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asura hosting review

Asura Hosting Review (2024): It is a good?

Asura Hosting Review (2024): It is a good?
Asura Hosting is a surprisingly good budget option. It offers LiteSpeed, Quic.Cloud CDN, and decent security for incredibly low prices. Support isn't the fastest, but for the features, it's hard to beat.
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Key Takeaways:

  • Unbeatable value: Asura Hosting offers a surprising range of premium features (LiteSpeed, Quic.Cloud CDN, Imunify360 security) at remarkably affordable prices.
  • Excellent for budget-minded sites: Perfect for small to medium-sized websites that want speed and security without breaking the bank.
  • Support isn’t instant: While their support is responsive, it’s ticket-based. If you require immediate help, consider alternatives with live chat.
  • Shared hosting limitations: Remember that shared hosting plans have inherent resource limits. For very high-traffic websites, a VPS or dedicated solution might be needed.

Welcome to my Asura Hosting.

Today, I will give you a proper review of a new affordable hosting that I discovered called Asura Hosting.

I see some reviews about Asura Hosting in some forums, including Reddit; I even see some people who say to stay away from this hosting company since their offer was too good to be true, some people even called Asura Hosting a scam.

Since I’m reviewing different web hosting providers, I must help users and clearly explain whether this hosting provider is worth trying or not.

Spoiler: Asura Hosting is nowhere near a scam; in fact, they provide what they promise. I can even use a LiteSpeed cache plugin, plus I get free access to Quic.Cloud enterprise! I’m very satisfied with their service, and they are now my personal favorite when it comes to affordable web hosting options.

To better understand this company, let us dive deeper into what Asura Hosting has to offer.

In this review article, you will learn the following:

  • What is Asura Hosting
  • How it performs in the real world
  • Speed and performance test
  • Features that it offers
  • Pros and cons

What is Asura Hosting?


Asura Hosting is a web hosting company established in 2012 that positions itself as a provider of affordable and reliable hosting solutions. They place a strong emphasis on customer support, aiming to provide personalized assistance and quick response times. Asura Hosting offers a range of hosting types to cater to varying needs, including:

  • Shared Hosting: The most budget-friendly option where multiple websites share server resources.
  • Reseller Hosting: Plans designed for those who want to start their own web hosting business.
  • VPS Hosting: Offers dedicated virtual server space for better control and performance.
  • Dedicated Servers: Full control over a physical server for those with very demanding website needs.
  • Radio Hosting: Specialized plans for internet radio stations with support for Shoutcast and Icecast streaming.

What Features Does Asura Hosting Provide?


To fully understand what actually Asura hosting offers, let me give you a proper insight into its features.

Direct Admin or cPanel Options

Asura Hosting offers web hosting customers the option to choose from two admin panels: Direct Admin and cPanel. Direct Admin is much lighter, faster, simpler, and cheaper, the cPanel is a bit expensive compared to Direct admin plan.

Our of the two I chose cPanel because it is much easier to manage a website with cPanel, and it is a beginner-friendly and more popular choice. More popular means it is much easier to find tutorials when something bad happens to my site, so for practical reasons, I preferred cPanel in Asura hosting.

Instant Account Setup

I was amazed at how fast it was to set up an account with this web hosting. I chose a hosting plan, made a payment, and boom, an account was created!

I have tried a lot of web hosting, and some hosting providers will take some time to set up an account for you, but in Asura Host, the account will instantly show the moment you are done paying, which is very convenient.

Unlimited Bandwith

Honestly, there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth. Even in other web hosting, there is always an upper limit. The only thing that is good about unlimited bandwidth is that if you have a small or medium-sized website, you can be assured that your site will stay online despite a traffic spike.

If you have a really huge website that has about a million visitors a day, choose a web hosting service with a more transparent bandwidth allocation. But if your site has one million visitors a month, I’m confident that Asura Host can handle that kind of traffic, especially if your content is well-cached.

LiteSpeed Enterprise


This is my favorite feature of Asura Hosting. Their plans are really affordable, and it might be hard to believe that their web hosting is really using a LiteSpeed server, but you need to believe it since it is real.

All the web hosting plans at Asura Hosting use a LiteSpeed server, which provides my site with an instant speed boost.

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin


Since Asura web hosting uses a LiteSpeed server, I’m free to use the LiteSpeed cache plugin. Before I migrate my site to Asura web hosting, I’ll use Flyingpress to optimize it.

Flyingpress is a really effective speed optimization plugin and is better than WP Rocket in every way. By configuring Flyingpress, my site achieved a high score in core web vitals.

The reason I switched from Flyingpress to the LiteSpeed Cache plugin was that LiteSpeed is 100% free to use. It is also more compatible with the LiteSpeed server and can even provide better results to Flyingpress (on a non-LiteSpeed server).

You can freely use the LiteSpeed cache plugin at Asura Hosting since, as I mentioned, all their hosting plans use the LiteSpeed server.

Flyingpress is undoubtedly the best option for non-litespeed web hosting. Still, for a Litespeed server, the Litespeed cache plugin is the best choice, and you can enjoy Asura hosting at no additional cost.

Free Quic.Cloud Enterprise CDN


Since Asura web hosting offers LiteSpeed enterprise, I also enjoy the free access and integration of Quic.Cloud Enterprise CDN.

In other hosting, I can create a free CDN, but in Asura hosting, they offer not just a free or standard CDN but instead a Enterprise CDN, which is much faster due to more PoPs (Points of Presence), enhanced security, and better site optimization.

Before I tried Asura web hosting, I was skeptical about their Litespeed and Quic.Cloud Enterprise because of their pricing, which is very affordable. Almost all the web hosting companies that I know that offer this kind of feature are expensive, but after I host my site with Asura web hosting, I am confident since I see for myself what they actually provide. Big thumbs up for these!

Better Security With Imunify360


I already mentioned that the Enterprise CDN that Asura hosting offers has its own enhanced security features, but aside from that, Asura hosting also includes Imunify 360 in all of their web hosting plan.

By using Asura, I don’t even need to set up or configure anything in Imunify 360. It has an auto site scanner, and threats are automatically terminated.

Better security is peace of mind for any publisher, blogger, or webmaster. By providing robust security, we can ensure that our site is more resistant to hacking.

WP Toolkit Install


Another useful feature of Asura hosting is that it is already preinstalled with a powerful tool called “WP Toolkit.” This is a powerful WordPress management tool with many useful features.

Below is the list of features that you can use in the WP toolkit:

  • Centralized Management: Provides a single interface to manage multiple WordPress websites from your hosting control panel. No need to log in to each site individually.
  • Simplified Installation: One-click WordPress installation, including automated database, user creation, and initial configuration.
  • Security Hardening: Implements best security practices to protect your WordPress sites from vulnerabilities.
  • Updates: Manage core WordPress, plugin, and theme updates either automatically or manually across all your sites.
  • Staging Environments (often): Create a safe copy of your site(s) to test changes, new features, or plugins before going live.
  • Cloning: Replicate your WordPress websites quickly.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Log in directly to your WordPress admin dashboards from the WP Toolkit interface.


  • Saves Time: Streamlines common WordPress management tasks.
  • Enhances Security: Helps keep your sites protected.
  • Improves User Experience: Makes WordPress easier to install and work with, even for non-technical users.
  • Ideal for Resellers/Agencies: Manage multiple client sites effectively.

Free Migration

Asura Hosting also offers free site migration, which is handy for non-tech people. If you are a blogger and you want to avoid headaches when migrating a site, they can migrate your site for free.

Before I migrated my site to Asura hosting, I was using Spidyhost. They let my site go offline for 3 days, and their daily backup failed day after day.

So, when my site was restored, I immediately changed to Asura hosting. I can even migrate my site manually. Still, since my previous host caused me a lot of trouble, I decided to take advantage of Asura hosting’s free migration to save myself from some headaches that Spidyhost gave me.

A free site migration is a big help for people who lack technical knowledge, and leaving the migration process to the host’s technical team is more convenient for site owners.

Other Features of Asura Hosting

I already highlighted my experience with the most important features of Asura web hosting; let me show you the other features of Asura web hosting in the bullet list below:

  • Free SSL
  • AMD powered
  • NVMe storage
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited Database
  • Auto-backup with Jetbackup
  • Free site builder
  • DDoS Protection

How Asura Hosting Performs In Real World Test

After sharing my experience of all the features that this hosting provider offers, let me show you how my site performs in terms of speed.

My Site Core Web Vital Test Using Asura Hosting Without Using Configuring Litespeed Cache Plugin (PageSpeed Insight)

From the screenshot above, my site’s mobile score is low, reaching only 41. On the desktop, my site only reached 58, which still needs to be higher. Keep in mind that this test is not from a test site but from a live site with 15,000 monthly pageviews and running ads. This is the most accurate test that we can get since it is from a real website, not a dummy site.

Core Web Vital Test With Litespeed Cache and Quic.Cloud Enable in Asura Hosting

After enabling and setting up the LiteSpeed cache plugin and CDN, you can clearly see my site’s significant improvement on Pagespeed Insight; it reached a score of 97 on mobile and 96 on desktop.

The screenshot above also shows that I tested my site using Pingdom, and it reached a good score of B and a load time of 1.02 s. I also tested it in different locations to see if its CDN was really effective, and you can clearly see from the above screenshot how fast my site was in eight different locations.

Asura hosting is fast, but my site is on the heavier side as soon as I set up the LiteSpeed cache and Quic.Cloud CDN, it was crystal clear that it fixed all my site’s speed problems. You can also get this kind of result, or even better if you host your site on Asura hosting. Just make sure you know how to properly configure the LiteSpeed plugin and set up the CDN.

How Reliable is The Support in Asura Web Hosting?


Support’s response speed could be more consistent; sometimes, it is a bit fast, and sometimes, it could be faster. They only have support tickets and no live chat so that you can expect a response from their representative after a few hours.

I have already tried some web hosting that has outstanding support response times, like, which responds in almost an instant, and Cloudways, which responds in 3 minutes. However, those web hosting providers are quite expensive.

On the other hand, Asura web hosting is very affordable, so the support response time is reasonable.

How Much Does Hosting A Website Cost on Asura Hosting?

Asura hosting offers many good features that you can only find in an expensive hosting provider. What’s surprising is that Asura hosting pricing is very affordable without any renewal gimmicks.

Some web hosting companies’ prices look affordable, but their renewal prices are high since their pricing is only on promo for a year.

In Asura hosting, the price doesn’t have a promo, but you can guarantee that what you pay is the real price with no increase in the renewal price.

Their prices start at $1, which I recommend when starting a new site. You can upgrade later if you need more resources.

Pros and Cons Of Asura Hosting

Here is a list of Asura hosting’s pros and cons to help you decide if it is the right choice for you.


  • Affordable
  • Now, the renewal price increase
  • Litespeed Enterprise
  • With Quic.Cloud enterprise CDN


  • No live chat support for faster response
  • Still a shared hosting

Best Alternatives of Asura Hosting

If you feel that Asura hosting is not the right choice for you, I recommend some of the best hosting options. is a reliable hosting company that delivers the fastest WordPress hosting. They focus entirely on WordPress, which is easy to use and suitable for beginners. Although it is quite expensive, you can ensure that your site is always fast and secure. offers free Cloudflare Enterprise for all of its plans and the fastest CDN. It also offers robust security with its Cloudflare Enterprise firewall and Immunify 360.

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Cloudways is also a great choice with its fast servers and reliable customer support. It offers premium cloud providers, such as Google Cloud, AWS, and DigitalOcean.

Another good thing about Cloudways was its scalability, which allowed users to scale the resources that they needed, such as processor, RAM, and storage. Cloudways is fast, reliable, has good customer support, and is a high-quality cloud provider worth trying.

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Now that we are the last part of the article, I’m pretty sure that I provide everything that you need to know about Asura hosting. They are fast when Litespeed cache and CDN is properly installed, it has a reliable uptime, customer support is reliable but quite slow, and they have a very affordable pricing.

For those who are afraid to try Asura hosting, I can assure you its real. Its not scam or anything, they are just build to be affordable for small to medium size website.