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Now that I'll give you all the key points that you need to know about this tool, I hope that I have helped you decide on your purchase. is a good tool but it still needs a lot of refinement, its image generator is not as good as its competitors, and the blog writer is okay but not as optimized as the other tools can. Its SEO optimization features are also very basic not even close to the likes of Frase, Neuronwriter, and Surgegraph, however, is advertised as an AI writer, not an SEO optimization platform so it still makes sense. But their problem is when we compare it to Surgegraph with just $43.99mo plus $5 for an add ons to use an image generator of 150 images, you will get unlimited long from content that is highly SEO optimized, and unlimited keyword research that is far better than Creaitor. ai own keyword research feature. Creaitor AI is good but if you ask me Surgegraph is a much better deal in terms of functionality, effectiveness, and pricing for an AI writer.
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Welcome to our review.

I’m enjoying reviewing different kinds of AI writers since they are fun to use. I even use an AI writer tool to generate content on my other website, though in Mirageportal I just use AI as a writing assistant but on my separate website, I generate the article entirely using AI.

As I’m enjoying using AI writing tools on my other website I decided to try every AI writing tool to help potential buyers decide if the tool is worth it or not.

Today we will review another AI writing tool named “Creaitor AI”, join me as I cover all its features and benefits, pricing, usability, quality of content, accuracy, pros and cons, alternatives, and if it’s worth using. Key Features and Its Benefits

To help you decide on this product, let me show you all the key features and benefits of each feature.

Blog Wizard: Content Writer powered by AI

Blog Wizard is the main AI writing tool by, if you want to create a long-form article you should use these features. In generating content using the blog wizard you’ll have two options the guided and the one-click method.

Guided Method

Based on the two methods I highly recommend that always choose the guided one for the reason that it is more accurate compared to the one-click method.

The guided method will give you more control over the article, it will give you suggestions on where you can choose one from different suggested titles, outlines, and writing points before the AI generates the article which is for me pretty great.

One Click Method

The one-click method on the other hand is the method that I don’t recommend. When you use it you will just need to write a short description of the article that you want the AI to write then it will write it for you.

It sounds good but the outcome was a disappointment, I’ve used a lot of one-click long-form AI writing tools like Surgegraph which is impressive and the one-click method of is not even close.

The article that It generates from the one-click method is pretty basic about 600 words, just similar to when you ask ChatGPT-3.5 to write an article about something without using proper prompt.

Content Editor: SEO Optimization Feature


After using the blog wizard feature and in the last step you click submit; you will be redirected to the content editor, where you can edit and enhance the article that the blog wizard generates. You can enter your focus keywords and the content editor will give you optimization suggestions.

To be honest I’m not impressed with the SEO optimization feature of it just works the same as Yoast and Rankmath which is not even close when compared to the likes of Neuronwriter or Frase in SEO optimization.

But to be fair is more focused on AI writing rather than SEO tunning, which is why it was advertised as an AI writing tool rather than an SEO tool, and its SEO features just work like a bonus. Image Generator


Like other AI writer tools that I’ve reviewed also has an Image generator feature which is pretty handy for writers, since images and illustrations can make the article more engaging for visitors.

The image generator in this tool also works in a credit system that consumes every time you generate images. To start generating an image, you just need to describe the image you want to appear and it will give you four different variants that you can choose from.

Based on my experience using different kinds of AI art/image generators, the own image generator works okay but it’s not accurate, I already tried a lot of AI image generators that are better than Creaitor. ai own image generator.

For now, the image generator is far from its competitors but it can still be a decent option if you need some images or illustrations for your articles.

Creator AI Keyword Research Feature


If you don’t have keyword research tools they also have them for you, Creaitor AI also has features that can help with your keyword research.

Though this feature can’t be compared to some of the best SEO tools for keyword research like Semrush you can still use its keyword research to get a decent amount of data that can still help you to target some low-competition keywords.

One thing that I don’t like about the keyword research feature of Creator is that it is still powered by credit and gives you lots of limitations, while some tools like Surgegraph offer unlimited keyword research and unlimited AI-generated SEO-optimized long-form articles with almost the same amount of price.

AI Chat


AI chat is another feature that it offers, but it is not necessary since for me it was just a ChatGPT 3.5 inside It also consumes credit every time you use it, for me AI chat is not necessary since you can also access ChatGPT directly on their main website.

AI Chat of is only useful if you want quick access to ChatGPT while optimizing the content that AI generates for you.

AI Assistant


AI Assitant works as a platform with a compilation of different tools that are powered by artificial intelligence, let me show you all the tools inside AI Assistant:

Headline Generator


If you working on a different project and you just need a juicy headline for your articles the headline generator is a good tool.

You just need to do a little instruction and the tool will give you different variations of headlines that you can choose.

Blog Intro Generator


This tool is also useful if the intro is what you only need for your article, just describe the topics of your blog and it will give you choices of blog intro, just pick the one that you think is the best and you’ll have an intro for your blog.

Blog Body Generator


Aside from the blog intro generator, it also has a blog body generator which is useful if you want to add some sections to your blog, just head to the blog body generator enter a short description and it will generate a blog body for you that you can add to your blog.

Email Text Generator


This feature is one of my favorites, If you want to email someone for a guest post or respond to some email you can use this feature and it will generate a professional email text for you.

Content Improvement


If there is a section in your article that needs improvement you can use this content improvement tool. Things that can be improved are grammar, spelling, and content structure– but be careful when using this tool since your human-written content can become AI-generated content and it may fail in the AI content detector.

Content Rewriter


As its name suggests the content rewriter can rewrite your content to make it look fresh and unique. Use this tool if you want to rewrite something but it can also make your content fail in the AI detection tool.

FAQ Generator


Another useful feature and one of my favorites is the FAQ generator, you already know that FAQ is very useful for a blog article since Google sometimes pulls featured snippets from the FAQ section.

Using this tool is very helpful in creating an FAQ section for your blog with just a few clicks.

Blog Outline Generator


Blog outline Generator is also a thing, a proper outline and subheading is a ranking factor. Poorly structured content can lead to a lower ranking in SERP, using this tool can save you a lot of time since all you need to do is write a short description of your blog, and a different outline will pop up in front of you, choose what you preferred and you have an outline.

SEO Meta Description Generator

Meta Description generator is also good, but honestly, I always choose to write meta descriptions manually for better control if you want your work easier you can use a meta description generator to save time.

Blog Idea Generator


Run out of Ideas? This tool might help you, I own multiple websites and sometimes I run out of ideas, the blog idea generator can solve those issues by just entering your main topics and it will show you different sub-topics that you can write.

Pros and Cons Generator


The pros and cons generator is also a nice feature, it will give you detailed pros and cons on your topic in just a few minutes. This feature is good but I don’t recommend it when writing a review article since Google wants a review article that is written by a real person.

Blog Conclusion Generator


Blog conclusion generator is also useful when you run out of words in the last part of your article, it can generate different variations of conclusion and choose the one that suits your article.

Blog Paragraph Generator

Need to add a paragraph to your content? this blog paragraph generator will make your work easier, it can generate blog paragraphs for you in just a few seconds while it might take a few minutes when writing manually.

Other Features Of AI Assistant

Below is the complete list of all the other AI tools inside AI Assistant:

Facebook Ad TitleCompany Bio GeneratorPinterest Description Generator
Facebook Ad TextYouTube Video Title GeneratorBusiness Or Product Name Generator
Google Ad TextAmazon Product Description GeneratorProduct Description
Text SummaryPhoto Post CaptionPersonal Bio Generator
Creative StoryYouTube Video DescriptionFacebook Caption Generator
Testimonial HelperPinterest Pin TitleYoutube Video Topic Idea Generator
Video Script OutlineGoogle My Business Event PostSport Report
Short Story GeneratorParaphrase ContentPAS (Problem Agitate Solution) Framework
LinkedIn PostSlogan GeneratorJob Description Generator
Webinar Title IdeasResume GeneratorInterview Question Generator
Shopify Product DescriptionBing Ad TextLove Letter
Pinterest Ad TitleSlack Text MessageProduct To Question
Answer To QuestionAIDA FrameworkYandex Ad Text
Travel CopyGoogle Ad TitleSnapchat Ad Title
Song LyricsFood RecipePoems
LinkedIn Bio GeneratorReddit Post CaptionFictional Story Ideas
Product ReviewTikTok BioCreative Letter
Taboola Ad TextReply To ReviewPassive Voice To Active Voice
Active Voice To Passive VoiceTwitter PostAmazon Product Information

Benefits Of Using

  • Save Time: Using AI writing tools that are offered by can save you a lot of time, you can generate an outline for your article, title, image, and content in just a few minutes while it might take hours to complete when writing manually.
  • Save Money: Publishing content might come at a high cost if you want your website to progress faster, you’ll need to hire a freelance writer to write more content for your site which will cost you about $30-$100 for 1000 words of the article while using AI tool is a lot cheaper than hiring a writer, always keep in mind that today’s AI can’t beat a seasoned writer but using AI writing tool can save you lots of money for less work.

Downside Of Using

  • Some tools are not necessary: is a good platform for writers but some of its tools are not necessary in my own opinion like the AI chat which is just a ChatGPT inside the platform.
  • The image generator is not accurate: Another downside was the AI image generator, in my own experience it is not accurate it generates images that are different from the description that I provide.
  • No Keywords Optimization: In other AI writing tools you can tell the AI the keywords that you want to be used in the article and it will blend it naturally in the generated article, unfortunately, doesn’t have it option it can just write a long-form article but not optimized on keywords.

Plans and Pricing

In terms of pricing, has three pricing options the most affordable one will give you very limited features, you can check on their website to see the features that each plan provides;

  • Basic Plan: $19/mo
  • Standard Plan: $49/mo
  • Professional Plan: $99/mo Tutorial

Do you need help with how to start I got you just follow this simple tutorial that I prepared for you;

Step 1: Choose The Blog Wizard

To start generating content the very first thing to do is to find a feature called Blog Wizzard, you can see it on the left side of your dashboard as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 2: Choose From Two Methods


The second step is to choose from two writing methods, As I already mentioned there are two methods to generate a blog article the guided method and the one-click method, I highly recommend choosing the guided method since the click method sounds amazing but it’s not.

Step 3: Describe The Topics


Our third step is to describe your blog, this way the AI can know what it’s about to write.

Step 4: Create Your Title


After describing the topic can now create a title for the article, the AI will show you different variations of title based on your blog description, and you can also see the opening rate that helps you choose better among all the titles that it generates.

Step 5: Create Outline


Now that you have the title for your article the next step is to create an outline, all you need to do is choose the subheading by clicking the arrow button, you can also include the outline of the FAQ section.

After choosing the subheading you now have a complete article outline, hit continue and you now have a complete outline for your article.

Step 6: Add Writing Points


The next step is to add writing points you can add or regenerate writing points, but most of the time there is no need to edit in this section and just continue for the next step.

Step 7: Optimize Your Article


After completing the writing points and hitting continue the AI will write the whole article for you, you need to click submit and you will redirected to the document section to optimize your article.

You can follow the SEO recommendation for a better chance of ranking in SERP. Alternatives

Are you not satisfied with the functionality? don’t worry I will let you leave empty-handed here are some of the best alternatives for that you will surely love;


Surgegraph is an amazing tool that is a combination of SEO tools and AI writing tools, Surgegraph is my favorite AI writing tool for the reason that it provides a lot of functionality that is effective in ranking my content on my separate website and helping me through writing.

What I like about this tool is that it has a true one-click long-form article generator and the result was amazing.

Unlike one-click article generator that writes short thin content, Surgegraph AI’s long-form article generator can generate about 5000+ words that are highly optimized, it creates the outline and the whole article in just two clicks, one click for the outline and another click to generate the whole article.

It analyzes the query and the top-ranking articles based on the keyword to get the right formula to outrank your competitors, it uses NLP to provide related terms or phrases that you can add to your article to rank better, you can read our full review to know more about this tool, you will surely love it.

Read Review | Visit Surgegraph


Another alternative for that I recommend is Neuroflash, this tool is also not-so-popular but it’s worth checking.

Neuroflash has almost the same features as, it can generate AI images but performs better than, its AI writing tool is also better since it has the option to place your keywords for the AI to blend in the article for better optimization, however, it is not as optimized as the Surgegraph can generate but still, it is better when compared to Creaitor AI.

I also published a full review of this tool you can check it out on this website.

Read Review | Visit Neuroflash

Frase is a popular SEO tool but it also has an AI writer tool, it is expensive compared to Surgegraph since if you want to have unlimited optimization and content generation you’ll need to avail of their most expensive plan.

What makes Frase one of the best alternatives to is how good the quality of the articles that its AI generates, its AI can generate long articles of about 6000+ words that are highly optimized just like Surgegraph.

To learn more about this tool you can check out the full review on this website.

Read Review | Visit Frase

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