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Marketmuse Review: Pros and Cons, Benefits

A detailed of an SEO tool "MarketMuse"

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MarketMuse is a premium SEO tool, if you using tools like Rankmath, Yoast or other SEO plugins purchasing MarketMuse is a huge upgrade since it provides more data that you couldn't find in the SEO plugin.However, If we put it side by side with its main competitors like Neuronwriter I choose Neuronwriter for its affordability and better content optimizer, MarketMuse is even more expensive compared to Surfer SEO which is the more popular choice.MarketMuse is a feature-rich all-in-one SEO tool, it's good but what's holding me back is its pricing since I know some alternatives that have the same or even better features with more affordable pricing.
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Welcome to my Marketmuse Review.

In the dynamic world of content marketing, the quest for achieving the perfect content harmony, optimizing content creation, and refining content strategy is unceasing. This MarketMuse review takes an in-depth look at a cutting-edge solution transforming how content creators approach their craft. 

Offering insights into content briefs, content optimization, and keyword research, we delve into how MarketMuse’s advanced content analysis tools can streamline your content creation process and elevate your content marketing efforts. 

Discover the key features that are reshaping the industry and learn how to enhance your content’s performance in this exploration of MarketMuse’s game-changing capabilities.

How I Review MarketMuse?

I purchase a subscription to this tool to use it for myself, I own multiple websites and use MarketMuse on my separate website. I explore all its features and test all of them to know how they perform in the real world.

As a real user, I will share with you my personal experience of using this tool to serve as a basis for your purchase.

Things I will cover in this review:

  • What is Marketmuse
  • How Marketmuse Works
  • Key Features
  • MarketMuse Alternatives
  • Price and Plans
  • Pros and Cons

What is MarketMuse?

MarketMuse is an SEO tool that is intended to help publishers rank better on a search result, this tool has tons of features including keyword research, competitor analysis, and content optimization just like SurferSEO and Neuronwriter.

How MarketMuse Works?: Harnessing the Power of NLP

MarketMuse operates as a powerful content optimization platform, leveraging advanced technology and, notably, Natural Language Processing (NLP) to offer a multifaceted approach to content creation and strategy.

  1.  Content Analysis: MarketMuse begins by analyzing your existing content, or the content you intend to create. It dissects the text at a granular level, assessing factors like keyword usage, content structure, and topical relevance. The underlying NLP algorithms comprehend the nuances of language, allowing MarketMuse to provide in-depth insights into content gaps and opportunities.
  2. Content Briefs: MarketMuse generates comprehensive content briefs, guiding content creators with valuable recommendations. These briefs not only outline suggested topics but also provide insights into the ideal structure, tone, and keyword usage. This helps content creators align their work with SEO best practices and audience expectations.
  3. Keyword Research: MarketMuse goes beyond basic keyword research. Using NLP, identifies semantically related keywords and phrases, allowing for a more holistic approach to content optimization. This means you’re not just targeting specific keywords, but also capturing the broader context of your topic.
  4. Content Optimization: MarketMuse’s content optimization feature fine-tunes your content in real-time. It helps you adjust the content structure, keyword density, and overall quality, ensuring that your content not only appeals to search engines but also engages your audience effectively.
  5. Competitor Analysis: MarketMuse doesn’t stop at optimizing your content; it also provides insights into what your competitors are doing right. By analyzing their content, you can identify opportunities to outperform them in search engine rankings.

Behind the Scenes with NLP: The true magic of MarketMuse lies in its utilization of NLP, which enables it to understand the context and intent behind the words. It comprehends the subtleties of language, distinguishing between synonyms, detecting related concepts, and recognizing user search intent. This NLP-powered capability is invaluable for crafting content that resonates with both search engines and human readers.

In essence, MarketMuse’s behind-the-scenes NLP wizardry empowers content creators and marketers to optimize their content with precision, aligning it with the ever-evolving standards of SEO and audience expectations. This tool is a game-changer for those seeking to harness the true potential of their content marketing strategies.

Key Features 

To have a better insight if this tool is right for you or not, let me show you all the valuable features of this SEO tool:

Keyword Research

marketmuse keyword research screenshot

One useful feature of MarketMuse was its keyword research functionality. Another tool like Neuronwriter offers content optimization and competitor analysis but they don’t include a keyword research feature.

MarketMuse includes in all of its plans a keyword research functionality which makes it one of the direct competitors of Surfer SEO.

This feature is useful if you want to save some money by buying a separate keyword research tool like Semrush.

marketmuse review keyword in semrush comparison

When I compare the two (Marketmuse & Semrush)MarketMuse keyword research provides more simple data compared to Semrush, it only provides the search volume, related key terms, trends, and questions. While Semrush it provides more data like Keyword difficulty, global volume, and user intent, you can also change the target location for more precise data if you want to rank on a certain location.

MarketMuse Keyword research is much simpler compared to Semrush and provides less data but Im certain that it is not bad, you can do the work with only this tool without relying on Semrush, I just wish they also included keyword difficulty in their search tool since it is one of the important factor that they should include.

Competitors Analysis

MarketMuse also offers content analysis features that let you analyze your potential competitors based on a certain keyword.

The only thing that you need to do is to use the keyword research>> enter the seed keywords and the tool will show you all the top-ranking pages on that keyword. It will also show you some data that will help you to analyze their content even more.

marketmuse serp xray

They have what they call SERP Xray where you can see the content structure of your competitors like the number of images, videos, internal links, external links, title, meta description, content score, and word count.

Competitor’s Analysis also includes what they call a “Heat Map” which will give you all the terms or topics that your competitors haven’t covered, it was color-coded and try to look for topics or terms that are entirely red since it means that your competitors didn’t include those terms in their content which is a good opportunity for you to rank.

Below is the screenshot of their Heat Map feature:

marketmuse heatmap screenshot

Content Cluster

Content cluster is another feature by Marketmuse that can help its users improve their on-page SEO.

It works by giving useful suggestions about your articles that can be interconnected to each other or internal linking.

Internal linking is a useful strategy to help web crawlers understand your website much better which can lead to a better ranking.

Content clusters can also help you improve your site’s topical authority by providing data on certain topics that are needed to cover your niche, it will also show you what pages need to improve that can help in the overall ranking of your website.

Content Brief

Content brief is a feature that runs with a credit system, each content brief will consume one credit that you can purchase separately.

These content briefs will help you create a layout for you to produce high-quality content including title, meta description, target content score, word counts, subheadings, questions, related topics to cover, and internal and external links to include.

While these features are good I find it expensive since it consumes 1 credit per content brief that costs $25 per credit, whereas you can get the same feature on Neuronwriter for free since it is included in every plan of Neuronwriter.

Content Optimizer  

marketmuse content optimizer screenshot

Content optimizer is the most important feature of this SEO tool, if you are familiar with the content optimizer of Surfer SEO and Neuronwriter it works almost the same as MarketMuse.

It will analyze the top-ranking articles on each query and reverse engineer the articles to find the formula on how they rank on SERP.

After that the tools will present you with suggestions of related phrases of NLP terms with the right frequency, you can incorporate all suggested terms to optimize content and get a better chance of ranking, since these key terms or key phrases are what search engines are looking for to fully understand your content and will result for better ranking.

The content optimizer can also act as a content editor by entering the URL of your previous article on content editor which will give you suggestions to improve your old article.

Content Planning

Content planning is another great feature of this tool by helps you to create a much more detailed planning of your content.

It will also analyze your existing content and provide some suggestions on what pages need improvements for better quality content.

The content planning features also monitor your content inventory and help you to manage it by providing details about content gaps informing you on where your site does not have authority so you can improve and increase the overall ranking of your website.

AI Writer Assistant

marketmuse content optimization granular control using AI

MarketMuse also has artificial intelligence as a content writer assistant. You can ask it to write anything like ChatGPT.

The MarketMuse AI can also create better content by giving it certain tasks like improving writing, fixing spelling and grammar, expanding content, making content shorter or longer, changing tone, writing a summary, creating an outline, and expanding a concept.

MarketMuse Alternative

If you are not convinced with MarketMuse, here are some of the best alternatives that you can check.

Surfer SEO 

Surfer SEO presents a compelling alternative to MarketMuse, particularly for those seeking an all-in-one SEO analysis and content optimization tool. Surfer SEO excels in on-page SEO analysis, offering comprehensive insights into keyword optimization, content structure, and overall page performance.

One of its standout features is competitive analysis, allowing users to dissect and compare their competitors’ content with their own. This feature is invaluable for staying ahead in the ever-competitive SEO landscape.

Surfer SEO also boasts a built-in content editor, making content creation a breeze with intelligent keyword suggestions. Customizability is a strong suit, enabling users to tailor their data collection to their specific SEO needs.

Another notable advantage is affordability, often offered at a more budget-friendly price point compared to MarketMuse. The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for both SEO experts and beginners alike.


When it comes to content optimization, NeuronWriter stands out as a formidable alternative to MarketMuse. While it may lack dedicated keyword research features, its prowess in content optimization is noteworthy. 

In my opinion, it often surpasses MarketMuse in this crucial aspect, making it an appealing choice for content creators and marketers. What’s even more enticing is the current offering on AppSumo, where you can secure NeuronWriter for a lifetime at the incredibly affordable price of just $89. 

This deal is too good to pass up, especially for those seeking powerful content optimization tools without breaking the bank.


SurgeGraph emerges as one of the most budget-friendly alternatives to MarketMuse, offering an impressive array of features. Surgegraph provides a comprehensive toolkit that covers keyword research, competitor analysis, content optimization, and more.

 What sets SurgeGraph apart is its granular control over its AI writing assistant, allowing you to fine-tune content creation to your exact specifications. Notably, SurgeGraph boasts a one-click AI writer capable of generating high-quality, SEO-optimized articles that can extend to 7500+ words. For those seeking a cost-effective solution with a rich feature set, SurgeGraph is an option that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Plans and Pricing

Marketmuse offers a 7-day free trial which is great for those who want to try it first before purchasing, however, its actual pricing is expensive.

They offer 3 kinds of plans– standard, team, and their premium custom plan.

Their standard plan which is the cheapest costs about $149/mo with full page-level insight, 1 user, and 100 queries per month, and their team plan costs $399/mo for 3 users, full page-level insight, and unlimited queries and brief.

Their premium custom plan provides the best features but you need to have an appointment with Marketmuse to discuss their custom plan and its cost.

In comparison, Neuronwriter only costs about $23/mo, and the Surgegraph plan costs $43.99 you can still make it cheaper if you choose their 3-year plan for about $14.69/mo which is a lot cheaper compared to MarketMuse.

Pros and Cons Of MarketMuse

Pros of MarketMuse:

  • Comprehensive Pre-Content Analysis
  •  AI-Powered Insights
  • Strategic Content Planning
  • Competitive Content Analysis
  • Keyword Research and Optimization

Cons of MarketMuse:

  • Learning Curve
  • Expensive Pricing
  • Dependency on Data Availability

Overall, MarketMuse is a powerful tool that offers valuable insights and helps content creators optimize their content for better search engine visibility. However, users should consider the learning curve, pricing, and integration aspects before deciding if it align with their specific needs and resources.

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MarketMuse Tutorial

If you don’t know how to optimize your content using MarketMuse here is a simple tutorial that demonstrates the process in just two simple steps:

Step 1: Enter Your Focus Keywords

marketmuse content optimization step 1

The very first thing to do is go to your dashboard >> application– then find optimized. From there enter your focus keyword and press enter.

Step 2: Start Writing

marketmuse NLP keyword terms

After entering the seed keywords, MarketMuse will analyze all the top-ranking articles and gather all the necessary NLP terms then show you the right frequency of keyword phrases or terms that you should include in your article, just naturally blend it into your article and follow the target optimization score and you will have a highly optimized content that can rank well on SERP.

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FAQ- MarketMuse Review

Is MarketMuse worth it?

Yes, if you are okay with the pricing I find it worth using, it packs lots of features that can surely help you rank your content better on Google.

What is MarketMuse used for?

MarketMuse is used for SEO purposes, you can use it to improve your content ranking through keyword research, competitor analysis, and optimizing content.

What is the MarketMuse content score?

The content score is the overall score of your content, the higher you get the more optimized your content is, try to use all the related key phrases suggested by the tool to increase your content score.

What are the benefits of MarketMuse?

The benefit of MarketMuse is to optimize your content faster compared when doing it manually since you will have a guide on writing your content.