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spidyhost cloud hosting review

Spidyhost Cloud Hosting Review: Our In-Depth Review

Spidyhost Cloud Hosting Review: Our In-Depth Review
Review Summary
Spidyhost cloud hosting is one of the best affordable cloud hosting out there. It was fast, it has excellent support, and they have a lot of features for very affordable pricing.For the overall experience, I can give it a rating of 94 out of 100. I highly recommended their cloud hosting for small to mid-size websites
Ease Of Use
Customer Support
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Free Email
With File Manager
Free Caching Tools
Free Site Speed Optimization Tools
Free Malware Scanner
Free CDN
No CPU and RAM Options
Weird looking Dashboard
No Staging Environment
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A few months ago I’m looking for cheap cloud hosting for my new website. Since it was new and didn’t have real-time traffic yet. I’m looking for cheap cloud hosting that won’t compromise the performance over the price.

In my search for the best cheap cloud hosting, I found this new web hosting company based in India called “Spidyhost”. I’ve tried to research some feedback for Spidyhost and I’m impressed with how good the feedback is for this hosting company.

It has a lot of good reviews from forums and social media. To prove that this hosting company is excellent, I decided to try it for myself and choose it as a host for my newly built website.

How I Test SpidyHost Cloud Hosting

To perform the test and do a cloud hosting review. I chose their cloud hosting and built a fully functioning website on it. I also installed some plugins that I mentioned below. After I build a website and point a domain name to my Spidyhost cloud hosting server. I test the website speed using PageSpeedInsight, Gtmetrix, and Pingdom.

I also use their Cloud hosting server for a month to monitor the website’s uptime.

Important Factors That We Look For In This Web Hosting Review

  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Pricing
  • Ease Of Use
  • Reliability
  • Customer Support
  • Features
WordPress Theme UsedWordPress Plugin UsedTesting Tools UsedWebsite Use To Test SpidyHostWeb Hosting Plan Used For This Review
Blocksy WordPress ThemeMalcarePageSpeedInsightA complete and functioning WordPress website with build-in caching toolsSpidyHost cheapest cloud hosting plan (U.K. Server)
Post XGtmetrixPrice: $1.3
RankmathPingdom Speed Test
Google Site Kit
Complete info on the website to test spidyhost for review

Speed And Performance

I know that a lot of you are looking for a speed test. Í’m also a webmaster and the first thing I want to know about web hosting is the speed. Below is the speed test result of one of the websites that I host on Spidyhost.

Gtmetrix Speed Test Result

Gtmetrix speed test using Spidyhost cloud hosting
Spidyhost gtmetrix speedtest result

Pingdom Speed Test Result

spidyhost pingdom speed test result
Spidyhost pingdom speedtest result

PageSpeedInsight Result

Spidyhost mobile pagespeedinsight result
Spidyhost PagespeedInsight Mobile Result
spidyhost desktop pagespeedinsight result
Spidyhost PagespeedInsight Desktop Result

Based on the speed test that I conducted using GTmetrix, Pingdom, and PageSpeedInsight It was really good. Although it is not impressive for a new website that doesn’t have a lot of traffic.

I expect the result should be at least 99 or 100 in Gtmetrix because the website that I’ve used for this review is a new website. I also use Blocksy theme, which is one of the fastest and lightest WordPress themes. It doesnt have a lot of traffic yet and no ads so at least it should get at least 99 or 100 in Gtmetrix.

For the result in the PagespeedInsight, I was disappointed at first since it only managed to get 71 scores for mobile. But then I realized that my Spidyhost server was in the U.K. which is far from the U.S. base speed test like PageSpeedInsight.

It is normal to get a lower score when the server of your website is far away from the speed test location. Besides PageSpeedInsight does not have the option to change the test location like GTmetrix and Pingdom. I’m also not using a CDN in this hosting review, so the result can still improve by using a CDN.

For speed, it is clearly not the fastest cloud hosting. But when we look at the price of their plan, they offer more than their competitors with almost 9x more expensive than their cloud hosting plan. For the speed based on the price, I can give them a rating of 4 out of 5.


For the uptime, I keep monitoring my new website that using Spidyhost cloud hosting for a month. The result is excellent, I haven’t experienced any downtime from the first day of using their cloud hosting. It was because cloud hosting was indeed a reliable kind of web hosting when it comes to uptime.

If we consider the price of hosting a website in their cloud hosting. It was way cheaper than the cheapest plan in Cloudways, so lowered my expectations for the uptime that it can offer. But it turns out that their hosting pricing will not compromise their server Uptime and still be able to maintain its 99% percent uptime. For their uptime, I will give a rating of 5 out of 5.


For the pricing, Spidyhost is unbeatable. You can have cloud hosting for your WordPress website for as low as $1.3 a month. In comparison, Cloudways offers $10 for their cheapest cloud hosting which is a few times more expensive than Spidyhost cloud hosting.

Spidyhost cloud hosting is probably the best value for money when we compare pricing to their web hosting service. For the pricing category, I can give a grade of 5 out of 5.

Spidyhost cloud hosting review: spidyhost cloud hosting price
Spidyhost pricing

Customer Support

Customer support is also an important key point in choosing web hosting especially if you are managing your site alone. If you have limited technical knowledge good customer support is a great time saver. There are also some web hosting that have terrible slow support.

Fortunately, Spidyhost has excellent support. They respond very fast, about a few seconds after you send a message on their live support chat. Their support staff is also kind, and helpful, you can clearly sense that they are capable and know how to fix your site problem.

After I create a website and host it to their cloud hosting, I accidentally make some mistakes because I’m not yet familiar with their Dashboard, It’s completely different from the other cloud hosting dashboards that I’ve used in the past. When exploring their cloud hosting dashboard I ended up creating a mess that I couldn’t log in to my website.

So I send a message to their support about the matter and they respond pretty quickly. Their staff fix all the errors on my newly built website. Based on my own experience with their customer support, I can give it a grade of 5 out of 5.

SpidyHost Cloud Hosting Features

Spidyhost features

Now that I’ve mentioned all the key points that we should consider if we choose Spidyhost or not. Let me give you now an insight into all of its features that you should expect when hosting to SpidyHost cloud hosting.

Free Malware Scanner

Spidyhost cloud hosting offers a lot of features for its price. Even for the lowest plan, you can get a free SSL and free email accounts. It also has a lot of useful features like a malware scanner. In another hosting, if you want a malware scanner you will need to buy it but in Spidyhost it’s free.

Free Caching

spidyhost stack cache
Stack Cache In SpidyHost Cloud Hosting

Another feature that I like about Spidyhost is their free caching tools, they offer two layers of caching tools. First was the StackCache which is embedded automatically on your WordPress dashboard upon using Spidyhost cloud hosting. You can control your website cache inside your WordPress dashboard by the use of their Stackcache.

Free CDN

Aside from caching, you can also get a free CDN even for the lowest cloud hosting plan. It offers a second layer of caching called “Edge Caching”. It gives an option on how long Spidyhost CDN will cache your site which will be distributed to all data centers around the world.

Spidyhost cloud hosting CDN also offers web optimization tools that give users control like HTML optimization, Javascript optimization, CSS optimization, and Image optimization. It’s the same features that you can find in some premium optimization plugins called Wp Rockets but in Spidyhost it’s completely free.

Other Features of Spidyhost Cloud Hosting

  • Free SSL
  • Free domain name for the annual plan
  • Free email account
  • Unlimited MySQL databases for younger plan and hero plan
  • One-click installer
  • Automatic backup
  • SSD storage

What I Don’t Like About SpidyHost Cloud Hosting

After hearing all the good things about SpidyHost, now let me give you an idea of what I don’t like about SpidyHost cloud hosting.

Auto Scaling

After using Spidyhost cloud hosting for about a month the very first thing that I didn’t like was their autoscaling feature. It sounds good because you’ll not need to worry about rescaling your site resources when needed. After all, it is done automatically. However, autoscaling lost the transparency in resources. One of the main selling points of cloud hosting was scalability— a pay-as-you-go feature that you can’t find in traditional hosting.

In Spidyhost cloud hosting, you can’t monitor the real-time RAM and CPU that your server is using. You can’t even choose how much RAM or CPU cores you want to use. In some cloud hosting like Cloudways, you can freely choose how much RAM and CPU cores you want to use from the beginning and rescale it anytime.

The Autoscaling features of Spidyhost doest have transparency of RAM and CPU usage. This makes me feel like I’m using shared hosting not Cloud hosting which is a downside for me.

SpidyHost Cloud Hosting Vs Cloudways Cloud Hosting

I know that most people will choose Cloudways because they are affordable and have excellent service. But this new Cloud hosting in Spidyhost is worth trying because it is much cheaper compared to Cloudways.

Before our Spidyhost cloud hosting review ends, let’s compare the two cloud hosting to give you an idea of how Spidyhost cloud hosting can keep up with a premium and more popular cloud hosting like Cloudways.

SpidyHost Cloud Hosting



  • Free Email
  • Free Domain For Anual Plan
  • With File Manager
  • Cheaper than Cloudways
  • Free malware scanner


  • The dashboard is a bit weird
  • Slower than Cloudways
  • No RAM, and CPU options


cloudways good for wordpress


  • Faster Cloud server
  • Premium Cloud provider
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Free staging environment
  • Scalable
  • More transparent


  • No free email
  • No free domain
  • No dedicated file manager

Comparing Spidyhost and Cloudways side by side, you can clearly how the two cloud hosts are compared to one another. When it comes to price Spidyhost cloud hosting wins no doubt, if you have a tight budget and you want cheaper cloud hosting that doesn’t compromise the features, Spidyhost is the right for you.

If you want cheap cloud hosting(cheaper than other competitors, but more expensive than Spidyhost) that is faster with a premium cloud provider and easier to use I personally recommend Cloudways.


After using Spidyhost for about a month for the sake of this cloud hosting review let’s wrap it up. Their cloud hosting is the best when you are on a tight budget. It is perfect for a small website or starting a new website. They have a very affordable plan of $1.3 a month, prices that are even cheaper than shared web hosting.

The features and performance that their cloud hosting offers are more than worthy of its price. And although the speed is just okay and a bit slower compared to the lowest plan in Cloudways. It can still be improved by tweaking the caching time and using a CDN like Cloudflare.

Do I recommend Spiyhost cloud hosting to anyone? Yes indeed, they are very affordable, have good performance, and have excellent support.

For the overall score, I can give Spidyhost a 94 out of 100.

Frequently Ask Questions

Where Is Spidyhost Located?

Spidyhost is a web hosting company that was founded in the year 2015 in Kurnool India. They are an Indian-based company but they have a data center around the world.

Does Spidyhost Offer Free Hosting?

Unfortunately no, they didn’t even have free trial options but don’t worry because their plan is very affordable and starts at $1.3 a month.

Does Spidyhost have cPanel?

They offer cPanel hosting for a separate web hosting plan, but when you choose cloud hosting it does not come with cPanel. They use a different control panel called StackCP control panel, it’s a bit different but it can also be easy to familiarize.

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