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Key Takeaways

  • excels at content optimization. It provides actionable insights to improve your content’s ranking potential.
  • Competitor analysis is streamlined. Easily understand your rivals’ content strategies and find ways to outshine them.
  • AI-powered content generation is robust. can now create long-form, optimized articles, saving you time and effort.
  • Consider a higher-tier plan if you want unlimited article optimization. Solo and Basic plans have monthly limitations.
  • lacks built-in keyword research. You’ll need a separate tool for that aspect of SEO.

Welcome to my review, recently I reviewed an SEO tool similar to Frase called “MarketMuse” You can check it out on this website if you are interested. Today we will be focusing on another SEO tool called “Frase”. is an SEO tool that can directly compete with the likes of Surfer SEO, Neuronwriter, and MarketMuse. It offers plenty of features that can help your content to stand out from the SERP result.

Join me in this full review of before you decide if this tool is the right SEO tool for you.

How I Review This Product?

I purchased Frase to use it personally, I own multiple websites and use Frase on it to test its performance. I also use this tool to generate content for my other website which is perfect to fully test its AI capability.

Frase Review Objective

To provide an unbiased opinion of the product, as a user I share my own experience using this product that will serve as a basis for people to purchase.

Brief Overview of

What is is a search engine optimization tool developed by the Frase team that is headquartered in Boston, its goal is to help publishers by providing tools with different features.

It provides features like competitor analysis,  SERP analysis, and a content editor that provides recommendations on how to improve your content to rank better on search results. 

Frase Features & Benefits

To help you decide if this tool is the right tool for you, let me give you a glimpse of what Frase io can offer.

Content Editor

frase content optimizer

Content editor is the bread and butter of this SEO tool; it is the main selling point for most people looking for ways to optimize their content. has a robust content editor that lives into my expectations; it uses NLP to provide key terms or phrases that you can blend naturally into your article to optimize even more.

When writing in the content editor, you can see in the upper right part a content score for you to have an idea of how optimized your content is for your query; the more suggested key terms that you include in your article, the higher the score will be, bet make sure that you incorporate thus key terms naturally.

Competitors Analysis

frase content optimizer competitors analysis

Another thing I like about its content editor is its competitor analysis, where you can easily see the content structure of your potential competitors. They are usually the top-ranking articles in your target query.

Competitors analysis will show you data like headings that the top-ranking article uses, questions, ranking, word count, DA, and links

Content Gaps Feature

frase heat map, content gap analysis’s content gaps feature is an essential tool for content creators and SEO professionals. It helps identify the missing opportunities in your content strategy and guides you in filling those gaps effectively.

By analyzing your competitors’ top-ranking pages and their associated keywords, Frase AI identifies the content topics you should be targeting to improve your organic traffic. The feature provides valuable insights into the keyword search volume, topic scores, and external links required to outperform your competitors in search engine rankings.

By leveraging Frase’s content gaps feature, you can create high-quality SEO content that addresses user intent and boosts user experience, ultimately driving more organic traffic to your website.

Target Keyword Research Tool

Unfortunately, Frase doesn’t offer a keyword research tool, unlike some of its competitors. You should use a separate keyword research tool or a free one.

Before using Frase, you should have already prepared some keywords for you to work seamlessly. For me, keyword research is the only feature lacking in Frase, but who knows? They might include keyword research features in their future update.

Content Briefs Tool

The Content Briefs tool is a powerful feature offered by that helps content creators and marketers streamline their content creation process. With this tool, users can generate detailed briefs for their content, ensuring high-quality SEO-optimized content that ranks well on search engines.

The Content Briefs tool provides keyword suggestions, content gaps analysis, and topic ideas to guide users in creating relevant and engaging content. It also offers insights into search intent and target keywords, helping users understand what their audience is looking for.

By analyzing the top-ranking pages for a specific topic, the Content Briefs tool provides valuable data on competitor analysis, external links, and even question ideas that can be used to create comprehensive and informative content.

AI-Generated Content Tool

article generated using frase on click ai writer

At first, Frase AI-generated content looked decent, but you cannot generate a long-form article. Previously, you could only use AI to generate each section of your content.

Now, their AI improves a lot better with their AI update– Frase AI is now capable of creating a long-form article of about 6000+ words in just a few clicks.

Google Docs Integration

Another useful feature of this tool was its Google Doc integration, and this is handy if you are more comfortable writing inside Google Docs instead of the Frase content editor dashboard.

This feature allows you to integrate Frase on your Google Docs and optimize your content with Frase content optimization while using Google Docs. These features will allow you to use all the content optimization features of Frase when using Google Docs, like creating an outline and key terms suggestions with SEO content score.

Writing Tools

frase AI tools

Frase also offers different writing tools, it is a set of features inside Frase where you can find different writing tools like a conclusion generator, intro generator, blog title ideas, keyword to meta description generator, and much more using Frase AI.

Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve explored all of its features in our Frase review, let us have a recap and discuss the pros and cons of this SEO tool:


  • Optimize Content:’s most notable feature was its content optimization, compared to manually optimizing content– optimizing using Frase is much easier with its robust recommendation using NLP and SERP analysis.
  • Easier Competitors Analysis: If you are an SEO specialist Im pretty sure that you know that you need to analyze your competitors before writing content, you need to make sure that you cover wider topics compared to your competitors for your readers, Frase makes that process much easier since it analyzes the competitors for your and gives you some recommendation to make your content much richer with info.
  • Long-Form AI Automation: Another advantage of using Frase was its long-form AI automation, where it can write a long-form optimized article in one click. This feature was not present in the past but Frase evolved pretty fast and it has now its own one-click long-form AI writer.


  • Cost: is not the most expensive SEO tool that you can get but it’s not the most affordable either, I’ve used lots of SEO tools that are direct competitors of Frase and I found their pricing much better than Frase. The lowest plan of Frase only offers 4 content optimization in a month, while others like Neuronwriter with just $23/month you can optimize 25 content.
  • No Keyword Research Feature: Frase can directly compete with the like of Surfer SEO but it lacks one thing– which is the keyword research tool, if you are using Frase you will need a separate keyword research tool which can cost you extra money.

Pricing & Plans

Like the other tools, Frase offers three kinds of pricing that you can choose which are the solo plan, basic plan, and team plan, you can check it all below.

Solo Plan

  • Price: $14.99/mo
  • 1 User Seat
  • Write+ Optimize 4 Articles in a Month

Basic Plan

  • Price: $44.99/mo
  • 1 Users Seat
  • Write+ Optimize 30 Articles in a Month

Team Plan

  • Price: $114.99/mo
  • 3 Users Seats
  • Write+ Optimize Unlimited Articles in a Month

Out of all the plans what I think is the best is the team plan since it offers unlimited article optimization, where you can optimize even your old content to make it fresh and rank better.

Frase Free Trial

Another good news about Frase is it offers a five-day trial for $1; its trial is enough for you to explore its features; you can use it to generate an optimized article, and if you like it, you can upgrade it to benefit from all of its features.

The $1 trial requires a credit card; just make sure you cancel it before the trial ends to avoid being charged for the full price.

Best Latest Deal For Frase

Frase launched their Black Friday sale early, giving all its customers 30% OFF for a Lifetime. This is the best is one of the best black Friday deals for AI writing tools today, don’t miss this black Friday deal or wait another year just to get a hand of this precious discount.

If you go directly to the official Frase website today you can’t find this discount, to avail of 30% OFF for a lifetime use the button below and it will redirect you to the special page that Frase gave to me.

Frase Alternatives

If you are not impressed about Frase let me give you the best alternative so you will have an option before purchasing your SEO tool.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is the more expensive alternative for Frase, and it is also one the most popular SEO tools to date; it offers more features like keyword research, chrome extension, plagiarism checker, and SEO audit that can continuously monitor your content and suggest internal linking for better on-page SEO.

The Surfer SEO is one of the best alternatives, but it’s more expensive compared to Frase since even its AI writer runs through credit which you need to spend $29 for each AI-generated article; if you have the budget, you try Surfer SEO, but you should prepare to spend lots of money using it.


Neuronwriter is also a great option; you can get almost every feature from Frase in Neuronwriter, and it is also a more affordable alternative; its lower plan gives you 25 content writer analysis 15,000 AI credits.

AI writing tool by Neuronwriter is run by a credit system like Surfer SEO, but it’s relatively cheaper. Still, if we compare Frase AI and Neuronwriter AI, Frase AI is better since you can use it unlimitedly since it doesn’t run by credit, but we can’t change the fact that Frase has more expensive pricing than Neuronwriter.

If you want to save more, Neuronwriter is available now on Appsumo for a Lifetime deal, which means you will only pay once, and you can use it for a Lifetime without needing a monthly or yearly subscription.

Visit Neuronwriter | Read Our Review


Surgegraph is not a popular option, but it is one of my favorite SEO tools; it was once a keyword SEO tool that was rebranded as a fully pledged SEO tool. What I like about Surgegraph is its long-form AI; it is one of the first SEO tools that offers a one-click long-form article generation.
Creating a long-form article in Surgegraph was relatively easy; enter your keyword, and the Surgegraph algorithm will create an outline for and write the whole content for you.

It is better than Frase AI because of the granular-level control you can use to edit your content to make it even better. You can instruct its AI assistant to create a bullet list for your tables and FAQ section; you can even use it to expand a section of your article or even simplify it.

On the other hand, I almost don’t use Frase AI assistant anymore since it cannot do my instructions properly, and the control is much more limited.

Surgegraph is also a lot cheaper compared to Frase since all of its plans offer unlimited uses, even its long-form AI writer, and when you purchase the higher plan, which is their three-year plan, you will have lots of discounts that give you great deals of $14.69/months in three years.

Visit Surgegraph | Read Our Review

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Is Frase io worth it?

Yes, it packs a lot of useful features that can help your article writing work much easier; it can help with analyzing queries, competitor analysis, and content optimization, which is more than you need to rank better on Google.

What is Frase IO used for?

It is used for optimizing content since it analyzes the SERP based on a certain query and provides recommendations on optimizing your content based on your selected keyword.

What is the difference between Surfer SEO and Frase io?

They have similar functionality, except that Surfer SEO has more features compared to, but it is more expensive than the two. Frase has fewer features, but you can do the job using Frase as a Surfer SEO alternative.

To wrap this up, let's dive into the conclusion-- Is it worth using Frase? Well, yes, it is one of the best content optimization tools available, and it's one of my favorite tools to use; it provides tons of useful features to help you optimize your content and have a chance to rank well on Google and another search engine.The only feature that I wish had was a keyword research functionality to save money since we don't need to buy a separate subscription for a keyword research tool if only Frase has it. The pricing is also one of my concerns since it was expensive compared to some of its competitors, but overall, Frase was still worth trying.
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