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Neuronwriter VS Surgegraph: 2 of the best Surfer SEO Alternative

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Recently I published an article about the comparison of NeuronWriter and Surfer SEO. Now in this article, I will show you the full comparison of the two of my favorite alternatives to Surfer SEO.

I’ve been using these two SEO tools for months and I already published a full review for Neuronwriter and Surgegraph on this website you can check it out on this website if you want.

In this comparison article, I will give you insight into its features, customization, AI writer, pricing, and what are the best choice between the two.

Neuronwriter and Surgegraph Overview

For us to quickly understand these two SEO tools, let me give you a quick overview of Neuronwriter and Surgegraph.

What is Surgegraph?

Surgegraph was formerly known as LSIgraph, in January 10, 2023, they successfully changed their brand to Surgegraph. It is now an SEO tool that is powered by AI technology — the tools have an SEO writer optimizer, keyword research tool, and AI writer.

What is NeuronWriter?

Neuronwriter is also a great Surfer SEO alternative, it is an excellent tool for optimizing content, competitor data analysis, and AI writing tool. It doesn’t have keyword research functionality which is a downside but its content optimization is robust and surely helps you to rank better on Google.

Features comparison

Let us now compare side by side all of its features that you might be interested in:

Content Optimizer

When it comes to content optimizer both tools have their own optimizer tools, they both optimize content but offer a different approach.

NeuronWriter Content Editor

NeuronWriter is more like a traditional content optimizer, if you are familiar with Surfer SEO its content optimizer works the same. It uses NLP to suggest related terms and phrases, you can also see your competitor’s subheadings to get some idea out of it.

Surgegraph Content Writer

On the other hand, Surgegraph also has a content optimizer like NeuronWriter does, the only difference is that Surgegraph is more on AI automation than manual optimization.

You can enter your keywords on Surgegraph then the tool will scan and analyze the SERP like Neuronwriter does but in Surgegraph after analyzing the top-ranking articles it will generate the outline of the article based on what it thinks is the best based on the SERP analysis, then the AI will start to write the whole content for you with just a click of a button.

The Surgegraph generated article is already optimized and can already be published just like the SurferAI, you can also optimize your content even more by following more recommendations that you can see on its content optimizer dashboard like a number of paragraphs, headings, images, topics, and questions.

Content Optimizer Winner: Tie

Both Neuronwriter and Surgegraph have great content optimizers, I give it a tie since it was based on the user’s objective. If you want more manual optimization and granular control Neuronwriter might be your best choice, but if you are more focused on AI-generated content you might love Surgegraph since it can automatically write an SEO-optimized long-form article for you.

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SERP Analyzer

Next is a SERP analyzer Both tools have their own analyzer, it is both useful but one is different from another.

Surgegraph provides info about the SERP result based on the focus keyword that you choose, then it will show you some data on the top-ranking articles like heading, paragraph, images, page speed, and readability.

When you click your competitors a tab will show you a content brief like heading structures, and what words it uses for each sub headings.

In Neuronwriter it will also show the SERP analysis but it pulls more data compared to Surgegraph. It will provide you with all the data you need like content score, Moz page authority, Moz domain authority, page Moz rank, and internal link.

Neuronwriter SERP analyzer also provides data from competitors’ structure, competitors’ breakdown, SERP layout & features.

In SERP analysis I’ll go with Neuronwriter, it provides more data and it is the clear winner in this feature.

Unlimited Article With Surgegraph

Surgraph can generate unlimited long-form that is optimized and ready to publish,

Keyword Research

surgegraph vs neuronwriter, keyword reasearch tool

When it comes to keyword research Surgegraph wins and it’s not even a contest. Surgegraph was originally a keyword research tool before they rebranded which is why Surgegraph also has a robust keyword research tool.

You will just need to enter your seed phrase and Surgegraph will pull all the necessary data that you need like volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, competition, and a lot more.

While Neuronwriter doesn’t offer keyword research features, you will need to use some free keyword research tools or buy some premium tools which will cause an extra cost.

Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker is a very important tool to avoid any conflict in the future especially if you using AI to generate content. We all know that AI scans the top-ranking articles and uses its info to generate content, all AI writer claims that their AI generates unique content that isn’t plagiarized.

It might be true but it is not worth the risk for your business so as a publisher we badly need to check all our content if it is plagiarism-free or not.

Luckily Neuronwriter has its own plagiarism tool to check your content before publishing but it was only available on the gold plan and up, the lower plan which is bronze and silver doesn’t have a plagiarism checker.

Meanwhile, in Surgegraph you will not get any plagiarism checker feature which is a downside since they are an SEO tool that focuses on AI-generated content.

Though they are planning to add a plagiarism feature to their tool shortly, on this day of writing they still don’t have it.

AI Writer

Both Surgegraph and Neuronwriter have their own AI writer tools but based on my own experience Surgegraph AI is more advanced than NeuronWriter AI.

Surgegraph is more focused on AI-generated content which is why their technology has more advanced AI features. Both can generate a whole article using AI that is optimized for SERP but honestly, I’m more impressed with the article that was generated by Surgegraph Long form AI since it was more in-depth with a length of about 3000+ words and even higher.

Because Surgegraph can generate much longer articles it covers almost everything that users will need, and it provides more useful content compared to Neuronwriter.

Surgegraph also has a granular AI command to modify the article, You can use its expert command to create a bullet list, or tables, or give answers to a question, You can also use its AI to write a second sentence or paragraph which is handy in you lose an idea when writing.

Neuronwriter on the other hand can also generate a long-form article but it is usually 1000+ words only, in my own opinion it’s good as a base of the article but not ready to publish right away after generating.

What I did when using the one-click long-form article by NeuronWriter was use it as a base since it was already optimized and has a very good SEO score, so all I need to do is to expand the article to make it more useful and categorize it as helpful content.

Unlimited Article With Surgegraph

Surgraph can generate unlimited long-form that is optimized and ready to publish,


When it comes to pricing both have reasonable pricing but different pricing strategy. Neuronwriter offers five different pricing that provide features depending on the pricing plan, the higher the plan the more features you can use.

Surgegraph is quite different, they don’t restrict its features, and all the plans will benefit from all of its features, no matter which plan you choose you will still use all of Surgegraph’s features like generating unlimited long-form AI content, unlimited content optimization, unlimited keyword research.

The only difference from its plan was the higher plan you choose the more you save money, Its 1-month plan offers $43.99 but when you choose its 36-month plan it will just cost you about $14.69/mo which is a great save.

For me, Surgegraph has a better plan since it does limit the usage for all of its plans. The only thing that Neuronwriter has an edge in pricing is the Appsumo, you can buy Neuronwriter on AppSumo for its lifetime plan.

Yes for now Neuronwriter offers a lifetime plan on Appsumo so act fast before it’s gone since their CEO stated that Neuronwriter will be on Appsumo just for a few months.


Neuronwriter vs Surgegraph Who is the winner? for me they are both winners since they are both excellent SEO tools, It will just depend on the users if they want more manual and granular control Neuronwriter is the winner but when it comes to full automation Surgegraph is a clear winner with its longform AI writer and auto-optimization features.

In the SERP analysis, Neuronwriter has a bit advantage over Surgegraph, but in AI and keyword research Surgegraph is better. In the end, it will just depend on your need and purpose, what is important is none of them are scams and will surely help you to rank better on Google.

Below is the breakdown of which is better in every category:

Content OptimizationTie
SERP AnalyzerNeuronWriter
Keyword ResearchSurgegraph
Plagiarism CheckerNeuronWriter
AI WriterSurgegraph