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NeuronWriter Review: An AI Powered Tool That Boost SEO With NLP Driven Editor

This is the full review of one of the best SEO optimization tool

NeuronWriter Review

Key Takeaways

  • Neuronwriter is a powerful SEO and AI writing assistant. It goes beyond traditional content editors by analyzing search intent and mimicking search engine behaviors.
  • Focus on content optimization. The tool excels at providing data-driven recommendations to improve your content’s ranking potential.
  • Competitor analysis is a key strength. Neuronwriter helps you understand and outrank rivals by examining their content structure, keywords, and SERP features.
  • AI-powered writing tools are top-notch. NeuronWriter can generate optimized articles, outlines, and other content elements, saving you time.
  • Consider the pricing plan that suits your needs. Features like advanced outline generation and plagiarism checks are available on higher-tier plans.

Welcome to my Neuronwriter Review!

Neuronwriter has consistently held its place as my go-to SEO tool for refining and optimizing my content to achieve higher rankings on Google and other search engines.

I previously shared my thoughts on this tool back in August 2023, but my ongoing admiration for its capabilities has prompted me to revisit and refresh this review.

In this updated article, I aim to delve deeper into my experience with Neuronwriter and introduce some additional features that have caught my attention since my initial review.

Join me as I provide a comprehensive overview of Neuronwriter, offering insights and perspectives based on my continued use of this remarkable tool.

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In this review I’ll cover the following:

  • What Is NeuronWriter
  • How NeuronWriter works
  • Key features
  • Pros and Cons
  • How it compares to its competitors

Key Takeaways: 

  • NeuronWriter is a powerful tool SEO optimization and AI writer tool.
  • It serves as an advanced SEO optimization and AI writing tool for improved content ranking.
  • NeuronWriter analyzes queries, focuses on keywords, and mimics search engines for optimal results.
  • The tool scans the web, analyzes competitors, and reverse engineers SERP for effective content strategies.
  • The main selling point, offering tools like outline maker, AI-writer, and media integration.
  • Provides suggested key phrases with color-coded indicators for optimal keyword usage.
  • NeuronWriter’s AI-powered writer is among the best, generating highly optimized articles.
  • Includes AI-powered article outline generators and advanced blog article outlines.
  • Various templates like article-based on the outline, content plan, paragraph generator, FAQ generator, etc.
  • Helps in analyzing competitors, content structures, Schema Explorer, and more.
  • Offers multiple plans catering to different needs, with Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond plans.

What Is Neuronwriter?


NeuronWriter is an advanced SEO optimization and AI writing tool to help you improve your content to rank better in SERP.

With its advanced capabilities in crafting SEO content and optimizing your writing, NeuronWriter emerges as the quintessential AI tool for writers of all levels. 

This ingenious tool acts as a guiding hand, it is an AI-powered content writing tool that analyzes a query to provide useful recommendations on ranking well on a certain query or focus keywords.

How NeuronWriter Works?


Neuronwriter is a powerful AI-based tool that works as an SEO writing assistant that helps users rank well on search results by providing useful recommendations.

The process starts when entering a certain query, users provide a focus keyword, and then a Neuronwriter will analyze the whole query on the chosen keyword. 

It will scan the web and mimic the search engine to analyze your chosen query, it will also analyze your competitors and reverse engineer the SERP together with your competitor to give you the best formula to rank well on your query, by providing related phrases that you can use in your article to increase the content score. 

By analyzing the SERP, Neuronwriter also provides much data about your competitor like content structure, schema, SERP layout, and more.

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Features Of NeuronWriter

Let me show you the key features that Neuronwriter has to offer, I will also explain how it works.

Advanced Content Editor


The advanced content editor is the icing on the cake of Neuronwriter, the main selling point of this too was its content optimization, and the content editor is where the magic begins. You can write or improve your article for inside the editor by following recommendations.

Inside the content, you will have access to different tools that you typically see in a text editor, you will also have access to some advanced features like outline maker, AI-writer, and media that you can include in your article like YouTube Embed and stock images.

Optimization & SEO Scoring


SEO optimization also happens inside the content editor, you will see on the right-hand side of the editor all the suggested key phrases. You can add the right amount of key phrases inside your article to increase the optimization of your article.

If you wonder where if where did NeuronWriter got all the key phrases, it starts the moment you enter the new query, Neuronwriter analyzes the SERP and your competitor to gather all the data you can use including related key phrases.

Each keyphrase has a number, which indicates how many times you should use the keyphrase in your article.

Each keyphrase will also change color to serve as a warning to avoid keyword stuffing, light green means you should use more, green means you are in the right range, yellow is slightly above, and red means consider using less. Try to make all the keyphrases green for maximum SEO content optimization.

You can also see your SEO score in the upper right side of the editor, it will serve as a guide on how optimized your article was, when you use the right frequency of the key phrase your content score will increase.

The higher your content SEO score the more optimized your content are. 

AI Writer

Neuronwriter is an AI-powered SEO writing tool that can aid in creating great content. I reviewed many kinds of AI-powered writer tools and I can say that Neurowriter has one of the best AI writers in the market.

Neuronwriter’s AI is capable of writing an article that is highly optimized to make sure that your content has a higher chance of ranking.

One-Click Long-form Article 

article generated by neuronwriter one click long form article generator

It offers a one-click AI writing tool that not only writes an article but also makes sure that the article generated article is highly optimized and typically has an SEO score of 60+ with a length of about 900-1500 words which is barely enough to be used as a base for the whole article.

Neuronwriter’s one-click AI-powered writer is not the best that I’ve used so far, out of all the AI writers, the best one goes to Surgegraph since it can generate finely structured quality content with a length of about 5000-7000+ in-depth words that are highly optimized.

Surgegraph Long-form AI is great but Neuronwriter’s one-click generator is not far behind in terms of optimization.

I’ve used a lot of AI writers with one-click generators and Neuronwriter is my second best choice next only to Surgegraph because of how optimized the generated article is.

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Intelligent Outline Builder 

If you don’t want to use its AI and you want to write the whole article manually, it also has a tool that can make your writing much easier like an outline builder. 

An outline is important in creating an article since it serves as a guide on writing, to make sure that the article is properly structured which search engines and humans will love.

Neuronwriter has a lot of things to offer to help users generate a high-quality and optimized outline, let us discuss them one by one.

AI-powered Article Outline Generator

Neuronwriter Article Outline Generator

One choice that you can use in Neuronwriter is the AI-powered outline, it has a more advanced counterpart but will save it for later. The article outline generator works exactly like when you ask ChatGPT to generate an outline for the article.

It is highly useful but I only recommend this outline generator for a Silver and Bronze plan.

Advanced Blog Article Outline with H1-H3 Heading

neuronwriters-advance-blog-article-outline-with-h1-h3-headings-screenshot 2

This advanced blog outline is probably the best blog article outline generator that I’ve used, you can see from the screenshot that the outline alone managed to reach a content score of 39 which is impressive.


It can generate a highly optimized outline that includes a relevant keyphrase, I was also impressed with how well-structured the whole outline was, it uses H1-H3 properly, and no doubt it’s the best outline generator that I’ve tried.

To name a few I already tried different AI writing tools that have an online generator like Surgegraph, Frase, Scalenut, Writerzen, Writesonic, Writecream, WordHero, Neuroflash,, Rytr, and a lot more but I will choose Neuronwriter’s advance outline generator all day.

This advanced outline maker is impressive but sadly it is only available on the gold plan or higher, which means the Bronze and Silver plan cannot use this impressive feature.

Other Ways To Create Outline In Neuronwriter

Competitors Outline
neuronwriter Competitors Outline

In case you don’t want to use the advanced outline maker or you don’t have access to it, there are still some options for creating a high-quality outline. One of which is by using the competitor’s outline to create your own. 

Neuronwriter will provide you with all your competitors’ headings which will give you an idea of how to craft a better one, or just simply copy and paste your competitor’s headings, but don’t forget to make it unique to avoid copyright issues.

Smart Headings
Smart Headings neuronwriter screenshot

Neuronwriter’s smart headings are also a good way to craft high-quality content, the smart headings also include unused key terms in every heading which makes it optimized and can increase your SEO score.

To use it just hover into a smart heading, choose a heading, and hit the arrow button and it will be added to the content editor.

AI Content Templates

Neuronwriter also offers different kinds of AI templates, making it easier for its users to choose only the features that they need. Let me show you how its templates work.

Article Based On Your Outline


This one is one of the advanced AI templates, it’s only available in Gold or higher plan, this template works based on your outline. You should create your outline first to use this template since the AI will follow the outline that it finds inside your editor.

This template looks good but I find it a half-baked feature since it only generates a very short paragraph in each heading which based on my standard is not enough.

Content Plan


A content plan works a bit similar to an outline generator but more detailed, it will show you some recommendations on how to write your content like what subheadings to use, category, page type, article length to aim, tags, and some recommendations.

Paragraph Generator


A paragraph generator is your best choice if you have a bronze or silver plan, I’ve used it a lot when generating an article in Neuronwriter.

What makes this paragraph generator superior to other paragraph generators as it can generate a highly optimized paragraph, and it also provides more control than the others.

It works by entering the heading of the section that you want to write, you can also enter the unused key terms for the paragraph generator to include the key phrases for optimization.

These temples work perfectly by using the outline generator, creating an outline first, and then choosing every heading for paragraph generation.

FAQ Generator


FAQ is also an important part of the article since it can chosen by Google for featured snippets, Neuronwriter can also help us create an FAQ efficiently.

You can just choose FAQ templates under the AI-writing tools, then choose the title for it and it will generate an FAQ for you automatically and include the relevant content terms in the FAQ.

This AI template is good, but I only suggest these features for the Bronze and Silver plans.

FAQ With Unused Terms


If you’re using the Gold or higher plan the FAQ with Unused terms is what I recommend, this template is more advanced than the ordinary FAQ generator because instead of using related terms it will pick and include unused terms which guarantees an increase in SEO score.

Expand Text


If you run out of words when writing the expanded text templates might be useful, you can just highlight the text that you want to expand then Neuronwriter will write the rest of the text for you. 

Rephares Text


Rephrase text is also useful in some cases especially if you’re using AI to generate content, If you don’t want the result you can highlight the text and choose ‘rephrase text’ then the AI will reword your chosen text.

Topical Map

neuronwriter topical map screenshot

The topical map is a template that you can use to increase your topical authority, it works by just entering your main topic on it then it will provide you with different topics that are related to your main topic.

You can write an article on each related topic or sub-topic which can highly increase the topical authority of your website.

Article Topic Ideas

neuronwriter  article topic ideas screenshot

Article topic ideas are very much self-explanatory, it works by just entering one or two keywords and then the AI will provide you with different topic ideas.

Together with a topical map generator, it can increase your topical authority even further.

Article Intro


You can also write an intro with ease using Neuronwriter with its article intro templates.

Neuronwriter’s introduction writer is the best intro generator that I’ve ever used, for a reason you can provide all the related terms that you want to include and the AI will provide you with an optimized intro.


Internal linking is another important part of on-page SEO, Neuronwriter also aids in internal linking. Using the Internal link suggestions feature will provide you with what articles you need to interlink with each other, and what anchor to use for better results.

Plagiarism Checker

Another great addition to Neuronwriter’s features was its plagiarism checker.

I’ve been saying time and time again that an AI writing tool must have a plagiarism checker, for a reason that AI-written articles are generated through training from other articles.

To avoid copyright issues, it is a best practice to always check an AI article with a plagiarism checker. Luckily, Neuronwriters provide their plagiarism checker that checks the entire article.

This feature is a must-have, but sadly, the plagiarism checker is only available for gold and higher plans.

Google SERP Analysis & Competitor Research


Another amazing feature that Neuronwriter has to offer is its SERP analysis and competitor research.

This feature is one of the best that Neuronwriter has to offer; it helps a lot in outranking a competitor by analyzing the SERP and your competitors and then providing a lot of SEO recommendations.

Some of these include competitors’ content structures such as titles, descriptions, and headings. It also has Schema Explorer, SERP layout and features, and terms that competitors use.

Neuronwriter provides everything that I need to study my competitors before writing content that may outrank them.

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GCS Integration


GSC integration is available only for gold and higher plans, GSC integration works by providing users an option to connect their Google search console in Neuronwriter, after the integration is complete users can see their GSC data in Neuronwriter like top ranking keywords, top URLs, and keyword cannibalization.

WordPress Integration


WordPress Integration uses WordPress API to allow its users to connect WordPress to Neuronwriter.

This feature is also exclusive for Gold and higher plan only, once enabled it will allow users to directly import and export the content to their WordPress account.

Neuronwriter Chrome Extension

Neuronwriter Chrome Extension

Neuronwriter also has a Chrome extension, this feature lets you connect your Neuronwriter account to WordPress, Google Docs, and Shopify to show you NLP optimization recommendations.

I love to use the Chrome extension for updating my old content inside my WordPress dashboard, but I don’t recommend it to use in Google Docs since it is kinda buggy when used inside Google Docs.

Using Neuronwriter’s Chrome extension provides my WordPress editor with the key terms, outline, AI template, and content score from Neuronwriter which is perfect in my opinion.

NeuronWriter Pricing


For now, Neuronwriter offers two kinds of pricing: first, their regular subscription-based plan and the second is the Neuronwriter lifetime deal plan by Appsumo. Below is the breakdown of the plan and features that Neuronwriter offers.

Neuronwriter Original Pricing Plans

  • Bronze plan €19/month: 2 projects, 25 content writer analyses, 15,000 AI credits, content plan, content sharing (read-only)
  • Silver plan€37/month: 5 projects, 50 content writer analyses, 30,000 AI credit, content plan+ new ideas, content sharing (read-only)
  • Gold plan €57/month: 10 project folders, 75 content writer analyses
    45.000 A.I. credits, advanced AI templates, content plan+ new ideas, content sharing with unlimited team members (create, edit, read), 75 plagiarism checks, integration: GSC, WP, Shopify, content management
  • Platinum plan €77/month: 25 projects, 100 content writer analyses, 60,000 AI credits, advanced AI templates, content + new ideas, content sharing with unlimited team members (create, edit, read), 100 plagiarism checks, integration: GSC, WP, Shopify, content management
  • Diamond Plan €97/month: 50 projects, 150 content writer analyses, 75,000 AI credits, advanced AI templates, content plan + new ideas, content sharing with unlimited team members (create, edit, read), 150 plagiarism checks. integration: GSC, WP, Shopify, content management.

Neuronwriter Appsumo Lifetime Deal


If you’re looking for a Neuronwriter lifetime plan, there is currently a Neuronwriter lifetime deal on Appsumo.

I don’t have any information on how long Neuronwriter will still be available on Appsumo so it is wiser to act quickly if you want to use Neuronwriter for a lifetime without a monthly or yearly subscription.

Neuronwriter Pros and Cons

Here is a set of pros and cons of Neuronwriter that will help you with your decision to get this tool or not.


  • Optimize Content: Neuronwriter is a great content optimization tool, it can analyze your chosen query and provides a ton of recommendations to rank your content.
  • Detailed Competitors Analysis: Another advantage of this tool was its comprehensive competitors analysis.
  • Affordable: The price is also a good advantage of Neuronwriter, it provides one of the most affordable prices in the market.
  • AI-Powered Writing Tools: It is a combination of content SEO optimization and AI writing tools that are capable of generating content that ranks.


  • One-click Article Write Has Shorter Length: One thing that I don’t like about Neuronwriter is its capability to generate an optimized article but fell short in content length.
  • No Keyword Research Functionality: Neuronwriter is a content optimization tool like Surfer SEO but it doesn’t have a keyword research functionality like Surfer SEO provides. 
  • No Unlimited Article Writing Option: Some of its competitors offer Unlimited article writing like Surgegraph and Frase, a kind of feature that you can’t find on Neuronwriter.

NeuronWriter Customer Support

NeuronWriter Customer Support

Neuronwriter values its customers; it has customer support that you can reach through a live chat, and you can access it in the upper right side of your dashboard.

how to access customer support in neuronwriter

Just click the icon, and a live chat will pop up. The response time of the support is okay; it’s not the fastest support that I’ve ever experienced, but they will respond no matter what. When support is out of reach, for example, on holiday, they will reach you by email when they return online.

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Alternatives To NeuronWriter

Neuronwriter is a powerful SEO platform that is comparable to and even better than Surfer SEO in my opinion, but if you think that this tool is not for you, here are some of the best Neuronwriter alternatives that you can consider.


When it comes to AI writing, Surgegraph is my best choice, it is capable of generating an article that is highly optimized and using the same technique as Neuronwriter.

What makes Surgegraph even better is that it can write a long-form article with a length of 5000-7000++ words that is properly structured which Google and humans will love.

Surgeraph has also one of the best values since it offers unlimited article optimization, unlimited keyword research, and unlimited AI-generated articles. This tool is probably the best content writer tool that is worth trying.

Read our Review | Visit Surgegraph


Frase is another Neuronwriter alternative, it has almost similar functionality as Neuronwriter, it can optimize content, competitors analysis, and AI writing tools.

The one-click AI-generated article by Frase is also optimized and even better than Neuronwriter, but when it comes to SEO optimization still Neuronwriter is superior. Frase is more expensive than Neuronwriter but has one thing that Neuronwriter doesnt have; its unlimited content generation add-on.

Adding $35 per month will let you enjoy unlimited content generation using Frase, but for some it is expensive.

Read our Review | Visit Frase

NeuronWriter Lifetime Deal

Use Neuronwriter for a lifetime without a subscription, get yours now.

NeuronWriter Review (FAQs)

Can I use NeuronWriter for any type of content?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a seasoned blogger, an eCommerce enthusiast in need of product descriptions, or a social media aficionado seeking captivating captions, NeuronWriter has your back. It crafts customized content for diverse purposes, making it a versatile solution for all your content needs.

Is NeuronWriter suitable for beginners?

Definitely! NeuronWriter’s user-friendly interface and array of helpful features cater to users of all skill levels. Whether you’re a writing novice or a seasoned pro, NeuronWriter offers an intuitive experience that welcomes everyone to the world of optimized content creation.

Does NeuronWriter support multiple languages?

Yes, it does! NeuronWriter’s prowess extends beyond language barriers. With support for a broad spectrum of languages, you can effortlessly create content that is optimized in various tongues, enhancing your reach across different audiences.

Can I integrate my keywords into the generated content?

Absolutely! NeuronWriter comes equipped with a nifty target keyword analysis feature. This means you can seamlessly weave your chosen keywords into the generated text, aligning your content with your specific goals and strategies.

How accurate are the SEO suggestions provided by NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter’s SEO insights are nothing short of precision. Drawing on comprehensive data analysis, it furnishes you with highly accurate SEO suggestions. However, as with any smart tool, it’s a wise move to give them a once-over and fine-tune them to your requirements.

Are the SEO suggestions from NeuronWriter always accurate?

NeuronWriter’s SEO suggestions are not just good, they’re remarkably accurate. Built on meticulous data analysis, they offer a solid foundation for your content’s success. Nonetheless, a touch of customization based on your specific needs is always a great way to ensure your content truly shines.

NeuronWriter Review: An AI Powered Tool That Boost SEO With NLP Driven Editor
In conclusion, Neuronwriter is truly a must-have SEO tool. It offers affordable pricing, a lifetime deal, and AI-powered writing tools, and its SEO optimization editor is top-notch. I've been using this tool and I'm very satisfied with the features and functionality that it offers. Pricing to functionality wise Neuronwriter is my best choice, a tool that is worth trying.
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Granular Level SEO Optimization
AI-powered SEO tool
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NeuronWriter Review