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Anyword Review: Unbiased Review

Anyword is an AI writer that are good in generating content, this is my comprehensive review of this tool

Anyword review
Anyword review
Anyword is such a powerful AI writing tool, that it is truly capable of producing long-form content that is high-quality and optimized for certain keywords. It also provides templates and AI use cases that may be helpful based on a certain work. Anyword is good but still needs some refinement for SEO. If you want your content that has a higher chance of ranking on search results I recommend that you pair it with a reliable SEO optimization tool like Neuronwriter.
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Welcome to my Anyword Review.

AI writers are one of the most used AI tools in the world of blogging or publishing. More and more web owners embrace the use of AI to generate content.

If you are the one who uses AI writers as an advantage in producing content you might get interested in an AI writer called ‘Anyword’. Today I will review this AI writing tool just to give you my insight that may help you decide if this tool is worth using or not.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anyword Overview:
    • Powerful AI writing tool for content creators, bloggers, and writers.
    • Specializes in generating high-quality, keyword-optimized long-form content.
  • Blog Wizard and Content Quality:
    • Blog Wizard guides users through a seven-step content creation process.
    • Impressive ability to create intros that sound more human than typical AI tools.
    • Generates content of acceptable quality, offering flexibility in word count (1000-3000 words).
  • AI Detector and SEO Optimization:
    • Struggles to pass AI detection tests, an important consideration for users.
    • Claims of SEO optimization validated, but achieving a competitive content score may require additional refinement and tools like Neuronwriter.
  • Key Features and Use Cases:
    • Diverse features include Blog Headline Generator, Content Improver, and various use cases for different writing tasks.
    • Anyword proves versatile in catering to a wide range of content needs.
  • Pricing and Considerations:
    • Anyword offers three pricing plans: Starter, Data-Driven, and Business, with a 7-day free trial.
    • Considered expensive by some users.
    • Pairing Anyword with additional SEO tools may enhance overall performance.
  • Final Verdict:
    • Anyword is a powerful tool for generating optimized content, with room for improvement in SEO refinement.
    • Versatility and unique features make it a valuable asset for various writing tasks.

What is Anyword?

Anyword is a tool powered by artificial intelligence to help content creators, freelance writers, publishers, or any kind of writers on their writing jobs.

It uses NLP to identify relevant key terms about a certain query and use it on the generated article to rank better on search results. 

Anyword Features

Unlike some of the AI writing tools that I already reviewed which provided features like SEO optimization editor, and keyword research, Anyword only focuses on writing like blog text generator and other AI cases. 

Some of its key features are the following:

  • Blog Wizard
  • Article/Blog Headline Generator
  • Content Improver
  • AI Use Cases

I will give you an idea of how its features work by explaining one after another.

AI Writer/ Blog Wizard

anyword blog wizard

Blog Wizard is the main selling point of Anyword, their main AI writer to generate high-quality content. This tool is capable of producing a long-form article that is optimized to certain keywords which helps in ranking in search results.

The blog wizard will guide you on the content creation process, it is not a one-click AI content generator like or Surgegraph but instead provides more control or instruction to the AI before it writes the article for you.

The whole process takes about 7 steps providing the necessary information like a short topic description, choosing the target audience, tone of voice, and primary keywords, choosing from suggested titles, editing the generated outline, and choosing the word count, then after the whole process is complete the AI will start writing the whole article.

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Content Quality


For the quality for me, it’s okay, at least it is capable of writing a true long-form article, you can choose from 1000-3000 words and it writes based on the chosen words.

The intro is good and sounds pretty much like a human, I’ve tried a lot of AI writing tools, and a lot of them write intros that sound pretty AI, if you are a long-time AI user you already know what I mean. Fortunately, Anyword is capable of generating intro that are unique and more like humans than AI.

AI Content Detector Test

As I’ve mentioned can create content that has good quality, but there is a catch; it struggles to pass an AI detection test. 

You can see from the screenshot below that I’ve used two kinds of AI detection tests and unfortunately, they didn’t pass both tests. You can use Anyword for writing good-quality content but you should also prepare to accept that it has a hard time passing the AI detector.

However, Google already mentioned that they didn’t care if the content is written using AI as long as it is helpful to humans, so if the AI detector is not an issue for you I guess you will gonna like Anyword AI.

SEO Optimization Test


Anyword claims that its AI-powered writing tool is capable of writing content that is optimized, Anyword does not have an SEO optimization editor to determine its content score to accurately test its claims. So to test its content score I’ve used my favorite tool for SEO optimization ‘Neuronwriter.

Neuronwriter is my top choice because of its accurate analysis of SERP based on a query and provides NLP terms to use in content which results in ranking well on search results.

You can see from the screenshot below that Anyword AI can indeed write SEO-optimized content, but it just managed to reach a content score of 34 which for me is not enough, and still needs some time to refine and reoptimize the content before publishing.

Based on the test that I did, I can confirm that Anyword was indeed capable of producing an optimized article, but it will need some help from another tool like Neuronwriter to make sure that the article has a better chance to rank.

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Article/Blog Headline


Headlines are an important part of an article since they help to capture the attention of the reader to click on an article. A poor headline may result in a lower click-through rate, Anyword has a solution to that by providing a blog headline generator.

You can just enter the necessary information by providing a short description of your content, then the blog headline will provide you with three suggested headlines for you to choose from.

Blog Post Topic Ideas


If you want to improve your blog but you run out of ideas, Anyword has a blog post topic ideas generator. This feature works very simply by just entering your blog’s main topic, clicking the generate button and the tool will provide you with different topic ideas.

This feature is good but honestly to generate blog post topic ideas, I preferred to use ChatGPT than Anyword since it can provide more topics with the right prompt.

Content Improver


Content Improver is an AI copywriting feature of Anyword, It works like an auto Grammarly where Anyword could improve your content.

It works by simply entering the text you want to improve, choosing an algorithm, or formula, and hitting generate button. 

This feature is okay, but I wish that they could also add this kind this feature in the the editor, where you can just highlight the text that you want to improve, and the AI writing assistant will provide an improved version of the selected text.

Use Cases

Like some of its competitors, Anyword also provides a lot of use cases that you can use depending on your writing task like social media posts or copywriting. I will not explain how all of these Use cases work since it was just simple and self-explanatory.

  • Product Launch Campaign
  • Welcome Email Drip Campaign
  • Instagram Caption
  • Facebook Post
  • X Post
  • Linked Post
  • Pinterest Pin Description
  • Pinterest Pin Title
  • YouTube Video Description
  • YouTube Video Title
  • Facebook Ad
  • Google Responsive Search Ad
  • Google Search Ad- Headline
  • Google Search Ad- Description
  • Outbrain Ad-Headline
  • Taboola Ad- Headline
  • X Ad
  • LinkedIn Ad
  • Pinterest Ad
  • Product Landing Page
  • Landing Page Headline
  • Landing Page Subheader
  • Landing Page Call to Action
  • Landing Page Benefits
  • Landing Page Features
  • SEO Meta Description
  • Email
  • Email Subject Line
  • Amazon Product Listing
  • Walmart Product Listing
  • General Product Listing
  • Product Review
  • Perfect Product Headline
  • Promotional SMS
  • AIDA
  • PAS
  • Explain it to a 5th Grader
  • Sentence Expander
  • Talking Points to a Paragraph
  • Summarizer
  • Prompt

Anyword Review: Pricing 


For the pricing, Anyword provides three options for pricing the starter plan, the data-driven, and the business plan. Aside from premium plans, Anyword offers a 7-day free trial for anyone who wants to explore their tool’s functionality.

  • Starter Plan: Price $49
  • Data-Driven Plan: Price: $99
  • Business Plan: Price: $499

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Anyword Pros and Cons


  • Generate long-form article 
  • Provide a lot of copywriting tools 


  • Decent SEO Optimization
  • Expensive Pricing 

Anyword Alternatives

If Anyword is still insufficient for you, here are some of the best alternatives you can try.


Surgegraph is always been my top choice for an AI writing tool since it provides a perfect balance between features, benefits, and pricing. 

This writing tool costs about $43.99 per month and becomes even cheaper when you choose the three-year plan which only costs you $14.99 monthly. Surgegraph provides unlimited keyword research, unlimited content optimization, and unlimited content generation.

Its AI writer is the best that I’ve tried so far, it can generate a high-quality article with a length of about 5000-7000+ words, is well-optimized, in-depth, and well-structured content, a truly one of the best AI writing tools.

Read our Review | Visit Surgegraph

If you want a simple but reliable AI writer, the best Anyword alternative I highly recommend is It is also capable of writing high-quality articles that can almost compete with Surgegraph in terms of quality.

Aside from’s one-click article generator it also has features like step by step blog post generator, product roundup generator, product review, and how-to guide article generator. 

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Anyword Review-FAQ Section

Is Anyword Completely Free?

No, Anyword is a premium tool, if you want to use it you need to get one of their subscription plans. If you want to use it for free they provide a 7-day free trial only. 

What is Anyword used for?

Anyword is used for generating content like blog posts, YouTube intro, emails, SEO meta descriptions, and more.

What are the benefits Of Anyword AI?

One of the benefits of Anyword is to help you create content that is faster and easier. It helps with writing assistance and lowers the cost of producing content since AI writing is much cheaper than human writing.