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Best AI Writing Tools 2024: The Ultimate List

After using and reviewing many AI writing tools, now is the time to publish my top choice for the best AI writing tools.

All the tools featured in this list are fully tested on how they perform in the real world.

We all know that the features in the paper are sometimes different from the actual performance, so I first tested and published a review article about them before deciding to publish and rank the best AI writing tools.

This ranking is based on different factors:

  • Quality of content
  •  Pricing & value for money
  •  Useful features.
  •  User Experience

Now, without further ado, let’s proceed.

Our Top Choice

Best Overall


  • Unlimited Longform Article
  • Unlimited Keyword Research
  • Unlimited Content Optimization
  • Affordable Pricing

2ND Best Choice


  • Top-Notch SEO Optimization
  • Affordable Price
  • Reliable AI Writer
  • Lifetime Deal


Why it stands out: Our number one spot is Surgegraph; it has the most balance between quality, features, and value for money. Of all the AI writing tools I’ve tried, Surgegraph is the only one that offers unlimited content generation in all plans, which means you can generate high-quality content as many as you want no matter what plan you choose.

The article this AI writing assistant can create content that is 5000-7000+ words and even more since there is no word limit on using Surgegraph.

The quality of the article is also really good; it has a proper content structure, and it can even add lists or tables to the article.

Another thing about this AI content generator is its SEO optimization; it provides a lot of data and uses the NLP technique to provide related keyphrases that you can add to your article.

They also have an SEO optimization feature called “Auto optimized”, where in just one click of a button, the tools will automatically add more related keyphrases to your article and blend it naturally, design your content, and add reputable outbound links to your article from an authority site.

Surgegraph also includes unlimited keyword research, which has performed well since their company was once known as LSIGraph, a keyword research tool before they rebranded it into an AI writing software tool.


  • Unlimited Content Generation
  •  Unlimited Words Content
  •  High-Quality Article
  •  Unlimited Keyword Research
  •  Unlimited Content Optimization


  • No Free Trial

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Why it stands out: The second best AI writing tool is Neuronwriter because it has one of the best prices and features. NeuronWriter has an AI-powered writing tool capable of writing at least 1500+ words of article. It is not as good as Surgegraph AI can generate, but it is still better than other AI writing generators.

The best feature of Neuronwriter was its content optimization feature; they have one of the best, if not the best, available in the market. Neuronwriter provides much data about a certain query that can rank your content higher in search results.

Neuronwriter’s competitor analysis is also great, providing tons of data about your competitors to give you an idea of how to outrank them. Their SEO optimization is even better than Surgraph, but they don’t have an auto-optimization feature, so all the optimization should be handled manually.

In addition to its features, it has one of the best pricing in AI writing tools. You can generate up to 75000 words with its cheapest plan plus 25 articles optimization for just $23 monthly.

Aside from its affordable pricing, Neuronwriter offers a lifetime deal for you to use its product without needing a subscription.

If you want to try their product they also offer a free plan, the free trial is good for one month of use, and it has limited functionality but barely enough to explore Neuronwriter.

Neuronwriter has one of the best prices for functionality value, which is why they are the second-best AI writing tool; you can always choose Neuronwriter.


  • High Accuracy SEO Optimization Feature
  •  Reliable AI Writer
  •  Affordable Price


  • No Keyword Research Functionality
  • More Focus on Optimization that Writing Features

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Why it stands out: Frase is undoubtedly one of the best AI writing tools today. You can generate high-quality long-form content, optimized text with a length of about 6000+ words.

It is also one of the easiest to use among AI writers, not as easy as Surgegraph but still better than most of its competitors. You need to enter your topics and generate an outline; after that, the AI will automatically create an article for you.

For quality, Frase is even better than Neuronwriter regarding the content creation. But what made it to the third spot rather than second was its price; it was way more expensive than Neuronwriter and Surgegraph.

Frase’s cheapest plan should be ignored since it will allow you to optimize 4 articles per month; its second plan is much better.

But if you need to generate unlimited articles, you need to spend $35 per month for an add-on, plus $44.99 per month for the basic plan, and it will cost you $79.99 per month.

Frase is also one of the best for SEO optimization, though Neuronwriter and Surgegraph have better SEO optimization features. But when comparing them to Frase in optimization, it is very close.

Frase has better content quality than Neuronwriter; Neuronwriter has better optimization and pricing, so it is fair why Frase is in our third spot.


  • Long Form Content Generator
  •  High-Quality Content


  • Expensive Price Than Competitors
  •  No Keywords Research

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Why it stands out: Scalenut is another popular AI writing tool that entered our fourth spot. It also provides features such as AI writers that can generate content of at least 1500+ words.

The writing process is relatively easy. It is not a one-click long-form article generator like Surgegraph or Frase, but the process is easy to follow.

You need to enter your primary keywords and necessary information like tone of voice and topic description, generate a headline, and outline the AI to write the article for you.

The quality of the content is also good and is comparable to NeuronWriter. It also has content optimization features but needs more data to become a better choice than Neuronwriter or Frase.

As a good bonus, Scalenut also has a keyword research tool and many AI templates.


  • Unlimited Article Generation in The Higher Plan
  •  Faster Content Generation


  • Expensive Pricing
  • Cant Generate Longer Content

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Why it stands out: Another tool that is worth including in this list is Longshot AI. It has features that you typically get from popular AI writing tools like AI writers capable of writing at least 1000+ words of article.

Writing an article on this tool is not automatic; it has a step-by-step process but is still easy to follow. Start with keywords >> then choose the headline >> outline >> and then the AI will write the article for you.

The articles generated are of decent quality but are still better when compared to ChatGPT. What I like about this tool is that it has an article format/templates you can choose from, like how-to guide articles, listing articles, insurance blogs, educational blogs, and more.

The listing article templates work well since many AI writers struggle to create a listing article; I wish they could write a longer blog like the top-tier AI writing tools.

Other features of Longshot AI include Fact Checker, SEO optimization, Plagiarism Checker, and many AI cases.


  • Fact-Checking
  • Has Plagiarism Checker


  • Slow performance
  • Decent SEO optimization

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Writesonic is also an AI writing tool with functionality similar to Scalenut; the only difference is that Writesonic doesn’t offer unlimited content generation. When it comes to credit consumption, they have one of the worst.

Their Word Credit is not optimized, so it consumes more than it should be. I included Writesonic as one of the best AI writing tools because of its features.

Undeniably, they have one of the best features and functionality to offer. Writesonic AI can generate 900-1500+ word articles, and it has SEO optimization features.

Its features include an image generator, SEO optimization, AI templates, and AI chat. They also offer a special subscription for Freelance for unlimited content generation, but it only uses GPT-3.5.


  • Scalable plan
  •  Good for Freelance


  • Consumes a lot of Credits in every feature
  •  Decent Article Quality

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Why it stands out: Neuroflash is also one of the best AI writing software, they claim that they are the best in Europe, which is true which is why I include them in this list.

Some of its features include an AI writer, Image generator, Plagiarism checker, and AI chatbot. Their AI writer is okay and undoubtedly one of the best; it consists of a good-looking image in the article, which is great.

The article’s length is typically about 1500 words, which is good, but it still needs to be closer to Surgegraph and Frase.

What I like about this tool is its AI image generator; out of all the AI writing, they have the best AI generator that is beautiful and has good accuracy. The quality of the article is also good, comparable to the blog article generated by Longshot AI.

Neuroflash is a powerful tool that provides a lot of features like an AI text generator, image generator, and other AI content writing tools, truly one of the top picks in our list.


  • Fast content generation
  •  Good image quality


  • SEO optimization editor is very basic
  • Lower tier plan has very limited features

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Why it stands out: WordHero is an AI writing tool focusing mainly on AI writers rather than SEO optimization features.

It doesn’t have an SEO optimization editor like NeuronWriter, Surgegraph, or Frase. But what makes it stand out is that it offers unlimited content generation.

It also uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 to power its AI tools, but in the lower tier plan, the unlimited content generation is for GPT-3.5 only. If you want to generate an article using its enhanced mode powered by GPT-4, you should choose the more expensive plan.

The quality of the article it generates is good. You need to refine it to make it more in-depth. WordHero also offers a lot of AI cases like a blog outline generator, a generator, a paragraph generator, and more. It also provides an AI image generator that is of decent quality.

What I like most about WordHero is that it is one of the few AI writing tools that offers a lifetime deal. It means that you can generate unlimited articles without any subscription.


  • Unlimited content generation
  •  Lifetime deal


  • No SEO optimization editor
  •  Decent quality article

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Why it stands out: Rytr might be the best for you when it has a small budget. Rytr is the cheapest of all the reliable AI writing tools. It doesn’t have an SEO optimization editor, but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t write an SEO optimization article.

Rytr’s generated article is even better than WordHero’s. It can create a blog article of 2000+ words that is well structured and of good quality. The plan starts at $9 per month, which is affordable for everyone.

Some of its features include an AI Image generator, a Plagiarism checker, and many AI cases like a keywords generator and a keywords tractor, which I like.

Regarding content quality, there is no doubt that Rytr generates one of the best; the only reason I put WordHero on top of Rytr was that it has a lifetime deal that is hard to resist.


  • Very affordable pricing
  •  Good article quality


  • NO SEO optimization editor

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Bottom Line

I tested and reviewed all of the AI writing tools I’ve featured in this article, so I don’t need to do so just to find out if it’s worth it. I’m very aware that not all devices are equal, and many failed to deliver their promise, so I test all of them to give you an idea of how they perform.

I weigh all their features, functionality, benefits, and prices fairly to give you which is the best among the best AI writing tools.

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