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Google Home Hub Made By Google What’s New??

The impact of Google’s technological advancements has been truly astonishing. From pioneering search engines to Google Cars, Smartphones, and innovative operating systems like Chrome OS and the highly successful Android OS, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible. Google has introduced indispensable applications such as Google Maps and Google Calendar, as well as cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies like Google Assistant, culminating in the recent addition of the Google Home Hub.

Google has consistently proven itself to be a futuristic company, turning concepts once confined to our imagination into tangible realities. The advent of artificial intelligence, exemplified by the powerful Google Assistant integrated into the new Google Home Hub, is just one testament to Google’s commitment to transforming visionary ideas into groundbreaking technologies.

Introducing the New  Google Home Hub

In 2016, Google made a significant stride in the realm of smart devices with the introduction of Google Home—a voice-activated device equipped with artificial intelligence, essentially a smart speaker capable of understanding users’ commands.

Fast forward to today, and Google has elevated the functionality of this device by incorporating a screen, resulting in the creation of the “Google Home Hub.” This evolution allows for expanded capabilities, providing users with an enhanced and more interactive smart home experience.


What Can Google Hub Do For You?

The Google Home Hub essentially takes the concept of Google Home and integrates a 7-inch LCD, introducing a visual element to its capabilities. With access to applications such as YouTube, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and Google Photos, this device seamlessly responds to voice commands, providing a more interactive user experience.

Equipped with an Ambient Light Sensor, the Google Home Hub intelligently adjusts its screen brightness to harmonize with the lighting in your surroundings. The inclusion of a dual Far-field Microphone ensures swift responsiveness to voice commands.

The evolution from last year’s Google Home, primarily a virtual assistant on a speaker, to the current iteration with a screen has brought about additional features and functionality, enhancing the device’s versatility and usability.


In the kitchen, the Google Home Hub becomes an invaluable companion, especially during cooking sessions.

Through simple voice commands, users can ask Google for a recipe, and the Hub will instantly display it. Alternatively, if you prefer a more visual guide, you can request a YouTube video tutorial for the dishes you’re planning to cook.

This seamless integration of voice-activated assistance and visual aids enhances the cooking experience, providing a hands-free and interactive approach to following recipes.


YouTube on Google Home Hub delivered an unparalleled experience, seamlessly optimized for effortless access to a plethora of valuable tutorials and how-to videos through voice commands alone.

This innovative integration elevated user convenience, allowing users to explore a vast array of instructional content with unprecedented ease.

The synergy between Google Home Hub and YouTube created a streamlined and hands-free approach to learning, making it a standout feature for those seeking instructional guidance.

Home View

Utilize the Hub’s integrated screen to conveniently access the “Home View dashboard” and effortlessly monitor your home’s status. With a simple swipe on the Home View, you can seamlessly control room lighting, activate your TV, adjust the thermostat, and oversee camera feeds.

This intuitive interface enhances your home management experience, providing quick and efficient control over various devices.

Google Nest Camera

When a visitor rings your doorbell, the Hub instantly reveals their identity, thanks to the Nest camera and Hello Doorbell integration.

With a simple voice command, you can swiftly respond, assuring your guest that you’ll be right there.

This seamless interaction is made possible through the collaborative capabilities of the Nest camera, Hello Doorbell, and Google Home Hub, providing a streamlined and convenient way to manage doorbell interactions with minimal effort.

Google Goodnight

When you’re ready to unwind after a long day, the Hub simplifies your bedtime routine with a single voice command. By saying “Hey Google, Goodnight,” the Hub efficiently coordinates various tasks, setting an alarm, securing the front door, adjusting the thermostat, powering down the TV, and dimming the lights.

This hands-free approach ensures a seamless transition to bedtime, enhancing your relaxation and making your nighttime routine effortless with the Hub’s integrated control over multiple devices.


In conclusion, Google’s remarkable technological journey has transformed the way we interact with devices, and the Google Home Hub is a testament to its commitment to innovation. From its inception as the voice-activated Google Home to its evolution into the Google Home Hub with a 7-inch LCD screen, the device seamlessly integrates visual elements into the smart home experience.

The Google Home Hub’s capabilities extend beyond the kitchen, offering an immersive and hands-free approach to learning through YouTube integration. Its intuitive interface, exemplified by the Home View dashboard, elevates home management, providing quick and efficient control over various devices.

Moreover, the collaboration of the Nest camera, Hello Doorbell, and Google Home Hub streamlines doorbell interactions, enhancing home security effortlessly. The Hub’s ability to coordinate various tasks with a simple “Hey Google, Goodnight” voice command exemplifies its role in simplifying and enhancing our daily lives.

In essence, the Google Home Hub stands as a pinnacle of Google’s relentless pursuit of pushing technological boundaries, transforming visionary concepts into practical and user-friendly realities.