or two roles only since upgrading role skills is very time-consuming.

What I did was I focused on the logger to increase the gathering speed and critical in logging since trees are the easiest to find on the map, every meter has a tress in the wild and it was the easiest to gather among all the resources.

Then I also upgrade the gatherer roles but not all skills, in mining I just upgrade the craft of a higher level pickaxe for me to gather raw materials in my current character level.

Almost every map has a different level when gathering raw materials in logging and mining you will need to use an appropriate tool like the Axe for example when gathering in higher maps you will need to craft and equip a level two axe.

The same for Pickaxe you will also need to craft and use the required level of Pickaxe based on the map.

Undawn Crafting Guide: Weapons, Armor, and Drones

undawn crafting guide

Weapons, armor, and drones play a huge part in your character’s progress, you will need some of this equipment with better stats to make sure that you can survive in every challenge, mission, and even hostile player.

Undawn Equipment Guide

Not all equipment in Undawn is the same, some equipment has better stats than the others. If you want to get stronger, make sure to get the best stats possible, but how can you get it? Well you can try your luck at crafting and you will save lots of gold, or the easiest way is to buy in the trading post.


weapons for pve screenshot

When you are into PVE choose a weapon that has additional damage against zombies, and armor-piercing since even zombies have armor, especially the bosses. You can also get one with a high critical rate and critical damage.

weapons for pvp

For PVP or for war, always get weapons with additional stats of damage to humans, and armor-piercing to the head and torso, if you get all of it much better but you’ll need to have a huge amount of luck to craft weapons with an excellent stats, and if you want to buy on trade prepare lots of gold since players will not sell it for cheap price in the trading post.


armors for pve screens shots

For the armor the drill is the same— for PVE try to craft or purchase armor which includes a hat, clothes, pants, gloves, shoes, and the body armor to have a stat of damage reduction against zombies, festering chance reduction, and increase in armor.

armors for pvp

For PVP buy or choose armor with the highest possible armor, and damage reduction against humans.

There are also a couple of ways how you can improve your equipment and becomes stronger in Undawn, I list them down below.


equipment enhance screenshot

Enhancement can be applied to all your equipment like weapons, armor, heavy weapons, and even melee weapons. You will only need materials called reinforcement coating and silver to upgrade, there are also certain conditions like character level before upgrading even more.

Accessories & Reinforcement

accessories and reinforcement screenshot

Accessories and Reinforcement are another way to improve your equipment in the game, all you need to do first is to craft and complete all the accessories of your main guns and heavy weapons in the workbench then try to upgrade everything from muzzle to stock of your weapons including heavy weapon.

The materials you’ll gonna need to upgrade accessories are the accessory blueprint, you can acquire this material by completing special ops, participating in Airdrop battle, Astral tower, Gas Grab, Assault on the Eagles, and other scheduled events.

You can also get accessory blueprints on merchant guild or purchase them using real money as a top-up.

Tips: Try to upgrade all your weapon accessories with the same level to unlock the firearm set stat bonus and effects to make your weapons more dangerous.

Polishing Equipment

polishing equipment's screenshot

Polish is another way to improve your equipment, this can also be applied to all your equipment from weapons, armor, and heavy weapons. When polishing equipment you will need to spend silvers and polishing materials like Silicon Carbide particles.

You can obtain Silicon Carbide in scheduled events like attacks on Radiation Island, King Station, etc. You can also acquire some of these on merchant guild, or purchase using an RC an in-game currency that can be purchased using real money.

Equipment Modification

equipment modification screenshot

Your equipment can also be modified if you don’t like the stats that appear during crafting. To do this you will need a material called modifier, it can be crafted on a workbench or you can use your gold to buy some in the trading post.

After that you can press the modify button and random stats will appear, if you like the outcome of the modification you can freely choose to replace the original stats with the new ones.

Remember that the results are random and cannot guarantee to get the stats that you want, you can try your luck but make sure you have a lot of modifiers and silver to spend in the modification.

Stat Transfer

stat transfer in undawn

Did you know that you can also transfer the stats of your weapons to another weapon? Yes you can, this feature is very useful when purchasing a new weapon or a higher-level weapon.

For example, if you have a level 30 AK-45 and you turn level 40 then you will need new weapons that suit your level but the stats on your level 30 AK-47 are the stats that you like luckily you can transfer the stats of your old weapon to the new one.

To do it just head over to your equipment option and on the right side look for a wrench-like logo and you can see the stat transfer option. Remember that after transferring the stats the old equipment will be destroyed and can no longer be retrieved.

Undawn Skill Guide: Throw, Device, Passive

Another important thing that you should know is the skill, you can find the skill tree inside the skill option in your dashboard.


undawn talents throw screenshot

There are four sections where you can upgrade your skill, first is the throw– it is basically the throwable like bombs, Molotov, and hand grenades.

You can choose between this throwable that you can upgrade to improve the damage that they can cause.

I recommend that you should focus much on these unless you unlock the highest damage among throwables, what I did was I waited for my level to reach the requirement to unlock the homing grenade since it was the kind of grenade with the highest damage and forget the others since there are some skills that are more important to upgrade.


talents device screenshot

The device is also a very important skill, you can see lots of players that are using an auto turret and a healing device.

You can get those skills by unlocking them on devices, there are other devices that you can unlock and upgrade to improve their use like an electric device that can slow down a target, an automatic flamethrower, and other devices with different functionality.


passive talents screenshot

Passive is one of the most important skills in the game, this is where you should focus more. There are armor-piercing shells, maximum firepower, increased max energy, and some skill that are useful for melee weapons. I recommend that you invest resources in this section just to upgrade to the highest level that you can.

I recommend that you should focus more on maximum firepower and armor-piercing shell since can improve your overall damage in the game.

Camp Training

camp training screenshot

This section of the skill is the most important among all the skills since you can increase your character stats like increase damage, increase max HP, increase damage reduction, critical hit rate, critical resistance, and more.

I highly recommend that you focus your time and resources on upgrading this section if you want to improve your character’s overall strength.

Expertise Guide

undawn expertise guide

As your level progresses you can unlock expertise in the game, there are four expertise in Undawn– the assault expert, explosive expert, support expert, and sniper expert.

Each expertise has its own special weapons and a passive skill that you can upgrade to increase your fighting capability. Note that you can only choose a heavy weapon that is of your expertise for example if you are a support expert the heavy weapon that you can use is a biotic rifle, you can’t use a sniper, heavy machine gun, or grenade launcher.

Same with other expertise you can’t use a heavy weapon that is not your expertise.

Undawn Exploration Guide

undawn exploration guide

Exploration is a good way to enjoy the game, you can explore the vast open-world map of Undawn solo or to be more enjoyable you can explore that world with your cohabit or a friend in real life.

When exploring the maps you should find some heading treasure boxes that are scattered in the map, there are valuable items in the like exploration points that you can use to buy valuable items.

You should also repair every signal tower in the maps since it can help progress your exploration to earn valuable rewards such as silvers, coupons, reinforcement coating, and a lot more.

Undawn Story Guide

undawn story guide anecdote

I keep mentioning that the introduction story of Undawn is boring but the rest of the story is awesome, aside from its entertaining story you can also obtain lots of valuable rewards and a huge amount of EXP.

The main story can be unlocked based on your character level, but there are also some stories like wilderness anecdotes that serve as a side quest that you can complete to obtain valuable items.

Keep in mind that the main story was very important since it rewards a huge amount of EXP, but the side story is also important I recommend that you should only focus on it in your spare time since there are a lot of more important things to do in the game.

How To Level Up Fast In Undawn

Leveling up is one of the crucial factors for strengthening your character in the game, as certain equipment becomes significantly more potent at higher levels. Falling behind in terms of levels puts you at a considerable disadvantage, particularly during wars, when compared to other players.

To expedite your leveling process, I have compiled a list of important tasks that will help you reach the maximum level achievable on your current server.

Complete Daily Events

leveling guide in undawn sreenshot

If you want to keep up with your current server level, make sure that you complete your daily events. This event includes a settlement mission, outpost commission, stronghold patrol, and special ops.

You can get lots of EXP plus other valuable materials by completing each mission in the daily event, make sure that you don’t miss a single day without completing your daily events or you gonna left behind.

Complete Main Mission

undawn mission guide

Making steady progress through the main missions in Undawn is crucial for achieving fast leveling. These missions become available at certain levels and offer captivating storylines. Despite their length, completing them is truly rewarding as they provide generous amounts of experience points (EXP). So, investing time in finishing the storyline is definitely worthwhile in order to level up quickly.

Bottom Line

So that’s it. If you are a beginner I’m pretty sure that after reading this article about “Undawn Guide” you can know progresses in the game much more efficiently. Following all the tips that I’ve mentioned will guarantee that you can keep up with other veteran players.

You can also join our forum on this website and I will surely respond to your questions, and if you are also a veteran player you can also share your expertise in the forum to help those that are new to the game, see you there, you can create an account for free using a button below.

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Is Undawn a battle royale?

No, Undawn is not a battle royale, it is a different game genre, it was a survival game with a mix of PVE and PVP.

Does Undawn P2W?

Yes, it was, I was very familiar with this game and I can assure you that this was P2W, you can buy lots of enhancements and upgrades using real money.

Can I play Undawn on PC?

Yes, there is a PC version of Undawn depending know your region, try to vision Undawn official web page.

Is Undawn available for Android?

Yes, Undawn is a cross-platform, it can be played on Windows, IOS, and Android.

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