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INK AI Review: Is This Worth Your Money?

INK AI Review
In my final assessment, can I recommend INK AI? Honestly, for now, the answer is NO. If I had encountered INK AI before trying other AI writing tools or even ChatGPT, I might have been amazed by its capabilities. However, having extensively tested and reviewed numerous AI writers and writing tools, I have come across several options that surpass INK AI in terms of quality, capability, and pricing. My suggestion is that INK AI should focus on improving its AI writer. It could benefit from incorporating an AI writer wizard that guides users step by step through the process of generating entire content, including title, outline, and complete article, similar to what other AI writers offer. At this point, I cannot recommend INK AI. For a much better choice, consider Surgegraph for its exceptional functionality and pricing. Additionally, and Neuronwriter are also commendable alternatives.
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Welcome to my review of INK AI.

Today, I will be evaluating another AI writing tool known as ‘INK AI’ or ‘Ink for All.’ It’s worth noting that the product name on their website, ‘INK,’ differs slightly from their domain name, ‘,’ which might cause some confusion. However, these names refer to the same product.

In this review, I aim to provide insights into the real-world performance of INK AI, avoiding a mere listing of features that may not accurately represent its actual capabilities. I’ll strive to maintain fairness in my assessment and will draw comparisons with some of the best AI writers and AI writing tools I’ve previously used.

Key Takeaways:

  • INK AI has AI writers who are good in short form but struggle in long-form content
  • It can only generate 500+ words of article
  • The AI image generator has a decent performance
  • Surgergaph and Neuronwriter is a much better alternative

What Is Ink AI?

INK AI, also known as Ink for All, is a generative AI tool designed to cater to the needs of copywriters, publishers, freelancers, and marketers.

This platform provides a range of functionalities, including AI-powered writers, AI writing assistants, image generators, and various AI templates, enabling users to effortlessly generate content.

INK AI Key Features: What Can It Offer?

INK AI dashboard screenshot

Now that you have an understanding of what INK AI is, let me showcase its offerings and demonstrate its performance.

Keyword Research: AI Planner

One notable feature of INK AI is its AI planner, a built-in keyword research tool within the platform. This feature proves beneficial, especially if you don’t have a separate keyword research tool, as it aids in targeting low-competition keywords that are easier to rank.

The AI planner functions similarly to a typical keyword research tool, providing data such as related keywords, volume, trends, CPC, and keyword difficulty.

While it is not a direct replacement for Semrush, it serves as a viable alternative for those who prefer not to invest in tools like Semrush or Ahrefs. However, it’s important to note that in terms of performance and data quality, it does not match up to the level of Semrush.

Additionally, the AI planner can be employed for keyword clustering, contributing to the enhancement of your site’s topical authority.

In summary, my verdict on the keyword planner is positive. Although it may not match the capabilities of top-tier tools, it is a usable alternative. The integration of keyword research within an AI writing tool is a feature I always appreciated.

AI Writer


The main purpose of INK AI is writing, its main highlight was its AI writer who is said capable of writing high-quality long-form articles. Sadly based on my own experience of their AI writer, their features are different from actual performance.

As a webmaster and SEO writer myself I feel like their AI writer is half-baked, I tried it a couple of times but I’m not impressed with its performance. It can write an SEO-optimized article but its quality is decent.

The content length is also an issue, which can only be capable of generating 500+ words of articles without proper content structure.

Let’s Compare It To Other AI Writer


While the generator feature of INK AI demonstrates competence, it encounters challenges when converting an outline into a comprehensive piece of content.

In comparison to platforms like WordHero, where you can create an outline, highlight it, and click ‘generate’ to have the tool generate paragraphs for each outline, INK AI falls short.

In my attempts with INK, highlighting the outline resulted in text generation, but the output wasn’t as polished as expected. Instead of creating an introduction, it generated an entire piece with a length of 300 words, concluding prematurely, making it unsuitable for publication.

Even when I followed the writing process outlined in the INK AI video tutorial, the AI writer produced a short article without utilizing any headings. It seems that, at present, INK AI excels in generating short-form content, such as creating introductions, outlines, and social media posts, but faces challenges when attempting to generate long-form articles.

While the AI writer may improve in the future, as it stands, its capability is more suited to short-form content creation.

Ink For All AI Image Generator


INK AI offers an AI image generator that allows users to create images using text. To utilize this feature, you need to craft and input a prompt to guide the AI in understanding the type of image you wish to generate.

Having explored various AI art and image generators, including those from different AI writing tools, I find that the INK AI image generator falls short in performance. It ranks among the least effective when compared to other AI writing tools I’ve experimented with.

For those seeking an AI writer with a robust AI image generator, I would recommend exploring alternatives such as WordHero or Neuroflash, as they offer superior performance in this aspect.

AI Assistant


The AI assistant within INK AI serves as a versatile copywriting tool, adept at generating product descriptions. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates into documents, assisting in the writing process, including tasks such as crafting blog outlines and more.

Content Shield


Of all the features provided by INK AI, my personal favorite is the Content Shield. As I’ve consistently emphasized, AI writing tools should incorporate a plagiarism checker to ensure the generated content is unique. INK AI’s Content Shield functions as both an AI detector and a plagiarism checker. Simply pasting your content and clicking the ‘start audit’ button scans for potential copyright issues and verifies whether the content is AI-generated or human-authored.

SEO Optimization

INK AI incorporates SEO optimization into its product, offering recommendations by scanning the SERP to aid in optimizing articles for better Google rankings.

While it provides valuable insights, my experience suggests that its SEO optimization feature may not be as robust as competitors dedicated to SEO, such as Neuronwriter, Surgegraph, Frase, and Scalenut.

INK AI Pricing

INK AI provides two pricing tiers: Professional and Enterprise. The Professional plan is priced at $49 per month, granting users unlimited access to generate writing articles, AI images, and all features offered by INK AI.

The Enterprise plan, priced at $119 per month, includes everything in the Professional plan, along with three paid user accounts and advanced team management features.

INK AI Pros and Cons


  • Generate unlimited articles
  • Generate unlimited images


  • Decent performance
  • Unable to generate real long-form article

INK AI Alternatives

If you find INK AI unsatisfactory, here are some tested and highly recommended alternatives that you might consider:


Surgegraph outperforms INK in almost every aspect, offering superior capabilities among all the AI writing tools I’ve utilized. It excels in creating high-quality long-form content, ranging from 5000 to 7000+ words, all of which are highly optimized for maximum impact.

With Surgegraph, you can create an unlimited number of highly optimized articles, conduct limitless keyword research, and implement unlimited keyword optimization – surpassing the capabilities provided by INK AI.

Read our Review | Visit Surgegraph


For serious content publishers looking for top-notch optimization, Neuronwriter stands out as the go-to tool. With an SEO optimization editor surpassing Surgegraph and miles ahead of INK AI, Neuronwriter has established itself as one of the most trusted platforms for SEO optimization.

Neuronwriter not only offers a one-click AI writer capable of generating high-quality articles ranging from 800 to 1500 words but ensures these articles are well-optimized, achieving content scores between 60-75. For those desiring long-form content of 3000 words or more, Neuronwriter provides an AI paragraph generator to craft highly optimized pieces.

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