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rocket net review

Key Takeaways

  • is a premium managed WordPress hosting provider. They focus entirely on WordPress sites, offering expert management and technical care.
  • Speed is its major selling point.’s powerful infrastructure and inclusion of Cloudflare Enterprise CDN result in exceptionally fast websites.
  • Comprehensive security is a priority. Between Cloudflare Enterprise’s WAF and Immunify 360, sites are well-protected against common threats.
  • Superb customer support is a highlight.’s team is known for being incredibly fast, responsive, and helpful.
  • It comes at a cost. Pricing is higher than many competitors, and base storage limits can be restrictive.
  • Best Suited For: Site owners who need the absolute fastest WordPress hosting possible and want the peace of mind that comes with top-notch security and support.

Welcome to review.

Today I will share with you my personal experience as a review of a web hosting called “”. I heard a lot of humor about this company and almost all of them have very positive feedback. 

For me to know if the rumor is true, I’ve transferred one of my sites to their hosting platform and see for myself what has to offer.

In this review, I will cover:

  • What is
  • What Features it can offer
  • How it performs in real-world test
  • Benefits & Disadvantages 
  • If it is worth it or not

What is is a managed WordPress hosting provider, for now, they only specialize in WordPress sites and all of their hosting plans are finely tuned and optimized for WordPress websites.

The company was founded in the year 2020 and quickly became known as the fastest WordPress hosting, offers Cloudflare enterprise to all of its plans which greatly increase the performance of a website hosting in their hosting platform. Key Features

To give you an idea, let me show you all the key features that you should need to know.

Managed WordPress Hosting hosting is a managed WordPress hosting, it is ideal for bloggers or publishers that don’t have much time for technical stuff in maintaining their website. 

As a publisher, I know the pain of working alone on a website, if anything goes wrong you are the only one who needs to fix the errors on the site, lucky is a fully managed hosting company, that will take care of the server for its clients, all the technical stuff will be handled by professionals to ensure that running smoothly all the time.

Beginners Friendly Control Panel

rocketnet control panel dashboard doesn’t have cPanel instead it uses its user-friendly control panel. For me, it is perfect for fully managed web hosting since all the features can easily be accessed inside the dashboard.

Having a beginner’s friendly control panel is very important to a hosting platform that specializes in WordPress, for the reason that WordPress is well-known for blog websites, and a lot of bloggers don’t have much time or technical skill to mention web hosting. dashboard makes everything simple, it shows the site that I have and in the manage section, I can easily access different options that I typically need to manage hosting like bandwidth uses, plugins, themes, file manager, backups, logs, and database management.

As a managed WordPress hosting, you only have limited control over your server, it only shows features that are typically used by everyone but there is still a lot going on in the background of your server.

CloudFlare Enterprise


Cloudflare Enterprise contributes a huge factor to the speed of You might already be aware that Cloudflare is the most popular CDN, and Cloudflare Enterprise is their fastest and most expensive plan.

Some claim that Cloudflare Enterprise costs about $2000-$6000 per month, in you can get it for free. They will let your site tap into their Cloudflare Enterprise no matter what plan you’ve chosen. 

I already use a free Cloudflare account on one of the websites that I transfer to, the support team instructed me that I only need to add into the DNS the CNAME records but the proxy should turn off to allow my site to connect to their Cloudflare Enterprise.

If you’re familiar with Ezoic Cloud, it works almost the same where you must turn off the Cloudflare proxy for your site to use the Ezoic Cloud. In their Cloudflare Enterprise will fully cache your site and distribute it into their wide network of servers around the globe. 

Cloudflare Enterprise Is much faster than other Cloudflare plans since it has more servers, smart routing, automatic image optimization, and other features that can speed up your website. It is a lot of features that you couldn’t get from free Cloudflare plans and even Pro.

Zero Configuration’s Cloudflare Enterprise is great but you don’t have any control, but it is good for people not interested in technical stuff. 

Configuring servers and CDN is very time-consuming and that’s what aims for, to provide web owners a hosting services that they can use and forget. 

After migrating a site to your site can use the Cloudflare Enterprise right away since there is no need for any configurations, and’s professionals will handle the rest.



In terms of security I can confirm that has one of the best security because of two reasons, let me explain a bit further.

Cloudflare’s Enterprise Security

Cloudflare Enterprise is undoubtedly one of the best lines of defense in security. Many giant companies use Cloudflare because of its effectiveness against threats DDos and other cyber threats. uses Cloudflare Enterprise which also means that you’re site will benefit from an extra layer of security from Cloudflare Enterprise WAF without the need for any configuration.

Immunify 360

Aside from the Cloudflare WAF, also uses Immunify 360 on all of the servers. If you are not aware of Immunify 360, it is one of the popular and effective security solutions that use for servers.

Immunify 360 has real-time malware protection, a scanner, and malware removal. This security solution will leave inside your server without affecting the server’s performance so it also means that security plugins aren’t necessary when you host your site on Performance and Speed Optimization

Now, let’s explore its speed performance. The name ‘’ itself indicates a strong emphasis on speed, highlighting that the hosting platform is tailored for swift performance. 

Based on my own experience, the site that I transferred to Rocket improved its load time, I conducted multiple speed tests using different testing platforms like PageSpeed Insight, GTmetrix, Pingdom, and CDN speed tests. 

Let me show you the results.

Page Speed Insight Test

PageSpeed Insight is the most important speed test for the reason that it was developed by Google which can Google also use it as a ranking factor for a website.

After multiple tests on both the homepage and its articles, the results are consistent. My site home page always gets around 90-95 scores on mobile which is pretty good and even better on mobile for getting a 99 score every time.  

Testing the article using Page Speed Insight my website achieved a score of 90 on mobile and 99 on desktop. 

Gtmetrix Test Result

Using GTmetrix it also did pretty well, can achieve a grade A on the homepage and article. The TTFB on the homepage is 74ms and 66ms in the article which is a good result.

Pingdom Speed Test Result

The same goes when using testing on Pingdom. It achieved a score of B in mobile article and homepage. It is a good score but I just wish it got at least an A score.

Multiple Location Test


Since uses CDN to boost the speed of its clients, I also test different locations to see if their claim about Enterprise is true.

Fortunately, the result is impressive, It achieves all-green good TTFB results from different locations. To be honest I’m impressed with how fast its CDN was.

Customer Support

rocketnet-support offers excellent customer support. You can reach them through tickets and via live chat. customer support lives up to its company name, most of the time if I have a concern I reach their support through live chat and they respond in just a few seconds which is insanely fast.

Their customer supports it not just fast but also very professionally, they even migrated my website to for free. For a rating of 10, I can give support a 10 out of 10. Pros and Cons 

Pros: Advantages Of Using 

  • Fast Server Performance
  • Robust Security
  • Beginners Friendly

Cons: Disadvantage Of Using

  • No Email 
  • Expensive Pricing
  • Low Base Storage

Pricing & Plans

For the plan, offers an expensive plan compared to its competitors, but what I like about Rocket as it doesn’t have a deceptive strategy like other hosting plans that will surprise you with a high renewal cost. price starts at $30 per month for their starter plan which gives you a single WordPress install, 250,000 visitors, 10GB storage, and 50GB bandwidth. 

For the Pro plan, it will cost you $60 per month for 3 WordPress installs, 1M visitors, 20GB storage, and 100GB bandwidth. 

The business plan is a good choice for a larger site, it costs $100 per month for 10 WordPress installs, 2.5M visitors, 40GB storage, and 300GB bandwidth.

For me, the price is a bit expensive but since it is a premium web hosting it offers a lot of benefits which make the pricing fair for both clients and the company.

My only concern is the storage I think the base storage is too small for sites that use a lot of images and visuals. Alternatives


In terms of alternatives, the best hosting option that I recommend is Cloudways, it is fast like It is a cloud hosting that is known to have a very reliable uptime, you can choose from its premium cloud providers which are DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, and AWS.

Cloudways is also a much cheaper choice that starts at $11 per month for DigitalOcean, you can also use my promo code MIRAGE10 to have a 10% discount for 3 months on Cloudways.

What also makes Cloudways a perfect alternative is that you can also use Cloudflare Enterprise as an add-on for $4.99 per month.

Read our Review | Visit Cloudways


WPX is also a managed WordPress hosting company, it is one of the best choices if your site is in Ezoic. 

I’ve heard a lot of people who use Ezoic as their ad technology that WPX works well for them. WPX also offers free premium CDN for all of their plans, free malware removal, and free site speed optimization. 

Visit WPX Hosting

FAQ- Review

Is Rocket Net good hosting?

Yes, is a good hosting provider despite being a new company that only started in 2020, it managed to provide its users with the best possible performance and service.

Is Rocket Net cloud hosting?

No, they are a WordPress hosting but they take advantage of cloud technology to serve your content to your visitors as fast as possible using premium CDN.

Is Provides Free Migrations?

Yes, I migrate one of my websites using their free migrations, I just provide them the data that they need like access to my WordPress account and they migrate my site free of charge. Review 2024: Is It Really That Good?
Now to wrap this up, and answer whether is worth it or not, I can confidently say that is worth trying. It has excellent performance, high-quality CDN, secured servers, and super fast and professional customer support.Though is not perfect it has some caveats like no email and expensive pricing but still, It can't change the fact that if you want really fast performance, reliable customer support, and security is the best option.
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Fast server performance
Robust Security
Beginners Friendly
No Email
Expensive Pricing
Low base storage