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Longshot AI Review: Everything You Need To Know

This is my unbiased and honest review of Longshot AI

LongShot AI Review
LongShot AI Review
Longshot is a good AI writing tool, it offers features like the AI writer that can generate a headline, outline, and write a whole article, the quality of the content is okay but still needs some refinements before publishing.The FactGPT is also promising but feels short in actual performance since it's unable to generate a long-form article.The SEO optimization has decent performance but is still far behind compared with the likes of NeuronWriter and Surgegraph. Is it worth to use Longshot AI? For me it's fine but I just find Surgegraph a better AI writer and NeuronWriter as a better choice for SEO optimization.
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FactGPT Cant Write Long Articles

Hello, Mirage here from Mirageportal. Today, I’d like to share my insights on the AI writing tool – Longshot AI. This article is a comprehensive review of Longshot AI, I will share with you my personal experience of this product and how it performs.

In this review, I’ll cover:

  • What is Longshot and how it works
  • Important Features
  • Pros and Cons
  • How it performs against competitors

Without further ado, let’s start!

What is LongShot AI and How it Works?

Longshot AI is a company that started in the year 2020, it works as an AI writing platform that can help publishers and other writers in their writing jobs, it has an AI writer that can generate outlines, headlines, intros, meta descriptions, and write the whole content.

It also uses different AI language models like GPT-4 and Claude 2 to power their writing tools. Longshot AI also works to help writer optimize their articles with Longshot AI SEO optimization features to provide relevant key terms.

Longshot AI Key Features

Auto Blog WorkFlows (AI writer)

Longshot autoblog workflow

Auto blog workflow works as a set of options for writing a blog, it has a how-to guide which is good for writing a blog post on how to format, and a listicle which is my favorite since it works well on writing a listing format blog which other AI writers often struggles.

How To Generate Article Using LongShot AI Writer

To generate an article in Longshot only consists of a few simple steps, let me show you how it works for you to have an idea of how its AI writer works.

Step 1: Choose Blog Format

Step 1: Choose Blog Format

The very first thing is to choose the blog format, in my case, I choose the listing blog format. On your side, you can choose from different formats like how guide, insurance blog, educational post, insurance blog, investment blog, or custom blog builder for any type of blog.

Step 2: Headlines, Topic, and Description

Step 2: Headlines, Topic, and Description

The next step is to generate the headlines and enter a description of your blog for AI to understand what it will write. Also choose from language, formality, and tones, after that you can click on the button below your dashboard and you can proceed to choose the headline.

generate headline in longshot AI

Longshot AI will provide headline variations, you can just choose what you prefer and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Create Your Outline

Step 3: Create Your Outline

After that, the title is generated, and you click on the proceed button the AI will automatically create an outline for your blog, you can refine the outline by adding or removing subheadings on the outline. Most of the time the outline if okay for me so I didn’t change anything and just proceeded to the next step.

Step 4: Optimized Your Draft

Step 4: Optimized Your Draft

Our next and final step is to optimize your content, after generating the outline and hitting the blue button the AI will automatically write the whole article for you, after it is finished generating the content you will redirected to the editor section where you can optimize the article.

AI Writing Assistant

screenshot of the Ai writing assistant of longshot ai

The LongShot AI can generate a blog article, but not just that since Longshot also has an AI writing assistant that can assist you in improving your draft. You can just highlight your text in the editor and a new option will appear like write more, expand the article.

You can also use the AI assistant to add an FAQ section, generate an introduction, create a list, or rephrase content. Though this feature is not new and you can find this kind of feature in almost all AI writing tools, it is also great that Longshot also added this feature to this tool.


fact checking feature of longshot

LongShot also added a fact-checking tool to ensure that your content is free from AI hallucination which often delivers wrong information. The fact-checking tool is a great bonus to check that the generated articles are all facts, but here is the catch with this feature.

You can only fact-check up to 400 characters which is pretty short, it means that if you have long content you should highlight every 400 characters of your content and fact-check all of it one by one, which is time-consuming.

I hope they will improve it in the future and they will allow users to fact-check the whole article with one click.

Plagiarism Checker

screenshot of the plagiarism checker feature of longshot

Another good thing about Longshot is they also provide a plagiarism checker which is powered by Copyscape. Each plan has its plagiarism checker included but different limitations, the pro plan only allowed 200 plagiarism checks while the team plan has 1000 checks.

To check for plagiarism highlight the text that you want to check to open the AI assistant, then find the plagiarism checker, if the plagiarism checker isn’t accessible adjust and lower the characters of the highlighted text until you can use the plagiarism checker.

Content Quality

For the content quality, it was good it could write a listicle-style article better than other AI writing tools, it was good but in my opinion it still not good enough to replace my favorite tool –Surgegraph which can generate a better quality and longer article that is more optimized for people and search engine.

AI Detector Test

I also tested the generated article using different AI detector tools to see how it performs against it. The first one uses a GPT 2 output detector and it passes the first test, the second one was only partially detected and the detected labeled it as likely human with few AI sentences.

In the third test, it completely failed and the tool labeled it as AI content.

Content Editor

content editor longshot ai

Content Editor is where you can edit the content generated by Longshot AI, you can optimize your content based on the recommendations like adding related key terms, the content editor also provides a decent competitors analysis, and related questions that can be used in the article.

Adding an SEO optimization feature is good, but for me, the SEO optimization of Longshot is not impressive.

If you want a better optimization NeuronWriter is a better option.


factgpt feaure of longshot ai

Aside from the Longshot AI blog writer it also has a feature called FactGPT which is always up-to-date AI that serves as your researcher. On paper, it was capable of generating fresh and relevant source content, in the real world it can scour the internet to generate fresh content together with a reliable source.

However, based on my multiple tests– FactGPT can only generate a short article which in my opinion is thin content. I wish this feature could generate a long-form article too but it’s not, so for now I’m not impressed maybe in the future they can improve this feature.

AI Chat

ai chat of longform ai

The AI chat of Longhot AI is good, I like this feature since when using Longshot I can use different premium language models such as GPT-4, GPT-4 June, GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-3.5 Turbo, and Claude-2 without additional subscriptions.

Using ChatGPT plus just to use GPT-4 costs $20 per month while Longshot AI allows users to use it and another language model without an additional subscription but it consumes your monthly credit which is fair enough in my opinion.

LongShot AI Pricing

For the pricing, Longshot offers two kinds of pricing, the pro and the team. The pro is for single users only offering 2000 monthly credits, advanced AI models, 50+ templates, all integrations, factual, and unlimited projects and docs that cost $29/mo.

While the team plan costs $59/mo and you will get everything from a pro instead of a single user the team plan allows up to 5 users, 10,000 monthly credits, collaboration with team members, an analytic dashboard, and priority support.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of LongShot AI which can help you on making a decision.


  • Easier Content Writing: Longshot can help a writer to write content much easier with its AI, it can greatly help with creating an outline, generating a title, long-form blog articles, and many more writing tasks.
  • Reduces Cost: By using AI writing tools like LongShot it can reduce the cost of hiring writers.


  • Slow Performance: The thing that disappoints me about Longshot is how slow it was. I have tried a lot of AI writing tools and Longshot was the slowest. It often lags and it responds very slowly.
  • Decent Optimization: Longshot can write long-form articles but for me the optimization is not that impressive, some alternatives can provide more optimized content than LongShot AI.
  • FactGPT Cant Write Long Articles: FactGPT is promising but unfortunately, it can only produce short articles which is not good to publish since it is considered thin content.

Alternatives To Longshot AI

Longshot AI is not perfect, actually, it has some alternatives that I personally try, here are some of the best longshot AI alternatives that I highly recommend.


When it comes to optimization NeuronWriter is a better alternative to Longshort AI, it provides a more advanced technique to optimize your content, and it also provides more detailed competitor analysis which is beyond what Longshot offers.

Out of all the AI writing and SEO optimization tools that I have tried Neuronwriter is what I always recommend since their optimization features are so effective and their pricing is one of the cheapest. They even have a Lifetime deal so you can use it for a lifetime without the need for a subscription.

In addition, NeuronWriter also has an AI writer that can even rival Longshot AI in terms of quality. The NeuronWriter lifetime deal is only available for a limited time so make sure to get one before it’s gone.

NeuronWriter Lifetime Deal

NeuronWriter lifetime deal is available for a limited time, don’t miss it out.

Read Our Review | Visit NeuronWriter


Another alternative that I highly recommend is Surgegraph, it has a very advanced long-form AI writer that is capable of writing 5000-7000+ highly optimized articles. The generated content of Surgegraph AI is also in-depth and high-quality that Longshot AI couldn’t match.

In fact, I generated a lot of content using Surgegraph that quickly ranks on Google overnight. Some of the features of Surgegraph include unlimited one-click long-form article generation, unlimited keyword research, and unlimited content optimization.

The content editor of Surgergaph is also very good for SEO optimization which is far better than LongShot AI can offer. You can read my full review about this tool or go directly to their website to get one.

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